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WEBINAR | Wildflower Wonders: Behind the Camera in Yellowstone

Originally presented February 27, 2024
Wildflower season in Yellowstone is short but showy, with blooms changing quickly from week to week. Expedition Leader and pro photographer Charlie Reinertsen shares his favorite photographs of wildflowers from the region, along with expert tips for wildflower photography (including when and where to find them on our Hidden Yellowstone & Grand Teton Safari wildflower season departures). Plus, learn about the ecology of the area’s blooms, from sunny yellow arrowleaf balsamroot to regal purple lupine.

WEBINAR | Underwater Photography 101

Originally presented February 16, 2024
You may feel comfortable photographing plants, animals and other natural wonders on land, but for many destinations, if you don't know how to take photos under water, you're only capturing half the adventure! Expedition Leader and diver Fernando Lessa has been photographing his underwater exploits for more than two decades. In this tutorial, he shares his tips and tricks for getting stunning underwater photos, including the camera gear you'll need, the challenges of shooting in water, and how to turn simple images into compelling stories.

WEBINAR | Capturing Stories: The Essence of Photo Essays

Originally presented February 1, 2023
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but multiple pictures can tell an even richer tale! Photo essays use a series of carefully curated and sequenced photographs to weave a narrative that engages viewers on a profound level, offering an immersive experience that can convey complex emotions and shed light on diverse perspectives. Expedition Leader and pro photographer Giulia Ciampini teaches you how to craft your own photo story on your next travel adventure, using photo essays from Greenland, Canada, China and other destinations as examples.

WEBINAR | Lens to Lens: Tips for Using Cameras and Binoculars on Safari

Originally presented January 16, 2023
Whether you’re searching the dense tree canopy for birds and monkeys or scanning the horizon for big cats, a good pair of binoculars or camera zoom lens can bring the action a lot closer. But there’s a learning curve to using these lenses for wildlife spotting! Expedition Leader Arpita Dutta offers tips for quickly finding animals using your camera or binoculars, bringing their details into focus, and capturing the moment in a wall-worthy photo, all using examples and images from our Grand India Wildlife Adventure.

WEBINAR | Butterfly Shutterfly: Tips for Photographing Mexico’s Monarchs

Originally presented January 9, 2023
Nothing quite prepares you for the experience of being surrounded by millions of monarch butterflies in the oyamel fir forests of Mexico’s Central Highlands. It’s a brilliant spectacle -- but one that can be difficult to capture on camera! Join Expedition Leader and professional photographer Charlie Reinertsen on a photographic journey to the monarchs’ wintering grounds, and learn his tips for photographing this endangered species in the wild. He also offers advice on what camera gear to pack and presents his favorite photos from Nat Hab’s journey into the Kingdom of the Monarchs.

WEBINAR | Travel Portraiture: Tips for Capturing the Human Element

Originally presented January 2, 2023
Lions, tigers, bears...we love a good wildlife photo! But including people in your pictures -- whether other travelers, guides or locals -- can add context and meaning that you won't always get from landscape or animal images alone. Professional photographer and Expedition Leader Giulia Ciampini shares her tips for shooting dynamic individual and group portraits that will take your travel photography to the next level. Learn how to approach and direct subjects, get advice on lighting and composition, and discover the power of portraiture for storytelling.

WEBINAR | Jaguars & Wildlife of Brazil's Pantanal: A Photographer’s Checklist

Originally presented December 12, 2023
It's tough to take a bad photo in the Pantanal. With more wildlife than even the Amazon, you're bound to capture compelling images anywhere you aim your camera! Expedition Leader and pro photographer Fernando Lessa is here to make sure you don't miss a single must-take photo. Get his checklist of what gear to pack (bags, camera bodies, lenses, flashes, etc.) and a sneak peek of what to photograph, from wildlife like jaguars, giant river otters, jabiru storks and giant anteaters to landscapes and cultural subjects.

WEBINAR | The Art of Photography: Crafting Compelling Compositions

Originally presented December 1, 2023
Composition is a powerful tool for photographers and a fundamental building block of image-making. In this virtual workshop, Expedition Leader and professional photographer Giulia Ciampini explains the basics of photo composition, offering practical tips and techniques any photographer can use to create more compelling images. Take your travel photography to the next level as you discover new ways to direct the viewer’s eye, emphasize your subject, create depth, find balance, and develop your own photographic eye, style and voice.

WEBINAR | Photography Tips for Churchill's Bears, Belugas, and Aurora

Originally presented November 6, 2023
For many travelers, a visit to Churchill, Manitoba, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you’re going in the fall to witness the largest annual gathering of polar bears on Earth, in the winter to view the northern lights, or in the summer to meet migrating beluga whales, these photography tips from Expedition Leader and pro photographer Giulia Ciampini will help you capture every moment. Learn what camera gear to pack, tips for cold weather photography, and techniques for getting the best wildlife shots!

WEBINAR | Turning Snapshots into Artwork

Originally presented October 23, 2023
Digital photography and easier access to remote wilderness areas have enabled more travelers to capture wildlife images once available to only a handful of intrepid explorers. But there’s more to nature photography than purchasing a camera and a plane ticket! Expedition Leader Aditya Panda shows you how to transform your snapshots into works of art, with tips for getting the most out your camera and advice to make wildlife photography less intimidating. He will also introduce you to some of Nat Hab’s Photo Pro Expeditions, where an intensive focus on photography will appeal to accomplished practitioners.

WEBINAR | Fall Foliage Photography & Editing Workflows

Originally presented October 11, 2023
It’s autumn in the northern hemisphere, and if you’re a nature lover, your camera roll may be quickly filling with fall foliage pics. But capturing the true beauty of all those red, orange and gold leaves can be a challenge! Watch as pro photographer and Expedition Leader Charlie Reinertsen makes live edits to his recent fall photos from Adirondack Park during this workshop-style webinar. He’ll also share advice for taking the best fall photos and detail his editing workflow, including tips for color correction during post-processing.

WEBINAR | Top Tips for Photographing Highlights of Southern Africa

Originally presented October 9, 2023
From the world’s tallest sand dunes to mighty Victoria Falls and the bountiful wildlife of the Okavango Delta, Southern Africa is a photographer’s dream. Join pro photographer and Expedition Leader Richard de Gouveia as he shares stories and advice for photographing the best of Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana on our Ultimate Southern Africa: Photo Pro Expedition. You’ll leave excited to photograph Africa’s Big Five (and much more!) from the air on helicopter and hot air balloon flights and on land during game drives and guided bush walks.

WEBINAR | Creating a Wildlife Photography Workflow

Originally presented September 28, 2023
One of the more common photography questions Expedition Leader Aditya Panda gets from travelers is “How do you organize your photos?” When you’re shooting hundreds or even thousands of photos per day on a multi-day expedition, you need a process to copy and back up pictures, organize them, and choose the best ones. In this webinar, Aditya helps you create a simple-yet-reliable wildlife photography workflow, from downloading pictures from your camera all the way through to post-processing.

WEBINAR | Conservation Photography: Using Cameras to Save Species

Originally presented August 23, 2023
Photography has always played a vital role not just in promoting awareness of conservation issues, but also in documenting new species and even providing legal evidence to protect fragile ecosystems. And in this age of hyperconnectivity and social media, citizens play a more important role than ever in wildlife conservation. Join Nat Hab Expedition Leaders Aditya Panda and Arpita Dutta as they discuss photography as a conservation tool, and learn how you can help protect our natural habitats with your camera!

WEBINAR | Behind the Camera: Discover Northern Peatlands & the Secret to Smooth Videos

Originally presented August 17, 2023
Get an aerial view of one of the most intriguing ecosystems on the planet as we discover the northern peatlands with Expedition Leader Charlie Reinertsen, a professional photographer and videographer. Through his lens, he transports you to the sphagnum bogs of northern New York as he shares his experience filming and photographing northern peatland in Adirondack Park. You’ll learn about the ecological importance of peatlands as Charlie shares tips for nature videography, including techniques to ensure proper exposure, smooth movement, and lifelike reproduction of color.

WEBINAR | When Your Phone Is Your Only Camera

Originally presented August 14, 2023
Not all of us are serious photographers. In fact, a lot of Nat Hab travelers set out on their adventures with only a smartphone as their camera. Yet it’s amazing what a smartphone camera can accomplish these days! Join Expedition Leader Aditya Panda to learn how to use your phone to effectively capture wildlife photos and videos. With a little guidance, you’ll learn how to avoid common cell phone photography mistakes and how to make the most of your phone when you’re in the field.

WEBINAR | Filming Wildlife: You Can Do It!

Originally presented August 8, 2023
We all want wall-worthy wildlife photos, but nothing conveys the feeling of being in the field quite like video! In this webinar, photographer and Expedition Leader Aditya Panda teaches the fundamentals of videography so you can start filming your nature adventures with confidence, whether you’re using a high-end DSLR or the camera on your cell phone. Discover camera settings, techniques and other tips to awaken the wildlife cinematographer within, plus learn about our photo- and video-focused trips.

WEBINAR | Photographing the Aurora Borealis: A How-To Webinar

Originally presented July 26, 2023
The aurora borealis—also called the northern lights—is one of nature’s most stunning phenomena. It’s also a bucket-list experience for many photographers! Court Whelan, Northern Lights Expedition Leader and author of The Natural Photographer blog, explains the science behind the light show and offers tips for aurora photography, from gear and camera settings to techniques for shooting at night and in the cold.

WEBINAR | Behind the Camera: A Decade Photographing Yellowstone and Grand Teton

Originally presented July 21, 2023
Explore the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem through the lens of professional wildlife and landscape photographer Charlie Reinertsen. Hear the stories behind some of the dramatic photographs Charlie has captured as an Expedition Leader in Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks and meet the charismatic megafauna (wolves, bears, bison) and native flora.

WEBINAR | Low-Light Photography: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Originally presented July 20, 2023
Many animals are most active in the hours around sunrise and sunset. Others spend their days in the shade. And then there’s nocturnal wildlife, creatures of the night that only come out in the dark! Photographing in low light can pose a challenge, but with the right techniques, an understanding how your camera handles light, and a little help from your gear (and Expedition Leader and photographer Aditya Panda), you’ll soon be snapping stellar shots in all lighting conditions!

WEBINAR | Bird Photography: Pro Tips

Originally presented July 17, 2023
Birdwatching is addictive -- and so is bird photography! In this sequel to his recent Bird Photography Basics: Equipment, Settings & Techniques webinar, India Expedition Leader Aditya Panda returns to help you take your photo skills to the next level. Loaded with easy-to-understand pro tips and tricks, you’ll learn what camera gear to use in which birding situations, plus new shooting techniques that will make your bird photography soar!

WEBINAR | Bird Photography Basics: Equipment, Settings & Techniques

Originally presented July 3, 2023
As much as we’d like to, we can't always be on safari looking for wildlife. Luckily, you can satiate your thirst for exploration in your own backyard. If you look closely, you’ll find there’s usually plenty of wildlife around—especially birds! Birds provide us with opportunities to hone both our wildlife observation skills and our nature photography techniques. Join India Expedition Leader Aditya Panda as he shares his tips and tricks for improving your bird photography skills.

WEBINAR | Photo Post-Processing Workshop: India Safari Sightings

Originally presented June 21, 2023
Our current India safari season has come to an end, and our photographer Expedition Leaders finally have time to comb through their huge troves of images. Join Aditya Panda as he presents another of his popular live post-processing workshops, featuring highlights from our 2022–23 India wildlife safaris. Listen to the stories behind the images of rhinos, elephants, tigers and more, and learn how to make your travel photos the best they can be using exciting new features on popular photo-processing software platforms like Adobe Lightroom.

WEBINAR | Photographing Wildlife in the Okavango Delta

Originally presented May 3, 2023
Botswana's Okavango Delta is one of the richest wildlife enclaves in Africa -- and a wildlife photographer's paradise. Learn from an expert what camera gear to bring and how to get the best shots while on safari.

WEBINAR | Photo Editing Software: Answers to Your Questions

Originally presented April 19, 2023
Photography pro Richard de Gouveia returns to answer your questions about how to use post-production software to enhance your wildlife photography, including Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Topaz Photo AI.

WEBINAR | Elevating Your Wildlife Photography: An Ethical & Practical Approach

Originally presented on April 13, 2023
Add some practical tips and tricks to your photo tool bag that will improve your animal photography, plus learn how to take those shots in a way that helps—rather than hurts—wildlife.

WEBINAR | Practical Photo Editing Tips for Everyone, Part 2

Originally presented April 5, 2023
What’s better than one photography tutorial with a talented pro? Two sessions! Join us for Part 2 of Richard de Gouveia’s info-packed nature and wildlife photo editing webinar.

WEBINAR | Practical Photo Editing Tips for Everyone

Originally presented March 29, 2023
Take your nature and wildlife photo editing to the next level with these tips and tricks from one of our pro photographers and Africa Expedition Leaders, Richard de Gouveia.

WEBINAR | Trip Report & Photo Workshop: Grand India Wildlife Adventure

Originally presented on March 23, 2023
Sit in as an Expedition Leader and photo pro shares stories and images from a recent India adventure that will inspire you to join us there soon. He’ll also post-process his favorite photos in a live demo to help you hone your editing technique!

WEBINAR | The Six P’s of Safari Photography

Originally presented on March 1, 2023
Through photography, safarigoers can capture meaningful moments in nature. As Richard de Gouveia shares six tips to improve your shots on safari, learn what it means to “make” photos instead of simply “taking” them.

WEBINAR | Iceland Photo Pro Expedition: A Photographer’s Dream Trip in the Land of Ice and Fire

Originally presented February 23, 2023
For avid nature photographers, Iceland is an exceptional destination. Get details about our new Iceland Photo Pro trip from the Expedition Leader who designed it, and see inspiring images of some of the world’s most dynamic landscapes.

WEBINAR | Back by Popular Demand: A Live Photo Editing Session with Aditya Panda

Originally presented February 22, 2023
Sit in on a professional wildlife photographer's personal editing session as Aditya Panda takes us through his editing workflow, and gain tips and tricks for making the most of your own photos.

WEBINAR | Photography Lessons from America’s Canyon Country

Originally presented February 20, 2023
Learn how to capture stunning photos of some of the planet’s most dramatic natural landscapes: the high desert red rock country of Bryce, Zion, the Grand Canyon and beyond.

WEBINAR | Sit in on a Professional Photographer’s Editing Session

Originally Presented on February 2, 2023
Help pro photographer and Expedition Leader Aditya Panda edit his wildlife and nature photos from a recent India safari! Adi invites you to share your thoughts and get pro tips along the way for your own photography endeavors.

WEBINAR | How to Make Your Winter Photos Pop

Originally presented December 22, 2022
Get wintertime photography tips and learn creative techniques from one of the best nature photographers we know—our own Court Whelan. Find out what gear to pack, how to get the best shots of wildlife in the snow, and more.

WEBINAR | Photographing Mexico’s Scaliest Subjects

Originally presented November 29, 2022
Meet one of our newest Nat Hab Expedition Leaders and learn how the iguanas, turtles and other reptiles of Mexico have relit his passion for photography.

WEBINAR | Tigers Through the Lens

Originally presented November 9, 2022
Meet the tigers of Ranthambore National Park in India, and pick up valuable wildlife tiger tips from one of the best photographer guides in the field.

WEBINAR | Top Tips for Taking Animal Portraits

Originally presented September 20, 2022
Wildlife photography can have a steep learning curve. Learn pro tips for instantly making your animal images stand out, whether you’re on an Indian safari or in your own backyard.

WEBINAR | All the Safari Photo Tips You’ve Ever Wanted

Originally presented September 9, 2022
Heading out on safari soon? Get need-to-know tips and tricks during this wildlife photography tutorial with an expert photographer and Nat Hab guide.

WEBINAR | View from the Viewfinder: How I Nailed That Shot!

Originally presented September 2, 2022
If your camera is your most vital piece of luggage, join Aditya Panda, Nat Hab Expedition Leader and photog extraordinaire, for insider tips on how to capture outstanding wildlife photos.

WEBINAR | Post-Processing in Wildlife Photography: How I Do It

Originally presented August 22, 2022
Where do you draw the line between processing, enhancing and manipulating wildlife images? Join Aditya Panda as he shares his post-processing philosophy and demonstrates the basics.

WEBINAR | Tips for Better Photography in the Jungle

Originally presented June 29, 2022
Join professional photographer Richard de Gouveia to learn how to capture striking images in challenging jungle settings – a perfect primer for your upcoming trip to Rwanda, Madagascar, India or beyond.

WEBINAR | How to Get the Very Best Nature Photos

Originally presented April 6, 2022
Overwhelmed by new advances in camera technology and how to use them to improve your nature and wildlife photos? One of our favorite professional photographers shares his tips and tricks.

WEBINAR | Edit Your Travel Photos Like a Pro

Originally presented March 16, 2022
Tell the stories of your travels like a professional photographer after learning photo-editing tips and tricks for Adobe Lightroom from Richard De Gouveia.

WEBINAR | 2021 in Photos: A Lens on Africa

Originally presented March 9, 2022
Sit back and enjoy this photo safari showcasing 2021 Nat Hab trips across half a dozen African countries, including fantastic wildlife shots and landscape panoramas.

WEBINAR | What to Pack for Your Next Photo Safari

Originally presented January 26, 2022
Overwhelmed by what gear to take on a photo safari? A professional photography guide shares what’s in his equipment bag (and what bag he uses), and why. Come away with insight and confidence as you pack.

WEBINAR | On Safari with Richard: Best Wildlife Images of 2021

Originally presented January 19, 2022
Expedition Leader and Sony Alpha Ambassador Richard de Gouveia takes you behind the scenes and into his thought process as he presents his favorite safari images of the year... Learn how he got the shots!

WEBINAR | The Magic of Timelapse Photography

Originally presented December 15, 2021
Photo Expedition Leader Richard de Gouveia unlocks the secrets of timelapse photography in a step-by-step presentation that even amateur photographers can follow—learn to create amazing imagery that reveals what the eye often misses.

WEBINAR | India Safari Photography 2.0: Pro Tips

Originally presented October 22, 2021
Aditya Panda is back with a second installment on India safari photography, intended for serious photographers seeking the wildlife shots of a lifetime. Find out about our new India Tiger Safari Photo Pro Expedition!

WEBINAR | Photographing the American Southwest

Originally presented October 14, 2021
Court Whelan shares an in-depth tutorial on how to capture stunning photos of some of the planet’s most dramatic natural landscapes—the high desert redrock country of Bryce, Zion and Grand Canyon.

WEBINAR | An Introductory Guide to Safari Photography in India

Originally presented October 8, 2021
Avid rookies and accomplished photographers alike will benefit from expert tips for wildlife photography from Expedition Leader Aditya Panda. While the focus is on the India safari experience, you can apply all you learn elsewhere, too!

WEBINAR | Wildlife Photography After Dark

Originally presented July 14, 2021
Learn how to capture images of wild animals at night in this in-depth instructional webinar with professional photographer and Expedition Leader Richard de Gouveia, who shares proven techniques for success in low-light conditions.

WEBINAR | Enhancing Your Smartphone Photography

Originally presented June 22, 2021
Want to maximize your smartphone photos? Join professional photographer Richard de Gouveia for a visual tutorial on how to leverage your phone’s hardware and software to create captivating images using the camera you always have with you.

WEBINAR | Choosing the Right Camera Gear for Your Safari

Originally presented June 9, 2021
Safari Expedition Leader and professional photographer Richard De Gouveia shares advice for selecting the best camera equipment for your African adventure, plus techniques for using your gear to adapt to changing conditions and capturing memorable moments on safari.

WEBINAR | An Introduction to Time-Lapse Photography

Originally presented May 19, 2021
Find out how to "speed up time" to show gradual movements in nature using time-lapse photography. Richard de Gouveia shares expert techniques to help you produce compelling photo sequences that display the environment in motion.

WEBINAR | Astrophotography: Capturing the Stars

Originally presented May 5, 2021
Explore the universe of astrophotography with pro photographer Richard De Gouveia, who'll share expert tips and tricks to help you capture stellar pictures of the night sky.

WEBINAR | Macro Photography 102: A Deep Exploration of Tools & Techniques

Originally presented April 27, 2021
Find out how to enhance your closeup pictures of nature's smaller subjects—such as flowers and butterflies—with expert guidance and gear tips from photographer and entomologist Court Whelan.

WEBINAR | Photography: Making Images That Impress

Originally presented April 14, 2021
Moving beyond camera equipment and settings, Africa safari guide and professional wildlife photographer Richard DeGouveia shares insight for creating photos that arrest viewers through superb composition and storytelling.

WEBINAR | It’s the Little Things: An Introduction to Macro Photography

Originally presented April 6, 2021
From lavish flower blooms to exquisite, iridescent insects, tiny subjects can make a big impact when it comes to nature photography. Court Whelan is back with all the tools to show you how.

WEBINAR | Tropical Photography Encompassed

Originally presented February 23, 2021
From Borneo to Brazil, the tropics hold enticement for nature photographers! Court Whelan teaches you to handle tropical photography conditions including backlit environs, wildlife in dense jungle foliage, protecting your camera from humidity, and more.

WEBINAR | Photographing the Wonders of the Night Sky

Originally presented February 9, 2021
From single stars to the Milky Way galaxy, the undulating aurora or a rising full moon, the night sky offers myriad wonders to entice photographers—and our webinar reveals the tips you need to capture them.

WEBINAR | Galapagos Photography: Capturing the Wildlife of the Enchanted Isles

Originally presented February 2, 2021
Court Whelan introduces you to the entrancing wildlife photo opportunities that abound in the Galapagos Islands, where a cast of unique creatures from giant tortoises to blue-footed boobies displays no fear of humans.

WEBINAR | Photographing Borneo’s Nocturnal Rain Forest Dwellers

Originally presented February 1, 2021
After dark, Borneo's rain forest teems with fascinating nocturnal creatures, from primitive primates like the tarsier and loris to the harlequin flying frog—Brad Josephs teaches you how to photograph the wildlife of the night.

WEBINAR | Photographing Bear Behavior — Part 3: Landscape as Backdrop

Originally presented January 27, 2021
Bears are the ultimate symbols of wilderness, and capturing evocative photos of their habitat—from Arctic tundra to tropical rain forest—is integral to telling their stories. Brad Josephs shows you why and how.

WEBINAR | Photographing Bear Behavior — Part 2: Mothers & Cubs

Originally presented January 20, 2021
Few guides know bears like Brad Josephs, who has spent years observing and photographing bears around the world. See why mothers and cubs make for some of the most entertaining wildlife photos anywhere!

WEBINAR | Introducing Our Newest Trip Line: Photo Pro Expeditions

Originally presented January 19, 2021
Join a panel of top Nat Hab photography guides for a live chat about our newest adventures—designed for photographers with advanced skills who want the most immersive nature photo safaris on offer!

WEBINAR | Photographing Bear Behavior — Part 1: The Quest for Food

Originally presented January 13, 2021
Few guides know bears like Brad Josephs, who has spent years observing and photographing bears around the world. Watching them eat is hugely entertaining, and a great subject for photos, as Brad reveals.

WEBINAR | New Year, New Skills: Understanding Your Camera’s Menu Settings

Originally presented January 12, 2021
Daunted by all the bells and whistles on your digital camera's fancy menu? Court Whelan is back with a detailed tutorial, to help you launch your best nature photography year ever.

WEBINAR | Green Season Safari Photography

Originally presented December 15, 2020
Court Whelan reveals the delights of safari photography during Africa's "green season," as annual rains create dramatic skies, spectacular sunsets and verdant landscapes, and nurture new animal births.

WEBINAR | The Joy of Photographing Bears

Originally presented December 8, 2020
Few wild animals are as gratifying to photograph as bears. They’re charismatic, photogenic, entertaining, and just plain awesome to capture on camera. They exhibit lots of fascinating behaviors, and that leads to some of the best wildlife photo opportunities on the planet.

WEBINAR | Photographing Borneo: Capturing the Essence of a Wild Place

Originally presented December 1, 2020
From a young age, Court Whelan was entranced with the wild wonders of Borneo. Using Borneo as a prototype, he shares how to capture the “essence” of a nature destination in photos.

WEBINAR | Welcome to Winter: Photography Lessons for the Upcoming Season

Originally presented November 17, 2020
Winter is coming! And with it, outstanding seasonal photography opportunities. Court Whelan shares tips to make the most of winter’s beauty and addresses some of its challenges, like shooting in bright sun on snow.

WEBINAR | Smartphone Photography from A to Z: The Best Camera is the One You Have With You

Originally presented November 10, 2020
Forget about that complex DSLR and multiple lenses—Court is here to show you how to get amazing photos with your smartphone! Whether it's your camera of choice or an occasional handy option, discover what's possible.

WEBINAR | Nature’s Nocturnal Wonder: The Night Sky

Originally presented November 4, 2020
The wonders of nature don't disappear when the sun goes down! Expedition Leader and photographer Kurt Johnson reveals the amazing night sky, including an introduction to astrophotography.

WEBINAR | Talking Shop: An Overview of Photography Gear & Accessories

Originally presented November 3, 2020
Overwhelmed by all the options and new developments when it comes to camera gear? Our resident photography expert, Court Whelan, helps you sort it all out, from must-have essentials to niche accessories.

WEBINAR | African Safari Photography 102

Originally presented October 20, 2020
An African safari offers one of the most coveted nature photography opportunities on Earth. And while it's hard to go wrong behind a camera, Court Whelan shares in-depth techniques to get truly superlative shots.

WEBINAR | Photographing the Galapagos: Capture Mesmerizing Wildlife Images in the Enchanted Isles

Originally presented October 13, 2020
Court Whelan showcases one of the world’s best destinations for wildlife photographers: the Galapagos is home to intriguing species found nowhere else, with no fear of humans! It's a naturalist's—and a photographer's—paradise.

WEBINAR | Finding Your Photographic Style

Originally presented October 1, 2020
What defines a photographer's style? Join Annie Van Dinther on a personal inquiry into that question as she takes us on a visual journey, sharing her very favorite images across decades of guiding.

WEBINAR | Photographing the National Parks of the American Southwest

Originally presented September 29, 2020
For Court Whelan, no place on earth is more enticing to photograph than America's red rock canyon country. Discover his favorite photography spots and get tips for capturing these mesmerizing landscapes.

WEBINAR | Make Your Photos Fabulous: Photo Editing 102

Originally presented September 8, 2020
Photo pro Court Whelan is back with a new editing tutorial that you won't want to miss, if you're ready to take your editing techniques—and your images—to the next level.

WEBINAR | Capturing the Colors of Fall

Originally presented September 1, 2020
Autumn is nearly upon us, and it's a fabulous season for nature photography, with changing foliage and lower light angles. Make fall colors pop with photography tips and tricks shared by Court Whelan.

WEBINAR | Travel Photography: Capturing the Moment and Creating Lasting Memories

Originally presented August 25, 2020
When you travel, do you merely take pictures, or do you capture a story? Are your photos a reminder, years hence, of life-changing encounters, or forgettable shots you can’t quite remember the details of? Court Whelan shows you how to capture the kind of travel images that will endure and inspire over time.

WEBINAR | Videography 101: Showcase Nature, Tell Stories & Support Conservation

Originally presented August 18, 2020
This beginning video tutorial will teach you how to capture powerful moving imagery of nature and wildlife, which you can use to tell stories and inspire care about the natural world.

WEBINAR | Night Photography 101

Originally presented August 11, 2020
The sky's the limit when you refine your night photography skills! Join us to learn all the secrets to getting those challenging photos of stars, the aurora borealis, and more.

WEBINAR | Capturing Phenomenal Landscape Photos

Originally presented August 4, 2020
Join Court Whelan on an in-depth look at landscape photography, with a focus on the techniques and special considerations you need as you seek to capture the magic of your own local backdrop or the most dramatic geographic features on the planet.

WEBINAR | Conservation Photography: Help Save the Natural World with Your Photos

Originally presented July 21, 2020
If you enjoy capturing memorable photos of your nature encounters, they can do more than just spur great memories. Find out how you photos can serve the cause of conservation, using your images to help protect the wild places you love.

WEBINAR | It's the Little Things: Macro Photography 102

Originally presented June 30, 2020
Dive even deeper into the world of macro photography with advanced techniques for making small subjects explode on the screen or on the canvas. This dynamic and interactive webinar will take your macro photography to a new level.

WEBINAR | Photographing Big Things

Originally presented July 14, 2020
From huge animals to vast landscapes, this photography webinar will teach you to compose the most compelling images of the larger subjects nature offers.

WEBINAR | It's the Little Things: Macro Photography 101

Originally presented June 23, 2020
Learn how to make the most of the little things in your photography. From flowers to beetles, macro photography opens up whole new worlds of color and texture.

WEBINAR | Secrets of Wildlife Watching: Tips from the Pros

Originally presented June 15, 2020
Whether you’re on your own in your backyard or with us for a classic African safari, you’ll benefit from our guides' hard-earned expertise for enhancing wildlife encounters and creating gratifying photo opportunities.

WEBINAR | Arctic Photo Challenges: Polar Bears, Northern Lights and Tundra

Originally presented June 9, 2020
Few environments are as challenging to photograph as the Arctic, with its featureless landscapes, camouflaged wildlife and luminous aurora. Make the most of a northern photo expedition as Nat Hab’s staff photographer shares lessons from Churchill.

WEBINAR | Photographing Our Closest Relatives

Originally presented June 2, 2020
Take your forest photography skills to a new level with this presentation of techniques for capturing images of primates around the world.

WEBINAR | Photographing the National Parks of the West: Canyon Country to Yellowstone

Originally presented May 26, 2020
Enhance your photographic toolkit with new skills and techniques for capturing a frosty white Yellowstone winter or the changing palette of canyon country at sunset.

WEBINAR | Taking Your Nature Images From Good to Great

Originally presented May 12, 2020
Learn some easy workflows that will make your images come to life in this photo editing session with Nat Hab’s official photographer.

WEBINAR | Getting Great Photos on Your Smartphone

Originally presented May 5, 2020
You don’t need a fancy DSLR camera to get great nature photos! Learn the secrets to getting surprisingly good shots on your phone.

WEBINAR | Nature Photography Lessons for Tropical Destinations

Originally presented April 28, 2020
The diversity of wildlife in the tropics is matched by the diversity of landscapes, which can be challenging for photographers. Court Whelan offers tips on how to deal with everything from lighting challenges in shadowy rain forest to intense overhead sun.

WEBINAR | Nature Photography Lessons for Polar Adventures

Originally presented April 20, 2020
Polar photography includes unique considerations and challenges, and Court Whelan is here to guide you through them.

WEBINAR | Photography Lessons for African Safaris

Originally presented April 14, 2020
Africa offers exciting photography opportunities, with big skies, big animals and big adventure. Join Court Whelan for a primer on the specialized photography knowledge you need to capture safari images you’ll be thrilled with.

WEBINAR | Nature Photography 102: Building Your Skills

Originally presented April 6, 2020
In this presentation for avid amateur/hobbyist photographers, Court Whelan reviews photography fundamentals for beginners while expanding your image-making horizons with new tips, tricks and tools to experiment with.

WEBINAR | Digiscoping: Get Long-Distance Wildlife Close-Ups with Your Phone

Originally presented April 3, 2020
No expensive, super-long telephoto lens to capture that shot of a distant wolf on the hunt? No problem! If you’ve got a smartphone, you’re in luck. Join Drew McCarthy on an exploration into phonescoping. 

WEBINAR | Nature, Wildlife & Travel Photography 101

Originally presented March 31, 2020
Join Nat Hab’s head photography Expedition Leader Court Whelan, editor of The Natural Photographer blog, for an introduction to the basics of how to get enticing nature and wildlife photos on your travel adventures.
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