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WEBINAR | Wild Women of Alaska

Originally presented April 11, 2024
The Last Frontier’s siren song has often been answered by men, but some of Alaska’s boldest and most adventurous pioneers were women. Their legacy has given rise to modern women leaders charged in part with managing the state’s natural resources and wildlife. Expedition Leader Samantha Strauss celebrates women who shaped Alaska and who, in turn, were influenced by the state’s wild landscape, sharing individual stories sure to inspire contemporary women to adventure north to the land of glaciers, bears, migrating whales, wolves and so much more.

WEBINAR | Women in the Wild: Nat Hab's Alaska Bear Camp

Originally presented March 11, 2024
This summer, women travelers are invited to experience summer camp as you've never imagined it before. Amid the comfort and camaraderie of an all-women group, join us at our private Alaska Bear Camp in Lake Clark National Park to commune with wild brown bears! Hear all about it from Camp Manager Caprice Stoner, with us for 19 seasons and counting, plus Expedition Leader Jessica Morgan. Discover details of our empowering adventure, from the comforts of our deluxe tent cabins to what close-up bear viewing is like. Find out what to pack, how we get there, and what sets this all-women expedition apart!

WEBINAR | Snowed In: How Snow Shapes the Lives of Plants & Animals

Originally presented January 22, 2024
For some animals, snow is a difficulty to contend with each winter. For others, it provides critical habitat without which they wouldn't survive. Canadian Expedition Leader Eleanor Edye reveals how plants and animals endure winter in the North and the effect snow has on their survival. Learn how small mammals like lemmings and red squirrels remain active even in temperatures that can reach -40 or lower, and find out how ruminants like moose and deer survive long winters with no fresh plant material.

WEBINAR | Get Ready for an Alaska Grizzly Encounter

Originally presented January 18, 2024
Witness the enormous coastal brown bears of Katmai this summer as they feast on salmon and rear their rambunctious young. Expert bear naturalists Brad Josephs and Justin Gibson share all you need to know about our Alaska Grizzly Encounter, including what bear behavior and activity you can expect to see and when. These seasoned Expedition Leaders will also tell you about our floating base for exploration, the privately chartered Natural Habitat Ursus, plus packing essentials to keep you comfortable and dry. They’ll also outline our photo tour itinerary, which offers even more time and tutelage to help you get thrilling photos of these iconic animals.

WEBINAR | A Bear's Inheritance: The Rapid Evolution of Polar Bears

Originally presented January 15, 2024
Did you know polar bears are the newest species of bear on Earth? Not only are they the youngest of the “bear cousins,” but they also evolved incredibly rapidly, making them a fascinating subject for scientific study. Join Expedition Leader Kristina Disney for a deep dive into polar bear evolution to understand how they differ from their closest cousins and how they’ve adapted to thrive in the Arctic. Plus, learn how we can help protect polar bears and how you can see them in the wild on our Churchill adventures.

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: Northern Lights & Arctic Exploration

Originally presented January 3, 2024
There's no experience quite like watching the aurora borealis dance across a dark winter sky. Expedition Leader Eleanor Edye shares tips and tales of our Northern Lights & Arctic Exploration adventure in Churchill, Manitoba. Find out what to pack for this cold-weather adventure, learn about the various heated vantage points from which we view the northern lights (including a remote forest cabin and our custom-built glass Aurora Pod® with 360° views of the night sky), and discover what activities to expect in addition to sky gazing, from a private snowcoach journey to dog sledding.

WEBINAR | Swimming Upstream: Salmon Ecology, Evolution & Environmental Pressure

Originally presented November 27, 2023
Perhaps it’s not surprising that the determined salmon -- an animal that swims upstream to spawn -- is also resilient in the face of change. Although global warming threatens salmon populations, these adaptable fish may be uniquely equipped to survive. Expedition Leader Fernando Lessa shares stories and scientific findings from nearly a decade spent monitoring salmon on the west coast of the U.S. and Canada, including photos of two previously undocumented salmon populations -- plus insights on how they’re responding to climate change.

WEBINAR | A Changing Subarctic: Reflections From 5 Years of Guiding in Churchill

Originally presented November 21, 2023
Expedition Leader Kristina Disney has been introducing Nat Hab travelers to the magic of Churchill, Manitoba, and its iconic polar bears for five years. But the Churchill of today is not the same Churchill she encountered during her first guiding season. Join Kristina on a journey through the changes she's noticed in this Canadian subarctic ecosystem as she shares stories, photographs and more from her adventures. And find out how observing your environment can be a powerful tool to stay connected to it.

WEBINAR | Photography Tips for Churchill's Bears, Belugas, and Aurora

Originally presented November 6, 2023
For many travelers, a visit to Churchill, Manitoba, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you’re going in the fall to witness the largest annual gathering of polar bears on Earth, in the winter to view the northern lights, or in the summer to meet migrating beluga whales, these photography tips from Expedition Leader and pro photographer Giulia Ciampini will help you capture every moment. Learn what camera gear to pack, tips for cold weather photography, and techniques for getting the best wildlife shots!

WEBINAR | Journey Into Alaska’s Bear Country

Originally presented October 17, 2023
Alaska’s giant brown bears are some of the most awe-inspiring mammals on Earth. Learn about these charismatic creatures, their life cycles, and the remote wilderness where we visit them on two of Nat Hab’s Alaska adventures: Alaska Grizzly Encounter and Alaska Bear Quest Photo Pro Expedition. Expedition Leader and wildlife photographer Shawn Eggleston takes us on a virtual journey into bear country and offers advice for how to get stunning photographs of bears in their natural habitats.

WEBINAR | What Does It Mean to Be a “Momma Bear” in the Arctic?

Originally presented September 18, 2023
Mothers often go above and beyond for their children, and polar bears are no different! A sow polar bear raises her cubs in one of the harshest environments on Earth and teaches them everything she knows to give them the best chance of surviving on their own. Expedition Leader Kristina Disney details all the extraordinary efforts -- from denning to weaning – that make polar bears some of the best moms in the Arctic.

WEBINAR | Preparing for Your Polar Bear Adventure

Originally presented September 13, 2023
Fall is just around the corner, and that means it’s almost time for the largest gathering of polar bears in the wild! Get ready for an adventure in the "accessible Arctic" as Expedition Leader Eleanor Edye shares her travel tips for our polar bear-viewing tours in Churchill, Manitoba. Learn all about the itinerary, transportation, accommodations, how to pack to stay warm and dry on the tundra, and what activities to expect, from wildlife drives in our custom Polar Rovers, to dog sledding, cultural activities, helicopter flights and more.

WEBINAR | Bears of North America

Originally presented August 31, 2023
If we want bears to thrive in the future, we must understand how they have survived in the past. Join Expedition Leader Kristina Disney to trace the evolution of the Ursidae (bear) family, starting with the pressures bears have faced over time and how that has led to speciation and, in some cases, extinction. You’ll also meet the eight bear species alive today and learn how they’re contending with a changing planet.

WEBINAR | Predation: Ecological and Evolutionary Necessity

Originally presented August 11, 2023
Predation is a fundamental part of ecology. Simply put, predation is the consumption of one organism (prey) by another organism (predator) where the prey is alive when the predator attacks it. It is one of the most dynamic aspects of life -- an eternal dance between the hunter and the hunted -- driving adaptation and evolution. Wildlife biologist and Expedition Leader Aaron Bott explains predation and how it influences animal behavior, using some of the world’s most well-known predators like lions, tigers and wolves as his case studies.

WEBINAR | The Astounding Dietary Adaptations of Polar Bears

Originally presented August 9, 2023
Did you know polar bears exist almost exclusively on seal meat? Join biologist and Expedition Leader Kristina Disney as she explains how the King of the Arctic has evolved to thrive on a hyper-carnivorous diet, and how, as an apex predator, it represents the entire Arctic food chain. She’ll also explain the process of bioaccumulation and how polar bears have adapted to overcome the harmful effects of toxins in their environment, particularly an excess of Vitamin A.

WEBINAR | Get to Know: Bears of Brooks Falls Photo Pro Expedition

Originally presented July 13, 2023
Learn what to expect on this awe-inspiring autumn photography adventure in Alaska’s Katmai National Park. Expedition Leader and professional photographer Justin Gibson gives us the inside scoop on what camera equipment and personal gear to pack, where we stay (an exclusive fly-in wilderness lodge), and how we structure the trip to ensure you get the unbelievable brown bear shots you’re after -- including a private floatplane to take us wherever the bears are each day!

WEBINAR | 50 Years of Protecting Polar Bears

Originally presented July 12, 2023
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears, a multi-nation alliance that kicked off a half-century of new polar bear protections and research. Join Elisabeth Kruger, World Wildlife Fund’s Manager of Arctic Wildlife, and Nat Hab’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Court Whelan, for a look back at the past five decades of polar bear preservation and a discussion of what’s next, from collar-mapping efforts to conservation travel.

WEBINAR | The Romantic Lives of Bears

Originally presented July 7, 2023
For bears in the northern hemisphere, summer is the season of love, meaning that travelers to North American bear-viewing hotspots like Alaska, Canada, and Yellowstone and Glacier national parks are likely to encounter some romantically inclined ursine wildlife. Join wildlife biologist Aaron Bott as he explains the reproductive biology of grizzly bears, black bears and polar bears, including mating, gestation, birthing and raising of offspring.

WEBINAR | Belugas, Bears, and Summer Wildlife of Churchill: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Originally presented June 14, 2023
Ready for an enthralling adventure in the "accessible Arctic"? Seasoned Expedition Leader Eleanor Edye shares her travel tips to prepare you for a summer trip to Churchill, Manitoba. Eleanor will illuminate our varied activities, from kayaking with beluga whales to exploring the tundra and meeting sled dogs (and maybe spotting a polar bear!) Learn more about the itinerary, transportation, local cuisine, accommodations and packing essentials. Your questions are welcome!

WEBINAR | A Year in the Life of a Polar Bear: 2023 Edition

Originally presented June 7, 2023
Enter the realm of the King of the North as we explore the annual life cycle of the polar bear. Expedition Leader Eleanor Edye uncovers captivating facts about polar bear biology and behavior, spotlighting the unique traits that set polar bears apart from their North American black and brown counterparts. By the end, you'll gain a profound comprehension of these majestic marine mammals and their Arctic home.

WEBINAR | From Cub to Adult: A Grizzly Bear’s Journey

Originally presented May 10, 2023
Canadian naturalist Eddy Savage takes us to the Coast Range of British Columbia to follow one bear’s life from 6-month-old cub to 7-year-old adult. In this webinar, he covers the life of one female grizzly in detail, sharing photos and stories of Amber, who today is almost 8 years old.

WEBINAR | The Inside Scoop on Our East Greenland Adventure

Originally presented May 9, 2023
What’s it like to stay at one of the world’s most remote luxury expedition camps near the edge of the Greenland ice sheet? This webinar will tell you! From our comfortable base, we’ll sea kayak among icebergs, whale-watch from Zodiacs, discover Inuit culture…and eat fresh gourmet meals! Find out how we get to this remote spot in the Arctic, learn what to pack, and get tips on camera equipment.

WEBINAR | Bear Aware: How to Behave in Bear Country

Originally presented May 5, 2023
Expand your bear awareness with this insightful webinar about how to safely hike, camp and explore in bear country.

WEBINAR | Meet the Beguiling Belugas of the Arctic

Originally presented May 1, 2023
Known as the “canaries of the sea,” belugas are some of the world’s most vocal and social cetaceans. Discover the distinctive behaviors, characteristics and adaptations that allow these charismatic white whales to thrive in their Arctic environs.

WEBINAR | Humpback Whales: A Conservation Success Story

Originally presented April 27, 2023
Thanks to global conservation efforts and the humpback whale’s remarkable capacity to adapt to change, the tide has turned for this charismatic marine mammal. Learn about these huge, graceful creatures and why they’re thriving again.

WEBINAR | Chat with Alaska Bear Camp Manager Caprice Stoner

Originally presented on April 20, 2023
After nearly two decades managing Nat Hab's Alaska Bear Camp, few people know the area -- and its wildlife -- better than Caprice Stoner. Get her insights about this exclusive adventure deep in Alaska's Bear Country.

WEBINAR | The Umbrella Bear: How Protecting Bears Protects Ecosystems

Originally presented April 6, 2023
As “umbrella species,” bears help protect a whole range of animals and plants that depend on them to thrive within an ecosystem. Learn why bears are conservation heroes with Expedition Leader Eddy Savage.

WEBINAR | Highlights of Our 2023 Northern Lights Expeditions

Originally presented March 31, 2023
Ever wondered what it’s like to travel to the Arctic to see the northern lights? Hear about it firsthand from an Expedition Leader who just returned from an awe-inspiring aurora-viewing season in Churchill, Canada.

WEBINAR | Frosted Fur and Feet: The Fabulous Arctic Fox

Originally presented March 27, 2023
Foxes exist in nearly every ecosystem on Earth -- including the Arctic tundra. Hear about the adaptations that make these mammals so successful and what we can learn from them.

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: Canadian Rockies

Originally presented March 20, 2023
Get ready for our exciting Canadian Rockies trip, including Banff, Lake Louise and Yoho, with these in-the-know tips from one of our experienced Expedition Leaders.

WEBINAR | Haida Gwaii: Islands at the Edge

Originally presented March 14, 2023
Explore the “Galapagos of the North,” the ancient islands of Haida Gwaii 60 miles off the coast of British Columbia, and discover what makes it such a soul-stirring destination.

WEBINAR | How Today’s Bears Came to Be: Bear Evolution, Part 2

Originally presented March 6, 2023
Continue to trace the evolution of the Ursidae family, tracking four more bear species alive today back to their common ancestors, and learn how bears are contending with a changing planet.

WEBINAR | How Today’s Bears Came to Be: Bear Evolution Part 1

Originally presented March 3, 2023
Can’t get enough bears? Trace the evolution of the Ursidae family from the eight bear species alive today back to their common ancestors, and learn how bears are contending with a changing planet.

WEBINAR | How Animals Deal with Winter (Nature’s Nap Time)

Originally presented on February 24, 2023
We humans approach winter by pulling out our cozy sweaters and refreshing our soup repertoires. But how do wild animals face the onslaught of colder, harsher weather? Learn their survival strategies in today’s webinar.

WEBINAR | A Rising Star in the Arctic: Are Sea Stars Challenging the Ice Bear?

Originally presented February 21, 2023
It’s not often we speak of sea stars and polar bears in the same sentence. Find out why these five-armed echinoderms may be the real top predators in the Arctic.

WEBINAR | Beavers: Essential Ecosystem Engineers

Originally presented on February 13, 2023
Are beavers pests? Or helpful shapers of landscapes? Learn to love this ecological engineer. Once hunted nearly to extinction for their fur, beavers are now recognized for their good works, both for humans and their wetland neighbors.

WEBINAR | Quebec’s Whale-Watching Hub: The St. Lawrence Estuary

Originally Presented on January 27, 2023

Join us for this “whale” of a webinar as we reveal what makes the marine environment around Tadoussac, Quebec, so special when it comes to cetacean sightings.

WEBINAR | Northern Lights & Arctic Exploration: What to Know Before You Go

Originally presented January 24, 2023
Get the inside scoop on our winter adventure in Churchill, Canada—one of the best places to see the aurora borealis!

WEBINAR | Which Nat Hab Bear Adventure Is Right for You?

Originally presented January 23, 2023
Trying to choose between Nat Hab’s Alaska Bear Camp and Alaska Grizzly Encounter? Our guides and brown bear experts help you compare, contrast and ultimately pick the best bear experience for you.

WEBINAR | Zen & the Art of Alaska Travel: Making Your Trip “Bearable”

Originally presented January 20, 2022
Alaska travel is all about expecting–and preparing for–the unexpected, from capricious weather to unpredictable wildlife. On this overview of our Katmai coastal grizzlies tour, learn to embrace what comes, for an unforgettable adventure!

WEBINAR | Can You Hear the Northern Lights?

Originally presented January 4, 2023
Learn why you should keep both your eyes and your ears open the when you venture north as Expedition Leader Eddy Savage explores the sights and sounds of the aurora borealis.

WEBINAR | What It Really Means to Hibernate

Originally presented January 3, 2023
The idea of taking a months-long nap might sound appealing, but hibernation is more complicated than simply sleeping through the winter. Discover how animals sync up with the seasons—and how we can benefit by doing the same.

WEBINAR | Apex Predators: Is Life Better at the Top? (Part 3)

Originally presented December 27, 2022
Canada’s cougars, lynx, orcas and golden eagles reign supreme on the food chain. But even the mighty can fall when faced with human-related threats. Find out how to help apex predators stay on top!

WEBINAR | Apex Predators: Is Life Better at the Top? (Part 2)

Originally presented December 20, 2022
The bears and big cats of Canada live life at the top of the food chain. Learn about the lives of these apex predators, how integral they are to their environment, and how humans are changing that landscape.

WEBINAR | Where Are All the Bears?

Originally presented December 16, 2022
It’s hibernation time for North America’s grizzlies and brown bears. How do they so easily and calmly “sleep” through the coldest months of the year? Find out today!

WEBINAR | Boreal Forests: An Ode to the Overstory

Originally presented December 14, 2022
What secrets do the world’s northernmost forests hold? Learn the tales of the trees today, as we explore one of the most intact and important ecosystems on Earth.

WEBINAR | Apex Predators: Is Life Better at the Top?

Originally presented December 12, 2022
Canada’s apex predators—including bears, wolves and orcas—experience highs and lows as they claw their way to the top. Find out how human actions could threaten their peak status.

WEBINAR | A Year in the Life of a Churchill Polar Bear

Originally presented December 7, 2022
Listen to tales of the polar bear summer and fall seasons in Churchill, Manitoba, from our experienced Hudson Bay Expedition Leaders.

WEBINAR | The Inside Scoop on Iceland

Originally presented December 2, 2022
Join a Nat Hab Expedition Leader for an expert take on what to know before you visit the Land of Fire and Ice.

WEBINAR | My Summer in Iceland

Originally presented November 23, 2022
Are you captivated by Iceland? Join a Nat Hab Expedition Leader for an insider’s look at summer life in the Land of Fire and Ice, with compelling personal stories and photos.

WEBINAR | A Look Back on the 2022 Polar Bear Season

Originally presented November 22, 2022
That’s a wrap! Join one of our expert polar bear guides for an overview of our polar bear season in Churchill—and get inspired to join us next year.

WEBINAR | The Mysterious Social Life of Polar Bears

Originally presented October 14, 2022
When polar bears spar, are they being aggressive, or simply play fighting? Find out the answer to this and other polar bear social life questions.

WEBINAR | Polar Bears: Architects of the Arctic

Originally presented October 7, 2022
Polar bears are fascinating in and of themselves, but did you know that their homes, deep within the icy tundra, are pretty neat, too? Learn why today.

WEBINAR | Meet the World’s Most Famous Bear

Originally presented October 5, 2022
Take a trip into the Hundred Acre Wood to learn all about Winnie-the-Pooh and the Urus Americanus (American black bear) that inspired this global icon.

WEBINAR | Keeping It Weird in the Pacific Northwest, Part 10: All About Orcas

Originally presented September 28, 2022
Don’t miss the final installment of Kristina Disney’s PNW series, wrapping up with a look at the magnificent orca, one of the iconic marine mammals of the region, esteemed in local lore and legend.

WEBINAR | Keeping It Weird in the Pacific Northwest, Part 9: The Real “Miracle-Gro”

Originally presented September 21, 2022
Phytoplankton are the foundation of the marine food chain, and they need iron to survive. Learn how chimney-like vents deep in the ocean contribute this essential mineral in the interconnected ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest.

WEBINAR | Alaska with Nat Hab: Choose Your Adventure

Originally presented September 16, 2022
We've got a host of wild adventures in Alaska, each as exciting as the next. Which one is right for you? From bear-focused expeditions to our wide-ranging Ultimate Alaska safari, get to know our varied trips with our seasoned guides.

WEBINAR | Keeping It Weird in the Pacific Northwest, Part 8: Gardens of the Sea

Originally presented September 14, 2022
Harm happens when we dissociate ourselves from the ecosystems around us. Learn how First Nations have stewarded the land of the PNW since time immemorial, teaching us a valuable lesson for today.

WEBINAR | Keeping It Weird in the Pacific Northwest, Part 7: Sea Dogs

Originally presented September 8, 2022
Seals and sea lions are as cute as can be, but what do you really know about them? Learn all about these “sea dogs” and what you can do to help protect their precious PNW habitat.

WEBINAR | What You Need to Know Before You Go: Polar Bears of Churchill

Originally presented September 1, 2022
Headed to Churchill this fall? Don’t miss this overview of the what, where, why, when and how of our Nat Hab polar bear adventures in Manitoba, presented by two top Expedition Leaders.

WEBINAR | Keeping It Weird in the Pacific Northwest Part 6: Dating in the Intertidal Zone

Originally presented August 30, 2022
The dating scene in the PNW’s tide pools is livelier—and tougher—than it appears to the naked eye. Learn how romance flourishes and life prospers in this daunting ecosystem.

WEBINAR | A Year in the Life of a Polar Bear: 2022 Edition

Originally presented August 26, 2022
Explore the seasons through the eyes of the world’s only ursine marine mammal: the polar bear. You’ll learn intriguing facts about polar bear biology, including how they differ from black and brown bears.

WEBINAR | Keeping It Weird in the Pacific Northwest Part 5: The Intertidal Rainbow

Originally presented August 23, 2022
Think you can only see rainbows in the air? Think again. If you look to the rocky intertidal zone of the Pacific Northwest coast, you can see a rainbow every day—one made of seaweed!

WEBINAR | Keeping It Weird in the Pacific Northwest Part 4: The Politics of Kelp

Originally presented August 17, 2022
Coastal kelp forests, sea otters and geopolitical skirmishes over a century ago: find out how their interrelationships have shaped a whole ecosystem today, and how we can improve its future. (Teaser: You won’t believe how cool kelp is!)

WEBINAR | Keeping It Weird in the Pacific Northwest Part 3: Fish-Eating Forests

Originally presented August 9, 2022
Return to the weird and wonderful PNW this week to learn how the annual salmon run is an integral part of the coastal forest’s diet.

WEBINAR | Keeping It Weird in the Pacific Northwest Part 2: Tree of Life

Originally presented August 1, 2022
Expedition Leader Kristina Disney gets to the root of things in this webinar on cedars, their central role to coastal communities and the crucial ecosystem services these trees provide.

WEBINAR | Keeping It Weird in the Pacific Northwest: Part 1

Originally presented July 19, 2022
Embrace the Pacific Northwest’s quirkiness. The first of several webinars, this session will celebrate the lovable weirdness of the PNW, from some odd marine life to the natural and human processes that have shaped the region.

WEBINAR | Whales & Nature Trails of Quebec: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Originally presented June 24, 2022
In this overview of our French-Canadian nature adventure, get all the specifics to prepare you, from itinerary details, activities and wildlife sightings to expect, to where we stay and what to pack.

WEBINAR | Meet the Beguiling Beluga

Originally presented June 10, 2022
Charming cetaceans with a lovable grin, belugas are adapted to survive in Arctic climes. Get all the fascinating details about these small white whales and where to see them up close.

WEBINAR | A Churchill Summer Adventure: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Originally presented June 8, 2022
Get all the details you need to prepare for your summer wildlife expedition in Churchill, Canada. From weather and what to pack to where we stay and what you’ll do, we’ve got the answers!

WEBINAR | Beavers: Friend, Not Foe

Originally presented June 1, 2022
Are beavers pests? Or powerful shapers of landscapes? Learn to love this ecological engineer. No longer prized for their fur, these web-footed mammals are recognized for their good works, both for humans and their wetland neighbors.

WEBINAR | Following the Flow: How Rivers Move Mountains & More

Originally presented May 31, 2022
Rivers have strong personalities. They change their minds, have thunderous tantrums and even get a little lazy sometimes. Learn about these river temperaments, how and where rivers form, and their role in geomorphology.

WEBINAR | Storytime with Bears: Part II

Originally presented May 19, 2022
Expedition Leader Kristina Disney is back with more bear tales! Get comfy and listen to bear-based legends from around the world as we discover why these furry creatures hold so much cultural significance.

WEBINAR | Accessible Awe in the Canadian Rockies

Originally presented May 9, 2022
Here's the great thing about Western Canada’s national parks: You don't have to be a hardy hiker tackling tough terrain to experience their grandeur. Even short walks are awe-inspiring. Take a virtual journey!

WEBINAR | From Salmon to Shipwrecks: Discover the Secrets of England’s Severn

Originally presented May 2, 2022
The Severn Estuary is one of England's greatest natural wonders and a globally important wetland. Learn why this important habitat is at the forefront of wetland conservation, with lessons to offer worldwide.

WEBINAR | A Canadian Subarctic Summer (Not an Oxymoron!)

Originally presented April 13, 2022
As the mercury rises, the Canadian subarctic springs to life. From beluga whales to migratory seabirds and tundra wildflowers, species that thrive in the most unforgiving of conditions in this hardy ecosystem flourish each summer.

WEBINAR | Discover Scotland’s Wild Highlands & Islands

Originally presented April 12, 2022
Join Scottish conservationist and wildlife advocate Warwick Lister-Kaye for a preview of Nat Hab’s nature adventure exploring coast, lochs, forest and moors—find out where to see red deer, pine marten and maybe a Scottish wildcat.

WEBINAR | Can Rewilding Save the Farming Industry in England?

Originally presented April 7, 2022
Rewilding offers hope for the future of farming in England. What is rewilding, and how can we support it? Join our British naturalist guides to learn how English agriculture can benefit from bringing back the wild.

WEBINAR | The Good, the Bad and the Woolly: Ups and Downs of England’s Sheep History

Originally presented April 1, 2022
Join our Nat Hab British naturalists to learn how England’s hedgerows do so much more than simply corral the woolly sheep of the Cotswolds.

WEBINAR | Hope for Hedgehogs (and Other Creature Tales from the UK)

Originally presented March 25, 2022
Where did all the hedgehogs go? Find out why their numbers are declining in the United Kingdom and what conservation efforts could save them and their furry friends.

WEBINAR | Canadian Rockies: What to Know Before You Go

Originally presented March 18, 2022
Prep for your upcoming Canadian Rockies adventure with Nat Hab, or simply get to know this majestic region better, from aquamarine Lake Louise to the imposing Athabasca Glacier.

WEBINAR | Discover Nat Hab’s New Alaska Bear Camp

Originally presented March 2, 2022
Top bear naturalist and renowned guide Drew Hamilton shares a preview of Nat Hab’s latest conservation travel venture: Alaska Bear Camp! Learn all about the incredible bear encounters from our private fly-in wilderness base.

WEBINAR | Alaska’s Frozen Seas: Life Above and Below the Ice

Originally presented February 28, 2022
Join Elisabeth Kruger, WWF’s Manager–Arctic Wildlife, for a visual and aural journey into northern Alaska’s marine environment, meeting polar bears, seals and whales as you learn about important conservation work.

WEBINAR | Storytime with Bears

Originally presented February 24, 2022
Grab a blanket, make yourself comfortable and listen to myths and legends about bears from around the world—discover how and why these creatures are so significant in many cultures.

WEBINAR | Snowbirds of the Sea

Originally presented February 22, 2022
Humpbacks follow the sun every year, migrating from their polar feeding grounds to the tropics and back. Learn how they’re monitored along the way—even getting their own photo IDs.

WEBINAR | Beyond Braveheart: The Beauty, Wildlife & Mythology of Scotland

Originally presented February 18, 2022
From the Highlands to the islands, learn why Scotland’s history and wildlife have lured adventurous travelers for millennia.

WEBINAR | Rewilding the UK: Helping People and Animals Thrive

Originally presented February 8, 2022
Curious about the concept of giving land "back to nature"? Join two Cotswolds guides as they dive into rewilding and what these conservation efforts look like in the United Kingdom.

WEBINAR | The Body Language of Bears

Originally presented January 27, 2022
Bears don’t see so well...but they sure can smell! Learn how bears communicate by emitting chemicals called pheromones and using their highly capable noses to decipher them.

WEBINAR | England’s Cotswolds: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Originally presented January 21, 2022
Steeped in history and paired with bucolic scenery in a storybook setting, our Cotswolds trip is an immersion in English nature and rural life. Get all the details in this enticing introduction.

WEBINAR | Northern Lights & Arctic Exploration: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Originally presented January 20, 2022
Whether you’re booked to go or dreaming of seeing the aurora one day, this overview will prepare you with all the details for your winter northern lights adventure in Churchill, Manitoba.

WEBINAR | Too Much of a Good Thing? Vitamin A in Polar Bears

Originally presented January 10, 2022
Environmental chemicals, both naturally occurring and manmade, can harm wildlife, especially apex predators—learn how they have adapted to overcome nature’s excesses, and why people’s pollutants are a bigger problem.

WEBINAR | The Umbrella Bear: How Protecting Bears Protects Ecosystems

Originally presented January 5, 2022
As “umbrella species,” bears help protect a whole range of animals and plants that depend on them to thrive within an ecosystem. Learn why bears are conservation heroes with Expedition Leader Eddy Savage.

WEBINAR | Bear Speciation: Evolution of the Family Ursidae

Originally presented January 4, 2021
How did bears evolve into the eight species that are living today and why have other bear species gone extinct? Biologist Kristina Disney offers an overview of this evolutionary journey based on scientists’ current understanding of bear speciation.

WEBINAR | Discover Arctic Trails as We Follow Arctic Tails

Originally presented December 27, 2021
Expedition Leader Kristina Disney is also a long-distance dog musher! Join her webinar to learn firsthand about dog sledding in Canada’s subarctic and how the amazing relationship between huskies and humans came to be.

WEBINAR | A Winter Wonder: The Birth of Polar Bear Cubs

Originally presented December 22, 2021
What could be cuter than a fuzzy polar bear cub? You’ve seen the photos…now get the story on how these babies come to be, and how they develop in their dens—birthing season is imminent!

WEBINAR | A Year in the Life of a Polar Bear: 2021 Edition

Originally presented December 21, 2021
Churchill-based biologist Eleanor Edye is back with an up-to-date look at how the western Hudson Bay polar bear population has fared and adapted over the seasons of the past year.

WEBINAR | South Ponders North: A Chat Between Mexico & Alaska

Originally presented October 15, 2021
When you’ve spent your whole life living and guiding in subtropical Mexico, what’s it like to envision life in "frigid, dark Arctic Alaska"? Sofia Merino & Annie Van Dinther field questions and explore stereotypes.

WEBINAR | Report from the Field: Bears of Katmai, Summer 2021

Originally presented October 12, 2021
Brad Josephs shares highlights in images and stories of the 2021 summer bear season on Alaska’s Katmai coast: hear about mating season, a beached whale the bears devoured, and see photos of adorable spring cubs.

WEBINAR | North to Alaska or South to Patagonia?

Originally presented September 28, 2021
Alaska and Patagonia are two of the planet’s most acclaimed nature travel destinations for mountains, glaciers and oceans. How do you choose between them? Compare their landscapes and wildlife on this north/south overview.

WEBINAR | Meet the Flipper Feet! Pinnipeds of the Arctic, Part 2

Originally presented September 21, 2021
A follow-up to last week’s intro to the fin-footed marine mammals of the Arctic, this session presents five individual species of seal and walrus and examines the challenges they face in a rapidly changing North.

WEBINAR | Meet the Flipper Feet! Pinnipeds of the Arctic, Part 1

Originally presented September 17, 2021
Seals, sea lions, walruses...all are pinnipeds! The name is derived from the Latin, meaning “fin-footed,” and these marine mammals are ingeniously adapted to their northern environments. Join us to discover all the fascinating details.

WEBINAR | Prepping for Polar Bears: Best Books on the King of the Arctic

Originally presented September 2, 2021
Get the most out of your upcoming polar bear expedition—or simply nurture your passion for polar bears -- by reading up on this extraordinary species, with top titles recommended by a polar bear expert.

WEBINAR | Sloth Bears, Sun Bears & Polar Bears: An Unlikely Trio

Originally presented August 26, 2021
You know about polar bears. But did you know India has bears, too? Do bears of the jungle have anything in common with bears in the Arctic? Join guides from Alaska and India for an entertaining exploration.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go: Discover Churchill, Polar Bear Capital of the World

Originally presented August 19, 2021
You know Churchill is THE place to go to see polar bears. But why? Learn how the Western Hudson Bay bear population is adapting to a changing Arctic, and how that ups your viewing odds.

WEBINAR | Beyond the Bears: The Hidden Beauty of Churchill’s Tundra Ecosystem

Originally presented August 16, 2021
Think the tundra is mostly a barren wasteland against which to view polar bears? Nothing could be farther from the truth! Discover the wonders of this northern ecosystem with a seasoned Canadian guide.

WEBINAR | Alaska's Wondrous Whales

Originally presented August 12, 2021
Not only are Alaska's whales entertaining to witness in the wild, but they help maintain entire ocean ecosystems! Discover these endlessly fascinating cetaceans with Annie Van Dinther, who lives among whales in Homer, Alaska.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go: Discover Churchill’s Polar Bears This Fall

Originally presented August 5, 2021
Want to experience the thrill of seeing a polar bear in its tundra habitat? There’s no better place to do so than Churchill, Manitoba—the Polar Bear Capital of the World—and no better time to do so than this fall, now that Canada is reopening.

WEBINAR | Making Scents of Bears’ Exceptional Sense of Smell

Originally presented August 4, 2021
Wild bears are renowned for their excellent olfactory abilities, but just how good is their sense of smell? Find out how bears use their powerful noses to detect and interpret scents in order to navigate and survive in their wilderness habitats.

WEBINAR | Arctic & Alpine Wildflowers of the Northern Hemisphere

Originally presented July 19, 2021
Whether you’re high on a mountainside or high in latitude, a summer sojourn in alpine or arctic zones is likely to feature similar wildflowers—find out why, and which ones to look for.

WEBINAR | White Whales: Beguiling Belugas of the Arctic

Originally presented July 12, 2021
Dive into the watery world of belugas—some of the world’s most social and vocal cetaceans—to learn all about these white whales’ distinctive behaviors, characteristics and adaptations to the fragile ecosystems of their Arctic habitat.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go: Discover Arctic Trails as We Follow Arctic Tails

Originally presented July 8, 2021
Get insights into how humans have coevolved alongside domesticated dogs, jointly adapting our lifestyles to survive in the extreme cold conditions of the North, in this comprehensive overview of the role of dog sledding in the Arctic.

WEBINAR | A Subarctic Summer in Churchill, Manitoba

Originally presented June 28, 2021
Discover the intricate ecology of a northern Canada summer. As temperatures warm the Hudson Bay coast near Churchill, Manitoba, migratory animals gather, plants and flowers burst forth, and resident wildlife birth and raise their young.

WEBINAR | A Year in the Life of a Polar Bear

Originally presented June 7, 2021
Get a biologist’s perspective on polar bears’ annual life cycles—migration, feeding, breeding and birthing—and the changing dynamics of wild populations of polar bears as they adapt to a warming Arctic.

WEBINAR | Upside-Down Kingdom: Understanding the Frozen World of the Polar Bear

Originally presented May 10, 2021
How are ice-reliant predators like polar bears adapting to a changing climate? Delve into the intricate Arctic food web to learn all about the lifeforms of northern ecosystems and how their world is changing.

WEBINAR | Exploring Alaska & the Galapagos with Lindblad Expeditions

Originally presented April 30, 2021
Discover why this is the ideal summer to explore the wilds of Alaska and the Galapagos on a marine adventure with our partners at Lindblad Expeditions, and how your presence helps preserve these habitats.

WEBINAR | What to Know About Traveling to Iceland with Nat Hab

Originally presented April 26, 2021
Get answers to your questions about traveling to this island on the edge of the Arctic Circle, with insights and insider knowledge from an Iceland Expedition Leader and the head of Nat Hab's COVID-19 protocol team.

WEBINAR | From Cartridges to Conservation: Dall Sheep of Alaska & the Yukon

Originally presented April 12, 2021
Did you know hunting can be integral to conservation, when it comes to managing North American wildlife species? Join Drew McCarthy for a case study, looking at Dall sheep in Denali National Park.

WEBINAR | Memorable Moments with the Polar Bears of Churchill

Originally presented April 9, 2021
Marine mammal. Top of the Arctic food chain. A fur coat that’s not actually white but clear. So many intriguing facts about polar bears! Learn all about them as Jeremy Covert shares magical encounters from Manitoba.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go: Discover Alaska with Annie

Originally presented April 8, 2021
Still legitimately the Last Frontier, Alaska boasts epic wilderness and wildlife wonders. Join Alaska resident and Expedition Leader Annie Van Dinther for an overview of all Alaska has to offer the avid nature traveler.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go: Why Churchill is the Best Place to See Polar Bears

Originally presented April 1, 2021
Polar bears roam all the polar regions of the Earth, but Churchill, Canada is the Polar Bear Capital of the World. Join Annie VanDinther to find out why it's your best bet for seeing wild bears.

WEBINAR | So You Want to See a Wild Polar Bear: The Where, What, When & Why

Originally presented March 23, 2021
Witnessing polar bears in the Arctic was once the province of hardy explorers on arduous expeditions. Today, you can view them with ease and comfort! Learn about our polar bear adventures, and which one is right for you.

WEBINAR | Surviving a Pandemic Year: A Locals’ Look at Churchill

Originally presented March 17, 2021
What happens when a small subarctic community that relies heavily on nature tourism gets hit by a pandemic? Join two guides to find out how Churchill weathered 2020, and how it's adapting for future visitors.

WEBINAR | Meet the Beguiling Beluga

Originally presented March 12, 2021
Belugas are beloved! These small white 'smiling' whales seem as curious about us as we are about them. Learn what makes belugas special and so uniquely adapted to their Arctic environment.

WEBINAR | Churchill, Canada: Polar Bear Capital of the World

Originally presented March 10, 2021
Expedition Leader Brad Josephs hosts a virtual tour to Churchill, Manitoba, where you'll meet the Kings of the Arctic and discover much more that Churchill has to offer adventurous visitors.

WEBINAR | An Arctic Winter: Northern Lights, Sun Dogs & Sled Dogs

Originally presented March 2, 2021
Arctic winters are anything but empty and motionless. Court Whelan takes us to the frozen Far North to find out what's happening, and who survives and thrives, in this most daunting (and beautiful!) season.

WEBINAR | Cleaning Up the Coast: A Marine Expedition in the BC Wilderness

Originally presented February 10, 2021
Canada's wild Pacific coast holds pristine wilderness—yet ocean trash finds its way even here. Eddy Savage shares stories and photos from a 40-day boat-based mission with other guides intent on cleaning it up.

WEBINAR | Let’s Go! Discover Prince William Sound with Annie Van Dinther

Originally presented January 21, 2021
Fed by dozens of glaciers and peppered with islands and icebergs, Prince William Sound is a pristine marine wonderland in southcentral Alaska, home to myriad wildlife—join us on an in-depth virtual journey!

WEBINAR | New Trip! Introduction to our New Alaska Explorer Expedition

Originally presented January 7, 2021
Learn about this new 8-day expedition that will explore the glaciers, fjords and mountains of south-central Alaska by yacht, train, floatplane and by road. Never before have you been able to see so much of what Alaska has to offer in such a compact timeframe.

WEBINAR | When You Can’t Get to the Bears, We Bring the Bears to You

Originally presented January 5, 2021
Spend time with the Kings of the Arctic on this virtual expedition with Court Whelan into the icy realm of the polar bears of Churchill, Manitoba.

WEBINAR | Moose in the Northern Rockies

Originally presented December 22, 2020
Aaron Bott takes a close look at the mighty moose, one of the most iconic wildlife species in the Northern Rockies, and the conservation challenges it faces.

WEBINAR | These are a Few of Our Favorite Things! Part 1: Churchill

Originally presented December 28, 2020
Nat Hab Expedition Leaders Annie Van Dinther and Corbin Hawkins share memorable events and delightful stories -- including some of their favorite individual animals -- from their years of guiding nature expeditions along Hudson Bay.

WEBINAR | An Insider’s Look at Living in the Arctic

Originally presented December 10, 2020
The Arctic in winter can be cold, dark and daunting. But it’s also filled with wild wonders to inspire the soul. Annie Van Dinther shares a personal look at what it’s like to live up north.

WEBINAR | A Grizzly Bear’s Journey from Cub to Adult

Originally presented December 9, 2020
In heartwarming photos and stories, naturalist guide Eddy Savage takes us through seven years in the life of a female grizzly bear on the wild coast of British Columbia.

WEBINAR | Polar Bears Around the World

Originally presented December 3, 2020
There are currently an estimated 22,000-30,000 polar bears on the planet, living in 19 distinct sub-populations found through the circumpolar North. Our Expedition Leaders weave together science and culture in a fascinating presentation on largest and most charismatic carnivores in the North.

WEBINAR | A Year in the Life of a Polar Bear

Originally presented November 18, 2020
We may not be in Churchill this fall, but we’re bringing the polar bears to you! Tracking the annual cycle of a polar bear’s life, Annie Van Dinther reveals all that makes the King of the Arctic so captivating.

WEBINAR | Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest

Originally presented November 12, 2020
In the remote Coast Range on BC's far western edge, discover the world's largest intact temperate rain forest and the abundant wildlife within it, plus a host of marine mammals in the fjords that flank it.

WEBINAR | The Northern Lights in Science & Legend

Originally presented November 2, 2020
The ethereal northern lights have intrigued humans for millennia, inspiring myth and legend—but the science behind them is pretty fascinating, too. Discover both in this captivating introduction to the aurora.

WEBINAR | The Heart of Alaska: Wondrous Whales

Originally presented September 24, 2020
Not only are Alaska's whales entertaining to witness in the wild, but they help maintain entire ocean ecosystems! Discover these endlessly fascinating cetaceans with Annie Van Dinther, who lives among whales in Homer, Alaska.

WEBINAR | Alaska by Land and Sea

Originally presented September 23, 2020
Through vivid imagery, take a journey across Alaska with two WWF experts who are passionate about its massive, intact ecosystems and the intricate relationships between Alaska's landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and people.

WEBINAR | Heart of Alaska

Originally presented September 17, 2020
Annie Van Dinther, Nat Hab's Guide Development Director, lives in the small town of Homer, Alaska. When she's not guiding or training, she's deeply connected to her rural lifestyle at home and has stories to share!

WEBINAR | East Greenland: A Photographic Odyssey in a Changing World

Originally presented September 18, 2020
Ralph Lee Hopkins, director of Lindblad/National Geographic’s expedition photography program, takes us on an epic visual journey to ultra-remote East Greenland, where melting glaciers spawn staggering icebergs in Sermilik Fjord.

WEBINAR | The Heart of Katmai: From Bears to Blast Craters

Originally presented August 27, 2020
Join Shawn Eggleston on a trip to southwest Alaska’s remote Katmai Peninsula, home of the highest concentration of brown bears in the world. But this region, so famous for its spectacular, close-up bear viewing, has more to offer, too!  

WEBINAR | The Heart of Churchill

Originally presented August 20, 2020
Find out from Corbin Hawkins what makes Churchill, Manitoba such a unique and special place—a small subarctic town on the tundra fronting Hudson Bay, best known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World!

WEBINAR | The Mysterious Spirit Bears of the BC Coast

Originally presented August 7, 2020
Bear fanatic and Expedition Leader Eddy Savage will introduce us to the ghosts of the coastal rainforest of British Columbia.

WEBINAR | The Fight Against Pebble Mine Continues

Originally presented July 29, 2020
Nat Hab Expedition Leader and President of Friends of McNeill River, Drew Hamilton will offer insights into the Army Corps of Engineers’ Environmental Impact Statement that could have serious consequences for the future of bears and salmon in Alaska. 

WEBINAR | In the Mood for Seafood: How Katmai’s Brown Bears Rely on the Ocean

Originally presented July 8, 2020
Bear naturalist Brad Josephs explains the importance of the marine environment to the survival of Alaska’s coastal brown bears and how this diverse food source has enabled them to become some of the largest brown bears in the world.

WEBINAR | The Wolves of Alaska’s Katmai National Park

Originally presented July 1, 2020
While Katmai is best known for its brown bears, gray wolves are becoming more abundant—what does this mean for the region’s bear population, and what can these two apex predators learn from each other?

WEBINAR | Big Lands, Big Animals: Comparing Yellowstone & Alaska

Originally presented June 18, 2020
If your nature-loving soul is drawn to vast tracts of wilderness and charismatic megafauna, nowhere else in the U.S. rivals Alaska and Yellowstone.

WEBINAR | What's Ahead for Polar Bears?

Originally presented June 11, 2020
Can polar bears adapt to a rapidly changing Arctic climate? Join this discussion featuring Rinie Van Meurs, one of the co-authors of The Future Polar Bear: The Impact of Vanishing Sea Ice on an Arctic Ecosystem.

WEBINAR | Arctic Photo Challenges: Polar Bears, Northern Lights and Tundra

Originally presented June 9, 2020
Few environments are as challenging to photograph as the Arctic, with its featureless landscapes, camouflaged wildlife and luminous aurora. Make the most of a northern photo expedition as Nat Hab’s staff photographer shares lessons from Churchill.

WEBINAR | Living Safely with Bears

Originally presented May 27, 2020
Don’t try this at home! Learn from an experienced bear guide how he enables his guests to safely cross the boundary from human civilization into the realm of wild bears.

WEBINAR | The Bering Strait: From Land Bridge to Ecological Hotspot

Originally presented May 22, 2020
Join a WWF Arctic expert to learn about interactions between polar bears and human communities in Alaska, and listen to the sounds of the whale migration through the Bering Strait.

WEBINAR | A Year in the Life of a Hudson Bay Polar Bear

Originally presented May 20, 2020
What does it take for a polar bear to survive in the extreme environment along northern Canada’s Hudson Bay? Expedition Leader Brad Josephs will take us through a year in the life of a Hudson Bay bear.

WEBINAR | Three Perspectives on Alaska

Originally presented May 14, 2020
Experience Alaska from the tidelands to the tallest peaks through the eyes of three Expedition Leaders who have a passion for its many diverse landscapes.

WEBINAR | Bears, Bears and More Bears

Originally presented May 13, 2020
You’ve asked for it, and we are bringing it to you! Due to popular demand, we are bringing you a deep dive into the lives of bears around the world.

WEBINAR | Bears, Belugas & Bright Nights: Churchill Through the Seasons

Originally presented May 7, 2020
Churchill, Manitoba is big on polar bears...but it also hosts the summer migration of hundreds of beluga whales, and winter northern lights!

WEBINAR | The Digital World Premiere: Pebble Redux

Originally presented April 21, 2020
This new short film tells the story of one of the most critical conservation battles on the planet: how the proposed Pebble Mine would devastate Alaska's best bear habitat.

WEBINAR | 40 Tons of Delight: The Great Gray Whale, Part 3

Originally presented April 16, 2020
Join Annie and Sofia for the final installment of this series as they follow the whales’ spring migration north to Alaska.

WEBINAR | Who’s the Best Bear in the World?

Originally presented April 15, 2020
Four Expedition Leaders will make the case for why the bear species they represent should win our Best Bear in the World contest!

WEBINAR | Families, Friends & Lovers: The Social Relationships of Cetaceans

Originally presented March 27, 2020
Whether it’s humpbacks bubble-net feeding in Alaska or bottlenose dolphins by the dozens cavorting in Baja, these marine mammals are some of the most social creatures on Earth. Join us for a fascinating dive into their relational world.

WEBINAR | Why Do We Love Bears So Much?

Originally presented March 26, 2020
Nat Hab Founder & President Ben Bressler welcomes you to our new webinar series, which kicks off with a journey into the captivating world of bears with Expedition Leader Brad Josephs.
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