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Classic Galapagos: The Natural Habitat Experience

Our Exclusive Small-Group Nature Immersion Led by the Islands' Best Guides
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Departure Return Notes
08/28/2015 08/28/2015 09/06/2015 Aboard the M/Y Letty
09/03/2015 09/03/2015 09/12/2015 Aboard the M/C Athala II
10/09/2015 10/09/2015 10/18/2015 Special Photo Tour aboard the M/Y Letty
11/05/2015 11/05/2015 11/14/2015 Special Spectacled Bear & Condor Departure
11/26/2015 11/26/2015 12/05/2015 Aboard the M/C Athala II
12/18/2015 12/18/2015 12/27/2015 Holiday Departure aboard the M/Y Letty
12/24/2015 12/24/2015 01/02/2016 Holiday Departure aboard the M/C Athala II
01/15/2016 01/15/2016 01/24/2016 Aboard the M/Y Letty
01/21/2016 01/21/2016 01/30/2016 Aboard the M/C Athala II
02/12/2016 02/12/2016 02/21/2016 Aboard the M/Y Letty
02/18/2016 02/18/2016 02/27/2016 Aboard the M/C Athala II
03/11/2016 03/11/2016 03/20/2016 Aboard the M/Y Letty
03/31/2016 03/31/2016 04/09/2016 Aboard the M/C Athala II
04/08/2016 04/08/2016 04/17/2016 Aboard the M/V Origin
04/14/2016 04/14/2016 04/23/2016 Aboard the M/C Athala II
04/22/2016 04/22/2016 05/01/2016 Special Photo Tour aboard the M/Y Letty
05/12/2016 05/12/2016 05/21/2016 Aboard the M/C Athala II
05/20/2016 05/20/2016 05/29/2016 Aboard the M/Y Letty
06/03/2016 06/03/2016 06/12/2016 Aboard the M/V Origin
06/17/2016 06/17/2016 06/26/2016 Aboard the M/V Origin
06/23/2016 06/23/2016 07/02/2016 Aboard the M/C Athala II
06/24/2016 06/24/2016 07/03/2016 Family Departure aboard the M/Y Letty, Southern Itinerary
07/01/2016 07/01/2016 07/10/2016 Family Departure aboard the M/Y Letty
07/07/2016 07/07/2016 07/16/2016 Aboard the M/C Athala II
07/15/2016 07/15/2016 07/24/2016 Aboard the M/V Origin
07/21/2016 07/21/2016 07/30/2016 Aboard the M/C Athala II
07/22/2016 07/22/2016 07/31/2016 Family Departure aboard the M/Y Letty, Southern Itinerary
07/29/2016 07/29/2016 08/07/2016 Family Departure aboard the M/Y Letty
08/12/2016 08/12/2016 08/21/2016 Aboard the M/V Origin
08/25/2016 08/25/2016 09/03/2016 Aboard the M/C Athala II, Southern Itinerary
08/26/2016 08/26/2016 09/04/2016 Aboard the M/Y Letty
09/01/2016 09/01/2016 09/10/2016 Aboard the M/C Athala II
09/09/2016 09/09/2016 09/18/2016 Aboard the M/V Origin
11/10/2016 11/10/2016 11/19/2016 Aboard the M/C Athala II
11/18/2016 11/18/2016 11/27/2016 Aboard the M/V Origin
11/24/2016 11/24/2016 12/03/2016 Aboard the M/C Athala II
12/16/2016 12/16/2016 12/25/2016 Holiday Departure aboard the M/V Origin
12/22/2016 12/22/2016 12/31/2016 Holiday Departure aboard the M/C Athala II
12/23/2016 12/23/2016 01/01/2017 Holiday Departure aboard the M/Y Letty, Southern Itinerary
Private Group Charters: Natural Habitat Adventures offers private charters of several different vessels. These charters are great for family, friends, or corporate groups and provide privacy and flexibility for your Galapagos travels. For full details and pricing call an Adventure Specialist at 1-800-543-8917.

Independent Departures: For those travelers whose schedules require travel at a time when NHA does not have a scheduled departure, we can book you on similar ships on alternate dates. Trips usually begin in Quito every Thursday or Friday depending on the ship. The fees are similar and dependent on ship and date selected. Inclusions may vary. Please call us at 1-800-543-8917 for availability.
2015 Letty Fees (mouse over departure dates to view specific trip prices)
Iguana (Category 1): $5,995
Booby (Category 2): $6,295
Dolphin (Category 3): $6,595
Special Photo Tours: From $6,295. Click here for details.

2015 Athala II Fees (mouse over departure dates to view specific trip prices)
Category 1: $7,395
Category 2: $7,595

2016 Letty Fees (mouse over departure dates to view specific trip prices)
Iguana (Category 1): $5,995 - $6,495
Booby (Category 2): $6,395 - $6,895
Dolphin (Category 3): $6,795 - $7,295
Special Photo Tours: From $6,795. Click here for details.

2016 Athala II Fees (mouse over departure dates to view specific trip prices)
Category 1: $7,695 - $7,895
Category 2: $7,995 - $8,195

2016 Origin Fees (mouse over departure dates to view specific trip prices)
$7,845 - $7,995

Deposit: $500 (non-refundable)

Other Fees
Internal Flights: Adults: $550; Children: $350 (2015 & 2016)
Galapagos Park Fee & Transit Card: Adults: $120; Children 11 & under: $70
2015 Holiday Surcharges: $650 (Letty); $450 (Athala)
2016 Holiday Surcharges: $600 (Letty); $700 (Athala); $400 (Origin)

Single Supplement
If available, 1.25 (2015) to 1.5 (2016) times the regular rate on a first-come, first-served basis on our scheduled trips only. If requested, we can also match you with a roommate during your stay on the boat. If one is not available, you will not be charged the single supplement for the boat portion of the trip, but you will be required to pay the supplement for the mainland portion of the program ($350 for 2015 and 2016).

Triples and Roommate Matching
Triple cabins on the Letty and Origin receive a $75 per person discount. In order to accommodate roommate matches for single guests interested in sharing a room, we may upgrade cabins at no charge to our guests.

Child Pricing
Children 14 and under will receive a $500 discount off all departures upon receipt of a valid passport copy. Children must be at least 7 years old to participate in this trip.

Dates & Pricing Notes
Prices are per person based on double occupancy and are given in US Dollars. Dates for 2017 will be similar to 2016 dates and will be allocated to guests on a first-come, first-served basis. 2017 dates and fees may change slightly. Guests who reserve their space prior to final pricing confirmation will receive the lowest rate within the range offered.

Please click here to read our Payment & Refund Policy.
Location of Adventure
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Group Size Limit
16-20 Travelers
A very important feature of our Galapagos tour is the limited group size, as nature expeditions are best experienced with small groups of travelers.
Our Specialized 4x4 Land Rovers and Land Cruisers
Our Private Leaders
Accommodations, meals from breakfast on Day 2 to breakfast on Day 10, optional overnight at NHA's Wild Tortoise Camp, drinking water, services of NHA’s professional Expedition Leaders, local guides and boat crew, some gratuities, airport transfers, use of wetsuits and snorkel gear on all scheduled departures, permit fees.
Not Included
Travel to and from Quito, R/T air Quito to Galapagos (to be added to your invoice and subject to change through day of departure), most gratuities, alcohol, Galapagos tax and transit card (approximately $120 for adults, $70 for children under 12, collected in advance), items of a personal nature (phone calls, laundry, etc.), travel insurance, optional activities.
Physical Requirements
Easy to Moderate
The activities on this trip consist of island walks, swimming and snorkeling. Trails are often rough and uneven, over sharp lava fields and loose rocks and gravel. Walking over slippery rocks is sometimes necessary when coming ashore. Passengers must be able to walk two miles to participate in this trip, walk up and down stairs, and be able to get in and out of our motorized pangas (rigid inflatable rafts), which can be very unsteady in rough water. A few wet landings, where we disembark from the panga directly into the water and walk up onto the beach, are included. Itineraries that feature a visit to Bartolome include a walk with more than 300 wooden steps to reach the viewpoint at the top of the island. Snorkeling is a big component of this trip, with excursions offered nearly every day, sometimes twice a day. While no snorkeling experience is required, prior practice is recommended and travelers should be comfortable swimming in moderate currents, near shore and in deep water. Our Expedition Leaders will also offer guidance for those in need of additional snorkeling instruction. Travelers are not required to participate in every activity.
Important Information About This Trip
Perhaps nowhere else on Earth is a more appropriate destination for Natural Habitat guests than the Galapagos Islands. With rare and friendly wildlife found at every turn, the islands provide a wonderland for nature travelers, which our Expedition Leaders unveil in a warm and intimate manner. The key to the success of our Galapagos adventures is the small group size. The M/Y Letty accommodates just 20 guests and two Expedition Leaders. The M/C Athala II holds a maximum of 16 guests and two Expedition Leaders.Once we step ashore, we break our group down into even smaller groups. Splitting the group also allows our guests to move at varied paces, although guests must be able to walk over uneven terrain up to two miles, as well as disembark the panga in sometimes-rough conditions. In addition to land excursions, we have the opportunity to snorkel almost every day while in the islands. Another important and exciting element of this trip is a unique opportunity (optional, but included) to stay in the highlands of Santa Cruz at our first-class private camp, with accommodations in walk-in safari-style tents and tree houses overlooking the Pacific. On this private land the famed Galapagos tortoises roam freely and often wander in close proximity to camp.

Please note: The itinerary provided is meant as a guideline, and is subject to change without notice. On rare occasions, it may be necessary to deviate from our regular itinerary for reasons beyond our control. In these instances we will provide the best available alternative.
Mandatory Insurance
Getting There & Getting Home
Arrival for trips starting before August 2015: You are free to arrive in Quito anytime on Day 1.
Arrival for trips starting after August 2015: Please arrive in Quito no later than 4 pm on Day 1 in order to attend a welcome/orientation dinner at 7 pm.
Departure: You are free to depart from Quito after 9 pm on Day 10 for trips on the Letty and after 7 pm on Day 10 for trips on the Athala II.

We can best serve you if our Natural Habitat Adventures Travel Desk makes your reservations, as we are intimately familiar with the special requirements of this program and can arrange the most efficient travel. Please call us at 1-800-543-8917. Note that while we offer you the best possible rates available to us on airfare and additional nights' accommodations, you may find special web rates or better fares online.

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Physical Requirements

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