Bear cub trio in Alaska

Each summer in southwest Alaska, the tidal flats and rivers of Katmai National Park swell with an abundance of clams and salmon, attracting scores of brown bears all along this remote, wild coastline. These coastal grizzlies spend the Arctic summer feasting, sparring, playing, and raising their cubs beneath the natural splendor of the towering Aleutian Range.

Only a handful of visitors to Alaska will get to experience the peaceful serenity of this wild scenery—far from tourist crowds and immersed in a pristine wilderness environment untrammeled by man.

Traveler Peter Norvig was one of those few travelers who ventured into these remote roadless areas on an Alaskan nature expedition last summer, and he returned home with these outstanding photos from his intimate grizzly bear-watching experience.

Grizzly bear mother and cub

Wild Alaskan grizzly bear

Grizzly bear cubs playing pattycake

Grizzly bear cub and sow

All photos © Peter Norvig  |  The Great Alaskan Grizzly Photo Adventure  |  July 2017