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WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: Florida Nature Safari

Originally presented December 15, 2023
With winter upon us, it won't be long until you're dreaming of warmer weather. Discover the Sunshine State's wild side on our Florida Nature Safari. Expedition Leader Mike Hillman takes us on a virtual tour of Southwest Florida's varied natural spaces, home to wildlife like dolphins, sea turtles, otters, manatees, panthers and adorable Key deer. Boasting more than 300 resident bird species, Florida's Everglades are a birder's paradise. Add in kayaking, snorkeling, seaplane flights and private boat cruises, and you're in for a true subtropical adventure!

WEBINAR | Counting Sheep: Observing Bighorn Behavior in the Field

Originally presented November 30, 2023
Meet the largest wild sheep in North America: the bighorn. These unique ungulates roam throughout the West, from red rock canyons to grassy prairies. Utah wildlife biologist Toni Proescholdt describes the bighorns’ complex social lives, including their sexually segregated herds (rams only join ewes during rut), lamb-rearing practices and the males’ impressive jousting abilities. Find out where you can spot bighorn sheep in the wild (including on our Glacier, Yellowstone and Grand Canyon adventures), and learn what to look for when observing them in the field.

WEBINAR | Wolves, Weasels & Coyotes: Carnivores of North America

Originally presented November 29, 2023
Not all carnivores are created equal, at least when it comes to what they eat. Meet some of the carnivores of North America as Expedition Leader Rylee Jensen delves into the history of carnivore extermination in North America and reveals how the humble coyote emerged as one of the most resilient species in the world. She also explains what separates an apex predator from a mesocarnivore and illustrates the concept of trophic cascades -- predator-prey interactions that can impact entire ecosystems.

WEBINAR | Get Ready for the Ultimate Yellowstone Wolf & Wildlife Safari

Originally presented November 3, 2023
What’s it like to track wolves and other wildlife in America’s first national park in winter? Find out from Expedition Leader Jake Richards, a naturalist guide for our Yellowstone: Ultimate Wolf & Wildlife Safari. You’ll learn what gear and clothing to pack for this cold-weather adventure, where we stay (including the award-winning Old Faithful Snow Lodge inside the park!), and what activities to expect in addition to wolf tracking, from a private snowcoach journey to watch Old Faithful erupt, to a horse-drawn sleigh ride to view winter elk herds in Jackson Hole.

WEBINAR | Antlers: Their Role in the Rut

Originally presented September 25, 2023
Fall is breeding season (known as “the rut”) for elk, moose, caribou, deer and other cervids in the northern hemisphere, and antlers play an important role in determining which males are successfully able to mate and which are left on the sidelines. Join Expedition Leader and wildlife biologist Aaron Bott as he delves into exactly what antlers are, how they evolved, how they grow (and fall off, and grow again), and their function in mate selection and combat.

WEBINAR | Pack Mentality: How Wolves Hunt

Originally presented September 15, 2023
Delve into the fascinating world of wolves and their unique hunting behaviors as wildlife biologist and Expedition Leader Aaron Bott unravels the intricacies of these apex predators' strategies, from stalking techniques to the final takedown. He also describes the remarkable social dynamics within wolf packs and how they coordinate their efforts during hunts. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of wolf hunting behavior and what it means for wildlife conservation.

WEBINAR | In the Rut: Mating Season in Yellowstone

Originally presented September 11, 2023
As we head into fall, many of Yellowstone's ungulates (hoofed animals) enter the rut --– otherwise known as mating season. This time of year, visitors are privy to animal behaviors that aren’t on display in other seasons. Join Expedition Leader Charlie Reinertsen as he shares his experiences guiding in Yellowstone country during the rut, and hear riveting tales of elk, moose, mule deer, and bison during the most amorous time of year.

WEBINAR | Dire Wolves: Apex Predators of the Past

Originally presented September 8, 2023
Never heard of a dire wolf? Today, you’ll only encounter them as fossilized remains in museums or in the pages of novels. But this extinct canine (Aenocyon dirus), first identified in 1858, once ruled the prehistoric Americas and parts of eastern Asia as an apex predator. Join wildlife biologist and Expedition Leader Aaron Bott to discover the natural history of dire wolves -- their evolution, their relationship to modern dogs and wolves, and what may have happened to make them disappear.

WEBINAR | Animals in the Wild: Why They Do What They Do

Originally presented August 25, 2023
You wouldn't be surprised to learn that bears, bighorn sheep, moose, bats and beavers all behave very differently in the wild. But why? Ethology -- the study of animal behavior -- is crucial to understanding not just individual animals and species, but also the overall ecology of the environments in which they live. Take a journey into the animal psyche with wildlife biologist and Expedition Leader Aaron Bott to uncover some of the mysteries behind why animals do what they do, from communication and social dynamics to mating habits and learning behaviors.

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: Maine Coastal Explorer

Originally presented August 22, 2023
Get ready for a fall foliage adventure down east on our Maine Coastal Explorer trip! Join Expedition Leader Kaden Dearing for a virtual journey through MidCoast Maine to Acadia National Park and beyond, including a two-night stay on Deer Isle. Get the details about where we stay, what to pack, and all our activities -- a highlight is three private boat trips, including sailing aboard a historic schooner and a lobster boat cruise -- plus leaf-peeping walks, lighthouse visits, and plenty of fresh seafood!

WEBINAR | Coyotes: Thriving in a Human World

Originally presented June 30, 2023
If you live in North America, chances are you have coyotes in your neighborhood. Despite wildlife habitat fragmentation, shrinking wild animal populations, and humanity's best efforts to eradicate them, coyotes are not only surviving, but thriving! In fact, these canids have expanded their range, illustrating how some species are capable of adapting and flourishing in the contemporary, human-defined world. Join wildlife biologist and Expedition Leader Aaron Bott as he talks about coyotes and why he considers them the ultimate adapters.

WEBINAR | The Price of Wolves: How Are Ranchers Compensated for Livestock Loss?

Originally presented June 22, 2023
Wolves are endlessly fascinating animals, and their role as apex predators is a vital one. Once nearly eradicated, wolves are making a comeback across much of their historic range in the lower 48 states. But coexisting with them can be a challenge, especially for ranchers, since wolves sometimes prey on livestock. Wildlife biologist Aaron Bott explains some of the programs that compensate livestock producers for their losses helping both wolves and local ranchers to thrive.

WEBINAR | Thundering Hooves: Yellowstone's Bison Herds

Originally presented June 16, 2023
Bison were almost extinct by the late nineteenth century. However, a small population hiding in the world's first national park made a significant comeback. Biologist and Expedition Leader Aaron Bott introduces us to bison biology, evolutionary history and modern-day management. You'll learn about the opportunities for and challenges to bison conservation within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Understanding the story of this American icon is essential to the survival of the species.

WEBINAR | Wyoming Through the Lens: The Magic of Wilderness in the West

Originally presented June 12, 2023
Follow professional wildlife photographer and guide Arthur Leforestier as he walks us through the changing seasons in Wyoming's wilderness, a source of endless photo inspiration. From black bears gorging on berries and moose rutting beneath towering peaks to the howls of wolves in the depths of winter, this presentation will give you a deeper understanding of the animals that call this wild corner of the country home.

WEBINAR | Yellowstone Moose: Kings of the Forest

Originally presented June 9, 2023
As the world’s largest deer, moose are kings of the forest. They’re also one of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s most iconic animals. Learn about their natural history and fascinating lives from wildlife biologist and Expedition Leader Aaron Bott, including their evolution, distribution, behavior and biology, plus how they fit into the larger ecosystem along with other ungulates like elk, mule deer and white-tailed deer.

WEBINAR | An International Adventure in Glacier & Waterton National Parks

Originally presented May 18, 2023
What’s better than one national park sculpted by glaciers and filled with wildlife? How about two? This info-packed webinar gives you all the details about our cross-border Northern Rockies journey from the U.S. to Canada and back.

WEBINAR | A Springtime Sojourn in Yellowstone

Originally presented May 12, 2023
Summer may be the most popular season to visit Yellowstone, but for biologist and Expedition Leader Aaron Bott, springtime is hard to beat. Learn about spring ecology in America’s first national park, from blooming wildflowers to baby animals. You’ll also find out what weather to expect, what wildlife you’re likely to encounter, and how best to see it all — on Nat Hab’s Hidden Yellowstone & Grand Teton Safari, of course!

WEBINAR | Wolves in the Woods: Noninvasive Monitoring Methods

Originally presented April 21, 2023
Wildlife biologist Aaron Bott reveals some of the cutting-edge techniques researchers use to track and study wolves and other apex predators in places like the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

WEBINARS | Know Before You Go: An Insider's Journey into Yosemite

Originally presented April 18, 2023
Ready to explore the towering rock formations and giant sequoia groves of one of America's most beloved national parks? Get all the inside details on our exclusive small-group expedition to Yosemite.

WEBINAR | The Human Culture of Yellowstone: Yesterday and Today

Originally presented on April 14, 2023
Explore the human history of America’s first national park, from its earliest inhabitants to the millions of travelers who visit this wildlife mecca today.

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: Grand Canyon, Bryce & Zion

Originally presented on April 7, 2023
Take a virtual journey into the red rock wonders of the American Southwest as you get the answers to all your questions about our canyonlands adventure, from packing and clothing tips to how we get around and what each day’s itinerary looks like .

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: Hidden Yellowstone & Grand Teton Safari

Originally presented April 4, 2023
From bears and bison to wolves, wildflowers and waterfalls, get excited for one of the greatest adventures the Lower 48 has to offer as you learn what to expect on our Yellowstone Country safari.

WEBINAR | Canyons of the American Southwest: A Natural and Human History

Originally presented March 30, 2023
Discover the Colorado Plateau’s natural and human history on this virtual tour of Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion national parks.

WEBINAR | Watch, but Don’t Touch! Get to Know the Porcupine

Originally presented March 28, 2023
The North American Porcupine plays a fascinating niche role in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Find out all about these large, quilled rodents, and meet some of the other porcupines that inhabit our planet.

WEBINAR | Antlers: Crowns of the Animal Kingdom

Originally presented on March 24, 2023
Did you know that antlers are external bones that grow and shed every year? Learn the purpose of antlers and how they grow on (and fall off!) the heads of deer, moose, caribou, elk and other cervids.

WEBINAR | Domesticated: From Wolves to Dogs

Originally presented March 13, 2023
Dogs and wolves share a common ancestor, yet one is beloved while the other is villainized. Learn how dogs became domesticated and the similarities and differences between these two animals.

WEBINAR | The North American Pronghorn: Champion of Migration

Originally presented March 7, 2023
Get to know the speedy and tenacious North American pronghorn, learn about its incredible annual migration, and find out who its closest living relative is (you may be surprised).

WEBINAR | Photography Lessons from America’s Canyon Country

Originally presented February 20, 2023
Learn how to capture stunning photos of some of the planet’s most dramatic natural landscapes: the high desert red rock country of Bryce, Zion, the Grand Canyon and beyond.

WEBINAR | Ecology of Fear: Understanding the Predator-Prey Relationship

Originally presented January 25, 2023
Why can’t we all just get along? Well, in the animal world, if the predators don’t hunt prey, a delicate ecosystem could combust. Learn why the hunters of the wild are just doing their job.

WEBINAR | Tracking Wolves: Traditional Skills for Monitoring Animals in the Wild

Originally presented January 19, 2023
Ever wonder how a wolf tracker knows just how to find these elusive creatures in the vast Yellowstone landscape? Solve the mystery by attending this webinar with one of the best wildlife trackers we know.

WEBINAR | Wolves & Coyotes: Two of a Kind?

Originally presented January 10, 2023
Why do we love wolves? Why are there more coyotes in your city these days? Get the answers, and more, from our favorite wolf expert.

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: Florida Nature Safari

Originally presented December 8, 2022
Learn what to expect on a Nat Hab nature tour to one of America’s richest wildlife havens: the Everglades and the Florida Keys.

WEBINAR | Yellowstone Winter Wolves & Wildlife: What to Know

Originally presented December 1, 2022
What’s Yellowstone really like in the winter? We head to the source to find out what you can expect and why this is one of the most magical times of year to visit America’s first national park.

WEBINAR | Bat Week, Part 1: Fascinating Bat Biology

Originally presented October 20, 2022
Just in time for Halloween, get to know the bat family, a wildly misunderstood group of animals. Far from spooky, these cool creatures of the night are fascinating – and vital to the natural world.

WEBINAR | Excellent Elk

Originally presented September 26, 2022
From their shrill bugle to fierce antler battles, elk are impressive ungulates. Learn how this big member of the deer family plays a key role in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, especially regarding wolves and humans.

WEBINAR | Meet the Cunning Cougar, Lion of the West

Originally presenter August 29, 2022
Did you know mountain lions cannot roar, but instead scream? Learn all about the biology, ecology and conservation of these clever cats—also known as cougars—and how we can better live among them.

WEBINAR | Yellowstone Grizzlies: No Longer in Danger?

Originally presented July 8, 2022
Yellowstone’s wolves often get all the attention as a conservation success story. Learn the good news about Greater Yellowstone’s grizzly bears and the species’ own remarkable recovery.

WEBINAR | Discover the American West on a Classic Pack Trip

Originally presented June 14, 2022
Attention, city slickers! Why not bust out of the concrete jungle and discover the wonders of the West on a horse or mule-supported pack trip into the backcountry? Get the details from a seasoned western packer.

WEBINAR | Yellowstone’s Sesquicentennial: America’s First National Park Turns 150

Originally presented May 11, 2022
Join Expedition Leader and wildlife biologist Aaron Bott, whose family goes back 170 years in the Greater Yellowstone region, as we track 150 years of Yellowstone’s natural and human history, exploring shifting understandings of conservation.

WEBINAR | A Brazilian Guide Goes RV-ing Through Grand Canyon and Yellowstone

Originally presented May 10, 2022
Jump in the backseat and join Expedition Leader Helder Brandao on a journey of discovery as he travels by RV through two of America’s most celebrated national parks—see them through a naturalist’s international eyes.

WEBINAR | What the World Needs Now: An International Peace Park

Originally presented May 6, 2022
Take your Glacier National Park trip up a notch by visiting Canada's Waterton Lakes National Park, too. Together, these adjoining natural treasures make up the world's first International Peace Park.

WEBINAR | An Inspiring Comeback: The California Condor

Originally presented May 3, 2022
Weighing over 20 lbs. with a wingspan of nearly 10 feet, California condors can soar as high as 15,000 feet. Learn about North America’s largest flying land bird, which has recently rebounded from near-extinction.

WEBINAR | Wolves: Majestic, Maligned & Misunderstood

Originally presented April 27, 2022
Wolves are cool—and controversial. Coexisting with them will take revolutionary thinking. Start the conversation with Nat Hab Expedition Leader and wolf biologist Aaron Bott.

WEBINAR | The Captivating Canyons of the American Southwest

Originally presented April 4, 2022
Visiting Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion national parks is one of the most awe-inspiring experiences in the U.S. Join Nat Hab Expedition Leader Court Whelan for an overview of what to expect.

WEBINAR | Winter Wise: Three Stories of Survival In Yellowstone

Originally presented November 12, 2021
Yellowstone in winter is one of North America’s harshest landscapes. Drew McCarthy examines how three resourceful species—moose, elk and black bear—have adapted to survive...and how climate change is pushing their strategies.

WEBINAR | Photographing the American Southwest

Originally presented October 14, 2021
Court Whelan shares an in-depth tutorial on how to capture stunning photos of some of the planet’s most dramatic natural landscapes—the high desert redrock country of Bryce, Zion and Grand Canyon.

WEBINAR | Wolf Wars: The Politics of Wolf Management and Conservation

Originally presented August 10, 2021
There are few icons of American wilderness as powerful as the wolf. And there are few topics as contentious as wolf management in the American West. Join us to explore the controversy over conservation.

WEBINAR | Desert Beavers: Saving Water on the Colorado Plateau

Originally presented June 4, 2021
Beavers act as ecosystem engineers even in the arid expanses of the American Southwest, bringing water to parched landscapes and healing habitats. Find out how desert beavers and biologists are hydrating these otherwise dry ecosystems.

WEBINAR | Exploring Acadia & Maine’s Wild Coast

Originally presented June 2, 2021
Maritime Maine is magical—with a longer coastline than California and 4,600 islands, this rugged region on the Atlantic Ocean holds special allure for nature travelers, including Acadia National Park.

WEBINAR | What to Know About Traveling to Glacier with Nat Hab

Originally presented April 20, 2021
This interactive webinar will answer all your questions about traveling to Glacier National Park with us as you hear from two Glacier Expedition Leaders plus the head of Nat Hab’s COVID-19 protocol team.

WEBINAR | Yellowstone: Wolves, Willows & Trophic Cascades

Originally presented March 26, 2021
Many conservationists assume that the return of the gray wolf to Yellowstone National Park has restored balance to the entire ecosystem -- but naturalist guide Aaron Bott explains why it isn't that simple.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go: Discover Glacier Park through an Artist’s Eyes

Originally presented March 25, 2021
You may think of science as the grounds for inspiring conservation efforts. But art plays a role, too! Naturalist and artist Lindsey Nielsen shares the place of art in protecting the grandeur of Glacier.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go: Discover Glacier National Park

Originally presented March 4, 2021
You may think of science as the grounds for inspiring conservation efforts. But art plays a role, too! Naturalist and artist Lindsey Nielsen shares the place of art in protecting the grandeur of Glacier.

WEBINAR | Yosemite National Park Unveiled

Originally presented February 22, 2021
The push to protect Yosemite in the 1860s sparked the national park movement that would sweep the world. Colby Brokvist and Jim Sano, WWF's VP for Conservation Travel and a former Yosemite Park Ranger, explore the park's history and legacy.

WEBINAR | Stories from the Trail: Glacier Then & Now

Originally presented February 19, 2021
The last of Glacier guide Jeremy Covert's series on the national park, this journey into history via one of Glacier's earliest rangers reveals how it has changed —and not changed—over more than a century.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go: Discover the Canyons of the American Southwest

Originally presented February 11, 2021
Take a virtual journey through geologic millennia, exploring the natural history and colorful landscapes of Bryce, Zion and Grand Canyon National Parks—and learn about the human dwellers who have long called these canyonlands home.

WEBINAR | Stories from the Trail: Memorable Bears of Glacier

Originally presented February 5, 2021
A naturalist guide in Glacier National Park for more than 20 years, Jeremy Covert has some personal stories to share about bears. Come along for riveting tales and images of the park's most famous mammal.

WEBINAR | Grizzly 399: Meet the Most Famous Bear in the World

Originally presented January 11, 2021
Meet "399," the special mama grizzly who has become a fixture in and around Grand Teton National Park, and learn of her important role in the ecosystem and the life of Expedition Leader Kurt Johnson.

WEBINAR | Moose in the Northern Rockies

Originally presented December 22, 2020
Aaron Bott takes a close look at the mighty moose, one of the most iconic wildlife species in the Northern Rockies, and the conservation challenges it faces.

WEBINAR | Pages of Stone: How the American Southwest was Formed

Originally presented December 22, 2020
Come read some rocks with Court Whelan! Interpreting the multihued and multilayered geology of America's Southwest canyonlands, Court reveals the story behind some of Earth's most spectacular landscapes.

WEBINAR | Yellowstone Hygge: A Chronicle of Winter Wildlife

Originally presented December 21, 2020
Hyg·ge: a Danish winter tradition, conveying coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders wellbeing. In honor of the winter solstice, meet a few of Yellowstone's wild animals that have mastered midwinter with aplomb.

WEBINAR | The Wild Side of South Florida

Originally presented December 14, 2020
Discover subtropical wilderness on a journey through South Florida's freshwater marshes, forests, uninhabited islands and pristine beaches, protected in a mosaic of national parks, wildlife refuges and marine reserve teeming with life.

WEBINAR | Mountain Goats: Wizards of the High Country

Originally presented November 20, 2020
Agile, hardy and robust, mountain goats are impressive denizens of alpine zones in the Rockies. They’re also a problem when they enter national parks as non-native species, posing competition to native dwellers such as bighorn sheep.

WEBINAR | Delisting the Gray Wolf: What Does It Mean for Its Future?

Originally presented November 19, 2020
Wolves have long been fraught with controversy, and the decision to remove them from the U.S. endangered species list has only added to it. Aaron Bott unpacks the complexity for us.

WEBINAR | Humans & Wildlife in the American West: A History

Originally presented November 11, 2020
Wildlife biologist Aaron Bott leads a journey through the Southwest canyonlands, Yellowstone and Glacier, telling the story of the interaction of humans with wildlife over the past 200 years and examining the quest for conservation.

WEBINAR | Photographing the National Parks of the American Southwest

Originally presented September 29, 2020
For Court Whelan, no place on earth is more enticing to photograph than America's red rock canyon country. Discover his favorite photography spots and get tips for capturing these mesmerizing landscapes.

WEBINAR | The Heart of Yellowstone

Originally presented September 3, 2020
Naturalist guide Corbin Hawkins, a Yellowstone expert long enamored with the world’s first national park, shares hidden highlights of this geological and biological wonderland, with tips on avoiding crowds.

WEBINAR | Large Carnivores Living Among People: What Could Go Wrong (or Right)?

Originally presented August 17, 2020
Grizzlies, wolves and mountain lions are gradually returning to native habitat in the American West. Learn about the thrills and chills of living near large predators.

WEBINAR | The Glories of Glacier National Park

Originally presented July 24, 2020
Glacier National Park and its neighbor, Waterton Lakes in Canada, are an international treasure comprising some of the most stunning wild terrain in North America. Learn all about the flora and fauna of Glacier —including its grizzlies—with a guide whose passion for the park is irresistible.

WEBINAR | The Great Plains: America's Savanna

Originally presented June 29, 2020
The Great Plains have been transformed perhaps more than any other landscape in North America. Learn what WWF is doing to protect what remains of this surprisingly critical ecosystem.

WEBINAR | Perfect Wildlife Images Don’t Happen by Accident

Originally presented June 26, 2020
Be in the right place at the right time for the perfect shot. Expedition Leader Kurt Johnson reveals how a deeper understanding of wildlife and ecology can significantly help improve your wildlife photography.

WEBINAR | Nine Months in a Camper Across Wild America

Originally presented June 19, 2020
If a classic American road trip captures the current state of your travel imagination, follow this 9-month camping odyssey through some of the greatest wild areas of the U.S.

WEBINAR | Big Lands, Big Animals: Comparing Yellowstone & Alaska

Originally presented June 18, 2020
If your nature-loving soul is drawn to vast tracts of wilderness and charismatic megafauna, nowhere else in the U.S. rivals Alaska and Yellowstone.

WEBINAR | The Wild World of Wolverines

Originally presented June 10, 2020
Elusive, mysterious and able to kill prey 10 times their size, the wolverine is one of North America’s most ferocious and fascinating predators. Watch this webinar with Brad Josephs to learn more!

WEBINAR | Nature’s Accomplices: How Ravens Help Other Predators Hunt

Originally presented June 3, 2020
Who knew that wolves and bears have a secret helper when they hunt? Believe it or not, it's the raven! During this webinar, natural history comes to life as we learn how the interactions between different species keep the web of life vibrant.

WEBINAR | Living Safely with Bears

Originally presented May 27, 2020
Don’t try this at home! Learn from an experienced bear guide how he enables his guests to safely cross the boundary from human civilization into the realm of wild bears.

WEBINAR | The American Southwest: This Place Rocks!

Originally presented May 19, 2020
Nat Hab Expedition Leader Court Whelan takes us on an exciting tour through the geology of the American Southwest. Focusing on some of the most dramatic parks and natural areas in Arizona and Utah, Court reviews millions (and billions!) of years of Earth’s history written on these "pages" of stone.

WEBINAR | Bison of Yellowstone: The Wild History of America's National Mammal

Originally presented May 15, 2020
Embark on an adventure through the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem with a focus on the bison—an animal intimately tied to the history of the American west and our evolving attitudes towards wildlife.

WEBINAR | Three Perspectives on Alaska

Originally presented May 14, 2020
Experience Alaska from the tidelands to the tallest peaks through the eyes of three Expedition Leaders who have a passion for its many diverse landscapes.

WEBINAR | Bears, Bears and More Bears

Originally presented May 13, 2020
You’ve asked for it, and we are bringing it to you! Due to popular demand, we are bringing you a deep dive into the lives of bears around the world.

WEBINAR | The World’s First Zero Waste Adventure: How We Did It and How You Can Too

Originally presented May 8, 2020
Practical lessons to guide us in reducing waste when we travel and at home. Join us and come away with lots of approaches to incorporate into your everyday life.

WEBINAR | The Grizzlies of Yellowstone: A Conservation Triumph

Originally presented May 1, 2020
Follow the inspiring story of the grizzly bear’s revival in the Rockies, now thriving in Yellowstone after near-extermination in the 20th century—and learn about conservation challenges that continue.

WEBINAR | The Digital World Premiere: Pebble Redux

Originally presented April 21, 2020
This new short film tells the story of one of the most critical conservation battles on the planet: how the proposed Pebble Mine would devastate Alaska's best bear habitat.

WEBINAR | Who’s the Best Bear in the World?

Originally presented April 15, 2020
Four Expedition Leaders will make the case for why the bear species they represent should win our Best Bear in the World contest!

WEBINAR | Women in the Wild: Yellowstone

Originally presented April 7, 2020
Join Annie Van Dinther and Sophie Mazowita for a lesson on the riches of Yellowstone's vast ecosystem and the "herstory" of women who have made impressive contributions to its conservation.

WEBINAR | The Gray Wolf's Return to the Northern Rockies 25 Years On

Originally presented March 30, 2020
In 1995, gray wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park after decades of absence. Expedition Leader Aaron Bott fills us in on a quarter-century of gray wolf conservation success and the challenges that remain.
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