NHA Adventure Specialist Andrea Reynolds updates us on IMAX’s latest wildlife flick, Island of Lemurs: Madagascar.

Lemurs are fascinating primates that are unique to Madagascar, with 33 species roaming Africa’s largest island. These entertaining animals are the feature of a recently-released IMAX movie which chronicles their plight. I got to see the film a couple weeks ago at Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science, and I learned a great deal!  These dynamic primates have captivated the interest of many scientists, among them Dr. Patricia C. Wright. Her interest in lemurs has ensured that research continues to protect their habitat. One of Madagascar’s primary industries is farming. Slash-burn methods are commonly used to remove the existing vegetation and forest to make way for suitable land for crops. These fires can spread past their intended boundaries and each year creep into lemur habitat. The shrinking forests put these beautiful primates in a tough spot. They are often forced to search for food among crops planted where forests used to be, risking conflicts with local farmers. The ring-tailed lemurs have adapted to reduced habitats by establishing themselves a new place to live high in the rocky cliffs. Here, the lemurs sleep huddled safely on slabs in family groups. Most lemurs, however, live in the forests and feed on figs, insects, seeds and leaves. Adept at jumping from branch to branch, these clever aerialists can also scamper along upright at a comical pace.

If you need a little break from the summer heat this August, find the IMAX Madagascar film at a theater near you!  Better yet, Natural Habitat Adventures offers trips to Madagascar from July to September, so come see for yourself what a magical place this is!

Watch the Trailer – IMAX Island of Lemurs: Madagascar