You’ve traveled by plane, train and automobile—but how about riverboat? This classic mode of transport harkens back to a romantic era of luxury travel…and it’s the only way to explore the wild upper reaches of the world’s largest river system.

On our private Amazon voyage, we take you all the way to the mighty river’s headwaters, following remote tributaries into pristine tropical rain forest in Peru. Get ready for awe-inspiring wildlife encounters, cultural excursions to riverside villages (with opportunities to shop for traditional handicrafts!), and adventures like kayaking, rain forest canopy walks, and even fishing for piranha!

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Blue-and-Yellow Macaw in Peruvian Amazon by JJ Huckin

© JJ Huckin

The Amazon: A Biodiversity Hotspot

The Amazon rain forest covers 60% of Peru and shelters nearly 4,000 unique species, including jungle wildlife like sloths, monkeys, anteaters, tiny tree frogs, green tree iguanas and capybara; river creatures like spectacled caiman and rare pink river dolphins; and hundreds of species of birds, including scarlet and blue-and-yellow macaws, parrots toucans, woodpeckers, myriad birds of prey and iridescent hummingbirds.

Three-Toed Sloth in Peru in Peruvian Amazon by Cassiano Zapa Zaparoli

© Cassiano “Zapa” Zaparoli

Our destination is the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, 5 million acres of untouched tropical wilderness. Bordered by the Marañón and Ucayali rivers, the preserve is Peru’s largest protected area and contains some of the greatest biodiversity on Earth.

Along the way, we explore on foot and in kayaks and open skiffs, accompanied by naturalist Expedition Leaders and local guides with deep knowledge of the environs and expert wildlife spotting skills.

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Nat Hab guests on skiff in the Amazon by Megan Koelemay

© Megan Koelemay

Culture and Comfort

We’re also welcomed into riverside villages to meet with Indigenous ribereño people. These communities have existed here for centuries, and they play a vital role in protecting this vulnerable ecosystem.

Indigenous family cooking in the Amazon by JJ Huckin

© JJ Huckin

Chartered exclusively for us, our deluxe riverboat, the Delfin II, hosts just 28 Nat Hab guests. Enjoy air-conditioned comfort in generous cabins with floor-to-ceiling windows, an observation deck for stargazing, and rave-worthy Peruvian cuisine.

Learn more about our Great Amazon River Expedition or start your voyage by calling 800-543-8917 or your personal travel advisor. The Amazon awaits!