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Custom Yellowstone Adventure

A Fun-Filled Family Nature Odyssey in America’s Favorite National Parks!
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When President Theodore Roosevelt visited Yellowstone National Park in 1903, he proclaimed it “absolutely unique in the world.” Embracing the idea of natural beauty as a national asset, he championed the idea of national parks, building a priceless legacy for generations to follow. In the northwest corner of Wyoming, two treasured parks offer a classic nature adventure as captivating today as in Teddy’s time. What better way to explore Yellowstone and the Tetons than on a fully guided private journey with your own naturalist Expedition Leader, whose expertise about the region and its natural history will enrich your experience immeasurably. From wildlife to waterfalls, smelling sage and gazing at the stars, Yellowstone Country still works strong magic. And when you leave the planning and details to us, you'll enjoy a genuine, hassle-free vacation.  
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Trip Highlights

  • Explore Yellowstone’s treasure trove of geothermal wonders with your private Expedition Leader, who unveils the park’s hidden secrets as only a local can
  • Meet the most famous residents of the "wild West"—bison, elk, deer, pronghorn antelope and bears—as you search for wildlife while avoiding crowds
  • Float the placid Snake River through Jackson Hole in the shadow of the Grand Tetons, scouting for elk on the valley floor and eagles soaring overhead

How We Make Your Yellowstone Vacation SO Much Better!

Every year, multitudes of travelers venture off for an all-American vacation to Yellowstone National Park. Most struggle to get reservations for crowded hotels and campgrounds, navigating maps and trying to sightsee with hordes of other tourists. We offer a very different Yellowstone experience—a true western vacation, one that avoids all the stress and reveals natural wonders you’d totally miss otherwise. When you let us customize the perfect trip for you, you’ll return home feeling relaxed, invigorated and basking in memories you’ll treasure forever! 
  1. We Take the Hassle Out, and Keep the Fun In!
    When you travel on your own, you spend a lot of time researching, planning, asking questions and poring over maps. This can be part of the fun of preparing for a trip, but in a destination like Yellowstone, traveling on your own also requires competing for reservations, waiting in lines and driving around trying to figure out where to go. As a result, you lose precious time and miss the hidden gems. We’ve taken the legwork and guesswork out: Since our staff has spent years researching and inspecting all the possible routes and out-of-the-way locales, you benefit from our intimate knowledge—and we coordinate your reservations far in advance, allowing you to experience and enjoy so much more than most people visiting on their own can accomplish.
  2. A Custom-Designed Itinerary Focused on Your Interests
    Our in-depth knowledge lets us take you to less-visited corners of Yellowstone and Grand Teton where you’ll view wildlife up close without hordes of people around. Over the years we’ve developed relationships with a range of interesting locals, and we enjoy providing our guests with enriching experiences they wouldn’t have access to on their own. Plus, we can add special activities that suit your particular interests, such as assisting with identifying and tagging songbirds, or visiting the gallery of a local wildlife photographer.
  3. Small Groups Enjoy Nature More Fully
    Our custom trips are perfect for a small group of friends, your own immediate family, a multi-generational group, or more than one family traveling together, should you want to combine your vacation with others. Because we divide our groups into small vehicles, we have access to wildlife areas that motorcoach tours can’t get to, and casual tourists don’t know about. We are also able to move quickly to places where wildlife has most recently been spotted and to quietly observe animals without disturbing them.
  4. Expert Naturalist Guides Enrich Your Experience 
    Our Expedition Leaders are full-time naturalists who live here year-round. No one has more knowledge of the places we visit, the behavioral patterns of wildlife, and where and when to be in particular places to see animals. We can't emphasize enough how much this expertise will add to your overall experience! Each Expedition Leader has a formal biology background and is also a natural history educator. They are also in constant communication with local wolf researchers, giving our groups the most up-to-date, inside knowledge of wolf locations and activity. See Expedition Leader bios and traveler comments regarding the quality of our leaders.
  5. Custom Safari Vehicles for the Best Wildlife Viewing
    We use custom-outfitted safari vehicles built specifically for wildlife viewing with roof hatches and large side windows that slide all the way open. Everyone has a window seat, and plenty of room for gear and spreading out. 
  6. Our Quality-Value Guarantee Ensures Your Family Yellowstone Adventure
    With Natural Habitat Adventures, you receive our exclusive guarantee, stating clearly that we will meet the lofty expectations we set forth in our promotional materials. We think this is the most ambitious guarantee made by any adventure travel company. Read our important promise.
  7. Feel Good About the Way You Travel
    We all care about the planet, and you can embark upon this adventure knowing that the emissions from your trip are 100-percent carbon-offset—Natural Habitat Adventures is the world’s first carbon-neutral travel company.
  8. Natural Habitat Adventures is WWF's Travel Partner
    Because of our commitment to environmentally friendly travel, as well as the exceptional quality of our adventures, World Wildlife Fund—the world's leading environmental conservation organization—has named Natural Habitat as its worldwide travel partner, a designation that makes us exceedingly proud!
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