Quality & Value Guarantee
Our exclusive Quality & Value Guarantee gives our travelers the confidence to make plans knowing that their lofty expectations will be met and that the fees we charge reflect the exceptional quality of the experience provided on our trips. We promise you: your nature adventure will be outstanding!

  1. We’ll Deliver on Our Promises
    We are so confident the quality of our trips will meet your expectations and that you will enjoy the best possible nature travel experience, that should you be dissatisfied, we’ll gladly give you credit toward a future trip. This is, to our knowledge, the best guarantee in the travel industry!

  2. The Best Trip at the Best Fare
    We don’t think any other company offers comparable trips when you take into account our unique itineraries, stunning locations, small groups and quality Expedition Leaders. But, should you come across a matching itinerary of our quality at a lower price, even within 30 days AFTER booking with us, we will gladly refund the difference.

  3. Don’t Worry... We Won’t Cancel!
    While other companies often cancel trips due to low participation, we guarantee we will never cancel a trip because of low enrollment! this gives our travelers the security and peace of mind in knowing their travel plans are guaranteed.

To read the full details of our Quality & Value Guarantee, please click here.