Nat Hab Operations Coordinator Tricia Brennan recently returned from one of Nat Hab’s Galapagos Islands adventures. Tricia loves Christmas, so she decided to share her Galapagos memories with us in the form of a lovely holiday poem! What better way to get into the holiday spirit? It’s also quite appropriate because Nat Hab always has a few groups in the Galapagos over the holidays.  We hope you enjoy Tricia’s poem as much as we did!

What better way to spread holiday cheer
Than exploring blue waters, that are practically clear!

With the NHA team, and a boat as a house
All the creatures are stirring, it’s time to get out!

We’ll cruise along, from shore to shore
Each island is different than the others before

Tricia Galapagos 1

Let’s walk on the cliffs, to stretch out our legs
But dodge the nesting boobies, hey watch out for those eggs!

Next, we’ll discover coves, the panga our sleigh
Then jump in and snorkel, where sea lions play

Tricia Galapagos 2

What’s that on the rocks? I think a fur seal,
Now back to the boat for a delectable meal

At this point, we’ve lost track of time, and the worry of clocks
We’re as relaxed as marine iguanas, sunning on the rocks

Wow, I see a cormorant, eyes of sparkling blue
Get your camera, he’s looking at you!

Tricia Galapagos 3

Our naturalists know it all, the islands a part of their heart
And they’ll share news on conservation, and how we can take part

So what do you think, what do you say?
The Galapagos are calling, come out and play!

Do you think it would be fun to join us in the Galapagos over the holidays next year? Join us on one of four departures over Christmas in 2016, aboard the brand-new Origin, the Athala II, the Letty, and the Nemo III! Click here to view our Galapagos trips.