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WEBINAR | Let’s Go Birding in Baja

Originally presented May 22, 2023
You may know Baja for its marine wildlife -- like the mammoth gray whales we meet on our Great Gray Whales of Baja adventure -- but the peninsula’s islands, beaches, mangrove estuaries and deserts are also home to hundreds of bird species. Biologist and Expedition Leader Daniela Muñiz introduces us the birds of Baja and reveals some species adaptations that allow them to thrive in this unique coastal ecosystem.

WEBINAR | Mangroves: A World Between Land and Sea

Originally presented on May 2, 2023
Have you ever seen mangrove trees sprouting from saltwater and wondered how that’s possible? Join us for a fascinating peek into this unique ecosystem and learn why mangroves play a crucial role in a healthy coastal environment.

WEBINAR | Exploring Mexico’s Biodiversity, Part 3

Originally presented April 10, 2023
Go beyond the tourist magnets of Tulum and Cancun to marvel at the incredible biodiversity in some of Mexico’s lesser-known states, from lush jungles and mangroves to gentle manatees and playful howler monkeys.

WEBINAR | Exploring Mexico’s Biodiversity, Part 2

Originally presented March 21,2023
Boasting everything from grinning axolotls and humpback whales to monarch butterflies and massive mangrove forests, Mexico is the fifth most megadiverse country in the world. Learn from a local what makes this part of the planet so unique.

WEBINAR | Chasing the Monarch Migration: My First Season Guiding in the Kingdom

Originally presented March 16, 2023
Get a firsthand account of the mind-blowing monarch butterfly migration in Mexico from a Nat Hab Expedition Leader who just spent a season guiding this trip for the first time.

WEBINAR | Exploring Mexico’s Biodiversity: Part 1

Originally presented March 10, 2023
Did you know that Mexico is the fifth-most megadiverse country in the world? Find out why it nurtures such a profusion of varied animals and plants, from endemic monkeys and jaguars to migratory monarch butterflies and gray whales.

WEBINAR | The Great Gray Whales of Baja: What to Know Before You Go

Originally presented January 18, 2023
Ready to make giant friendships at sea on Mexico's Baja Peninsula? Find out all about our gray whale adventure, including our exclusive, eco-friendly whale camp at the edge of San Ignacio Lagoon.

WEBINAR | Discover a Mayan Time Capsule

Originally presented December 13, 2022
Is a cenote a time capsule, an entrance to the Mayan underworld or a subterranean paradise? The answer: All of them! Learn about these sacred limestone sinkholes, from their formation to the unique species they house.

WEBINAR | Photographing Mexico’s Scaliest Subjects

Originally presented November 29, 2022
Meet one of our newest Nat Hab Expedition Leaders and learn how the iguanas, turtles and other reptiles of Mexico have relit his passion for photography.

WEBINAR | Kingdom of Monarchs: Know Before You Go

Originally presented November 16, 2022
What’s it like to witness Mexico’s amazing migration of millions of butterflies? Find out in today’s webinar.

WEBINAR | Inside Scoop on Our Costa Rica Adventure

Originally presented November 15, 2022
Whether you’re already signed up for our Natural Jewels of Costa Rica adventure or just thinking about it, today’s webinar will answer all your burning questions about this fantastic itinerary.

WEBINAR | Mexico’s Most Marvelous Honeybee

Originally presented November 7, 2022
Join one of our favorite butterfly experts to meet the marvelous Mayan bee of Mexico and learn why their honey is so highly regarded.

WEBINAR | Insects of Mexico: Cultural Icons and Delicious Delicacies

Originally presented October 27, 2022
Do you know what entomophagy is? Discover this centuries-old Mexican culinary tradition of eating insects -- and learn why we should be paying much more attention to these tiny, yummy wonders.

WEBINAR | Bat Week—Part 2: Salud to the Bats!

Originally presented October 21, 2022
Before you take a sip of your next margarita, raise your glass to bats! If no bats, no agave plant, and if no agave plant, no tequila. Learn about these intriguing connections in today’s bat-based webinar.

WEBINAR | Wildlife Wonders of the Galapagos

Originally presented September 27, 2022
For a wildlife lover, there may be no nature destination on the planet as alluring as the Galapagos Islands, where unique animals show no fear of humans. Enjoy a firsthand report from a long-time Galapagos guide.

WEBINAR | Tips for Better Photography in the Jungle

Originally presented June 29, 2022
Join professional photographer Richard de Gouveia to learn how to capture striking images in challenging jungle settings – a perfect primer for your upcoming trip to Rwanda, Madagascar, India or beyond.

WEBINAR | Swimming with Mexico’s Whale Sharks

Originally presented June 7, 2022
Ever wondered what it would be like to swim alongside a school-bus-sized fish? Find out why it’s more delightful than daunting! And how, where and when you can do it.

WEBINAR | The Cutest Marsupials You’ve Never Heard Of

Originally presented May 27, 2022
Kangaroos and koalas sure are charming. And they’re from Australia, right? Wrong! Join a zoologist to learn where marsupials came from and which ones you can see around the world, from Patagonia to the Rockies.

WEBINAR | Storytime with Bears: Part II

Originally presented May 19, 2022
Expedition Leader Kristina Disney is back with more bear tales! Get comfy and listen to bear-based legends from around the world as we discover why these furry creatures hold so much cultural significance.

WEBINAR | Meet a South American Superhero, the Giant Armadillo

Originally presented May 17, 2022
Ever heard of Xenarthra? This ancient Superorder of mammals boasts its own superhero: the giant armadillo! Learn how these rare prehistoric creatures play a crucial role in protecting other wildlife in South America’s Pantanal.

WEBINAR | South America’s Pantanal: A Wildlife Paradise on Fire

Originally presented April 8, 2022
Learn why South America’s grandest wildlife realm—the vast tropical wetlands of the Pantanal—holds so much ecological importance, why fire threatens it, and how we can protect it, even from afar.

WEBINAR | Unknown and Unexplored Bolivia

Originally presented March 29, 2022
Bolivia is less well known as a nature destination than neighboring Peru and Brazil, and Helder Brandao wants to fix that: Discover all Bolivia has to offer, from the Andes to the Amazon and beyond.

WEBINAR | A Shark You're Sure to Love: Swim with Whale Sharks!

Originally presented March 22, 2022
Get to know the world’s largest fish, the 40,000-pound whale shark, and how you can swim with them on a trip to Mexico with Nat Hab.

WEBINAR | Saving the Whales, One Humpback at a Time

Originally presented March 15, 2022
Learn how Brazil’s Humpback Whale Project is helping to further knowledge and conservation of these gregarious cetaceans, and the important role sustainable tourism plays.

WEBINAR | Swimming with Mexico’s Whale Sharks

Originally presented March 11, 2022
If you’ve ever wanted to swim with whale sharks, get the inside scoop on the best place to do it and learn about current conservation efforts to protect these majestic giant fish.

WEBINAR | Court vs. Joey: Conversion of a Monarch Skeptic

Originally presented March 10, 2022
Monarch enthusiast Court Whelan, who guides Nat Hab butterfly trips to Mexico, talks with colleague Joey Sudmeier, a self-professed “skeptic” about butterfly tourism. Find out how Joey’s journey to the monarch kingdom changed his mind.

WEBINAR | Behind the Shots: An Inside Look at Galapagos Photography

Originally presented March 3, 2022
When you take an accomplished African photographer to a far-away wildlife wonderland, you get a fresh collection of amazing photos—get the full scoop on how Richard de Gouveia achieved his favorite images.

WEBINAR | Using Ancient Knowledge to Restore Today’s Forests

Originally presented March 1, 2022
Can ancient knowledge of land and trees help regenerate today’s ecosystems? Through this discussion of indigenous agricultural practices in tropical rain forest communities, discover how forests can be regenerated.

WEBINAR | Storytime with Bears

Originally presented February 24, 2022
Grab a blanket, make yourself comfortable and listen to myths and legends about bears from around the world—discover how and why these creatures are so significant in many cultures.

WEBINAR | Galapagos Through the Eyes of an African Guide

Originally presented February 23, 2022
Hear from South African Expedition Leader Richard de Gouveia about his journey to the Galapagos Islands, and find out what it’s like for a guide to be a traveler in a totally new part of the world!

WEBINAR | Snowbirds of the Sea

Originally presented February 22, 2022
Humpbacks follow the sun every year, migrating from their polar feeding grounds to the tropics and back. Learn how they’re monitored along the way—even getting their own photo IDs.

WEBINAR | Brazilian Dinosaurs: 170 Million Years of Evolution

Originally presented February 15, 2022
Did you know Brazil is a world leader in dinosaur fossil discovery? Learn from a noted expert why this South American country is such a rich resource for paleontologists worldwide.

WEBINAR | Torres del Paine: The Jewel of Patagonia

Originally presented February 1, 2022
The sheer granite spires of Torres del Paine are mesmerizing to behold. Join a Nat Hab naturalist for a guided exploration of one of the most iconic destinations in South America.

WEBINAR | World Wetland Wonders

Originally presented January 18, 2022
Marshes, swamps, bogs, fens, muskeg...did you know wetlands comprise some of Earth’s most important wildlife habitat? From the Pantanal to the Mekong Delta, learn about these complex ecosystems that provide refuge for many endangered species.

WEBINAR | A 400-Year Saga: Restoring the Southern Right Whale

Originally presented January 14, 2022
The southern right whale, which winters and gives birth off Brazil’s southern coast, was hunted nearly to extinction by the 1970s—yet this species has bounced back since, in part through ecotourism. Hear the amazing story!

WEBINAR | Saving South America’s Rarest Dolphins

Originally presented December 14, 2021
Meet Pedro Fruet, a globally recognized Brazilian oceanographer whose life work has been conserving the rare Lahille’s bottlenose dolphin, and find out how strategies to engage local fishing communities may make the crucial difference.

WEBINAR | Conserving the Hidden Jaguars of the Amolar Mountains

Originally presented November 30, 2021
Helder Brandao talks with Diego Viana, a veterinarian and jaguar researcher who’s spent the last 7 years leading groundbreaking research on jaguar conservation in this mountainous region of Brazil’s Pantanal.

WEBINAR | View from a Vet: Connecting Wildlife Health with Human Health

Originally presented November 23, 2021
Meet Brazilian guest Joares May, Jr., a wild animal veterinarian whose research on jaguars and other apex predators holds major implications for the health of entire ecosystems—and the people who depend on them.

WEBINAR | To Fly or Not to Fly: Big Birds of Patagonia

Originally presented November 17, 2021
Join South American avian expert Daniel Hagaman to meet some fascinating large birds of the Southern Andes and Patagonia coast, from flightless penguins and the enormous rhea to soaring condors and flamingos.

WEBINAR | Discover South America’s Maned Wolf

Originally presented November 16, 2021
The little-known maned wolf is South America's largest canid. Described as a "fox on stilts," it’s neither a fox nor a wolf but a wholly unique species—join a Brazilian conservation expert to meet this intriguing animal.

WEBINAR | Brazil to Botswana: A Comparative Safari

Originally presented November 2, 2021
You may know Botswana as an epic safari destination...but what about Brazil? Contrast the Okavango and the Pantanal as we explore two of the world’s greatest wetlands and wildlife meccas.

WEBINAR | New Mammals of the Neotropics

Originally presented October 19, 2021
Did you know new mammals, even big ones, are being discovered in the neotropical regions of South and Central America? Learn about the latest discoveries and how scientists know they’ve found a new species.

WEBINAR | The Surprising World of Peccaries

Originally presented October 5, 2021
Few species in Brazil’s neotropical rain forest are as important to a healthy habitat as the endangered white-lipped peccary. Meet a peccary conservation specialist and learn the fascinating reasons why.

WEBINAR | North to Alaska or South to Patagonia?

Originally presented September 28, 2021
Alaska and Patagonia are two of the planet’s most acclaimed nature travel destinations for mountains, glaciers and oceans. How do you choose between them? Compare their landscapes and wildlife on this north/south overview.

WEBINAR | Viva Mexico! Celebrating Wildlife South of the Border

Originally presented September 16, 2021
September 16 is Mexican Independence Day. What better way to celebrate Mexico’s national pride than with a focus on its most emblematic wildlife species? Meet whales, whale sharks, monarch butterflies, jaguars and more!

WEBINAR | Penguin Party! Meet the Southern Seabirds Everyone Loves

Originally presented August 20, 2021
Penguins…They’re charming, whimsical and entertaining. They’re also amazing adapters to a changing planet. Join us for everything you ever wanted to know about these dapper denizens of Antarctica and the southern latitudes.

WEBINAR | Conserving Brazil’s Endangered Giant Otters

Originally presented June 29, 2021
Brazil's Pantanal wetlands are prime habitat for the world's largest river otters, supporting the planet’s largest population of this endangered species. Join an otter conservation expert to find out what is being done to preserve these mammals.

WEBINAR | Saving Brazil's Hyacinth Macaws from Extinction

Originally presented June 8, 2021
Join a leading expert on wild hyacinth macaws, the “king of parrots,” to find out how conservation biologists have brought this formerly endangered bird species back from the brink of extinction in the Brazilian Pantanal.

WEBINAR | Protecting Monarch Butterflies Year-Round

Originally presented June 3, 2021
What can you do to protect North America's monarch butterflies and preserve their annual migration? Get tips from two naturalist guides about practical ways to contribute to conservation efforts in your own community.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go: Discover the Pantanal, Paradise for Birds | Part 2

Originally presented May 20, 2021
Continue your exploration of the Pantanal's avian attractions with veteran Brazilian birding guide Fred Tavares as we meet more of the many bird species found in the world’s largest seasonal floodplain.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go: Discover Patagonia

Originally presented May 13, 2021
Explore the natural landscapes and unique wildlife of this renowned wilderness at the bottom of South America, joining expert guides on a virtual journey through Patagonia's peaks, lakes and glaciers.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go: Exploring Patagonia Through Darwin’s Eyes

Originally presented May 6, 2021
Find out how Charles Darwin’s expedition through Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego informed his theory of human evolution in this webinar with Expedition Leader Lilia Gonzalez.

WEBINAR | Exploring Alaska & the Galapagos with Lindblad Expeditions

Originally presented April 30, 2021
Discover why this is the ideal summer to explore the wilds of Alaska and the Galapagos on a marine adventure with our partners at Lindblad Expeditions, and how your presence helps preserve these habitats.

WEBINAR | Let's Go: Discover the Pantanal, a Wetland Paradise for Birds

Originally presented April 29, 2021
Join a virtual nature journey to the Brazilian Pantanal with Expedition Leaders Fred Tavares and Annie Van Dinther to learn all about the incredibly diverse birdlife that thrives in the world's largest wetland.

WEBINAR | What to Know About Your Whale Sharks Adventure with Nat Hab

Originally presented April 21, 2021
This interactive webinar will answer all your questions about traveling to Mexico with Nat Hab to swim with whale sharks -- hear from two Expedition Leaders plus the head of Nat Hab’s COVID-19 protocol team.

WEBINAR | Jaguars of the Pantanal & Pumas of Patagonia: Ecotourism Fostering Conservation

Originally presented April 19, 2021
Join us for an uplifting success story: what happens when wildlife managers, local communities and conservationists come together to find ecotourism-based solutions that protect wild cats and mitigate conflict over livestock. Everyone wins!

WEBINAR | Let's Go: Discover the Gray Whales of Baja

Originally presented April 15, 2021
One of the most heartwarming wildlife encounters on Earth is a marine meeting with Baja's friendly gray whales—Annie Van Dinther takes us to Mexico's Pacific whale lagoons for all the fun and wonder!

WEBINAR | Why Galapagos Tortoise Health Matters to Humans, Too

Originally presented April 13, 2021
Ainoa Nieto, a wildlife veterinarian and lab manager at the Darwin Research Station, researches giant tortoise health and conservation—hear about her work in Galapagos and its implications for the wellbeing of the entire ecosystem.

WEBINAR | Discovering the Pantanal, South America’s Best Wildlife Destination

Originally presented April 2, 2021
Brazil's Pantanal is South America's most wildlife-intensive nature realm (yep, even more so than the Amazon). Renowned Nat Hab guide Zapa takes you on a virtual safari through the world’s largest wetland.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go Again: The Galapagos Islands

Originally presented March 18, 2021
There's just so much to the Galapagos that Annie and Andres are back to continue their fascinating "Let’s Go" overview of the world's most intriguing archipelago, filled with unique wildlife that's unafraid of humans!

WEBINAR | Giant Tortoises on the Move: Insights from Their Migration

Originally presented March 3, 2021
Galapagos giant tortoises migrate?? And more curiously, why? Just recently, scientists have learned these massive reptiles move seasonally, though Charles Darwin noted it in 1835. Hear from a tortoise researcher about these fascinating findings!

WEBINAR | Let’s Go: Discover the Pantanal, Brazil’s “Wild Wet”

Originally presented February 18, 2021
Home to stealthy jaguars, lurking caiman, maned wolf and 650 bird species, Brazil's Pantanal is South America's greatest wildlife mecca— explore this intricate ecosystem with top naturalist guide and jaguar researcher Helder Brandao.

WEBINAR | Journey into the Winter Forests of the Monarchs

Originally presented February 16, 2021
Each winter, monarch butterflies migrate by the millions to a small tract of high-altitude forest in central Mexico. Join monarch expert Court Whelan to explore one of nature's most wondrous and mysterious phenomena.

WEBINAR | Let's Go! Discover Mexico’s Kingdom of the Monarchs

Originally presented February 4, 2021
Take a virtual journey into the highland realm of the monarch, as we visit the butterfly sanctuaries in the fir forests of Mexico where millions of these gossamer-winged creatures congregate for the winter.

WEBINAR | Galapagos Photography: Capturing the Wildlife of the Enchanted Isles

Originally presented February 2, 2021
Court Whelan introduces you to the entrancing wildlife photo opportunities that abound in the Galapagos Islands, where a cast of unique creatures from giant tortoises to blue-footed boobies displays no fear of humans.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go! Discover the Galapagos with Annie & Andres

Originally presented January 28, 2021
Lying 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands have long enchanted visitors, with their unique species, amiable wildlife and storied history. Find out why this archipelago is so beloved by nature travelers!

WEBINAR | Conserving Baja’s Whale Sharks: A Path to Sustainable Tourism

Originally presented December 2, 2020
Eduardo Najera-Hillman, Coordinator of Seascapes for WWF Mexico, joins us to talk about the state-of-the-art work WWF-Mexico’s Oceans Team is doing to conserve this iconic shark, which is the world's biggest fish. 

WEBINAR | The Mysterious Whale Sharks of the Galapagos

Originally presented November 24, 2020
Big as a bus, whale sharks aren't actually whales but the world's largest fish—and they pose intriguing questions for researchers. Learn more from our special guest with the Galapagos Whale Shark Project.

WEBINAR | Maritime Crossroads: The Galapagos Marine Reserve

Originally presented November 13, 2020
Created in 1998, the Galapagos Marine Reserve has had a dramatic impact on conserving migratory marine life in this richly biodiverse archipelago. But two decades later, species are struggling. Learn what's at stake as conservationists assess the reserve's future.

WEBINAR | Restoring Native Nature in the Galapagos Islands: Part 2

Originally presented October 30, 2020
Galapagos Expedition Leader Josy and Island Restoration Specialist Paula take us to Floreana for a frontline look at how conservation biologists tackle the elimination of invaders in order to help native species prevail.

WEBINAR | Restoring Native Nature in the Galapagos Islands

Originally presented October 23, 2020
Islands contain some of the greatest biodiversity on Earth—and they are among its most vulnerable ecosystems. Find out what's happening in the Galapagos and elsewhere to prevent extinctions by rooting out dangerous invaders.

WEBINAR | Photographing the Galapagos: Capture Mesmerizing Wildlife Images in the Enchanted Isles

Originally presented October 13, 2020
Court Whelan showcases one of the world’s best destinations for wildlife photographers: the Galapagos is home to intriguing species found nowhere else, with no fear of humans! It's a naturalist's—and a photographer's—paradise.

WEBINAR | Oceans on the Move: How Marine Currents Foster Biodiversity

Originally presented October 5, 2020
Join a Galapagos oceanographer to learn about a fascinating process: how contrasting currents come together to mix flora and fauna, giving rise to species found nowhere else.

WEBINAR | Land of the Incas: Into the Ancient Andes of Peru

Originally presented October 2, 2020
Via fantastic photographs, personal stories and ancient legends, take a virtual journey with Peru native Renzo Zeppilli into the high Andes of the Cusco region, once the center of Inca civilization.

WEBINAR | The Origin of a New Species: Darwin’s Finches in the Galapagos

Originally presented September 28, 2020
Darwin devised his theory of evolution while witnessing differences among finches isolated between islands in the Galapagos in 1835—and it's still occurring! Learn how scientists discovered a brand-new finch species that evolved in 2017.

WEBINAR | The Monarch Migration: Coming to a Town Near You!

Originally presented September 15, 2020
Monarch expert Court Whelan reveals one of the world’s most astounding wildlife migrations that occurs each fall, as millions of monarch butterflies fly more than 3,000 miles to winter and mate in Mexico.

WEBINAR | Contrasting the Wild Wonders of Ecuador, Mexico & Peru

Originally presented August 24, 2020
Join three of Nat Hab’s most popular naturalist guides on a virtual journey through their Latin American homelands as they comparing the diverse habitats, intriguing wildlife and unique features of these top nature travel destinations.

WEBINAR | The Heart of the Amazon

Originally presented August 13, 2020
Meet Peruvian Expedition Leader Renzo Zeppilli and learn about why he is so captivated by the Amazon River and rain forest—his first and most enduring focus as a naturalist guide.

WEBINAR | Escaping Extinction: The Espanola Tortoise’s Long Road Home

Originally presented August 10, 2020
Back from the brink! Fifteen giant tortoises have been released to their native Española in the Galapagos after nearly disappearing 50 years ago. Hear the riveting story of their conservation!

WEBINAR | The Heart of Mexico

Originally presented July 9, 2020
From humpback whales to monarch butterflies, on glittering bays, wild beaches and forested mountaintops, get an inside look at the Heart of Mexico through the eyes of a Nat Hab Expedition Leader who calls it home.

WEBINAR | The Colorful Human History of the Galapagos Islands

Originally presented June 25, 2020
From pirate haven to penal colony, learn about the fascinating history of the Galapagos Islands.

WEBINAR | Protecting Galapagos Seas & Why Ocean Conservation Matters

Originally presented May 28, 2020
Join a Nat Hab Expedition Leader and WWF's VP of Ocean Conservation on a deep dive into the marine ecosystems of the Galapagos Islands.

WEBINAR | The Amazon: Fighting to Protect the World’s Largest Rain Forest

Originally presented May 21, 2020
Join a WWF forest expert and Nat Hab Expedition Leader for an inside look at inspiring conservation work in the Amazon—the world's largest rain forest, which contains at least 10% of Earth's biodiversity!

WEBINAR | Mexico’s Gentle Giants: Protecting Humpback Whales

Originally presented April 24, 2020
Learn about the lively humpbacks of Banderas Bay—40 tons and 50 feet long—from local naturalist guides who are passionate whale conservationists.

WEBINAR | 40 Tons of Delight: The Great Gray Whale, Part 3

Originally presented April 16, 2020
Join Annie and Sofia for the final installment of this series as they follow the whales’ spring migration north to Alaska.

WEBINAR | 40 Tons of Delight: The Great Gray Whale, Part 2

Originally presented April 9, 2020
Join Annie Van Dinther and Sofia Merino for the second installment of this three-part series, focusing on the gray whale's annual migration to Baja's warm, sheltered bays where they breed and birth their calves.

WEBINAR | 40 Tons of Delight: Meet the Great Gray Whale, Part 1

Originally presented April 2, 2020
In the first of a 3-part series on whales, join naturalist guides Annie Van Dinther and Sofia Merino to hear stories of their encounters with these gentle giants.

WEBINAR | Families, Friends & Lovers: The Social Relationships of Cetaceans

Originally presented March 27, 2020
Whether it’s humpbacks bubble-net feeding in Alaska or bottlenose dolphins by the dozens cavorting in Baja, these marine mammals are some of the most social creatures on Earth. Join us for a fascinating dive into their relational world.

WEBINAR | Understanding the Amazing Monarch Butterfly Migration

Originally presented March 24, 2020
Join Court Whelan, Ph.D., Nat Hab's Director of Sustainability and Conservation Travel, for a webinar exploring one of the most miraculous phenomena in nature—the annual monarch butterfly migration.
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