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Guanaco, Torres del Paine National Park, ChileMt. Fitz Roy, Los Glaciares National Park, ArgentinaViedma Glacier, Los Glaciares National Park, ArgentinaCerro Torre, Los Glaciares National Park, ArgentinaPerito Moreno Glacier, Los Glaciares National Park, ArgentinaAndean condor, ArgentinaPerito Moreno Glacier, Los Glaciares National Park, ArgentinaEstancia Cristina, ArgentinaGuanacos, Torres del Paine National Park, ChileTorres del Paine National Park, ChileEcocamp Patagonia, Torres del Paine National Park, ChilePatagonian gray fox, Torres del Paine National Park, ChileTorres del Paine National Park, ChileTorres del Paine National Park, Chile
Cassiano (Zapa) Zaparoli: Guanaco, Torres del Paine National Park, Perito Moreno, yellow finch
Eric Rock: Mt. Fitz Roy, Viedma Glacier, glacier hike, Torres del Paine National Park, gray fox
Jennifer Bravo: Group at glacier
Conor Frantzen: Perito Moreno Glacier
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Peaks, Lakes & Glaciers of Patagonia

Explore Both Chile & Argentina on an Epic Andean Adventure
At the bottom of South America, the southernmost Andes rise in spires to the sky, their sheer granite walls drawing the eye and spirit upward. Glaciers wind down in frozen rivers from the ice-crowned massifs, choking lakes and fjords with floating blue bergs. Sunrise bathes the peaks in rosy alpenglow. Patagonia has no peer on Earth when it comes to dramatic landscapes. Yet despite the daunting environs, an array of unique wildlife thrives here, from pumas to guanacos to condors. Explore every facet of this legendary land of rock, ice and pampas on our all-encompassing journey to the remote southern reaches of Chile and Argentina.

Trip Highlights

  • Experience the gaucho lifestyle in the shadow of knife-edged peaks and shimmering glacial lakes, on this comprehensive itinerary spanning both Chile and Argentina
  • Visit the world’s largest ice field, cruise to the face of massive glaciers and take a guided walk atop the ice, with a chance to peer safely into cracks and crevasses
  • Stay at renowned EcoCamp Patagonia in view of the granite spires of Chile's famed Torres del Paine 
Experience More of Patagonia, More Personally, with Nat Hab!
Though Patagonia is one of the most remote travel destinations on the planet, its matchless grandeur ensures that there are plenty of guided group trips to choose from. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find one as impressive as ours. It’s more comprehensive. While many operators focus only on Chile or Argentina, we show you the best of both sides of these southernmost Andes—and in a manner that’s adventurous yet very comfortable. No endurance treks or freezing tents...though we do immerse you in some of the most striking wilderness on Earth.
  1. A Small-Group Nature Experience
    We know that a small group is essential for the best nature adventures. That’s why we limit our group to just 12 guests. And sometimes, when options exist to choose between different ability levels for hikes, for instance, your group will be even smaller. You’re always assured plenty of personal attention from our Expedition Leader.
  2. See Three Major Glaciers—And Walk on One, Too!
    The Patagonian ice fields are some of the largest on earth. So we don’t shortchange you on glacier sightseeing. You'll trek atop Viedma Glacier, largest in Los Glaciares National Park, donning crampons to safely examine crevasses. We’ll do some light hiking near Perito Moreno Glacier, 200 feet high, and cruise to the face of Upsala Glacier to watch ice calve from its face, nearly five miles across. When you compare Patagonia trips, we doubt you will find others that include all three of these jaw-dropping opportunities!
  3. Choose from Varied Hikes to Suit Your Ability 
    Although Patagonia is known for challenging hiking, we’ve finessed our adventure to offer a variety of activity levels. From El Chalten, for example, you can opt for an easy but rewarding walk to an arresting view of Mt. Fitz Roy, or choose a vigorous all-day hike to a lake nestled at the base of the granite pinnacle of Mount Torre. Wherever possible, we try to offer choices so you can see what you’d like to, in the manner that’s comfortable for you.
  4. Search for Wild Pumas—Sightings are Increasing!
    While pumas—also known as cougars or mountain lions in North America—are elusive and rarely seen, sightings are definitely on the rise, and we put a special focus on looking for them. This may not be the case on most other Patagonia trips that aren't as wildlife-oriented as ours is. 
  5. An Unusual Walk Through a Petrified Forest
    Few Patagonia tours include a stop at this fascinating geological site. Wind and water were responsible for uncovering La Leona Petrified Forest, which remained hidden for millions of years. On a gentle hike we see fossilized remnants of a warm, humid, prehistoric Patagonia, observing enormous tree trunks that date back millions of years and heaps of fossilized, broken reptile bones, some of which are still being identified. 
  6. Enjoy an Authentic Taste of Gaucho Heritage
    Patagonia’s cultural heritage is also a draw, and because we travel with a very small group, we enjoy special access to Estancia Cristina, an early 20th-century sheep farm where the traditional gaucho way of life once prevailed. A lunch of lamb roasted on a spit provides an authentic culinary experience. We also take a four-wheel-drive excursion to a lookout for stupendous views of the surrounding peaks and Lago Argentino.
  7. Unique Lodgings Include Famed EcoCamp Patagonia
    Nat Hab accommodations are often as memorable as the nature destinations we explore, and so it is in Patagonia. Among the special places we stay is renowned EcoCamp Patagonia, in view of the jagged spires of Chile’s famed Torres del Paine. Domed suites are modeled on traditional Kawesqar native huts; warm and wind-resistant, these nomad-style dwellings provide an immersion in the natural environs while offering supreme comfort. 
  8. Your Expedition Leader is One of Patagonia’s Top Naturalist Guides
    Our Patagonia Expedition Leader is one of the top guides in the region, with years of in-depth experience on the land and among the wildlife of the southern Andes. All our NHA Expedition Leaders benefit from Nat Hab’s high-level training and further resources provided by WWF’s top scientists, so your trip is sure to be an adventure for the mind as well as the body and spirit. Read our Expedition Leader bios and traveler comments regarding the quality of our leaders.
  9. Our Quality-Value Guarantee Ensures Your Superlative Patagonia Adventure
    Natural Habitat Adventures offers an exclusive guarantee that clearly states that we will meet the high expectations we set forth in our promotional materials. To our knowledge, this is the most ambitious guarantee made by any adventure travel company. Read our important promise for yourself!
  10. Feel Good About the Way You Travel
    We care about the planet, and you can travel with us knowing that the emissions from your trip are 100-percent carbon-offset. NHA is the world’s first carbon-neutral travel company, a feature that is especially critical when considering that the world’s wild places and creatures are under substantial threat from a warming planet. And we continue to set standards worldwide in environmentally sustainable travel—a goal that is central to all we do.
  11. Natural Habitat Adventures Is World Wildlife Fund’s Travel Partner
    Because of our commitment to environmentally friendly travel, as well as the exceptional quality of our small-group nature adventures, World Wildlife Fund, the world’s leading environmental conservation organization, has named Natural Habitat its worldwide travel partner — a designation that makes us exceedingly proud!
Reading List
Longitude Books has created a custom comprehensive listing of Patagonia travel books for this trip.

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