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WEBINAR | Photographing Borneo: Tips for Capturing the Essence of an Adventure

Originally presented May 13, 2024
Borneo -- the world's third-largest island -- has no shortage of subjects to pique a photographer's interest, from orangutans, sun bears and pygmy elephants to lush rain forests and mangrove swamps. But how do you go beyond simply documenting what you see to capturing the essence of a place? Expedition Leader and pro photographer Court Whelan shares his advice for revealing the mystique of Borneo, including how to photograph animals in trees, tips for perfecting your wildlife portraiture, and how to use exposure and color balance to convey mood.

WEBINAR | Bears & Blooms: Stories from Our Spring China Adventure

Originally presented April 24, 2024
Expedition Leader Brad Josephs recently returned from our springtime China nature odyssey. From phenomenal wildlife viewing (golden snub-nosed monkeys, giant pandas, a rare moon bear sighting and more!) to aromatic blooming rhododendrons and redbud trees, this safari was a feast for the senses. Join him as he shares highlights of his trip, including details of our new itinerary, and listen to stories of the sensational animal sightings guests on this expedition enjoyed. Plus, learn how our sustainable safaris directly help protect vulnerable wildlife in China.

WEBINAR | India’s Tiger Quest Begins!

Originally presented April 10, 2024
April in India heralds summer’s imminent arrival, when increasing temperatures drive tigers and other wildlife from the underbrush multiple times a day in search of water. Big cat sightings increase in the hot and dry conditions -- coinciding with Nat Hab’s India Tiger Quest and India Tiger Photo expeditions -- as animals leave the cover of the jungle to drink. Expedition Leader Aditya Panda, freshly back from leading the season’s first India Tiger Quest, shares highlights from the trip and offers insight on how to maximize opportunities to find, observe and photograph tigers in India.

WEBINAR | Life in the Great Australian Desert

Originally presented April 8, 2024
The vast Australian Outback covers more than a million square miles, much of it arid and semi-arid desert. But the driest continent on earth is far from barren. In the great Australian desert, coping strategies developed over millennia support a unique and thriving ecosystem. Expedition Leader Nikki Sentinella offers insight into the immense biodiversity of Australia’s ancient desert landscape and its wildlife, from the country's largest terrestrial mammal, the red kangaroo, to frogs buried underground for years between rains, and so much more.

WEBINAR | Springtime in India: Our Latest Wildlife Sightings

Originally presented April 3, 2024
Spring in India brings a host of seasonal changes, as budding leaves and blooming flowers transform the landscape. The weather is mild, and birds abound with the start of the breeding season, making it an appealing time to visit. Expedition Leader Arpita Dutta shares stories and photos from her first Grand India Wildlife Adventure of the spring season, where her group of 15 travelers -- all women! -- enjoyed phenomenal wildlife viewing, including tigers, elephants, rhinos, primates, myriad bird species such as serpent eagles and Indian rollers, and even an encounter with a sloth bear.

WEBINAR | Elephants: Protecting Asia's Gentle Giants

Originally presented March 26, 2024
Asia’s wild elephants are hard to miss. They’re called gentle giants, after all! But the nuances of protecting these endangered animals are anything but obvious. Expedition Leader Surya Ramachandran discusses the plight of Asian elephants, including the habitat loss and illegal ivory trade that continue to threaten their existence. But there’s hope on the horizon, as we learn how governments, conservation organizations and local communities are working to protect these precious pachyderms. You’ll also find out how your presence on our India, Sri Lanka and Nepal & Bhutan adventures can help.

WEBINAR | Grand India Wildlife Adventure: Trip Highlights from Aditya Panda

Originally presented March 21, 2024
Expedition Leader Aditya Panda recently returned from one of the most exciting Grand India trips he’s ever led. From phenomenal wildlife viewing (tigers, leopards, wild dogs, sloth bears, rhinos and more!) to witnessing human-wildlife conflict firsthand, this subcontinent safari was action-packed. Join him as he shares highlights of his trip, and listen to stories of the sensational animal sightings guests on this expedition enjoyed. Plus, learn how our sustainable safaris directly help protect vulnerable wildlife in India.

WEBINAR | Plains, Prairies & Grasslands: Biomes of Australia, Part 3

Originally presented March 20,2024
Head Down Under to discover where you have the best opportunities to see some of Australia’s most iconic animals: kangaroos! In part three of her series exploring the biomes of Australia, Expedition Leader Nikki Sentinella takes us to the continent’s grasslands, prairies and plains -- vast stretches of land that support many of Australia’s larger animals -- including kangaroos and wallabies -- as well as colorful rosellas and cockatoos and ground-nesting birds like plovers and elusive plains-wanderers.

WEBINAR | Take a Walk on the Wild Side of China

Originally presented March 13, 2024
From close-up encounters with giant pandas and golden snub-nosed monkeys to temple visits and culinary delights, our Wild Side of China nature odyssey is the ultimate immersion in China's natural wonders, with some cultural highlights as well, including the Terracotta Army. Expedition Leader Eddy Savage gives a comprehensive overview of our journey into the Minshan Mountains of Sichuan province, including activities, transportation, accommodations, packing advice, and some of the Chinese wildlife we may see, like takin, goral, serow, blue sheep, golden pheasant and adorable red pandas!

WEBINAR | Nepal & Bhutan: Trip Highlights from Arpita Dutta

Originally presented March 12, 2024
Expedition Leader Arpita Dutta just returned from one of the most exciting Nepal & Bhutan trips she's ever guided. From phenomenal wildlife viewing (including an encounter with a critically endangered gharial, unexpected otter sightings, and a rhino that joined the group during teatime!) and sensational birding, to exciting hikes and a delectable "food safari," this journey into the Himalayas and Terai lowlands was full of highlights. Join Arpita as she shares photos from the trip, and listen to stories of the memorable animal sightings and cultural experiences our guests enjoyed.

WEBINAR | Alpine Heights: Biomes of Australia, Part 2

Originally presented March 1, 2024
The Andes, the Alps and…Australia? It may not be the first place you think of when you picture snow-capped mountains, but the land down under is home to several alpine ecosystems. In part two of her series exploring the biomes of Australia, Expedition Leader Nikki Sentinella takes us to new heights to explore the continent’s alpine environs, including the island of Tasmania, which boasts nearly half of Australia's alpine flora species. Along the way we’ll meet some elevation-loving animals, like the mountain pygmy possum, echidna and corroboree frog.

WEBINAR | Tiger Tales: Their Storied Past & Uncertain Future

Originally presented February 22, 2024
As India’s national animal, the tiger is a symbol of power, beauty and ferocity. Unfortunately, the country's most iconic animal is also one of its most endangered, due to habitat destruction, climate change, poaching and other threats. India Tiger Quest Expedition Leader Surya Ramachandran takes us through the natural and cultural timeline of tigers in India, from the past when they were both revered and hunted for sport, to present conservation efforts to increase their dwindling numbers, to their hopeful but uncertain future.

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: India Tiger Safari Photo Pro Expedition

Originally presented February 21, 2024
Embark on our tiger-centric photography adventure deep in India's renowned Ranthambore National Park. Expedition Leader and pro photographer Aditya Panda explains how we structure the trip to ensure you get the unbelievable Bengal tiger shots you're after -- as well as other iconic Indian animals like sloth bears, striped hyenas, leopards and more -- and advises you on what camera equipment and personal gear to bring. Plus, find out how our presence in the region directly helps protect vulnerable tiger populations.

WEBINAR | Fabled Forests: Grand India Through a Guide's Eye

Originally presented February 19, 2024
India’s dense forests and prolific wildlife provided the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s famed collection of stories in The Jungle Book. Journey into the subcontinent’s lush sal, bamboo, mixed deciduous and semi-evergreen forests with Expedition Leaders Arpita Dutta and Aditya Panda on a virtual safari like no other as they share some of their most memorable wildlife sightings on our Grand India Wildlife Adventure, including Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinos, sloth bears, Asian elephants and more.

WEBINAR | Australia South: New 2025 Itinerary

Originally presented February 8, 2024
Take a virtual journey to the land down under as Aussie Expedition Leader Nikki Sentinella gives us a sneak peek at our 2025 Australia South: Tasmania, Kangaroo Island & Beyond adventure. Explore the heights and valleys of our newest itinerary destination, the Grampians Ranges, home to both natural wonders and Gariwerd Aboriginal cultural history—including more ancient rock art sites than anywhere else in southern Australia! You’ll also encounter iconic wildlife like kangaroos, koalas, wombats, echidna, platypus and myriad bird species, from parrots and cockatoos to black swans and enormous emu.

WEBINAR | The Wilds of Borneo: What to Know Before You Go

Originally presented February 7, 2024
Borneo is home to some of the world's oldest virgin rain forests, sheltering an astonishing variety of rare and endemic species -- including orangutans! Expedition Leader Payal Mehta introduces us to these and other Bornean wildlife like pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys, sun bears and rhinoceros hornbills in this preview of our Wilds of Borneo safari. Discover what’s in store on this tropical adventure, from river safaris to night walks in search of intriguing nocturnal creatures. Get Payal’s packing list plus a sneak peek at the stunning nature lodges where we are immersed in Borneo’s lush environs.

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: Sri Lanka Wildlife & Cultural Treasures

Originally presented February 5, 2024
This island nation may be small in size, but it’s big in biodiversity! Join Expedition Leader Toby Sinclair on a virtual journey across Sri Lanka that encompasses elephant encounters, private whale watching, leopard tracking and a visit to the ruins of Polonnaruwa, an ancient city now home to a famous population of monkeys. Plus, discover where we stay (including a deluxe tented eco-safari camp and a beachfront boutique resort) and hear about cultural highlights like visits to sacred temples, a tea estate, a cinnamon plantation and historic fortresses.

WEBINAR | Ancient Rain Forests: Biomes of Australia, Part 1

Originally presented February 2, 2024
Australia's rain forests are so old that some of the species they contain predate the dinosaurs! These ancient life forms also connect Australia to the supercontinent of Gondwana. In this new webinar series, Expedition Leader Nikki Sentinella introduces us to the different biomes of Australia, beginning with rain forests. Explore the diversity of Australia's rain forests, from the famed Daintree Rainforest in the north to cool-climate rain forests in the south. Nikki also shares her tips for photography in rain forests, including advice for shooting in low light, and macro photography techniques.

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: Ultimate Australia Safari

Originally presented January 29, 2024
Take a virtual trip Down Under on our three-week Ultimate Australia adventure. Join Expedition Leader Matt Meyer as he unveils our tour through eight national parks, seven private wildlife reserves and four World Heritage Sites, from northern Australia’s Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef to Tasmania and Kangaroo Island in the south. Find out what clothing and gear to pack, where we stay (including luxury eco resorts and a tented safari camp), how we get around, and learn about the unique wildlife we’re likely to encounter, from kangaroos and koalas to sea turtles, platypus and crocodiles.

WEBINAR | Wild Encounters: My Life as a Naturalist Guide

Originally presented January 25, 2024
Expedition Leader Arpita Dutta has felt a magnetic connection to nature since she was a child. Now, after more than 20 years as a naturalist guide, she can't imagine doing anything else! Listen to stories from more than two decades in the field as told by East India's first professional female naturalist, including jungle encounters with tigers, sloth bears, crocodiles, king cobras, elephants, Indian leopards and more. You'll leave excited to discover these wonders for yourself on our Grand India Wildlife Adventure or Wild & Ancient Himalaya: Nepal & Bhutan trip.

WEBINAR | Does Bhutan Hold the Secret to Happiness?

Originally presented January 11, 2024
In Bhutan, the country’s well-being is measured not in terms of Gross National Product, but in terms of Gross National Happiness. Expedition Leader Arpita Dutta explains how this tiny Asian nation measures happiness and reveals how this focus on quality of life affects everything from the country’s government to its art, architecture, cuisine, and how it manages the environment. And since we find happiness in the outdoors, Arpita shares a sneak peek at our Wild & Ancient Himalaya: Nepal & Bhutan adventure, including the spectacularly scenic hikes we take in Bhutan and our adventures in neighboring Nepal.

WEBINAR | In Search of the Black Tiger

Originally presented January 8, 2024
India’s Similipal National Park and Tiger Reserve is home to an astounding array of plants and animals, including more than 90 species of orchid, 55 mammal species from leopards and wolves to elephants and barking deer, and more than 350 types of birds. But it’s perhaps most famous for being the only reserve in the world where ultrarare melanistic “black” tigers exist. Expedition Leader Aditya Panda recently returned to the park after nearly a decade to search for black tigers. Did he find one? You’ll have to join him on this virtual journey to find out!

WEBINAR | Island Isolation: An Innovative Approach to Conservation in Australia

Originally presented December 28, 2023
Escaping your enemies by hiding away on a remote island seems like a good strategy, doesn’t it? It’s become a popular tool Australian conservationists use to protect threatened species— isolating them from predators and invasives in order to sustain them for the future. But do these animals end up as castaways or conservation success stories? Expedition Leader Jacob Emerson examines this practice of insular translocation—moving threatened species to islands to protect them. He reveals some of the victories and failures of this method of conserving animals like the Tasmanian devil, northern quoll, brush-tailed bettong and rufous hare-wallaby. You’ll also learn about the latest advances in conservation research and technology that make it easier to protect animals on the mainland.

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: India Tiger Quest

Originally presented December 21, 2023
Journey in search of India's most iconic animal: the Bengal tiger. Expedition Leader Aditya Panda offers an overview of our India Tiger Quest, an immersive adventure in Ranthambore National Park. Get tips on what to pack to stay cool, hear details on where we stay (including a luxurious 5-star tented wildlife resort), and learn about our activities, from daily safari drives to cultural and culinary delights. Find out how our presence helps protect tiger populations, and discover what other wildlife we may spot, including sloth bear, hyena, monkeys and more

WEBINAR | Fins, Flippers & Feathers: Marine Mammals & Birds of Australia

Originally presented December 11, 2023
From enormous humpback whales to aptly named "little” penguins, Australia's marine habitats are replete with wildlife of all shapes and sizes. Dive in with Expedition Leader Jacob Emerson as introduces some of the key species we encounter on our Australian adventures, including Australian sea lions, long-nosed fur seals, Australian pelicans, short-tailed shearwaters, shy albatross and southern right whales. He also details two WWF projects that aim to protect these aquatic creatures -- and how our presence in the region helps!

WEBINAR | The Five Senses on Safari

Originally presented December 4, 2023
We often talk about "spotting" animals and wildlife "sightings." But when it comes to getting the full safari experience, there's more than meets the eye! Expedition Leader Arpita Dutta encourages us to engage all five senses in the field, using Nat Hab's Grand India Wildlife Adventure as a template. Look for light reflecting off a tiger's eyes on a night drive. Listen for the alarm calls of deer and monkeys as a predator approaches. Even the smell of elephant dung or a fresh carcass can offer clues to help you become a better wildlife tracker.

WEBINAR | On the Defense:How Australian Animals Protect Themselves

Originally presented November 20, 2023
Who wants to be eaten for dinner? Not these Australian animals! Expedition Leader Nicola Sentinella explores some defensive behaviors and adaptations of Aussie animals, from the bright expanding collar of the frill-necked lizard to the armor-plated backside of the wombat. Dive into the ocean, where sea dragons blend in with kelp and blue-ringed octopus warn brightly of danger, and trek across the arid Outback, where shingleback lizards confuse predators with their two “heads” and bright blue tongues.

WEBINAR | Journey to the Land of the Snow Leopard: Part 2

Originally presented October 30, 2023
Go in search of one of Earth’s rarest cats: the snow leopard. Agile and solitary, this silver-coated feline patrols the lofty ridges of some of the world’s highest peaks -- and we’re some of the lucky few who get to see them! In Part 2 of his series on our Land of the Snow Leopard trip, Expedition Leader Conan Dumenil takes us on a virtual journey through our exclusive itinerary, describing days spent searching for these mysterious cats (along with other Himalayan wildlife like bharal, urial, ibex and wolves) and cultural visits to villages, monasteries and more.

WEBINAR | Journey to the Land of the Snow Leopard: Part 1

Originally presented October 27, 2023
Snow leopards are some of the most enchanting and elusive creatures on the planet. Because these big cats make their homes high in the Himalayas, few people ever see one in the wild -- unless you’re a traveler on our Land of the Snow Leopard adventure! In Part 1 of this series, Expedition Leader Conan Dumenil shares everything you need to know about the logistics and specifics of this trip, from information on weather and climate and what to pack for high-altitude winter conditions, to transportation and accommodations, including our private Snow Leopard Lodge.

WEBINAR | Get Ready for Your Grand India Wildlife Adventure

Originally presented October 19. 2023
Prepare to journey in search of Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinos, sloth bears, Asian elephants and more! Expedition Leader Arpita Dutta offers an overview of our Grand India itinerary, which includes three of the country's most diverse national parks. Find out what to pack, how we travel, where we stay (some of India’s best luxury ecolodges!), and what activities to expect on this immersive 12-day trip, from safari drives and nature walks to cultural and culinary delights. Plus, find out how our presence in the region helps protect vulnerable tiger populations.

WEBINAR | Wildlife Tourism & Animal Welfare: Ethics & Impacts

Originally presented October 13, 2023
Wildlife tourism is crucial to conservation. It connects people to threatened species and landscapes and provides livelihoods to local communities. But it can also raise questions about animal welfare. How do we ensure tourism doesn't negatively impact the very creatures we aim to protect? How far do we go for an animal sighting, and where do we draw the line? Join Expedition Leaders Aditya Panda and Arpita Dutta as they discuss the ethics of wildlife tourism and its impact on endangered animals like tigers, elephants, rhinos and snow leopards.

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: Nepal & Bhutan

Originally presented September 19, 2023
Prepare to journey through two ancient kingdoms on our Wild & Ancient Himalaya: Nepal & Bhutan trip. Expedition Leader Payal Mehta shares how to pack for this diverse adventure that takes you from Himalaya heights to jungle lowlands, with details on the climate, how we get around, and advice on cultural etiquette. Get a sneak peek at the stunning accommodations and delicious cuisine in store. Payal also introduces us to some of the wildlife we hope to encounter: Asian elephants, one-horned rhinoceros, sloth bears, spotted deer, shaggy takin -- perhaps even an elusive Bengal tiger!

WEBINAR | Rewilding Big Cats in India: Kanha’s Tiger School

Originally presented September 12, 2023
In Part 2 of his "Rewilding Big Cats in India" presentation series, Expedition Leader Aditya Panda takes us to "tiger school" in Kanha National Park and Tiger Reserve, (which we visit on Nat Hab’s Grand India Wildlife Adventure). Hear the amazing story of how a litter of orphaned tiger cubs led to the evolution of the only tried, tested and proven program safely sending hand-reared tigers back to the wild.

WEBINAR | The Koala’s Gum Tree Home: All About Eucalyptus

Originally presented September 7, 2023
You may associate eucalyptus with koalas (their leaves are this marsupial’s only food source), but these flowering trees are fascinating in their own right. Expedition Leader Nicola Sentinella introduces us to a few of Australia’s more than 700 species of eucalypts, from the towering Tasmanian oak to the twisted river red gum. Explore how eucalyptus has shaped fire ecology in Australia and why it’s become a lucrative crop in Portugal and beyond. And, yes, we’ll also talk about koalas!

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: Australia North

Originally presented September 5, 2023
Find out what to expect on our immersive 13-day Australia North tour. Expedition Leader Matt Cornish takes us on a virtual trip Down Under as we explore a pristine undersea wilderness, the world's oldest rain forest, and the rugged Outback of Kakadu. Get packing tips and learn about where we stay, how we travel, and the unique wildlife we’re likely to encounter, from kangaroos and koalas to sea turtles and crocodiles.

WEBINAR | Monotremes, Marsupials & More: Mammals of Australia

Originally presented August 29, 2023
Meet some of the weird and wonderful mammals of Australia and learn what makes them so special. Expedition Leader Nicola Sentinella explains the differences between monotremes (like egg-laying echidna and platypus), marsupials (kangaroo, wombat, koala and mulgara) and placental mammals (dingo, mice and bat). She also details some of the adaptions that allow them to survive in extreme environments, from the alpine reaches of the Snowy Mountains to the continent’s harsh central deserts.

WEBINAR | Rewilding Big Cats in India

Originally presented August 28, 2023
Anyone with an interest in big cats has likely heard of Elsa, the lioness of Born Free fame. A hand-reared cub, she was eventually released into the wild as a free-ranging feline. But is it really possible to “rewild” big cats? Join Expedition Leader Aditya Panda as he shares tales of tiger and leopard rewilding in India -- its successes, failures, risks and rewards. He’ll also reveal how you can see these magnificent big cats for yourself on Nat Hab’s India safaris!

WEBINAR | Under Down Under: Exploring Tasmania/lutruwita

Originally presented August 16, 2023
Tasmania, known as lutruwita in the Indigenous palawa kani language, is home to numerous endemic marsupials, birds and plants, including monotremes—mammals that lay eggs—like the duck-billed platypus and echidna. The island is also a stronghold for many threatened species, including some that are extinct on the mainland, such as the Tasmanian devil and the eastern quoll. Expedition Leader Nikki Sentinella introduces us to this ancient and wild place filled with staggering landscapes, unique wildlife, and a rich history reaching back to the supercontinent of Gondwana.

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: New Zealand Nature Explorer

Originally presented August 15, 2023
Prepare for a journey to New Zealand’s South Island, home to snow-capped mountains, coastal rain forests and some of the darkest night skies on Earth! Expedition Leader Judy McKenzie walks us through the itinerary and shares details about our accommodations (luxury ecolodges, a historic castle), transportation, packing essentials and more. Learn about our activities including hiking, kayaking and night walks, and the wildlife we’ll be looking for, from flightless brown kiwis to fur seals and endangered penguins.

WEBINAR | Get Ready to Discover the Wild Side of China

Originally presented August 10, 2023
Find out what to expect on our Wild Side of China adventure, from close-up panda encounters to cultural and culinary delights. Expedition Leader Brad Josephs offers a comprehensive overview of our journey into the Minshan Mountains of Sichuan province, including daily activities, transportation, accommodations, packing advice, and some of the Chinese wildlife we’re likely to see in addition to pandas (takin, goral, serow, golden pheasant and endangered golden snub-nosed monkeys, for starters!).

WEBINAR | What Do Animals Do in the Monsoon?

Originally presented August 7, 2023
The monsoon is an annual miracle, bringing water and life to the Indian subcontinent after the scorching dry season. Even in this torrential downpour, there is a buzz of activity: Trees bud, plants bloom, and animals court, breed and nest. Join Expedition Leader Conan Dumenil to learn what happens in India during the monsoon—from the coasts and cloud forests to the Western Ghats—and the rainy season’s effect on the plants and animals that live in these wildly varied regions.

WEBINAR | Top 10 Mammals to See on a Grand India Wildlife Adventure

Originally presented August 4, 2023
Tigers may be the top attraction on an Indian safari, but there are so many more mammals to spot! Expedition Leader Arpita Dutta has been guiding in India for more than two decades. In this webinar, she shares the top 10 mammals to add to your Indian wildlife list, from big cats like tigers and leopards, to pachyderms like Asian elephants and one-horned rhinos, to lesser-known creatures like dholes, barasingha (swamp deer) and India’s only ape: the tailless hoolock gibbon.

WEBINAR | Meet the Elephants of Sri Lanka

Originally presented August 2, 2023
Sri Lankan elephants are a separate subspecies of the Asian elephant, found nowhere else on Earth. It’s unusual to find such large mammals on a small island, making them even more intriguing. Learn how Sri Lankan elephants differ from their mainland cousins, understand their unique biology and behaviors, and find out how they interact with the flora and fauna of the island, including its human inhabitants. Payal and Ramani will also discuss current threats to Sri Lankan elephants and conservation efforts to protect them.

WEBINAR | Animals and Ecosystems of Nat Hab’s Grand India Wildlife Adventure

Originally presented July 27, 2023
India’s national parks are as diverse as the animals that inhabit them. Join Expedition Leader Arpita Dutta for a virtual tour of the hills and grasslands of Bandhavgarh National Park (which boasts one of the world's highest densities of tigers), the jungles and meadows of Kanha (home to endangered swamp deer), and the semi-evergreen forests and wetlands of Kaziranga (a refuge that hosts two-thirds of the world’s one-horned rhinos). You’ll leave excited to join us in real life on our Grand India Wildlife Adventure!

WEBINAR | Five Ways Conservation Travel Empowers People and Protects Animals

Originally presented July 25, 2023
Expedition Leader Roger Smith has been guiding wildlife tours in Australia for 30 years. In that time, he’s seen firsthand both a worrying decline in animal populations -- and the way conservation travel can help bring them back from the brink. Journey with him along Australia’s Great Ocean Road as he introduces you to endemic animals like wallabies and koalas and explains how sustainable, small-group travel can turn you from wildlife watcher to wildlife protector!

WEBINAR | The Monsoon: A Natural & Cultural History

Originally presented July 24, 2023
After the scorching tropical summer, the monsoon is a time of relief not only for the people of the Indian subcontinent, but also for its flora and fauna. The rainy season has always attracted travelers eager to witness this natural phenomenon, as well as people interested in capitalizing on the area’s rich botanical resources, from medieval spice traders to the British East India Company. Join Expedition Leader Conan Dumenil as he explains the dramatic impacts of the monsoon and how it has shaped history.

WEBINAR | India, Nepal and Bhutan: A Fusion of Adventures

Originally presented July 18, 2023
Traveling to South Asia can be a long journey. So, why not see as much as you can while you’re there? Expedition Leader Arpita Dutta explains how combining our trips in India, Nepal and Bhutan can help maximize your travel budget -- and your travel experience. Discover some of the highlights of this region, from wildlife like tigers, one-horned rhinos, Asian elephants and snow leopards, to cultural wonders: ancient palaces, sacred statues and the towering “Tiger’s Nest” monastery.

WEBINAR | Why Nepal & Bhutan Is the Perfect Follow-Up to a Grand India Adventure

Originally presented July 5, 2023
Searching for a unique and diverse nature adventure? Look no further than this immersive exploration of two Himalayan kingdoms. You’ll safari in Chitwan National Park, hike to “Tiger’s Nest” temple and more. In Part 1 of this series, South Asia Expedition Leader Arpita Dutta describes some of the highlights of our Wild & Ancient Himalaya: Nepal & Bhutan trip, from the animals and landscapes to the art and architecture in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. And learn how you can combine this trip with a Grand India Wildlife Adventure to further enhance your journey.

WEBINAR | Photo Post-Processing Workshop: India Safari Sightings

Originally presented June 21, 2023
Our current India safari season has come to an end, and our photographer Expedition Leaders finally have time to comb through their huge troves of images. Join Aditya Panda as he presents another of his popular live post-processing workshops, featuring highlights from our 2022–23 India wildlife safaris. Listen to the stories behind the images of rhinos, elephants, tigers and more, and learn how to make your travel photos the best they can be using exciting new features on popular photo-processing software platforms like Adobe Lightroom.

WEBINAR | Safari in Sri Lanka: A Global Biodiversity Hotspot

Originally presented June 20, 2023
Sri Lanka offers a wealth of experiences for nature enthusiasts. Tropical forests teem with vibrant birds, elephants and monkeys. Golden beaches encircle the island nation and blue whales inhabit the azure waters. Join Expedition Leader Toby Sinclair on a virtual journey through this mesmerizing country, renowned for its significant biodiversity and rich cultural history, and learn what to expect on Nat Hab's Sri Lanka safari.

WEBINAR | Season Highlights: India Tiger Quest

Originally presented June 6, 2023
As summer peaks and the long wait for the life-giving monsoons nears its end, the Indian safari season also draws to a close. And what a season it’s been! Expedition Leader Aditya Panda recounts some of the phenomenal animal encounters experienced by Nat Hab travelers, from tigers making kills right alongside our safari vehicles to intriguing leopard behavior and ultra-rare hyena sightings.

WEBINAR | Nat Hab's Grand India Adventure: Wildlife...and More!

Originally presented May 26, 2023
Naturally, wildlife features front and center on our Grand India Wildlife Adventure, but this journey to the Indian subcontinent includes more than animal sightings. Expedition Leader Arpita Dutta reveals the cultural immersions you can expect in the rural regions we visit. Learn about the rich heritage of the Indigenous tribes we will encounter and how conservation tourism helps sustain their livelihoods. And get a sneak-peek at our Taj Mahal extension!

WEBINAR | Project Tiger: 50 Years of Conservation

Originally presented April 28, 2023
Need some good news? Join Aditya Panda for an uplifting look at the growing tiger population in India and find out how it has achieved this incredible success.

WEBINAR | Trip Report & Photo Workshop: Grand India Wildlife Adventure

Originally presented on March 23, 2023
Sit in as an Expedition Leader and photo pro shares stories and images from a recent India adventure that will inspire you to join us there soon. He’ll also post-process his favorite photos in a live demo to help you hone your editing technique!

WEBINAR | Baloo and the Simple Bear Necessities

Originally presented on March 2, 2023
In The Jungle Book, Baloo is an easy-going sloth bear who befriends a “man-cub” named Mowgli. But in the wilds of India, real sloth bears share a different story with humans and wildlife alike.

WEBINAR | Back by Popular Demand: A Live Photo Editing Session with Aditya Panda

Originally presented February 22, 2023
Sit in on a professional wildlife photographer's personal editing session as Aditya Panda takes us through his editing workflow, and gain tips and tricks for making the most of your own photos.

WEBINAR | Picture This! A Peek into Our India Photo Safaris

Originally presented on February 16, 2023
Whether shooting on your smartphone or with pro-grade camera equipment, you’ll benefit from our Expedition Leaders’ overview of our India Tiger Quest and Photo Pro safaris -- prep for your best photos of India’s nature, wildlife and more.

WEBINAR | From Cobras to Pythons: Snake Stories of India

Originally presented on February 9, 2023
Don’t be afraid! Discover the importance of snakes in Indian culture, get to know the subcontinent’s most interesting species, and gain a better understanding of this oft-misunderstood reptile.

WEBINAR | Meet Four Special South Asian Primates

Originally presented on February 7, 2023
Our South Asia Expedition Leaders love primates! From the hoolock gibbon to the Bornean orangutan, meet four of their favorites—which you're sure to love, too.

WEBINAR | Reefs & Rain Forests of Northern Australia

Originally presented February 6, 2023
Get an insider’s take on Nat Hab’s Northern Australia adventure, from the depths of the Great Barrier Reef to the top of the continent at Kakadu National Park.

WEBINAR | Safari Diaries: Addressing Human-Elephant Conflict

Originally presented January 30, 2023
Can humans and elephants coexist peacefully in India? Join us for the second installment of our “Safari Diaries” series to learn about this conservation challenge.

WEBINAR | What to Expect on Our Grand India Wildlife Adventure

Originally presented January 16, 2023
From exhilarating wildlife encounters including possible sightings of Bengal tigers and sloth bears to peaceful evenings in jungle ecolodges, get the inside scoop on our Grand India nature odyssey from an experienced Expedition Leader.

WEBINAR | Diary of a Grand India Safari

Originally presented January 10, 2023
It’s not every day that you share your dinner table with a tiger! Hear this and other unbelievable (but true!) wildlife stories during our new "Safari Diary" series.

WEBINAR | The Not-So-Insignificant Co-Stars of the Indian Jungle

Originally presented December 30, 2022
Move over, elephants, rhinos and tigers. Join a naturalist Expedition Leader to meet some of the humbler—yet vital—mammals that dwell in the Indian jungle.

WEBINAR | The Weird, Wonderful and “Don’t Touch That!” Plants of Australia

Originally presented December 28, 2022
Discover Australia’s most unusual plants, from the alien-looking red kangaroo paw to the burrawang, which requires fire to start producing seed.

WEBINAR | Safari Stories: A Holiday Special

Originally presented December 21, 2022
Do shepherds really watch their flocks by night? Why do we eat certain foods during the holidays? And what’s the deal with reindeer? Get nature’s perspective on the winter season through firsthand accounts from two of our India Expedition Leaders.

WEBINAR | Meet the Big Cats of India

Originally presented December 15, 2022
Learn what it’s like to see lions, tigers and leopards in the wilds of India with one of our expert big cat guides.

WEBINAR | Time for Tigers: Safari Season Is on in India

Originally presented December 6, 2022
Get to know India’s three premier national parks and the incredible wildlife viewing that awaits guests on our Grand India Wildlife Adventure.

WEBINAR | Return to Nepal & Bhutan: It’s Good to Be Back!

Originally presented November 30, 2022
Nat Hab enthusiastically returns to Nepal and Bhutan this fall, our first time since before the pandemic. Join our guides for an “instant trip” as they chat about the wildlife, hiking, food and more.

WEBINAR | Winter Is Coming, Part 2: Wildlife Warmup

Originally presented November 28, 2022
When winter arrives in the northern hemisphere, we pull out our heavy sweaters and turn up the thermostat. But how do the creatures around us stay warm? Learn their secrets in today’s webinar.

WEBINAR | Winter Is Coming, Part 1

Originally presented November 17, 2022
Whether they migrate away from it, or embrace the colder temperatures, animals react to the coming of winter in a variety of ways. Learn about their wintery ways in today’s webinar.

WEBINAR | Tigers Through the Lens

Originally presented November 9, 2022
Meet the tigers of Ranthambore National Park in India, and pick up valuable wildlife tiger tips from one of the best photographer guides in the field.

WEBINAR | For the Love of Leopards

Originally presented November 8, 2022
Learn all about leopards—their agility, curiosity, cleverness and solitary nature—as well as where to see them on a Nat Hab adventure.

WEBINAR | Safari Stories from India

Originally presented November 4, 2022
Sit around a virtual campfire and hear safari stories from the limitless library of two of Nat Hab’s most experienced India nature guides.

WEBINAR | Exploring Nature and Culture in the Terai—Part 1

Originally presented November 1, 2022
Travel to know a lesser-known hot spot just south of the Himalayas in the first session of this interesting webinar series about the Terai region of South Asia, hosted by one of its biggest fans.

WEBINAR | Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Originally presented October 17, 2022
Camouflage is one of the most powerful behavioral phenomena in nature. Discover the amazing ways some of India’s wildlife uses this superpower to their advantage.

WEBINAR | Live with the Eagle Hunters of Mongolia for a Month

Originally presented October 25, 2022
Don’t miss this fascinating look at the nomadic eagle-hunting traditions of the Kazakh people in Mongolia, and learn how you can support their heritage by living among this community.

WEBINAR | The Cheetah’s Triumphant Return

Originally presented October 24, 2022
Celebrate the comeback of these big cats in India! Learn how the country is doing the near-impossible: bringing the cheetah back after seven decades of extinction.

WEBINAR | Incredible Encounters With One of the World’s Rarest Cats

Originally presented October 4, 2022
Witness unforgettable moments with the "ghost of the mountains"—the Himalaya snow leopard—with an experienced tracker and photographer.

WEBINAR | Insider’s Guide to the Best Wildlife Parks in India and Nepal

Originally presented September 30, 2022
Discover four of South Asia’s greatest national parks, and learn about the world-class wildlife encounters you might experience when you visit.

WEBINAR | Australia South: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Originally presented September 15, 2022
Get the inside scoop on what to know before you head out on Nat Hab's epic Southern Australia safari. If you thought you were looking forward to it before, your excitement will know no bounds now!

WEBINAR | Grand India Safari: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Originally presented September 13, 2022
Find out what's in store on Nat Hab's Grand India Wildlife Adventure, a wide-ranging safari showcasing the tigers of Bandhavgarh, the one-horned rhinos of Kaziranga, and a multitude of wild species and places in between.

WEBINAR | India 300 Years Ago: What Can We Learn?

Originally presented September 12, 2022
Travel back to early 18th century India and discover all the flora and fauna you would have seen—and learn what has happened to it. This journey into the past will inspire you to conserve what remains for the future!

WEBINAR | All the Safari Photo Tips You’ve Ever Wanted

Originally presented September 9, 2022
Heading out on safari soon? Get need-to-know tips and tricks during this wildlife photography tutorial with an expert photographer and Nat Hab guide.

WEBINAR | The Dirty Dozen, Part 2: Misunderstood Animals

Originally presented September 6, 2022
Meet more of the "ugly" beasts, sneaky scavengers and creepy-crawlies of the Indian subcontinent as we bust the myths and uncover the stigmas behind their bad raps.

WEBINAR | Mythology and Magical Belief: Curse or Blessing for Wildlife?

Originally presented August 25, 2022
Expedition Leader Arpita Dutta shares animal mythology from around the globe and highlights how belief in supernatural stories can help protect—or threaten—wildlife in the real world.

WEBINAR | Conserving Wildlife in South Asia: What’s Working

Originally presented August 18, 2022
From tracking Bengal tigers to large-scale coordination efforts to save Asian elephant and rhino habitats, leading conservation organizations are making a big difference in sustaining wildlife in India and Nepal.

WEBINAR | More than Meat: Meet India’s Wild Ungulates

Originally presented August 16, 2022
Tigers, wolves, bears—step out of the spotlight for a moment, please. Today we turn our attention to the less-celebrated hoofed mammals of the Indian wilds, which are fascinating in their own right.

WEBINAR | How You Can Help Halt Illegal Wildlife Trade

Originally presented August 12, 2022
From your choice of household pet to the way you choose to travel, your decisions can inadvertently affect wildlife trafficking. Learn how more responsible choices will save the animals with whom we share our planet.

WEBINAR | Meet the Charming & Endangered Pangolin

Originally presented August 11, 2022
Did you know these scaly anteaters are more closely related to cats and dogs than they are to armadillos? Learn more fascinating facts about these distinctive armored mammals, including why they are so gravely endangered.

WEBINAR | What You Need to Know Before You Go: Nat Hab’s Australia North Trip

Originally presented August 10, 2022
Pick the brain of your own personal trip scout as Nat Hab Expedition Leader Bruce Paterson shares what to do and what not to do, as well as what to pack, on our northern Australia adventure.

WEBINAR | Combatting India's Illegal Wildlife Trade

Originally presented August 2, 2022
Learn how wildlife crime is affecting India's endangered species and the conservation measures being taken to curb poaching and animal trafficking.

WEBINAR | All About Tigers!

Originally presented July 29, 2022
Celebrate Global Tiger Day with Expedition Leader Aditya Panda. You’ll hear thrilling tiger tales and learn what the wildlife conservation community is doing to help protect this feline phenom.

WEBINAR | On the Move with the Monsoon: Part 4

Originally presented July 28, 2022
Explore the tiny state of Goa in the fourth and final installment of our monsoon series. Meet a freshwater crocodile that was brought back from the brink of extinction and raise a glass of traditional cashew liquor to the rainy season!

WEBINAR | The Dirty Dozen: India’s Most Misunderstood Animals

Originally presented July 25, 2022
Meet some of the “ugly” beasts, sneaky scavengers and creepy-crawlies of the Indian subcontinent as we bust the myths and uncover the stigmas behind their bad raps.

WEBINAR | India’s Blueprint for Saving Wildlife

Originally presented July 22, 2022
Discover how India is tackling wildlife conservation issues head-on, seeking to preserve its population of tigers, leopards, elephants and more, even in the face of exponential population growth.

WEBINAR | On the Move with the Monsoon: Part 3

Originally presented July 21, 2022
For the third week, our favorite monsoon maven continues to share her travels through India, introducing you to myriad creatures, from dancing frogs to sneaky cat-snakes.

WEBINAR | Life in India’s Off-Season

Originally presented July 18, 2022
Discover the miracle of the monsoon with a Nat Hab guide who knows the Indian subcontinent like the back of his hand. Why is the season so important to both humans and wildlife? You’ll know after today!

WEBINAR | Animal Star Power: Is Celebrity Status a Good Thing?

Originally presented July 15, 2022
Meet the animal "stars" of India's national parks (elephants! panthers! tigers!) and investigate with Aditya Panda whether their popularity is a net benefit or detriment to their welfare.

WEBINAR | On the Move with the Monsoon, Again!

Originally presented July 11, 2022
This week, your monsoon-chasing Nat Hab guide continues her travels through India, introducing you to the amphibians, snakes, lizards and other creatures who live for the rain.

WEBINAR | On the Move with the Monsoon: Part 1

Originally presented July 7, 2022
Travel alongside a Nat Hab Expedition Leader during India’s monsoon season and meet the rain forest’s Phayre’s leaf monkeys, Takydromus lizards, nocturnal snakes, tokay geckos, incredible moths and more.

WEBINAR | Rewilding India’s Cheetahs

Originally presented July 5, 2022
Learn how conservationists in India are undoing extinction as a Nat Hab Expedition Leader discusses the reintroduction of the cheetah to the Indian subcontinent and why rewilding our natural world is so crucial for all of us.

WEBINAR | Tips for Better Photography in the Jungle

Originally presented June 29, 2022
Join professional photographer Richard de Gouveia to learn how to capture striking images in challenging jungle settings – a perfect primer for your upcoming trip to Rwanda, Madagascar, India or beyond.

WEBINAR | Monkeying Around: A Look at the Primates of Asia

Originally presented June 28, 2022
Join Expedition Leader Conan Dumenil to get to know the orangutan, lion-tailed macaque, hoolock gibbon, slender loris and more, as we learn more about ourselves as primates in the process.

WEBINAR | Summer of the Tiger, Part 2

Originally presented June 3, 2022
Join Nat Hab Expedition Leader Aditya Panda for more updates from India on this season’s tiger viewing, with exciting stories and stunning photos of these regal felines from Ranthambhore National Park.

WEBINAR | Storytime with Bears: Part II

Originally presented May 19, 2022
Expedition Leader Kristina Disney is back with more bear tales! Get comfy and listen to bear-based legends from around the world as we discover why these furry creatures hold so much cultural significance.

WEBINAR | Back in India! Exciting Safari Highlights of the Season

Originally presented May 18, 2022
Nat Hab returned to India this season, and Aditya Panda is here with all the highlights, including new wildlife movements and sightings that have emerged during the pandemic hiatus. Join our virtual safari!

WEBINAR | Charismatic Chitwan: Nepal’s First National Park

Originally presented May 16, 2022
Meet hulking Asian elephants, lovable sloth bears and a staggering number of bird species that live in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park, and get inspired to join Nat Hab on a wildlife adventure in this bucket-list destination.

WEBINAR | Field Report from the Land of the Snow Leopard

Originally presented April 29, 2022
Hear from our Expedition Leader and guests who just returned from the stark heights of the Indian Himalaya on a quest to see one of Earth’s rarest cats, the elusive snow leopard. (Spoiler: They saw several!)

WEBINAR | A Love Affair with Kaziranga National Park

Originally presented April 25, 2022
After sharing her love of India’s Kanha National Park two weeks ago, Nat Hab Expedition Leader Arpita Dutta returns to proclaim her fondness for the country’s Kaziranga National Park.

WEBINAR | A Love Affair with Kanha National Park

Originally presented April 11, 2022
Explore the fabled jungles, powerful rivers and intriguing wildlife of India’s stunning Kanha National Park, a top highlight of Nat Hab’s Grand India Wildlife Safari, and learn how our presence supports the local community.

WEBINAR | Discover the Wild Jewels of Northern Australia

Originally presented March 28, 2022
Hear about the highlights of Nat Hab’s northern Australia adventure as we explore Daintree, the world’s oldest rain forest, tropical outback in Kakadu, and the imperiled Great Barrier Reef.

WEBINAR | Coral Conservation and the Biodiversity of the Great Barrier Reef

Originally presented March 21, 2022
Hear from the lead scientist of the Living Coral Biobank Project about environmental threats to the Great Barrier Reef and what is being done to secure and maintain the biodiversity of all coral species.

WEBINAR | Conservation Challenges: Human-Wildlife Conflict

Originally presented March 17, 2022
Using India as a success story, Aditya Panda provides insight into the tenuous balance between wildlife conservation and the needs of human populations, and how the two can be harmonized.

WEBINAR | Leapin’ Lizards – Monitors, Komodos & More

Originally presented March 14, 2022
Monitor lizards are one of the oldest surviving inhabitants of the planet. Find out what keeps this species – and its cousin, the Komodo dragon – going strong.

WEBINAR | Jungle Love – Courtships, Relationships & Rituals in the Wild

Originally presented March 8, 2022
Where do birds of paradise learn their famous dating dance moves? Did you know that interior design matters to bowerbirds seeking a mate? When it comes to courtship, learn why animals do the things they do.

WEBINAR | Power & Politics in the Wild

Originally presented March 4, 2022
What do tigers, elephants, leopards, animal behavior and natural history have in common? They’re all ruled by politics, believe it or not. Discover how with Nat Hab Expedition Leader Aditya Panda.

WEBINAR | Storytime with Bears

Originally presented February 24, 2022
Grab a blanket, make yourself comfortable and listen to myths and legends about bears from around the world—discover how and why these creatures are so significant in many cultures.

WEBINAR | Traded to Extinction: Illegal Wildlife Trafficking in India

Originally presented February 14, 2022
Learn about the threats to India’s most precious wildlife species, from tigers and rhinos to pangolins to seahorses, and how global citizens can help protect wildlife from illegal trade around the world.

WEBINAR | The Super 6: Meet the Snakes of South Asia

Originally presented February 10, 2022
An India Expedition Leader introduces us to six of South Asia’s snake species, deepening our understanding of these reptiles and their essential ecological role.

WEBINAR | The Body Language of Bears

Originally presented January 27, 2022
Bears don’t see so well...but they sure can smell! Learn how bears communicate by emitting chemicals called pheromones and using their highly capable noses to decipher them.

WEBINAR | Snow Leopard Quest in the Himalayas

Originally presented January 24, 2022
Tracking snow leopards in the Himalayas of northern India is one of the world’s greatest wildlife experiences. Join the director of Snow Leopard Lodge for an overview of what to expect.

WEBINAR | World Wetland Wonders

Originally presented January 18, 2022
Marshes, swamps, bogs, fens, muskeg...did you know wetlands comprise some of Earth’s most important wildlife habitat? From the Pantanal to the Mekong Delta, learn about these complex ecosystems that provide refuge for many endangered species.

WEBINAR | Gods in Distress: Conserving India's Elephants

Originally presented January 7, 2021
Long revered in Indian culture, Asian elephants now face increasing pressures from habitat loss and fragmentation. Discover what's being done to protect these magnificent creatures and reduce human-elephant conflicts in India.

WEBINAR | Crocodilians of the World, Part 1: Mugger, Salty and Gharial

Originally presented January 6, 2021
Learn all about India’s three intriguing crocodile species, their critical role in maintaining the health of aquatic habitats, and the conservation challenges and successes for these primeval reptiles across the Indian subcontinent.

WEBINAR | The Umbrella Bear: How Protecting Bears Protects Ecosystems

Originally presented January 5, 2022
As “umbrella species,” bears help protect a whole range of animals and plants that depend on them to thrive within an ecosystem. Learn why bears are conservation heroes with Expedition Leader Eddy Savage.

WEBINAR | Bear Speciation: Evolution of the Family Ursidae

Originally presented January 4, 2021
How did bears evolve into the eight species that are living today and why have other bear species gone extinct? Biologist Kristina Disney offers an overview of this evolutionary journey based on scientists’ current understanding of bear speciation.

WEBINAR | Birdwatching: An Indian Safari Highlight

Originally presented December 29, 2021
From showy peacocks to bright green bee eaters, India is home to an astonishing 1,300 bird species. You may come to see tigers, but this webinar reveals why India’s avifauna makes your safari extra special!

WEBINAR | Scatology 101: Downloading Unexpected Info in the Wild

Originally presented December 21, 2021
Poop, pee and fluids are powerful communicators in the animal kingdom—and surprisingly detailed sources of information for humans! In this lighthearted presentation, find out how much there is to learn from wildlife excretions and secretions.

WEBINAR | Exhilarating Indian Animal Encounters

Originally presented December 16, 2021
Two top naturalist guides reveal how to find wildlife in India’s parks, how animals surprise us, what makes a sighting extraordinary, and why a safari in India is an essential for wildlife lovers!

WEBINAR | Meet the Moon Bears of Sichuan

Originally presented December 10, 2021
Living in the rugged mountains of southwest China, moon bears are among the world’s rarest and most elusive bears. Discover what makes them special, why they are so endangered, and how you can help.

WEBINAR | The Wild Cat Webinar

Originally presented December 1, 2021
Africa and India are home to most of the world’s wild cats, from well-known lions and tigers to less-familiar species like the caracal and jungle cat. Meet an entrancing variety in today’s bi-continental webinar.

WEBINAR | Land of the Thunder Dragon: Discover the Kingdom of Bhutan

Originally presented November 22, 2021
The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan offers travelers a wondrous encounter with its unique natural and cultural heritage. Join two passionate guides to learn why Gross National Happiness is the measure of wellbeing in Bhutan!

WEBINAR | Wild Migration Stories from India

Originally presented November 19, 2021
Discover fascinating migration phenomena including cranes that crowd an Indian town each morning, a huge flock of falcons that lays over on its multi-continent journey, and the world's largest gathering of olive ridley sea turtles.

WEBINAR | A Prince on Two Continents: Rhinos of Asia & Africa

Originally presented November 15, 2021
A comparative look at endangered rhinos across two continents delves into the natural history and contemporary challenges these amazing animals face, especially in the face of an epidemic of poaching that has decimated their numbers.

WEBINAR | A River Runs Through It: Touching Landscapes, Lives & Wildlife

Originally presented November 8, 2021
Rivers are powerful shapers of Earth’s landscape, influencing where humans settle and thrive, nurturing wildlife and defining ecosystems. Explore their roles as we trace several important rivers from glacial source to delta finale.

WEBINAR | Monkey Business: Meet India's Amazing Primates

Originally presented November 5, 2021
From the hoolock gibbon to the slow loris, India's 14 primate species are fascinating—and they're on display on Nat Hab's India safaris. Join Expedition Leader Aditya Panda for a captivating look.

WEBINAR | Beyond Big Game: Lesser Known Stars on an Indian Safari

Originally presented October 29, 2021
On safari, we tend to seek out the big, glamorous species known as “charismatic megafauna.” But Aditya Panda is here to broaden your horizons with a look at equally captivating species also worthy of acclaim.

WEBINAR | Two Years of Discovery in Bhutan

Originally presented October 28, 2021
The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan offers travelers a unique encounter with its natural and cultural heritage. Discover it through the personal lens of two guides who lived for a time in this very special country.

WEBINAR | India Safari Photography 2.0: Pro Tips

Originally presented October 22, 2021
Aditya Panda is back with a second installment on India safari photography, intended for serious photographers seeking the wildlife shots of a lifetime. Find out about our new India Tiger Safari Photo Pro Expedition!

WEBINAR | Discover Wildlife & Culture in Sri Lanka

Originally presented October 18, 2021
The “Pearl of the Indian Ocean,” Sri Lanka is a global biodiversity hotspot home to leopards, elephants and blue whales, not to mention rich layers of human history and culture. Join our virtual tour!

WEBINAR | Lords of Two Continents: Asian and African Elephants

Originally presented October 13, 2021
Two seasoned safari guides from Africa and India get together to discuss their favorite animals: elephants. Find out what makes these creatures so amazing, and where to see them in the wild.

WEBINAR | In the Shadow of the World’s Highest Mountains

Originally presented October 11, 2021
Discover the land, wildlife and people of Nepal in a webinar showcasing the remarkably varied nature of this land-locked country at the foot of the mighty Himalayas.

WEBINAR | An Introductory Guide to Safari Photography in India

Originally presented October 8, 2021
Avid rookies and accomplished photographers alike will benefit from expert tips for wildlife photography from Expedition Leader Aditya Panda. While the focus is on the India safari experience, you can apply all you learn elsewhere, too!

WEBINAR | Mother Nature as Narrator: Reading Tracks & Signs

Originally presented September 30, 2021
Expedition Leader Arpita Dutta shares fascinating knowledge gleaned from two decades of guiding in the jungle to illustrate the nature of wildlife tracking: learn where and how to look for animal signs and what they mean.

WEBINAR | India’s Cool Cats

Originally presented September 24, 2021
India has the highest density of wild cats in the world. Meet five of its fabulous felines—the tiger, lion, leopard, snow leopard and clouded leopard—through the eyes of five fantastic Indian Expedition Leaders.

WEBINAR | Creatures Great and Small: India's Diverse Wildlife

Originally presented September 14, 2021
Did you know India has some of the most prolific and varied wildlife on the planet? If you’re an animal lover, it’s an essential destination. Conan Dumenil enthusiastically shares its diverse delights.

WEBINAR | Turtles, Tortoises & Terrapins: Meet India’s Chelonians

Originally presented September 13, 2021
There’s more to Indian wildlife than tigers...India’s endangered turtles and their reptile relations are intriguing and integral to ecosystem health. Join a turtle conservation expert for a fascinating journey into their world

WEBINAR | Chatting Over Chai: Meet India’s Beautiful Rosettes

Originally presented September 10, 2021
Stripes versus rosettes? Bengal tigers may get the limelight...but three more gorgeous felines merit your admiration! Meet the Indian leopard, clouded leopard and snow leopard, masterful and mystical predators.

WEBINAR | Chitwan: World Heritage Jungle

Originally presented September 9, 2021
Nepal's wildlife treasure, Chitwan National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its diverse flora and fauna -- and its status as a global conservation leader.

WEBINAR | Beguiling Bhutan & Nepal

Originally presented September 7, 2021
Make a virtual venture into the Wild & Ancient Himalaya realm as two Expedition Leaders showcase Nat Hab’s journey into the wildlife-rich jungle of Nepal and the entrancing mountains of Bhutan.

WEBINAR | The Abode of Snow: Land, People & Wildlife of the Himalayas

Originally presented August 27, 2021
Himalaya means “abode of snow" in Sanskrit. What is it like to be an animal or person dwelling at the earth’s highest elevations? Take a virtual journey across the heights of India, Nepal and Bhutan to find out.

WEBINAR | Sloth Bears, Sun Bears & Polar Bears: An Unlikely Trio

Originally presented August 26, 2021
You know about polar bears. But did you know India has bears, too? Do bears of the jungle have anything in common with bears in the Arctic? Join guides from Alaska and India for an entertaining exploration.

WEBINAR | The Challenges of Saving India's Tigers

Originally presented August 17, 2021
We know about poaching—but what other challenges to India’s tigers face when it comes to protecting a future for them? Join a tiger conservation expert to learn more, including uplifting success stories.

WEBINAR | Chatting over Chai: India’s Wildly Contrasting Wildlife

Originally presented August 13, 2021
India’s geography is as diverse as it comes, from Himalayan heights to lowland jungles—and similar wildlife species have adapted to varied settings in fascinating ways. Meet a few of them on this entertaining virtual safari!

WEBINAR | Why an Indian Safari Deserves a Spot on Your Travel List

Originally presented August 6, 2021
While you may not associate India with safaris, this storied subcontinent is home to some of the world’s most rewarding wildlife destinations and experiences. Meet India’s “Big Seven” and discover the country's diverse habitats and national parks.

WEBINAR | Citizen Science’s Role in Indian Wildlife Conservation

Originally presented August 3, 2021
Amateur scientists are accelerating the pace of discovery and enhancing our understanding of the natural environment. Discover some revelations about India’s birds, plants and ecosystems that have been obtained through citizen science.

WEBINAR | Tales from the Indian Wilderness: Talking Wild over Chai

Originally presented July 30, 2021
Want to learn about some unique species and perhaps encounter the unexpected? This is the wildlife webinar for you! Join two Indian guides for an introduction to some of the subcontinent’s lesser-known, but equally compelling, wild animals.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go: Discover Central India’s Top Tiger Havens

Originally presented July 29, 2021
Join a virtual safari into two of India's famed Bengal tiger reserves, Kanha and Bandhavgarh. You'll get a grand preview of the superb wildlife viewing opportunities that await you in the wild heart of the subcontinent.

WEBINAR | Ranthambore: The Tiger’s Fortress

Originally presented July 22, 2021
India’s Ranthambore National Park is widely regarded as the best place on Earth to see and photograph wild Bengal tigers. Join our virtual safari with a top India Expedition Leader and tiger conservationist!

WEBINAR | India’s Enchanting Wild Birds

Originally presented July 16, 2021
We all know and admire peacocks...but India’s captivating birdlife is far more extensive! Join two avid birdwatchers, avian experts and naturalist guides for a closer look at India’s beautiful birds and conservation efforts on their behalf.

WEBINAR | Snow Leopard Conservation: A Report from the Field

Originally presented July 6, 2021
Meet the mysterious “ghost of the mountains”—the elusive snow leopards of the Himalayas—and get an elevated understanding of current conservation efforts to protect these vulnerable cats and preserve their wild alpine habitats.

WEBINAR | Tiger Country: Ranthambore through Two Guides’ Eyes

Originally presented July 2, 2021
Explore the wilds of Ranthambore National Park, one of India's largest tiger sanctuaries, in this overview of the reserve's animals, people and geography as two guides share insights and swap stories of memorable wildlife sightings.

WEBINAR | Let's Go: Discover Kaziranga, India’s Wildlife Haven

Originally presented July 1, 2021
Kaziranga National Park in northeast India is home to a remarkable abundance and diversity of megafauna, including the one-horned rhino, Asian elephant and Bengal tiger. Join our virtual tour of one of the world's best safari destinations!

WEBINAR | Let's Go: A Summer Safari into India’s Tiger Territory

Originally presented June 17, 2021
Ranthambore National Park is famous for its Bengal tigers—yet it offers much more in terms of encounters with India’s nature and culture. Join our virtual journey for a foray into India’s best tiger-viewing terrain!

WEBINAR | Reversing Wildlife Extinction in India

Originally presented June 16, 2021
From tigers to rhinos and Asiatic elephants, many of India’s renowned wildlife species are on the verge of extinction, with some already gone locally across their original range. Yet many are rebounding from the brink—join us for exciting conservation stories!

WEBINAR | No, Really—They’re Cool! An Introduction to India's Snakes

Originally presented June 15, 2021
Snakes get a bad rap. But most of India's 270 snake species are harmless to humans and play critical roles in varied ecosystems across the subcontinent. Get a glimpse of some of these intriguing serpents in this webinar full of fascinating details.

WEBINAR | Prince of Cats: The Leopard in India

Originally presented June 11, 2021
Did you know that leopards are the most widely dispersed big cats on Earth? Get a look at the secretive lives of these elusive and adaptable carnivores, including their amazing ability to survive in almost any environment.

WEBINAR | India: Unexpected Surprises in the Jungle

Originally presented June 10, 2021
Seven Expedition Leaders agree: India's jungles are full of wildlife surprises! Join these naturalist guides for a storytelling session recounting some of their most rare and memorable wildlife sightings in the subcontinent’s forests.

WEBINAR | India’s Tigers: All You Need to Know

Originally presented May 25, 2021
Gain a more complete perspective on India's Bengal tigers with this fascinating overview of the country's most iconic big cat—including current conservation challenges and successes.

WEBINAR | Meet India's Lesser-Known Mammals

Originally presented May 17, 2021
Although India's tigers may be the country's most famous wild animal, there are some 400 other mammal species on the subcontinent that are also captivating for nature enthusiasts.

WEBINAR | India’s Wild Cats: Meet All 15 Species

Originally presented May 14, 2021
Did you know India is home to five more wild cat species than Africa is? Learn about the lives of these 15 fascinating felines and the conservation challenges they face across the subcontinent.

WEBINAR | Meet the Asian Elephant: Lord of the Jungle

Originally presented May 11, 2021
Asian elephants have been majestic cultural icons in India for millennia, but human-elephant conflicts pose current challenges. Find out how Indian conservationists are protecting wild elephants.

WEBINAR | Tiger in the Backyard: A Journey through India

Originally presented May 3, 2021
India’s wild tigers rely on continuous travel corridors, so how are these big cats adapting to an urbanizing India? Expedition Leader Aditya Panda shares one tiger’s story.

WEBINAR | Borneo: Exploring Tropical Asia’s Hidden Treasure

Originally presented March 24, 2021
Brad Josephs loves Borneo, and you'll discover why on this virtual safari into the depths of one of Earth's oldest, tallest and most at-risk rain forests—home to orangutans and an exotic menagerie of wildlife.

WEBINAR | The Secret Side of China

Originally presented March 19, 2021
Discover China beyond the contentious sphere of geopolitics—it's full of stunning landscapes, rare wildlife and incredibly kind people. China nature travel pioneer Brad Josephs unveils its hidden side, and he promises you'll be surprised—and delighted.

WEBINAR | Land of Devils & Dragons: Amazing Animals of Australia & Tasmania

Originally presented March 11, 2021
Ever heard of a Quoll? Bandicoot? Echidna? Join Mike Hillman for another entertaining zoology lesson as we get acquainted with the unique wildlife that lives Down Under, from Tasmanian devils to 70 different dragon species.

WEBINAR | Beyond Pandas: Discover China’s Rare Mountain Wildlife

Originally presented February 24, 2021
Brad Josephs guides nature expeditions all over the world, but it's China that has captured his heart. Join Brad on a journey deep into the Minshan Mountains to meet its entrancing wild residents.

WEBINAR | Photographing Borneo’s Nocturnal Rain Forest Dwellers

Originally presented February 1, 2021
After dark, Borneo's rain forest teems with fascinating nocturnal creatures, from primitive primates like the tarsier and loris to the harlequin flying frog—Brad Josephs teaches you how to photograph the wildlife of the night.

WEBINAR | Photographing Borneo: Capturing the Essence of a Wild Place

Originally presented December 1, 2020
From a young age, Court Whelan was entranced with the wild wonders of Borneo. Using Borneo as a prototype, he shares how to capture the “essence” of a nature destination in photos.

WEBINAR | Illegal Tiger Trade & Tiger Farms: Threats to Wild Tiger Conservation

Originally presented November 16, 2020
Illegal trade in tiger body parts has major implications for conserving these regal wild cats. Meet a WWF expert whose work is focused on halting tiger poaching, farming and illicit trafficking.

WEBINAR | Wild Borneo: Wonders of the World’s Third-Largest Island

Originally presented October 27, 2020
Court Whelan takes us into a land of stunning biodiversity, where ancient rain forests shelter a dazzling array of intriguing creatures from giant hornbills and proboscis monkeys to the endangered orangutan.

WEBINAR | Realm of the Snow Leopard: India’s Cold Deserts

Originally presented October 19, 2020
Northern India's trans-Himalayan landscape is an austere desert wilderness—yet this complex ecosystem is perfectly designed to sustain snow leopards. Discover it with Expedition Leader Surya Ramachandran.

WEBINAR | Intriguing Tales of India’s Beautiful Birds

Originally presented October 8, 2020
You don't have to be a bird nerd to be fascinated by India's amazing birdlife—join an expert Indian birder to discover the interrelationships of India's 1,300 avian species within intricate and varied ecosystems.

WEBINAR | The Heart of India: Tiger Territory

Originally presented September 10, 2020
Explore the Central India Tiger Landscape with naturalist and conservationist Aditya Panda, who has made a career of fighting for tiger habitat and taking guests to view its most charismatic feline inhabitants.

WEBINAR | Magnificent Beasts of India

Originally presented August 28, 2020
When you think of the Himalayas, you no doubt picture the world’s highest summits. But did you know these glacier-clad slopes drain into a vast jungle region at the base of the range called the Terai? Join an Indian Expedition Leader to discover this massive marsh that sustains diverse wildlife species including elephants, rhinos and tigers.

WEBINAR | India’s Small Wild Cats

Originally presented August 21, 2020
You know about India’s tigers and leopards...but did you know it’s home to a whole host of smaller wild felines, which are equally beautiful and intriguing?

WEBINAR | Wolves, Jackals and Foxes, Oh My! The Canids of India

Originally presented July 27, 2020
Get to know the wild canids of India. Eight species of wild canids including the Asiatic wild dog, two species of wolves and four species of foxes inhabit ranges both within and outside of protected areas.

WEBINAR | Discover the Heart of India

Originally presented July 23, 2020
When most people hear the word "safari," they think Africa. But India has all sorts of safari surprises to offer! India's wild realms comprise the heart of the country that's home to our two Expedition Leader guests, Payal and Harsha. They are eager to share all its wonders with you—including its regal and elusive Bengal tigers.

WEBINAR | Wild Asian Elephants and their Captive Counterparts

Originally presented July 13, 2020
Asian elephants have long played an important role in the culture of India and other Asian countries. Learn all about these smaller cousins to African elephants, including their welfare in the wild and in captivity.

WEBINAR | Saving Asia's Large Mammals: India's Inspiring Conservation Story

Originally presented July 6, 2020
Learn how India has managed to protect its charismatic wildlife, including Bengal tigers and one-horned rhinos, in a country that’s home to one of the largest and densest human populations in the world.

WEBINAR | The Old Man of the Forest and Other Old World Primates

Originally presented June 17, 2020
If you’ve ever captured the deep, sentient gaze of an orangutan, you know there’s lots going on in the mind of this great ape that shares 99% of our DNA. Join us to explore the lives of orangutans and other Old World primates of Asia.

WEBINAR | Safari on the Subcontinent: India’s Big 7

Originally presented May 25, 2020
Safari in search of India’s "Big 7," including the Bengal tiger, in this captivating presentation on the subcontinent’s surprising abundance of charismatic wildlife.

WEBINAR | Bears, Bears and More Bears

Originally presented May 13, 2020
You’ve asked for it, and we are bringing it to you! Due to popular demand, we are bringing you a deep dive into the lives of bears around the world.

WEBINAR | Tigers: India's Powerful Top Predator

Originally presented May 11, 2020
Forget what you thought you learned about tigers by watching Tiger King on Netflix—watch this webinar to learn how these powerful cats actually behave in the wild.

WEBINAR | China’s Changing Views on Nature and Conservation

Originally presented May 6, 2020
Two Nat Hab Expedition Leaders—one American and one Chinese/Tibetan -- will examine how the giant panda has shifted Chinese attitudes toward nature and conservation.

WEBINAR | Snow Leopards & Wildlife of the Himalayas

Originally presented April 30, 2020
Few wild cats are as charismatic as the elusive snow leopard...learn about this gorgeous high-altitude predator and other intriguing Himalayan species.

WEBINAR | Meet Borneo’s Sun Bears & the Hero Saving Them from Extinction

Originally presented April 22, 2020
Wong joins us live from Borneo, where his life’s work is focused on conserving the world’s smallest bear, endemic to this island.

WEBINAR | Who’s the Best Bear in the World?

Originally presented April 15, 2020
Four Expedition Leaders will make the case for why the bear species they represent should win our Best Bear in the World contest!

WEBINAR | Borneo’s Magical Menagerie

Originally presented April 8, 2020
Boasting some of the planet's greatest biodiversity, Earth's oldest and tallest rain forests and endlessly fascinating fauna, Borneo brims with natural wonders. Join Brad Josephs for a deep dive into the tropical treasures of the world's third-largest island.
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