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The World's First Zero Waste Adventure

Natural Habitat Adventures will operate the World's First Zero Waste Adventure on the July 6-12, 2019 departure of Safari America: Yellowstone Country.

Our Goal

To divert 99 percent or more of all on-trip waste produced as a byproduct of Nat Hab-sponsored trip operations.*

•  Refuse  •  Recycle  •  Compost  •  Upcycle  •  Re-Use  •

At the end of the trip, the group should be able to fit all waste produced into a single small container.

"Zero waste" will encompass all guest-related activities that Nat Hab manages and sponsors throughout the trip—from the moment a guest books through the airport transfer on the final day.

Nat Hab will encourage this small group of eco-conscious travelers to focus on refusing potential waste (such as plastic straws and individually wrapped condiments) while minimizing the waste they do produce along the journey, including time spent in Nat Hab's North American Safari Trucks and lodges and cabins throughout the Greater Yellowstone region.

* This does not include waste that involves personal hygiene items, poses safety risks, is legally required to be sent to a landfill, or results from guest actions outside of NHA’s control (pre-trip, en route, items of a personal nature, etc.). Nat Hab is working closely with its third-party providers on this initiative. Where waste is created as a part of a partner provider's service (such as third-party hotels), Nat Hab will be encouraging guests to avoid that waste by providing alternative options.

Erin Simon, World Wildlife Fund

Special Guests

Erin Simon
Director, Sustainability Research & Development • World Wildlife Fund
Follow Erin's journey on Twitter at @SustainableErin

As Director of Sustainability R&D for WWF-US, Erin Simon uses scientific research to solve real-world problems facing conservation and the environment. An engineer by trade and conservationist at heart, Erin leads a team that assesses and distills the latest knowledge about packaging, materials science and efficiency technologies to reduce the environmental footprint of companies and their supply chains. She’s also spearheading corporate engagement with No Plastic in Nature, WWF’s global campaign to end plastic pollution by 2030.

Join Erin on the World’s First Zero Waste Adventure to learn more about the critical role businesses play in stemming the flow of plastic waste into nature.

Marissa Zocco WWF Panda AmbassadorMarisa Zocco
WWF Panda Ambassador
Follow Marisa's journey on Twitter at @mlzocco and on Instagram at

Marisa Zocco is a writer/editor and budding conservationist who started learning to walk her eco talk while training to run her first ever marathon for the benefit of WWF. In December 2018, she crossed the Honolulu Marathon finish line as both a new WWF Panda Ambassador and a top Panda Nation fund raiser, collecting more than $1,000 for WWF.

Marisa is excited about this new learning experience and looks forward to discovering how to interact more gently with the purity of nature (and her everyday environment) through zero waste practices. She is a firm believer that it is never too late to start learning about the ways we can better care for our beautiful planet, and that every little bit we do counts.

Why Zero Waste Travel?

Natural Habitat Adventures is committed to setting a new standard for the travel industry by proving that it is possible to operate a zero waste trip.

Our intention is to encourage and inspire our colleagues to adopt more sustainable tourism practices by demonstrating effective methods to reduce environmental impacts while providing outstanding guest experiences.

In addition to motivating other businesses to improve their own waste management practices, Nat Hab hopes to create an enduring ripple effect by inspiring travelers to make conscious choices in their everyday lives that contribute to the long-term health of the planet. Given that the average American produces 4.4 pounds of trash per day, there's plenty of room for improvement!

Next Steps

By dramatically reducing the waste generated on this specific trip departure, Nat Hab will learn valuable lessons we can apply across our other nature adventures in destinations worldwide.

This first zero waste adventure in July 2019 will be a catalyst for incremental changes that will gradually result in significant waste reduction across all Nat Hab trips. Outside magazine best trips 2019

Zero Waste Adventure in the News

Please note this deviation from the published itinerary: Due to unforeseen circumstances, our Yellowstone safari camp in Big Sky will not be operating in 2019. Our Zero Waste Adventure will stay at alternate accommodations on Days 5 & 6, though all trip inclusions will remain the same.
The World's First Zero Waste Adventure

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