Olaf Malver


Olaf’s Corner is a Good Nature Travel column devoted to the stories, musings and adventures of Natural Habitat’s Chief Exploratory Officer, Olaf Malver.

Olaf is the tour-de-force behind Natural Habitat Expeditions, the active adventure travel sector of Natural Habitat Adventures. These small-group forays explore some of the planet’s most exciting nature destinations via hiking, kayaking, sailing and snorkeling.

A member of the vaunted Explorers Club, Olaf has spent more than 30 years literally blazing trails and pioneering routes through new travel destinations, from the farthest shores of the Arctic to the deepest jungles of the tropics, often in the company of like-spirited clients who value the thrill and insight that only genuine adventure can provide.

This column is Olaf’s ‘virtual voice’ — a chance to hear firsthand accounts of adventures in the field, riveting personal stories from Olaf’s role as a head guide pushing the adventure frontier to the next level — and his perspectives as a deeply concerned conservationist. Through Olaf’s eyes, experience what it feels like to be a vitally alive human dealing with the raw emotion of adventure — fear, joy, exhilaration, self-doubt, gratitude…and the sheer pleasure of achieving wisdom through exploration.

Yet while the column is “Olaf’s Corner,” it’s one he invites you to be a participant in. Please share your comments, reactions and stories of your own — there’s a space at the bottom of each post for your interactions.

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