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Lets Kamogelo

Letsogile “Lets” Kamogelo was born and raised in eastern Botswana’s Tuli Block, an area so dominated by nature that it molded him early into an ardent naturalist and conservationist. Lets’ early appreciation of his surroundings translated onto the canvases he painted during art class—his favorite subject in school. Eventually, his artistic flair transformed into a talent for photography, a skill he has wielded to great success during years of exploration and guiding in the African wilderness.

Lets taught middle school art before changing gears to study hospitality and tourism. He found his true passion as a safari guide in 2007 and has worked as an accomplished private camp guide ever since. His eye for photography has been no small part of his success. Lets stepped into the limelight in 2012 when he won his first photography award and saw his work published in Africa Geographic Magazine. His canny way with words makes him a great presenter for everyone from his safari guests to the audience he addressed at the Wildshots Wildlife Photographic Symposium: “Photography has improved my anticipation of wildlife and it also helps me to put my guests in the right position at the right time to capture great images,” he says.

An avid birder, Lets enjoys walking in the wild with his guests. He is passionate about geology and has in-depth knowledge about Botswana’s history. In particular, he loves to share his part in the that history through his own fascinating legacy. He enjoys researching and reading about other natural areas of the world, a favorite pastime when he’s not hanging out with his wife and two children. At the top of his bucket list is a visit to South America to see the colorful birdlife and experience its diverse habitats.

Praise from Natural Habitat travelers:

B. Zitin

"Lets was a wonder. He was teaching constantly and seemed as fascinated by the wonders of Botswana as we were. He was always pointing out birds and animals with such infectious enthusiasm. It was a huge advantage to have the same leader all through our trip, as he knew what he had already taught us and what we had seen, so he was building on our knowledge base. Two bonuses: his wry sense of humor and his photographic skills (also giving tips on lighting and composition). We couldn't have asked for a better leader."

M. Zitin
"It's hard to imagine that there could be another Expedition Leader equal to Lets. He is just phenomenal. We were so impressed by his passion and compassion regarding his native country of Botswana. He takes his work very seriously, yet has a fun and relaxed streak as well. Lets never stopped caring about our safety. The benefit of his being a super-skilled photographer was incalculable to me, as an enthusiast who still needs lots of tips. He gauges his audience well and adapts his teaching style and depth accordingly. We were incredibly fortunate to have him as our leader and guide."

B. Logue
"Lets is extremely knowledgeable and has an eagle eye when it comes to spotting wildlife. I couldn't believe how he was able to spot some of the animals we were able to observe. I also appreciated his teaching me some basic Setswana so I could say good morning and thank the staff at the camps in their native language."

K. Fox
"Lets was an absolutely fantastic guide! In addition to his experience and depth of knowledge regarding animal behavior, bird identification, the habitat and geography and history and customs of Botswana his passion for the local animals and for being a guide providing superb service to each and everyone of us on the tour was unsurpassed. Our safety and comfort were his absolute priorities and he quickly built up our trust which made our experience wonderful throughout. He was also appreciative and respectful of all the staff at the camps who were also instrumental in making our trip wonderful. Thanks to Lets and the others for making this the trip of a lifetime.'

L. Foot
"Lets was wonderful. I instantly felt safe with him. His instincts with regards to animal behavior were phenomenal. He was a pleasure to be with and did his utmost to give us an amazing trip."

A. Hackland
"Lets is an incredible guide, he certainly made our experience outstanding. He consider every one of the guests balancing his time between us and taking our unique interests into consideration on every game drive. He is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced, but what really makes him stand out is his passion for animals, for wildlife, and for conservation."
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