Galapagos night sky stars, NHA Tortoise Camp

Stars in the Galapagos night sky. (c) Jeff Goldberg

Nat Hab guest and photographer extraordinaire Jeff Goldberg just returned from one of NHA’s Galapagos tours.  He took this  incredible photo of the Galapagos night sky at the NHA Wild Tortoise Camp, our exclusive deluxe camp high atop Santa Cruz Island.  The photo was too good not to share!

“I just got back from the Galapagos. I fully expected close encounters with wildlife on the land and in the water. However, I had no idea how clear the night sky could be. Wow. I had never seen stars as clear as I did the night we spent at the Tortoise Camp. I looked up and was completely surprised to see this. I couldn’t wait to fire up the camera to see what it could capture.” 

Where was the most beautiful night sky you’ve seen during your travels?

Jeff and his family were on our Family Galapagos Adventure. Check out the rest of Jeff’s Galapagos photos on his Flickr page.