Gorilla (<em>Gorilla beringei</em>) /animals/assets/aiaGorilla/ aiaGorilla.png A Very Exclusive Home 805 104 GOR1_Tgage.jpg The world's total population of mountain gorillas, roughly 700, lives in protected parks in two Central African countries: Uganda and Rwanda. What's a Silverback? 577 205 GOR2_Tgage.jpg Adult males are called silverbacks due to the saddle-shaped patch of silver hair that grows on their back and hips. Gorillas are Vegetarians 87 336 GOR03_Smorello.jpg Gorillas are mostly vegetarians, though they frequently augment their diet with small invertebrates like termites and ants. Gorilla Babies 508 417 GOR4_Spencer.jpg The mountain gorilla's gestation period is almost the same as a human: 8 1/2 months. Newborn gorillas weigh about 4 pounds. They begin to walk at 4 or 5 months, and transition fully to solid food - shoots and leaves - by 8 months. Mountain Gorillas Like To Stay Warm 637 149 GOR5_RField.jpg Mountain gorillas live in montane and bamboo forests at high altitudes between 8,000 and 13,000 feet. When it gets too cold on the mountaintops, they descend to more temperate elevations. The Mountain Gorilla Family 569 320 GOR6_Tgage.jpg Mountain gorillas live in troops, family groups typically headed by a single male with 3 to 4 females and their offspring. Sometimes more than one male shares leadership, and groups may have up to 30 individuals. Gorilla Habitat Is In Danger 508 167 GOR7_istock.jpg The biggest threat to the survival of the endangered mountain gorilla is deforestation, though poaching is also a problem. This aerial view shows the border of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. No Two Noses are Alike 228 323 GOR8_Tgage.jpg Gorillas can be identified by nose prints that are unique to each individual. That's a Big Boy! 320 235 G