Emily Deemer

Emily is a Hoosier at heart from Indianapolis, IN, but when it was time for college she chose to move all the way across the country to Boston. Majoring  in psychology and environmental studies at Boston College, her passion for travel was sparked when she embarked on an eye-opening immersion and volunteer trip to Chiapas, Mexico. She also studied abroad for a semester in New Zealand, where she and her friends explored every inch of the South Island in a 1982 beat-up Nissan Sunbird that they had purchased for less than $1000. At the end of the semester they sold the car for more than they bought it for! By the end of college, it was safe to say Emily was hooked on travel.

After graduating, Emily joined EF Educational Tours, a travel company specializing in international trips for high school students. Working with EF allowed her to travel with students and teachers all over Europe, and to Jordan, Egypt, China, Japan, and Thailand. After four years with EF, she took the leap to go back to school to pursue an MBA in marketing and environmental sustainability at CU Boulder. She was excited to join the Nat Hab team because she loves making it possible for others to pursue their dream of traveling the world. In her free time you can find Emily jamming on the violin at wedding gigs with her string quartet, or hiking and skiing in the Rocky Mountains.

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