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12 Reasons to Travel With Us

Choosing your travel company is the single most important decision you will make as you plan your long-anticipated, once-in-a-lifetime adventure. At first glance, some companies may seem 'cheaper.' But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll see why traveling with Natural Habitat Adventures ensures that you will have the finest and most memorable travel experience possible. In fact, we guarantee it!

  1. Natural Habitat Named "World’s #1 Adventure Travel Outfitter!"
    While Outside magazine named us The World's #1 Adventure Travel Outfitter, it might be more accurate to call us The World’s #1 Nature Travel Outfitter. Unlike other companies, the only trips we run – the only trips we have ever run – are nature adventures, which is important when you're choosing a nature-focused journey. After all, do you really want to visit Africa with an operator best known for its European cultural tours? Or explore Alaska with a company more interested in sheet thread-count than animal-viewing count? When it comes to travel, we are ‘The Nature People' – the world's nature travel experts! And apparently, Outside magazine agrees.
  2. Unique Itineraries You Won't Get Elsewhere
    With World Wildlife Fund's top scientists and staff by our side in the planning process and guide training, and with years of experience scouring the planet for the world's most captivating nature destinations, we possess resources and insight not available to other tour companies. Look at our itineraries and you’ll see that they include access to private wildlife reserves, remote corners of national parks (away from tourist crowds), and distinctive lodges and camps situated where wildlife viewing is best.
  3. Nature Adventures Are Only as Good as Your Guide
    Despite all the intricate planning that goes into creating a superlative nature adventure, we know a successful trip can only happen with an outstanding guide at the helm. That’s why we're proud to have earned the reputation for the finest collection of naturalist Expedition Leaders on the planet! No other company undertakes as rigorous a vetting process and in-depth guide training as we do. In addition, when you include instruction and resources from World Wildlife Fund's team of scientists – exclusively available to Nat Hab as WWF’s travel partner – we can safely make the claim that Natural Habitat Adventures has the best guides in the business… It’s part of our guarantee!
  4. The Smallest Groups in the Industry
    Can you imagine trying to walk silently along a secluded rain forest trail, careful not to disturb wildlife, with 20 or 30 other travelers? Or stepping ashore on a remote island to explore pristine coastal wilderness with dozens of other tourists at your side? We know that meaningful nature encounters must take place in small groups. That's why our trips average just eight or nine travelers, by far the smallest groups in the industry. This not only guarantees you much more personal close-up wildlife encounters, it also ensures a lower-impact presence on the planet's special places we all love. 
  5. Remote Luxury Accommodations
    Most companies choose large hotels and lodges that are often overrun with hordes of tourists. We, on the other hand, recognize that superb nature adventures require the quiet and seclusion of remotely located luxury camps and lodges. Yes, these strategically placed accommodations often cost a bit more, and getting there can be a little more involved (though often more fun!). But such lodgings are a key part of our mission to offer the world’s greatest nature adventures.
  6. The Best Vehicles
    As a company that offers adventures all over the planet, we use many different types of vehicles, from small 4x4 trucks for tiger watching in India to massive Polar Rovers custom-designed for polar bear viewing on the Canadian tundra. The one consistent element is that our vehicles are always the best available, providing the safest and most comfortable ride with the best access for wildlife viewing. Further, with our uncompromising small-group policy, we also limit the number of travelers in each vehicle to below capacity (and well below the number other companies place in them), ensuring a more comfortable and more personalized nature experience. 
  7. Specialty Trips for Special Traveler Interests
    All of our trips are centered around nature – that's our hallmark. Yet many focus on special activities that align even further with individual interests. Along with our regular Natural Habitat Adventures, we offer Natural Habitat Photo Tours, led by some of the world’s best nature photography instructors and naturalist guides; Natural Habitat Expeditions, a slate of active hiking and kayaking adventures; and Natural Habitat Safaris, our own Africa-based operation that includes permanent and mobile safari camps. These three specialized divisions offer Nat Hab guests more ways to 'go deeper’ into their nature-based vacations. (And we're proud to feature Nat Hab Foundation, too – our non-profit arm. We’re all about giving back!)
  8. A Full Air Travel Department for Increased Peace of Mind
    Most adventure travel operators require guests to book their own airfare, offering little guidance (and no service) in negotiating the complicated web of flight options in traveling to the world’s farthest reaches. Since we know that "going it alone" can result in the kind of travel stories one would rather forget, we have a full-service air travel department available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for consultations and bookings. This is part of our commitment to your peace of mind.
  9. Our Exclusive Quality & Value Guarantee
    When you travel with Natural Habitat Adventures, you receive our exclusive Quality & Value Guarantee, which clearly states that we will meet (and usually exceed) the lofty expectations we set in our promotional materials. While this may be the most ambitious guarantee made by any adventure travel company, we have so much confidence and pride in our trips that we simply will not allow our guests to return home disappointed in our services.
  10. We Won’t Cancel!
    If you've ever experienced the disappointment of having your long-awaited adventure cancelled at the last minute because the tour company didn’t sell enough spaces, you’ll appreciate our promise never to cancel a trip due to low enrollment. That’s right—every one of our scheduled departures is guaranteed to run. If you sign on, we’re going! This guarantee applies to all regularly scheduled Natural Habitat Adventures departures.
  11. Natural Habitat Operations Are 100-Percent Carbon-Neutral
    We know our guests care deeply about our planet. So do we, and when you travel with us, we will offset 100 percent of the carbon emissions from your trip. But we’re not just pursuing a trend here. In an effort to change the way the entire travel business operates, Natural Habitat Adventures in 2007 became the world’s first carbon-neutral travel company. Since then, many other companies have followed our lead, and we are proud to have helped many along. Even if you do not select Natural Habitat for your trip, we encourage you to choose a 100-percent carbon-neutral travel company.
  12. NHA is WWF's Conservation Travel Partner
    Because of our commitment to environmentally friendly travel, as well as the exceptional quality of our worldwide adventures, World Wildlife Fund – the world's leading conservation organization – has named Natural Habitat as its global partner in conservation travel. When you travel with NHA and WWF, you become an integral force for change in addressing the most pressing conservation challenges around the world. Your tourism dollars help transform the future of the planet’s natural places, flowing to local communities who live with and steward nature, creating jobs and improving livelihoods. Your presence becomes a powerful incentive for communities to protect their natural resources, making wildlife worth more alive than dead, and wild lands worth more intact than degraded. Learn more about our innovative partnership with WWF.

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