Well, if you guessed that you could see them all with Natural Habitat Expeditions, you’d be right, but that’s ultimately not the most important trait they share.

These wild animals, along with a host of geological and cultural features that comprise some of Earth’s most distinctive places, are facing dramatic impacts from climate change. In fact, if humans keep contributing to global warming at our current pace, the habitats that sustain these creatures may vanish or change markedly, if climatologists are correct in their predictions.

Newsweek-cover-256x300100 Places to Remember Before They Disappear. The softcover volume features 100 stunning photographs from 100 different places around the world at risk of disappearing or seriously threatened by climate change. The images and text highlight the beauty, uniqueness and vulnerability of each location.

Newsweek’s publication is part of a wider project by the same name, launched in Denmark, to draw attention to the consequences and significance of climate change. At the main website you can learn more about the earth’s climate, buy a hardcover coffee-table version of the book, calendar, postcards and wall posters of 20 of the most spectacular photographs. The website also lists “100 solutions” to help protect the 100 places.

400px-Southern_right_whale-200x300There is, of course, nothing like seeing these places up close and personal, however. Come with Natural Habitat Expeditions to snorkel with sea turtles while kayaking the aquamarine waters of Belize. Paddle with us on a Marine Safari through Patagonia and scout for seals, penguins and Southern right whales. Hike among musk oxen on our new Ellesmere Island trek at 82 degrees North latitude in the Canadian Arctic. These are but a sampling of the many ‘adventure corners’ we travel to around the world – see them all at our website. And as we prepare to observe and celebrate Earth Day, let’s commit ourselves anew to doing all we can to help protect them.