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Conor Frantzen

Conor grew up in Maine where he spent a lot of time outside, usually hiking with his family, skiing with friends or playing sports year-round. He went to Dartmouth College where the green hills lured him outside the classroom early and often—he volunteered for the local ski patrol, led freshman orientation trips, coached youth lacrosse and studied abroad in Barcelona. An econ major, he interned for Merrill Lynch in New York City the summer before his senior year. The city was great, but he yearned for a different career path so he turned down the offer to return once his courses were complete.

A couple of weeks after graduation, Conor flew to Colorado where he worked as a hiking leader for a summer camp called Overland. While spending six weeks with middle schoolers on day hikes, backcountry treks and rafting trips in the Rocky Mountains may sound easy, the job was tough. But he loved the challenge of guiding and teaching 13-year-olds things like how to poop properly in the woods. He led more rigorous trips the next summer in California, then worked for Overland full-time in their office in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. While handling logistics, marketing and sales, Conor also had the opportunity to bike across most of Europe and develop a new trip in Thailand. After three solid years, he felt the itch to move west again. Following some independent travel to South America and Southeast Asia, he sold his pickup truck, bought a Subaru and drove to Colorado. Conor started working at Nat Hab in 2013 and now manages the company's programs in South America. In his spare time, he competes in triathlons and road races, volunteers for his alma mater and explores the mountains of Colorado on foot and on skis.
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Conor's Adventures
    Pausing for a break while hiking up Machu Picchu Mountain in Peru's Sacred Valley in the summer of 2016.Trying to stay warm outside of the 'polar bear jail' while on a Nat Hab trip in Churchill, Manitoba, with EL Fred Ackerman on a trip in November 2017.Finding some powder in the trees while skiing at Rusutsu in Japan in January of 2017.Searching for jaguars on the waterways outside Porto Jofre, Brazil, in the heart of the Pantanal in May of 2015.Posing with my mom for a GoPro selfie before an afternoon snorkel in the Galapagos Islands in November 2014.Comparing my wingspan to a Brazil nut tree in the Brazilian Amazon in May of 2015.Enjoying the afternoon sun on a tributary of the Ucayali River in the Peruvian Amazon in June of 2016.Standing in front of Argentina's Perito Moreno glacier in September 2014.Standing between two of Nat Hab's longtime guides (Zapa and Roberto Plaza) in Otavalo, Ecuador, in April 2014. Biking the famed Slickrock trail in Moab, Utah, in April 2013.Having a laugh at the Maras salt ponds in summer of 2016 in Peru's Sacred Valley with Wilfredo, one of our best Cusco guides.Visiting the ruins of Angkor Wat, Cambodia, in February 2013. Delirious but still smiling atop 6,088-meter Huayna Potosi in Bolivia with his best friend Adam in December of 2012.Smiling with longtime Nat Hab guide and friend Rosa in Cusco, Peru, at the end of a long scouting trip in summer of 2016.Enjoying my first trip to Machu Picchu with my dad in November of 2012.Getting up close to the wildlife at Elephant Nature Park north of Chiang Mai, Thailand, in December 2011.Enjoying the sunset on a hike above one of Colorado's 10th Mountain Huts in August 2014.
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