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Northern Lights & Arctic Cultures

A Winter Adventure in Churchill, Canada — One of the Best Places to See the Aurora Borealis!
In the same land that hosts the brief, brilliant summer of beluga whales and the polar bears of autumn comes an amazing phenomenon that illumines the dark winter skies. The ethereal northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, meaning “north wind of the dawn,” brighten the night sky in a mystical display of color. Churchill, Manitoba has one of the heaviest concentrations of auroral activity on Earth, making it an ideal destination for a northern lights tour. View the lights from three different heated vantage points including our new custom-built Aurora Pod®, offering 360-degree views on the night sky in warmth and comfort through its geometric glass top and sides. On this exciting Arctic adventure our days are filled with distinctly northern activities such as dog sledding, and our nights with the potential for the best aurora viewing on the planet.

Trip Highlights

  • Experience the northern lights in comfort from our brand-new glass Aurora Pod, heated circular aurora domes, and the world famous Tundra Lodge
  • Journey from southern prairie to subarctic tundra on the Hudson Bay Railway to experience the magnitude of the Canadian North – or choose a direct flight option if you prefer
  • Discover local lifestyles and traditions of northern First Nations peoples on an array of winter activities in and around Churchill
The Best Way to Witness the Wonder of the Aurora!
If you’re planning a trip to experience the aurora borealis – the ethereal northern lights – it only makes sense to go where this phenomenon is seen most often. On our trip to Churchill, Manitoba, our mission is to see the lights, of course, but we also discover this historic town and tundra on Hudson Bay in an intimate manner – in a small group, with an expert guide to enlighten you on northern nature and culture. Check out the many features that make our northern lights tour so special:

  1. The Best Place – and the Best Time – to See the Northern Lights
    Churchill is one of the best places on the planet to maximize your chance of seeing the northern lights at their most active and most vivid. That’s because Churchill is located directly beneath the Van Allen Belt, a layer of energy-charged particles that wraps the earth's polar regions. Originating in solar flares, these particles are carried by solar wind, becoming trapped in the earth’s magnetic field to create the phenomenon of the aurora. And we take you there in midwinter when nights are longest and skies are darkest, maximizing your chances to see it. 
  2. Watch the Lights from the Warmth of Our New Aurora Pod®
    Part of understanding the North is experiencing its weather and climate. And nothing is more characteristically northern than standing beneath a clear winter sky and watching the artistry of the aurora borealis as it lights up the dark night in a tableau of color. It can be frigid in Churchill in midwinter, however, so we've created ways to watch the light show in complete comfort. Foremost among them is our brand-new custom-designed Aurora Pod® featuring 360-degree views of the sky via its exclusive geometric glass construction and cushioned theater-style. Glass half-walls and a glass roof provide an unimpeded view of the horizon and heavens overhead. 
  3. Three Different Private Settings for Aurora Observation
    We don't settle for just one viewing spot on the northern lights. In addition to outdoor observation unimpeded by anything between us and the night sky, we offer three private vantage points on the aurora, all located on the dark expanse of the tundra well away from the lights of town. Along with our new Aurora Pod ®, you'll also witness the natural light show in complete comfort from the warmth of a Plexiglass-covered Aurora Dome, with a circular view of the night sky. And we've added an evening at the world-famous Tundra Lodge, where you'll enjoy dinner in its train-like "cars" with a chance to see the lights outside panoramic windows or in the open from outdoor observation platforms.
  4. Churchill is the “Accessible Arctic”
    While Churchill is technically subarctic, lying below the Arctic Circle, its geographic location at the edge of the frozen expanse of Hudson Bay gives it a distinctly Arctic climate and feel. Yet unlike getting to the top of Norway or Russia or into the interior of the Yukon to see the northern lights, Churchill is easy to reach via direct flight or rail from Winnipeg, the capital and main city of Manitoba.
  5. Arrive By Train or Plane – It’s Your Choice
    We offer a choice of travel modes to Churchill on select departures: Opt for a convenient flight or choose the “romance of the rails” on the Tundra Train. Reminiscent of travel in bygone days, the train offers a window onto three distinct worlds of nature as you journey north: the sprawling Canadian plains, the boreal forest and, finally, the subarctic tundra. You may even have a first chance to see the aurora’s glow outside the window of your private sleeper compartment. If you prefer the convenience of faster travel, choose the plane option. The inclusions once you reach Churchill are the same.
  6. An Exclusive Slate of Northern Adventures
    Seeing the northern lights may be the top draw, but we’ve added a host of activities to give you a comprehensive Arctic adventure. From a classic northern rail journey to an exhilarating dog sled excursion, from local museums to cultural encounters with First Nations peoples whose presence in the region extends back centuries, you’ll gain wide-ranging insight into the Canadian Northland and its storied history and traditions. Through our more than 25 years of expedition travel to Churchill, we've built relationships that reveal cultural experiences other travelers simply won't get without our exclusive access.
  7. See the Northern Lights with a Stellar Guide
    While it's possible to travel on your own to Churchill to view the lights, there is no way to have the quality of experience you'll get with our outstanding guide by your side. Our professional Expedition Leader is an expert in Canada’s northern environs, offering in-depth interpretation of the region’s geology, biology, history, cultures, and, of course, the aurora borealis. We take pride in hiring the best naturalist guides in the industry – our NHA Expedition Leaders average 15 years’ guiding experience, and with additional training and resources provided by WWF’s top scientists, your trip is sure to be a learning adventure. See Expedition Leader bios with traveler comments regarding the quality of our expert guides.
  8. No Need to Buy Heavy Parka and Boots – We Provide Them
    Don’t worry about shelling out for a heavy parka, cumbersome Arctic-weather boots and insulated gloves you may only wear once – we supply this cold-weather gear for your time in Churchill.
  9. Our Quality-Value Guarantee Ensures Your Outstanding Arctic Adventure
    Natural Habitat Adventures offers you our exclusive guarantee that clearly states that we will meet the high expectations we set forth in our promotional materials. To our knowledge, this is the most ambitious guarantee made by any adventure travel company. Read our important promise.
  10. Feel Good About the Way You Travel
    We all care about the planet, and you can travel with us knowing that the emissions from your trip are 100 percent carbon-offset. Natural Habitat Adventures is the world’s first carbon-neutral travel company, a feature that is especially critical when considering that polar bears are under substantial threat from our planet’s warming temperatures.
  11. Natural Habitat Adventures Is World Wildlife Fund’s Travel Partner
    Because of our commitment to environmentally friendly travel, as well as the exceptional quality of our small-group nature adventures, World Wildlife Fund, the world’s leading environmental conservation organization, has named Natural Habitat its worldwide travel partner – a designation that makes us exceedingly proud!
Reading List
Longitude Books has created a custom comprehensive listing of Wildlife of Churchill travel books for this trip.

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