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WEBINAR | Secrets of Scotland's Wild Highlands

Originally presented January 24, 2024
For centuries, Scotland's heather-clad Highlands have captured the imagination of travelers and storytellers around the world. Journey with Expedition Leader Warwick Lister-Kaye across the country's storied landscapes -- from Britain's highest mountains to forested glens and silver lochs -- and delve into its turbulent history, unique culture and natural wonders. Plus, meet some of the elusive wildlife you might encounter on our journey into Scotland's Wild Highlands & Islands, including red deer, badger, pine marten and maybe even the endangered Scottish wildcat.

WEBINAR | Ghost of the Woods: The Greater Noctule Bat

Originally presented January 17, 2024
Bats are one of nature’s most woefully misunderstood mammals. In fact, false beliefs and myths have even put these flying phenoms in harm’s way, despite the critical roles they play in their environments. With Expedition Leader Andrea Serena, get to know Europe’s largest and least-studied bat: the rare, carnivorous, forest-dwelling greater noctule bat. Learn all about its biology and behaviors as well as where we may spot these bats in the wild on Nat Hab’s Wild Nature of Croatia & Slovenia adventure.

WEBINAR | Ghosts of the Woods: European Wildcats

Originally presented November 22, 2023
They may look similar to our domesticated cats, but the European Wildcat is no common house kitty! These elusive "ghosts of the woods" thrive in the forests, grasslands, marshes and mountains of continental Europe, Scotland and central Asia. Expedition Leader Andrea Serena walks us through the natural history of the European Wildcat, sharing details about its biology and behavior, how this subspecies differs from African and Asiatic wildcats, the threats it faces (and what's being done to protect them), and where lucky travelers may be able to spot a European Wildcat in the wild.

WEBINAR | King of the Alps: The Alpine Ibex

Originally presented October 12, 2023
Once hunted nearly to extinction, the Alpine ibex has rebounded over the past century to reclaim the title “King of the Alps.” Expedition Leader Andrea Serena introduces us to these gravity-defying wild goats and their high-altitude home in the European Alps. Learn about their natural history, including the successful reintroduction efforts that brought them back from the brink, as well as their curious biology and their role in the Alpine ecosystem. You’ll also find out what’s being done to protect them and where to see them in the wild.

WEBINAR | Kayaking the Douro: A Journey Through Portuguese Nature & Culture

Originally presented September 29, 2023
Paddling Portugal's River of Wine is a favorite trip for adventure travelers and wine-lovers alike! Expedition Leader Daniel Blankenheim guides us through this unique itinerary, introducing us to the unspoiled landscape of Douro International Natural Park, which separates Portugal and Spain, and the Alto Douro Wine Region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where wine has been produced on steep schist terraces above the river for more than 2,000 years. You’ll also meet some of the local wildlife, especially various birds of prey. And get a peek at some of the gorgeous settings where we stay, enjoying the lavish hospitality of the Douro Valley’s winemaking families on traditional quintas (wine estates ).

WEBINAR | Iceland: What's All the Fuss About Puffins?

Originally presented June 5, 2023
Iceland is home to fewer than 400,000 people -- and about 10 million puffins! Expedition Leader Daniel Blankenheim introduces us to the island nation’s most adorable and beloved birds, sharing information about their life cycles, insights into puffin population trends and their cultural significance in Iceland, and, of course, how you can see Atlantic puffins in the wild on a Nat Hab adventure to the Land of Fire and Ice.

WEBINAR | Discover the Land of Fire & Ice: All About Iceland

Originally presented June 2, 2023
From active volcanoes to thundering waterfalls and Europe's largest glacier, Iceland showcases nature at its most powerful. Expedition Leader Eddy Savage reviews our Iceland adventures, including photography departures and Photo Pro Expeditions. Get the scoop on weather (and how to pack for it), terrain, wildlife, transportation, accommodations and activities, including a Super Jeep excursion into a volcano crater, cruising an iceberg lagoon by Zodiac, and riding horseback around lava formations.

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: Scotland’s Wild Highlands & Islands

Originally presented April 24, 2023
From rugged coastlines to windswept moors, Scotland’s wild landscapes call to adventurous travelers. Prepare for your trip with this important information, from what to pack to where you’ll stay and what you’ll see.

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: The Cotswolds—Exploring English Nature

Originally presented April 3, 2023
Ready to explore the hills, meadows and hidden corners of England’s classic countryside? Get all the inside details on our exclusive trip to the Cotswolds, featuring elegant country inns and conservation triumphs.

WEBINAR | Wild Nature of Croatia & Slovenia

Originally presented March 17, 2023
Get inspired to visit these diverse neighboring Balkan countries on Nat Hab’s unique, less-traveled itinerary along Adriatic Coast and into the Dinaric and Julian Alps.

WEBINAR | Iceland Photo Pro Expedition: A Photographer’s Dream Trip in the Land of Ice and Fire

Originally presented February 23, 2023
For avid nature photographers, Iceland is an exceptional destination. Get details about our new Iceland Photo Pro trip from the Expedition Leader who designed it, and see inspiring images of some of the world’s most dynamic landscapes.

WEBINAR | Expect the Unexpected in East Greenland

Originally presented December 5, 2022
Hear what it’s like to explore the Arctic wilderness from our luxury base camp within view of the Greenland ice sheet.

WEBINAR | The Inside Scoop on Iceland

Originally presented December 2, 2022
Join a Nat Hab Expedition Leader for an expert take on what to know before you visit the Land of Fire and Ice.

WEBINAR | My Summer in Iceland

Originally presented November 23, 2022
Are you captivated by Iceland? Join a Nat Hab Expedition Leader for an insider’s look at summer life in the Land of Fire and Ice, with compelling personal stories and photos.

WEBINAR | From Pythons to Permafrost: An African in Greenland

Originally presented October 11, 2022
Learn the inspiring story of Tété-Michel Kpomassie, the first African to visit Greenland, and why he was drawn from the land of pythons to a country of permafrost.

WEBINAR | The Golden Eagle: King of the Alps

Originally presented September 19, 2022
Golden eagles once reigned throughout Central Europe. Today they seek refuge mostly in the Alps, where they spy their prey

WEBINAR | Mediterranean to Mountains: Exploring Croatia & Slovenia

Originally presented June 9, 2022
Discover these diverse neighboring countries with a trove of delights for nature travelers, from glacier-carved lakes and crystalline rivers to turquoise bays and rugged mountain peaks—plus great food and wine!

WEBINAR | Wild Stories of Returning Wildlife to Switzerland

Originally presented May 12, 2022
Stolen ibex, bearded vultures and lynx that have been carried up mountains, and wolves finding their way home...find out how these animals are making their way back to Switzerland, with the help of conservationists.

WEBINAR | From Salmon to Shipwrecks: Discover the Secrets of England’s Severn

Originally presented May 2, 2022
The Severn Estuary is one of England's greatest natural wonders and a globally important wetland. Learn why this important habitat is at the forefront of wetland conservation, with lessons to offer worldwide.

WEBINAR | Discover Scotland’s Wild Highlands & Islands

Originally presented April 12, 2022
Join Scottish conservationist and wildlife advocate Warwick Lister-Kaye for a preview of Nat Hab’s nature adventure exploring coast, lochs, forest and moors—find out where to see red deer, pine marten and maybe a Scottish wildcat.

WEBINAR | Can Rewilding Save the Farming Industry in England?

Originally presented April 7, 2022
Rewilding offers hope for the future of farming in England. What is rewilding, and how can we support it? Join our British naturalist guides to learn how English agriculture can benefit from bringing back the wild.

WEBINAR | The Good, the Bad and the Woolly: Ups and Downs of England’s Sheep History

Originally presented April 1, 2022
Join our Nat Hab British naturalists to learn how England’s hedgerows do so much more than simply corral the woolly sheep of the Cotswolds.

WEBINAR | Hope for Hedgehogs (and Other Creature Tales from the UK)

Originally presented March 25, 2022
Where did all the hedgehogs go? Find out why their numbers are declining in the United Kingdom and what conservation efforts could save them and their furry friends.

WEBINAR | Beyond Braveheart: The Beauty, Wildlife & Mythology of Scotland

Originally presented February 18, 2022
From the Highlands to the islands, learn why Scotland’s history and wildlife have lured adventurous travelers for millennia.

WEBINAR | Rewilding the UK: Helping People and Animals Thrive

Originally presented February 8, 2022
Curious about the concept of giving land "back to nature"? Join two Cotswolds guides as they dive into rewilding and what these conservation efforts look like in the United Kingdom.

WEBINAR | England’s Cotswolds: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Originally presented January 21, 2022
Steeped in history and paired with bucolic scenery in a storybook setting, our Cotswolds trip is an immersion in English nature and rural life. Get all the details in this enticing introduction.

WEBINAR | King of the Alps: The Bearded Vulture

Originally presented December 9, 2021
The largest bird in the Alps and one of the rarest raptors in Europe, the bearded vulture has a 9-foot wingspan and dines on bones. Today’s webinar offers a fascinating look at this once-persecuted species.

WEBINAR | What to Know About Your Portugal Paddling Adventure

Originally presented August 2, 2021
Seeking a taste of Old World Europe? Look no further than this Dionysian paddling odyssey through romantic Port wine country—a rare Douro River kayaking adventure indulging in Portugal's distinctive nature, culture and cuisine.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go Again: Discover Switzerland Part 2

Originally presented July 15, 2021
Return to Switzerland’s magnificent mountains on part two of our photographic journey through the Alps as you gain insight into the Swiss people’s pioneering conservation efforts to protect vulnerable species and alpine ecosystems.

WEBINAR | Wild Wonders of Croatia

Originally presented July 7, 2021
Croatia's Mediterranean landscapes are some of the best-preserved ecosystems in Europe. From the Adriatic Sea and Dalmatian Coast to the Dinaric Alps, peppered with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, get a preview of the wonders that await on your active Croatia adventure.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go: Discover Switzerland

Originally presented May 27, 2021
Switzerland's natural beauty is world-renowned, with conservation at the forefront of national priorities. Take a photographic journey through the Swiss Alps as we learn about Swiss-style stewardship.

WEBINAR | What to Know About Traveling to Iceland with Nat Hab

Originally presented April 26, 2021
Get answers to your questions about traveling to this island on the edge of the Arctic Circle, with insights and insider knowledge from an Iceland Expedition Leader and the head of Nat Hab's COVID-19 protocol team.

WEBINAR | East Greenland: A Photographic Odyssey in a Changing World

Originally presented September 18, 2020
Ralph Lee Hopkins, director of Lindblad/National Geographic’s expedition photography program, takes us on an epic visual journey to ultra-remote East Greenland, where melting glaciers spawn staggering icebergs in Sermilik Fjord.

WEBINAR | Rewilding the Alps: The Return of Europe’s Elusive Carnivores

Originally presented May 29, 2020
Find out what it looks like to turn back the clock in the Swiss Alps as we explore "rewilding" efforts to bring back endangered carnivores like bears and wolves.
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