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Past Scholarship Grant Winners

In fall 2018, Natural Habitat Adventures invited U.S.-based environmental educators to apply for the 2019 Monarch Butterfly Scholarship Grant.

Congratulations to Trevor Hance and Mireille Hess, the two inspiring teachers who earned our 2019 scholarship awards! Nat Hab was honored to host these creative and environmentally engaged educators on a Kingdom of the Monarchs adventure to Mexico in January to witness the butterfly migration.

Trevor and Mireille enjoyed a firsthand experience of this astounding natural phenomenon as millions of monarchs gathered at winter roosting sites in Central Mexico’s forested highlands. On three different excursions to the famed monarch sanctuaries, they learned all about the butterflies’ fascinating biology and behaviors.

2019 Monarch Butterfly Scholarship Grant Video
For these deserving teachers, this was a transformative experience—both in creating lasting memories for them personally, and because they returned home with a slew of new teaching tools and heightened conservation awareness to bring to their classrooms.

Kudos to these teachers for their well-deserved awards, and for their role in promoting a rewarding future for the monarchs

Mireille Hess

Mireille Hess is a 2010 graduate of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a degree in early childhood education. She currently teaches third grade at Edgewood Elementary in Greenfield, Wisconsin. Mireille is a member of the Monarch Teachers Network and Friends of the Monarch Trail, a collaborative effort to preserve and restore an essential butterfly migration stopping point in this urban setting. Throughout the year, Mireille teaches many lessons about the monarch butterfly in her classroom and community. She is adding stories, pictures and lessons from her Kingdom of the Monarchs adventure to her presentations.

Read Mireille's story from her monarch butterfly migration adventure.

Mireille Hess

Trevor Hance

Trevor is Coordinator for Enrichment and the Environment at Laurel Mountain Elementary in Austin, Texas. From backcountry weeks with his daughters to developing inclusive outdoor spaces for people on the autism spectrum and teaching environmental law, Trevor is dedicated to exploring curiosity and building a better tomorrow. He believes we are collectively stronger when everyone participates, and when we are all connected to the natural world. Cultivating these foundations creates a lasting legacy, creating support for successful stewardship and sustainability.

Read Trevor's story from his monarch butterfly migration adventure.

Trevor Hance

Want to have your own monarch butterfly adventure in Mexico this winter? Call 800-543-8917 or check out our Kingdom of the Monarchs webpage to learn more!
Monarch Butterfly Scholarship Grant

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