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Yellowstone: Ultimate Wolf & Wildlife Safari

Traveler Testimonials

K. Neuman
"Our winter trip to Yellowstone with Scott and Jared was fantastic. My key memory of that trip, which would never have happened with a big, cheaper trip excluding the Lamar Valley: standing in the valley. Absolutely no sound. None. No cars, no talking. Snowing. Jared spotted a pack of wolves through the scope. He silently motioned us over one by one. As I was looking in the scope, one of the wolves lifted her head and howled--but it was a SILENT howl, because the sound had to travel across the valley. Shortly after it reached us, an answering pack across the valley howled. Otherwise complete and utter silence. I still get chills just typing this. You get what you pay for in travel."

P. Bailey
“Both of our guides went above and beyond! We enjoyed the difference that the winter and snow make to the environment: fantastic landscapes, wolves, eagles and snowy bison. We would have loved to stay forever!”

B. Carlson
“I will forever see in my mind’s eye the sun rising in the Lamar Valley and a wolf standing on a ridge howling and the return howls from all directions. It was mind boggling to watch a huge magnificent grey wolf walk fifteen feet in front of me. It was unbelievable to be close enough to Rocky Mountain sheep rams to see the rings on their horns with the naked eye. It also seemed otherworldly to walk in the geyser basin enshrouded with steam and surrounded with ice and snow encrusted trees.”

P. Osborne
“We had a great time and would do it again. Paul and Kevin were incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and sensitive to everyone’s needs.”

J. Berliner
“As always my husband and I truly had an excellent time. It was definitely worth being in Yellowstone in the winter. It’s a whole different and unique experience!”

V. Brearey
“On the last morning, I stood on a hill in the Lamar Valley looking for wolves in a fantastic snow covered landscape and felt incredibly happy and privileged just to be there! Thanks for taking me there! The trip was brilliant! The fact that it exceeded even my high expectations says it all. I look forward to traveling with Natural Habitat again in the future.”

S. Norby
“Your guides are thoughtful, organized, detail-oriented, patient, knowledgeable, and communicate well. You could tell how respected they were wherever we went. What decent young men! They went out of their way to fill each and every day with wonder.”

S. & C. Mauritz
“Both guides were superb. They knew their stuff! More important, however, was their manner. Warm, friendly, helpful, relaxed, smiley – all while herding the group around in a timely manner.”

R. Strehlow
“These guys were great – both extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the environment. They made the trip an experience I will not forget!”

B. Korek
“I return home, but a part of me is back in the wilderness and each day I reminisce on some special moment. I think the experience will always be near and dear to me. I know I will go back.”

M. Reschke
“In all my years of travel, I have never been with two more experienced and adept leaders. From the minute I stepped off the plane to the final dinner, both Jared and Colin were there to teach and support us in every way. They did this with smiles and a sense of humor. Both Jared and Colin were brilliant in their knowledge of wildlife and worked tirelessly to give the best experience. I cannot say enough about their talents and skills in not only guiding us, but in teaching us as well.”

L. Ball
"I enjoyed the wildlife and scenery and the way our guides shared their backyard and knowledge with us. We had done the spring trip in 2013 and that was fabulous, this trip was just as exceptional and is why we chose to travel back to Yellowstone. Both trips are a must. It was sad it had to end!"
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