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Presenting Natural Habitat Adventures Webinars: informative, entertaining, free presentations about the destinations we visit, presented by top experts in the field. Learn about trips, ask questions, and go on a "virtual adventure" with us! Register for upcoming webinars below, or watch our archived presentations. 

Upcoming Schedule

Our webinars are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, from 3-4pm Eastern (12pm Pacific).  Schedule subject to change. Register now for these upcoming webinars:



The Great African River Safari

Originally presented May 17, 2016
Spectacular numbers of wild animals still roam freely across the immense and largely unchanged landscapes of Botswana and Namibia, and you’ll encounter them in intimate proximity.

An Arctic Summer with the Belugas of Churchill

Originally presented April 19, 2016
Each summer, Churchill welcomes thousands of beluga whales for their annual feasting. Be a part of the action as you get up close to these charismatic creatures from our Zodiacs on the Churchill River.

Traverse the High Arctic on the Ultimate Expedition

Originally presented April 5, 2016
Join us aboard the Kapitan Khlebnikov icebreaker as we access remote, ice-choked Arctic regions ordinary expedition ships dare not navigate. The Khlebnikov can take adventurers to inaccessible corners of the planet.

Photographing the King of the Arctic

Originally presented March 15, 2016
Make a virtual visit to Churchill, Manitoba, the Polar Bear Capital of the World, on a webinar guided by NHA Expedition Leader Colby Brokvist. Join expert naturalist Colby as he takes you into the polar bear's wild habitat.

Journey to the Enchanted Galapagos Islands

Originally presented March 1, 2016
Few places on Earth can match the Galapagos for exciting wildlife encounters. In this remote archipelago 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, whimsical wild creatures exist largely apart from the outside world.

Sailing the Antarctic Wilderness

Originally presented February 2, 2016
Explore the Antarctic Peninsula by ice-strengthened sailboat, surrounded by seals, whales, penguins and icebergs! You won't find a more exhilarating way to experience Antarctica.

The Exotic Wilds of Borneo

Originally presented January 19, 2016
Discover the emerald depths of the world's tallest rain forest on the world's third-largest island, Borneo, located in maritime Southeast Asia. Walk through these lush, shadowy environs, look for wild orangutans living freely.

The Ultimate Alaska Wildlife Safari

Originally presented January 5, 2016
Join Alaska Expedition Leader, bear expert and former national park ranger Justin Gibson for an immersion in some of the planet’s most epic wilderness. Experience the inner heart of Denali National Park.

The Untamed Majesty of Alaska's Coastal Grizzlies

Originally presented December 15, 2015
Immerse yourself in one of nature’s most astonishing wildlife displays. Join Nat Hab Expedition Leader Brad Josephs as he presents a webinar on the brown bears of Alaska, the world’s largest coastal grizzlies.

Basecamp Greenland: The Ultimate Arctic Experience

Originally presented December 1, 2015
For adventure travelers looking for the ultimate Arctic experience, we present Natural Habitat’s Base Camp Greenland. The deluxe expedition camp made its debut in summer 2015.

Brazil's Pantanal: South America's Most Epic Wildlife Safari

Originally presented November 17, 2015
Alongside expert guides, discover South America’s largest wildlife sanctuary in depth, where opportunities to view jaguars are the best on Earth!

The Latest in Adventure Cruises

Originally presented October 20, 2015
Discover our latest collection of small-ship adventure cruises. We take pride in carefully selecting a collection of ships and itineraries to take you to the ends of the earth and back!

Witness the Wonder of the Aurora

Originally presented October 6, 2015
Each winter an amazing phenomenon illuminates the dark skies over Churchill, Manitoba. If you’re looking to capture impressive photographs of the northern lights, there's no better place!

A Soulful Journey Through Nepal & Bhutan

Originally presented September 15, 2015
Nestled among the world's highest mountains and subtropical lowland forests, Nepal and Bhutan are captivating countries with rich wildlife and fascinating cultures.

The Great Mountain Gorilla Safari

Originally presented September 8, 2015
Imagine sitting with a family of wild gorillas, looking at a huge silverback at close range, watching babies cling to their mothers and youngsters playing in the trees.

The Legendary Wolves of Yellowstone

Originally presented August 18, 2015
Winter’s white shroud offers a pristine setting in which to search for the elusive wolves of Yellowstone. This rare winter wildlife safari takes you away from summer's crowd and into the parks' hidden pockets.

Zimbabwe's Hidden Treasures

Originally presented August 4, 2015
Zimbabwe's vast, raw landscape of powerful rivers, floodplains and rocky escarpments evokes the sense of isolation amidst raw wilderness first encountered by early explorers.

The Mysterious Kingdom of the Monarchs

Originally presented July 21, 2015
One of the finest wildlife photography opportunities, travelers capture stunning images of the butterflies as they swirl overhead in clouds of orange, float onto our shoulders, and blanket tree trunks.

Exotic India: In Search of Wild Tigers

Originally presented July 7, 2015
India is one of the world’s most stimulating destinations. Learn how our new itinerary maximizes your time in nature, increasing your odds of seeing tigers.

Lush Landscapes: Botswana's Green Season

Originally Presented June 16, 2015
Botswana’s most colorful time of year, its green season, offers travelers a distinctive safari adventure. Learn what makes a safari during Botswana's green season so spectacular.

Charismatic Coastal Cape Town

Originally presented June 2, 2015
Famed for its charismatic coastal setting below the heights of Table Mountain, Cape Town is a multicultural array of colors, languages and cuisines. Discover the rich natural history of Cape Town.

Living Deserts of Africa

Originally presented May 19, 2015
From the brown hyenas of the Skeleton Coast to the desert rhino in Namibia, desert wildlife offer a distinctive experience you won’t find anywhere else.

The Tanzania Migration Experience

Originally presented May 12, 2015
Experience the power of Tanzania’s migration as enormous herds gather on the plains. For travelers seeking an adventure in Africa at its most wild, Tanzania stands alone.

Experience Summer in Yellowstone

Originally presented April 21, 2015
In northwest Wyoming, explore with us two of America’s most-treasured parks offer an immersion in scenery and wildlife unparalleled in the Lower 48.

In Search of Mexico's Whale Sharks

Originally presented April 14, 2015
Ever imagined what it would be like to swim with the world's biggest fish? It's a thrill to snorkel alongside gentle whale sharks, which aren't whales at all – but their size could persuade you otherwise.

Sailing Antarctica: An Exclusive Voyage to the White Continent

Originally presented March 3, 2015
Serious explorers passionate about a genuine wilderness adventure won't find a more gratifying way to experience Antarctica than on this exclusive polar sailboat expedition -- offered only by Nat Hab!

An Encounter with the Polar Bears of Churchill

Originally presented February 17, 2015
Travel to Manitoba with Nat Hab founder and president Ben Bressler as he presents this webinar on the Polar Bear Capital of the World where bears congregate each fall.

Search for the Elusive White Spirit Bear

Originally presented February 3, 2015
Join Nat Hab Staff Naturalist Melissa Scott on a virtual journey through the wild valleys of Canada’s Coast Range in search of the elusive white spirit bear.

Namibia: In Search of the Desert Rhino

Originally presented January 20, 2015
The desert rhinoceros is an icon for conservation in Africa. Despite its isolated habitat, this endangered animal faces threats throughout its range, yet Namibia is making major strides.

Discover Alaska's Remote Inside Passage

Originally presented January 6, 2015
Southeast Alaska's Inside Passage holds legendary status as a must-see destination for nature travelers. Explore remote islands and tranquil coves that big cruise ships can't reach.

Adventure Cruises for 2015 & 2016

Originally presented December 16, 2014
Discover our carefully selected collection of adventure cruises for 2015 and 2016.  We offer an array of cruise options to remote nature locales such as Norway, Svalbard, Indonesia and Tahiti.

Discover the Lost World of Madagascar

Originally presented December 2, 2014
Madagascar is truly a place apart, from the unique ecosystems to the unusual animal species. For even the best-traveled nature lover, Madagascar offers a kaleidoscope of discoveries.

Secluded South African Safaris

Originally presented November 18, 2014
South Africa’s prolific wildlife make it one of Africa’s most popular safari destinations. Escape the crowds on our expertly guided small-group adventure into remote private reserves.

Design Your Own Custom African Safari

Originally presented October 21, 2014
Discover, a one-of-a-kind online resource for comprehensive safari planning. Our webinar will introduce you to iSafari’s easy-to-use tools as you explore African safaris.

The World's Greatest Grizzly Encounters

Originally presented October 7, 2014
Nature puts on few displays as arresting as Alaskan brown bears feeding on the bounty of summer salmon runs. Experience this rarest of encounters with Ursus arctos in all its untamed majesty!

Unlocking the Mystery of Myanmar

Originally presented September 16, 2014
Myanmar is opening its doors after long being inaccessible to travelers! Experience what has until now remained in isolation, from Buddhist cultural treasures and tropical landscapes.

Bhutan & Nepal: A Soulful Journey Though Ancient Kingdoms

Originally presented September 2, 2014
Join us to discover the natural side of two ancient Asian kingdoms, Bhutan and Nepal. Explore varied habitats on our diverse itinerary that includes wildlife drives and guided nature walks.

Wolves of Yellowstone: The Ultimate Winter Safari

Originally presented August 19, 2014
Discover the wolves of Yellowstone with NHA! Our small-group winter wolf adventures offer the world's best opportunity to sight these famously elusive creatures in their natural realm.

The Galapagos Islands – A Nature Photographer’s Paradise

Originally presented August 5, 2014
For nature photographers, capturing close-up images of rare wildlife is the ultimate travel photography experience. There’s no better place to get amazing shots of unique and friendly animals.

River of Wine: A Paddling Tour of Portugal

Originally presented July 15, 2014
Designed for the nature traveler keen on authentic culture and culinary delights, this paddling odyssey has no peer. Take a virtual journey of a luxurious tour of Portugal's port wine district.

The Wild Side of China: A Nature Odyssey

Originally presented July 1, 2014
Discover a side of China most travelers never see during our webinar “The Wild Side of China: A Nature Odyssey,” presented by NHA Naturalist and Expedition Leader Melissa Scott.

Kenya’s Great Migration: A Virtual Journey

Originally presented June 17, 2014
Kenya’s sweeping savanna, graceful acacia trees and endless sky provide the backdrop for nature’s greatest spectacle. Witness the thunder of the Great Migration!

Botswana Bursts to Life: A Green Season Photo Safari

Originally presented June 3, 2014
Boasting an extraordinary amount and diversity of wildlife, Botswana’s green season offers an epic safari landscape for nature photographers of any level.

6 Ways to See the Polar Bears of Churchill

Originally presented May 20, 2014
Journey to the shores of Hudson Bay with Nat Hab founder and president Ben Bressler who will discuss Nat Hab's six different polar bear itineraries.

Photographing Wildlife in the Wild

Originally presented May 6, 2014
Whether you're tracking polar bears in the Arctic, watching grizzlies fishing in Alaska or looking at black bears in Yellowstone, our webinar will help you learn how to capture exciting bear shots.

Active Galapagos: A Hiking & Kayaking Adventure

Originally presented April 15, 2014
Giant tortoises roam misty meadows, sea lions loll on pristine beaches, iguanas bask on sun-baked lava while sea turtles and penguins swim with snorkelers in turquoise waters.

Swimming with Mexico's Whale Sharks

Originally presented April 1, 2014
Few nature aficionados will ever have the chance to see, let alone swim with, a whale shark. Docile and unafraid, they allow us to swim close enough to observe details of their thick gray skin.

The Great Amazon River Cruise

Originally Presented March 18, 2014
Join us on a virtual voyage down the great Amazon presented by Natural Habitat Expedition Leader Renzo Zeppilli. The river is home to some of the largest wildlife populations in the Amazon.

Sailing Antarctica: The Ultimate Polar Nature Expedition

Originally presented March 4, 2014
Intrepid explorers passionate about serious outdoor adventure won't find a more exhilarating way to experience Antarctica than on this one-of-a-kind polar expedition.

Photographing Polar Bears in the Wild

Originally presented February 18, 2014
Get a taste of our immersive journey into the realm of the polar bear during this webinar. Each fall, the world’s greatest concentration of polar bears convenes at the edge of Hudson Bay.

Africa's Desert Jewel: Namibia

Originally presented January 21, 2014
Less well known than Kruger or the Serengeti, Namibia's dramatic desert landscapes and uniquely adapted wildlife make it an especially intriguing safari location.

Cruising the World in 2014 and 2015

Originally presented January 7, 2014
From Papua New Guinea to the Antarctica Peninsula, learn all about our special selection of adventure cruises for 2014 and 2015 during this webinar presented by Bobbie Martin.

Paddling the Mediterranean's Dalmatian Coast

Originally presented November 5, 2013
Few places on earth rival the Dalmatian Coast for sea kayaking. Join Olaf Malver during this presentation on our Croatia kayaking adventure and learn about our unique itinerary.

Wolves in the Wild: Adventures in Yellowstone

Originally presented October 15, 2013
Find out what it's like to join our small-group winter wolf adventures in Yellowstone National Park -- offering the world's best opportunity to sight these elusive creatures.

The Magic of the Northern Lights

Originally presented October 1, 2013
The ethereal northern lights are a truly breathtaking experience. Join veteran NHA guide Melissa Scott for a magical presentation on one of the world's greatest phenomena!

Botswana's Green Season: Kalahari, Delta & Beyond

Originally presented September 17, 2013
Learn about experiencing the desert's greatest wildlife season during this webinar.  Take a virtual tour of the Kalahari Desert and Botswana's sprawling Okavango Delta.

The Amazing Migration of Monarch Butterflies

Originally presented August 20, 2013
Seeing a million butterflies take flight above forest groves is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Learn all about this phenomenon during our special webinar.

This Is Costa Rica

Originally presented August 6, 2013
Misty cloud forests, lush jungle canals, pristine beaches…This is Costa Rica. Listen in as our guide describes our ecotourism-focused adventures!

Nature & Culture: India's Wild Side

Originally presented July 23, 2013
Discover India's wild side during this slideshow featuring the country's exotic wildlife and nature gems, found in its dramatic rivers, fabled jungles and profuse big game.

Galapagos: The Active Experience

Originally presented July 9, 2013
Natural Habitat Expeditions' exclusive catamaran-based odyssey in the Galapagos is the most unique & exciting way to see the islands -- and we want to tell you all about it!

China's Road Less Traveled

Originally presented June 18, 2013
Join NHA Staff Naturalist Brad Josephs as he presents this special webinar on China. Learn about the "golden three" and hear details about our unique itinerary!

A Virtual Tour of Famed Patagonia

Originally presented June 4, 2013
Join veteran NHA Expedition Leader Cassiano "Zapa" Zaparoli as he introduces viewers to the wild, poetic landscapes of Patagonia on this virtual journey through remote Chile and Argentina.

Conserving Polar Bears in the Arctic

Originally presented May 21, 2013
Presented in conjunction with World Wildlife Fund, this special webinar begins with the important work of polar bear conservation by the Managing Director of WWF's Species Conservation Program.

Yellowstone Summer: An Insider's Journey

Originally presented May 7, 2013
Join NHA veteran Expedition Leader Jared Baecker for an insider's journey through America's first national park! Discover the beauty of Yellowstone and learn about our classic small-group safaris.

Kayaking Portugal's River of Wine

Originally presented April 16, 2013
This presentation, given by Natural Habitat Expeditions’ CEO (Chief Exploratory Officer) Olaf Malver, will take you on a unique kayaking and hiking journey along the Douro River in Northern Portugal.

Polar Bears: The Arctic's Most Iconic Creature

Originally presented March 5, 2013
They’re cute, amusing, regal…and utterly fascinating. We’re talking about polar bears, and we delve into their world during this virtual exploration.

Stories From Kenya: Great Migration & Beyond

Originally presented February 19, 2013
Animal encounters, extraordinary accommodations, breathtaking landscapes…hear about what makes Kenya such a magical place during this webinar presented by Africa guide Joe Charleson.

Enchanted Isles: Discovering the Wildlife of the Galapagos

Originally presented February 5, 2013
There may be no nature destination on the planet as unique as the Galapagos Islands. The natural wonders of these islands is explored during this webinar by NHA Hall of Fame guide Roberto Plaza.

Botswana: A Quintessential Safari Destination

Originally presented January 22, 2013
If you’re in search of the quintessential African safari, it’s hard to top Botswana. Join Kim Nixon, a veteran guide in the African bush, as he highlights our distinctive Botswana itineraries.

Alaska: Bears & Beyond

Originally presented January 8, 2013
Alaska has some of the grandest landscapes and most fascinating wildlife on earth. Join Head Naturalist Eric Rock for a virtual journey through the unparalleled access you'll experience with NHA.

Finding the Wild Side of China

Originally presented October 12, 2012
Join us for this Chinese nature odyssey on a virtual tour of our China adventure, presented by Expedition Leader Brad Josephs. This webinar features highlights from our ground-breaking itinerary.

A Unique Rolling Lodge Surrounded by Polar Bears

Originally presented July 24, 2012
One of the world's most remarkable accommodations, the Tundra Lodge offers travelers 24/7 polar bear viewing on the tundra in a warm and comfortable setting. Learn more on this virtual tour!

Photographing the World of Polar Bears

Originally presented May 8, 2012
Learn to take outstanding photos of the "King of the Arctic" -- and other Arctic wildlife -- with tips from NHA Expedition Leader and Head Naturalist Eric Rock.

Climate Change & Polar Bears: On Thin Ice

Originally presented on May 2, 2012
A team of experts from World Wildlife Fund join with NHA's Founder & Director Ben Bressler in this fascinating and informative webinar exploring the effects of climate change on polar bears.

Exploring America: Canyons of the Southwest

Originally presented on April 12, 2012
Learn about our "Canyons of the Southwest" trip with Expedition Leader and Staff Naturalist Melissa Scott! We'll explore the whimsical world of the famous Grand, Bryce and Zion canyons.

Alaska's Grizzlies: From Kodiak to Katmai

Originally presented April 2, 2012
Go on a virtual adventure to Alaska with Expedition Leader Brad Josephs! Brad highlights our journey into the coastal areas of the Katmai Peninsula and Kodiak Island, prime bear-viewing areas.

Visiting the World of Mountain Gorillas

Originally presented March 13, 2012
Ben Bressler, Founder and Director, takes you to Africa to visit the endangered mountain gorilla! Join him as he highlights two decades of visits to Uganda and Rwanda, the volcanic home of the gorilla.

Photographing the Galapagos

Originally presented March 1, 2012
Join NHA Hall of Fame guide Eric Rock as he takes a virtual journey on our Classic Galapagos Photo Adventure!

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Our Base Camp Greenland trip is named Best Splurge by Outside magazine!

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