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New Itinerary!
Classic Polar Bear Adventure

Classic Polar Bear Adventure

Meet the "King of the Arctic!" Our flagship polar bear tour is an expertly guided small-group adventure to see the world's largest concentration of polar bears in their tundra habitat along Hudson Bay.
6 or 7 Days / Oct & Nov, From $6395 (+air)
New Itinerary!
Classic Polar Bear Photo Adventure

Classic Polar Bear Photo Adventure

An expert photographer-naturalist leads this immersive journey into the realm of the polar bear. Capture memorable images on this highly popular expedition.
7 Days / Oct & Nov, From $7695 (+air)
New Itinerary!
Ultimate Churchill Adventure

Ultimate Churchill Adventure

A total immersion into the world of the polar bear! Learn about the Northland’s culture and history, visit a polar bear den, survey the tundra by helicopter, and view polar bears from our Polar Rover tundra vehicle.
7 Days / Oct & Nov, From $8295 (+air)
New Itinerary!
Tundra Lodge & Town Adventure

Tundra Lodge & Town Adventure

Stay at our exclusive Tundra Lodge for unparalleled seclusion and proximity to wild polar bears—then add two nights in the historic hamlet of Churchill to experience the culture of the Canadian North.
7 days / Oct & Nov, From $8395 (+air)
New Itinerary!
Tundra Lodge Adventure

Tundra Lodge Adventure

Stay among polar bears around the clock at our mobile Tundra Lodge, located each season in an area of high bear density. This is arguably the most extraordinary polar bear tour in the world!
6 Days / Oct & Nov, From $8695 (+air)
New Itinerary
Tundra Lodge Photography Expedition

Tundra Lodge Photography Expedition

Join renowned wildlife photographers to capture phenomenal images of polar bears. Our custom-built Tundra Lodge offers the ultimate in proximity.
7 Days / Nov, From $9895 (+air)
New Trip!
Churchill Arctic Family Adventure

Churchill Arctic Family Adventure

Look for Arctic wildlife on the tundra, search for polar bears from a thrilling helicopter flight, take an authentic dog sled ride, and meet Churchill's hardy local people.
6 Days / Nov, From $5995 Adult; $4995 Child (+air)
Beluga Whales & Arctic Wildlife of Churchill

Beluga Whales & Arctic Wildlife of Churchill

Meet hundreds of friendly beluga whales up close via Zodiac and kayak, and look for caribou, polar bears, Arctic fox and more on this summertime adventure.
9 Days / Jul & Aug, From $5495 (+air)
Discover Greenland: The Natural Habitat Experience

Discover Greenland: The Natural Habitat Experience

Encounter raw beauty and remote Arctic landscapes from our luxury expedition camp near the edge of the Greenland ice sheet. Explore by boat, kayak and on foot, where very few travelers ever venture.
9 Days / Jul – Sep, From $12995 (+air)
New Itinerary!
Sailing Antarctica: The Ultimate Polar Nature Expedition

Sailing Antarctica: The Ultimate Polar Nature Expedition

Those passionate for genuine adventure won't find a more exhilarating thrill than exploring Antarctica by private motorsailer! Kayak and camp, too.
17 Days / Nov – Dec, From $22995 (+air)
New Itinerary!
Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent

Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent

Travel with polar experts aboard a small expedition ship—encounter prolific wildlife and colossal icebergs amid the matchless wilderness of the Antarctic Peninsula.
14 Days / Nov – Feb, From $13890 (+air)
New Itinerary!
Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falklands

Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falklands

A comprehensive voyage to the wildlife-rich Falklands and historic South Georgia, where a million-plus king penguins reign—plus the Antarctic Peninsula!
24 Days / Nov – Mar, From $23990 (+air)
New Trip!
South Georgia & the Falklands

South Georgia & the Falklands

An in-depth immersion in the polar landscapes, rich history and wildlife spectacles of these legendary islands in the Southern Ocean. 
19 Days / Oct – Nov & Mar, From $16990 (+air)
Land of the Ice Bears: An In-Depth Exploration <br />of Arctic Svalbard

Land of the Ice Bears: An In-Depth Exploration
of Arctic Svalbard

Just 600 miles from the North Pole, Svalbard offers one of the best opportunities to see polar bears in their natural habitat, on the sea ice.
11 Days / May – Jun, From $10740 (+air)

Norway's Fjords & Arctic Svalbard

Explore the nooks and crannies of Norway's fjord-carved coast and continue to High Arctic Svalbard, home to polar bears and abundant northern wildlife.
20 Days / May – Jun, From $16990 (+air)
Svalbard, Iceland & Greenland

Svalbard, Iceland & Greenland's East Coast

Follow in the wake of Viking explorers as we look for polar bears in Svalbard, cruise the rarely seen east coast of Greenland and explore Iceland's remote Westfjords.
17 Days / Jun – Jul, From $15650 (+air)
A Circumnavigation of Iceland

A Circumnavigation of Iceland

Sail around the whole of Iceland, with shore excursions and inland adventures to witness the forces of fire and ice that have formed this Nordic island nation.
11 Days / Jul – Aug, From $10990
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