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WEBINAR | Beyond the Big Five: Favorite Animals from Southern Africa

Originally presented February 12, 2024
"What’s your favorite animal?" As a South African safari Expedition Leader, Lorraine Doyle gets this question all the time, but it's easier asked than answered. Join Lorraine to learn about the diverse array of animals in Southern Africa, and delve into the reasons each one holds a special place in her heart, from the iconic Big Five, to hyenas and baboons and lesser-known creatures like jackals and waterbuck. You'll leave excited to encounter your own favorites on trips like our Secluded South Africa safari.

WEBINAR | Birds: Designed to Thrive

Originally presented January 30, 2024
Birds are found around the globe from the poles to the equator, and their ubiquitousness is a testament to their success. Expedition Leader Lorraine Doyle explores the natural history of these winged wonders, including the evolutionary factors that have led to their widespread distribution and the vital roles they play in various ecosystems. She draws on several southern African species like the common ostrich, black heron, African jacana, purple-crested turaco and diederik cuckoo to illustrate some of the strategies birds employ to survive and thrive.

WEBINAR | A Celebration of South Africa's Biodiversity: Part 1

Originally presented December 27, 2023
From the Fynbos shrubland to the grassy savanna, from the Succulent Karoo to the Indian Ocean coast, South Africa encompasses a dazzling and diverse array of ecosystems, each home to unique plant and animal species. Join Expedition Leader Lorraine Doyle for a celebration of South Africa’s biodiversity, including ants and elephants, snakes and seals, fungi and flowers, and everything in between. Come away with a better understanding of why it’s crucial to conserve biodiversity—and get a sneak peek at some of the fascinating species you’ll meet on Nat Hab’s Secluded South Africa adventure.

WEBINAR | Unveiling Africa's Wildest Plant & Animal Mysteries

Originally presented December 7, 2023
Why do wildebeest shake their heads? Why do millipedes come in bright colors? Why do puff adders lack a scent? And why on earth do some flowers smell like rotting meat?? Learn the answers to these mysteries and more -- including why hippos are regarded as Africa's most mixed-up mammal -- when you join Expedition Leader Lorraine Doyle for this fascinating webinar. She has discovered that asking "why" often leads to intriguing insights as we explore the natural world.

WEBINAR | Secrets of the Savanna: On Safari in South Africa

Originally presented November 14, 2023
South Africa is home to all the continent’s Big Five: lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and African buffalo. But there’s more to discover here than simply checking these species off your wildlife bucket list! Join Expedition Leader Lorraine Doyle as she takes us on a virtual journey across the South African savanna and its world-famous game reserves, introducing us to the animals and plants that inhabit them, from springbok, giraffe and ostrich to shepherd’s, marula and leadwood trees.

WEBINAR | Elephants: Africa’s Ecosystem Engineers

Originally presented October 25, 2023
African elephants are one of the most iconic species on the continent and on the “must-see” list for safari-goers. But how much do you know about the natural history of elephants, their role in savanna ecosystems, and what their future may hold? Expedition Leader Lorraine Doyle delves into these questions, offers insights on African elephant biology and behavior, and their incredible family structures. She’ll also explain some of the conservation challenges African elephants face and share stories from our Secluded South Africa adventures, where you’re sure to see this largest member of the Big Five. 

WEBINAR | Top Tips for Photographing Highlights of Southern Africa

Originally presented October 9, 2023
From the world’s tallest sand dunes to mighty Victoria Falls and the bountiful wildlife of the Okavango Delta, Southern Africa is a photographer’s dream. Join pro photographer and Expedition Leader Richard de Gouveia as he shares stories and advice for photographing the best of Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana on our Ultimate Southern Africa: Photo Pro Expedition. You’ll leave excited to photograph Africa’s Big Five (and much more!) from the air on helicopter and hot air balloon flights and on land during game drives and guided bush walks.

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: Kenya & Tanzania Safari

Originally presented July 11, 2023
On our Pride of East Africa safari, you’ll explore four of Africa’s top wildlife-viewing spots: Kenya's Maasai Mar and Ol Pejeta Conservancy, and the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. Discover classic safari ambience at luxury camps far from crowds, ensuring the most intimate encounters with Africa’s iconic animals. Learn how to pack to stay comfortable; activities to expect including game drives, bush walks and an optional hot air balloon safari, and how we adjust our route seasonally to witness the thrilling phenomenon of the Great Migration.

WEBINAR | Getting Ready for The Great Uganda Gorilla Safari

Originally presented June 26, 2023
Join Expedition Leader Richard de Gouveia to prepare for the wildlife expedition of a lifetime: tracking endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. He’ll give you all the details to get set for this challenging adventure, which includes overland trekking through the rain forest. Find out what to pack, how we travel, where we stay (some of East Africa’s finest ecolodges), and learn about other wildlife we may see, including chimpanzees, elephants, lions, colorful birdlife and more!

WEBINAR | Safari Stories of Old

Originally presented May 24, 2023
We often talk about how people impact their environments, but what about how an environment impacts us? Join Expedition Leader Richard de Gouveia as he discusses how Africa’s diverse ecosystems have affected everyone who spends time on this continent, from Indigenous Bushmen to European explorers to the adventure travelers of today. Richard shares thrilling safari stories, some passed down through generations, including both hair-raising and heartwarming animal encounters.

WEBINAR | The Remarkable Rhinoceros

Originally presented May 23, 2023
You know the threat rhinos face from poachers. But there’s much more to these magnificent mammals than their perpetual plight. Expedition Leader Lorraine Doyle applies a fresh lens on the rhinoceros, including the important role it plays in ecosystem maintenance. Gain a more holistic view on this ancient animal and the need to conserve them via Lorraine’s expertise, including her time on a reserve that's part of WWF's Black Rhino Range Exchange Program.

WEBINAR | Perfect Pachyderms: Elephants...and More

Originally presented March 17, 2023
Meet three of the world’s most well-known pachyderms (and two of Africa’s Big Five): elephants, hippos and rhinos. Expedition Leader Richard de Gouveia introduces us to these magnificent mammals and answers all your questions -- like, “What exactly is a pachyderm?” He also shines a light on some of the threats these iconic animals face, including poaching and habitat destruction, and what we can do to help protect them.

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: Madagascar Wildlife Adventure

Originally presented May 16, 2023
Madagascar is full of surprises! What can you expect on your adventure to the world’s most unique biodiversity hotspot? Learn about the wildlife we might see (lemurs, chameleons and sunbirds, for starters), the diverse national parks we visit, activities like rain forest hikes and private boat trips, what to wear to be comfortable, where we stay, and what Malagasy food is like (spoiler: it’s delicious!).

WEBINAR | Know Before You Go: Secluded Botswana

Originally presented May 8, 2023
Find out what to expect on our flagship African safari, from the prolific wildlife you’re likely to see (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and more) to our luxury tented bush camps on private reserves. Our Expedition Leader will also advise you on clothing and camera gear to pack, and what activities to plan for, including rhino walks, game drives and canoe excursions in the Okavango Delta.

WEBINAR | Photographing Wildlife in the Okavango Delta

Originally presented May 3, 2023
Botswana's Okavango Delta is one of the richest wildlife enclaves in Africa -- and a wildlife photographer's paradise. Learn from an expert what camera gear to bring and how to get the best shots while on safari.

WEBINAR | Meet the Primates of Africa

Originally presented April 12, 2023
From lemurs to chimps to mountain gorillas, get to know the primates of Africa, how they evolved, and where you can see them in the wild on a Nat Hab adventure.

WEBINAR | Practical Photo Editing Tips for Everyone, Part 2

Originally presented April 5, 2023
What’s better than one photography tutorial with a talented pro? Two sessions! Join us for Part 2 of Richard de Gouveia’s info-packed nature and wildlife photo editing webinar.

WEBINAR | Practical Photo Editing Tips for Everyone

Originally presented March 29, 2023
Take your nature and wildlife photo editing to the next level with these tips and tricks from one of our pro photographers and Africa Expedition Leaders, Richard de Gouveia.

WEBINAR | Lion: King of the Beasts

Originally presented March 8, 2023
Join a seasoned Africa safari guide as he reveals what makes the regal lion tick. Learn where lions live, what they eat, and what other animals they depend upon for survival. You’ll also find out where you can meet this majestic maned cat on a Nat Hab trip to Africa.

WEBINAR | The Six P’s of Safari Photography

Originally presented on March 1, 2023
Through photography, safarigoers can capture meaningful moments in nature. As Richard de Gouveia shares six tips to improve your shots on safari, learn what it means to “make” photos instead of simply “taking” them.

WEBINAR | Flood of Life: The Okavango Delta

Originally presenter February 17, 2023
Explore the web of life in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, and discover how plants play a crucial role in the health of the ecosystem and the wildlife that thrives here.

WEBINAR | African Savanna Ecology (And Why It Matters)

Originally presented on February 14, 2023
You may know savannas as one of Africa’s top wildlife-viewing habitats—now, find out why the continent’s grasslands are such an important piece of a larger conservation puzzle.

WEBINAR | The Appeal of a Low-Season Summer Safari in South Africa

Originally presented on February 10, 2023
Off-season safarigoers to South Africa are in for a pleasant surprise. Find out why the southern summer low season may be just the right time of year for your wildlife wanderings.

WEBINAR | Leopards: A Rosette Among the Thorns

Originally presented on February 8, 2023
Do you love leopards? So does Expedition Leader Richard de Gouveia! Learn why this elegant cat is his favorite animal, and hear his best leopard stories from the field.

WEBINAR | Discover Africa’s Astounding Diversity

Originally Presented on February 1, 2023
Lush forests, arid deserts and vast savannas are just some of the many biomes that make up the African continent—and each is home to a varied collection of wild inhabitants.

WEBINAR | Incredible Insects of Southern Africa – Part 1

Originally Presented January 26, 2023

Bugs, beetles and butterflies... Oh, my! Gain insight into Southern Africa’s incredible insects and their environmental importance in Part 1 of our series about the planet’s tiniest creatures.

WEBINAR | Adventuring in Africa: A Recap of 2022

Originally presented January 18, 2023
Look back as we look ahead, joining Africa Expedition Leader Richard de Gouveia who regales us with highlights of his 2022 trips in Uganda, South Africa, Botswana and beyond, while inspiring your future adventures.

WEBINAR | The Stirring Success Story of the Mountain Gorilla

Originally presented January 17, 2023
Enjoy the inspiring story of the mountain gorilla’s comeback and learn how this species—once destined for extinction—is steadily increasing in population.

WEBINAR | From Baobab to Marula: Remarkable Trees of Southern Africa

Originally presented December 29, 2022
Join us in an ode to the fascinating trees of Southern Africa! From the bottle-like trunk of the ancient baobab to the potent fruit produced by a marula, learn about intriguing aspects of these life-sustaining icons.

WEBINAR | A Guide’s Favorite African Animals -- And Why They Matter

Originally presented December 19, 2022
Our safari guides are often asked, “What’s your favorite animal?” Meet one of our Africa Expedition Leaders in this webinar, and find out why it’s so hard to answer that question!

WEBINAR | For the Love of Leopards

Originally presented November 8, 2022
Learn all about leopards—their agility, curiosity, cleverness and solitary nature—as well as where to see them on a Nat Hab adventure.

WEBINAR | The Magical Deserts of Southern Africa—Part 2

Originally presented November 3, 2022
Visit the Kalahari Desert, home to resilient fauna and flora like meerkats, springbok and the lifesaving tsamma melon, and learn why it’s critical that we protect the area from the effects of climate change.

WEBINAR | South Africa Beyond the Safari

Originally presented November 2, 2022
Looking for one African destination that checks all the boxes? Discover why South Africa is the place for an epic, single-country adventure, from wildlife to water to wine.

WEBINAR | The Nile River: Kingdom of the Great Apes

Originally presented October 26, 2022
Become an ambassador for the great apes and primates of Uganda, who make their home at the source of the mighty Nile River.

WEBINAR | The Magical Deserts of Southern Africa—Part 1

Originally presented October 19, 2022
Are you drawn to deserts? Smitten with sand? Don’t miss this webinar series on Africa’s greatest deserts, including this inaugural episode on the oldest one in the world–the Namib.

WEBINAR | Discover the Best of Botswana

Originally presented October 18, 2022
Join a Nat Hab Expedition Leader born and raised in Botswana for a presentation on the incredible nature and wildlife of his country—which happens to be the location of Nat Hab’s flagship Secluded Botswana Safari.

WEBINAR | Sabi Sand – Wildlife Hotspot of Kruger National Park

Originally presented August 31, 2022
Top safari guide and zoologist Russell Gerber shares an overview of this most celebrated sector of South Africa’s Kruger—join him to learn why it’s a must-visit for any wildlife lover.

WEBINAR | The Good News About Great Ape Tourism

Originally presented August 24, 2022
As our closet living relatives, great apes hold special sway over the human imagination. Learn how great ape tourism can offer travelers a chance to commune with great apes safely and responsibly, while benefiting the animals and local communities.

WEBINAR | Botswana’s Other Safari Season

Originally presented August 3, 2022
Reconsider your safari schedule and witness the green season in Botswana, a time of bird and animal migration, excellent game viewing and fewer crowds.

WEBINAR | Uganda: More Than Just Mountain Gorillas

Originally presented July 13, 2022
Explore the Mountains of the Moon, visit the world’s most powerful waterfall and—of course—meet the mountain gorillas of Uganda as we discuss all this East African destination has to offer.

WEBINAR | Saving African Wild Dogs

Originally presented July 6, 2022
Otherwise known as the painted wolf, the African wild dog is facing extinction. Learn about this remarkable creature and what’s being done to save it.

WEBINAR | Tips for Better Photography in the Jungle

Originally presented June 29, 2022
Join professional photographer Richard de Gouveia to learn how to capture striking images in challenging jungle settings – a perfect primer for your upcoming trip to Rwanda, Madagascar, India or beyond.

WEBINAR | Glorious Gorillas (& Other African Primates)

Originally presented June 22, 2022
What’s it like to see a mighty wild silverback gorilla at close range? Hear all about it and see stunning photos from Expedition Leader Richard de Gouveia’s recent primate safari to Uganda and Rwanda.

WEBINAR | Predators That Pack a Punch (They’re Not Who You Think)

Originally presented May 26, 2022
When it comes to Africa’s fiercest predators, why should lions and leopards get all the glory? Meet a different breed of carnivore which, while smaller in size, plays an equally big role in shaping African habitats.

WEBINAR | The Okavango Delta: A Globally Important Wildlife Haven

Originally presented May 5, 2022
A riveting geography lesson on Africa's mighty Okavango Delta, from its origins in Angola to the vast oasis it creates within the sands of the Kalahari, and why it's vital to the health of our planet.

WEBINAR | Follow the Incredible Journey of One Grain of Sand

Originally presented April 26, 2022
Matt Meyer takes us on a unique journey, following a single grain of sand as it flows hundreds of miles across the many ecosystems of southern Africa, from the Lesotho highlands to the Namib Desert.

WEBINAR | Energy Poverty: Opening Our Eyes to Africa’s Challenges

Originally presented April 22, 2022
Learn how climate change is adversely affecting lives and livelihoods in Africa, from access to food and water, to light at night—and what we might do to reduce “energy poverty” that disproportionately affects Africa.

WEBINAR | Get to Know the Largest Animal Walking on Earth

Originally presented April 20, 2022
Meet the enormous elephant—not just in the room, but in the whole wide world. Richard de Gouveia reveals a host of fascinating details about the African elephant, from its advanced intelligence to its intricate family dynamics.

WEBINAR | Botswana Beyond the Brochure

Originally presented April 18, 2022
Join Simon Stobbs to explore the wildlife and waterways of beautiful Botswana, from the Chobe River to the Okavango Delta, and discover why it’s one of our most exciting Nat Hab destinations.

WEBINAR | Northern Botswana: Africa’s Wildlife Oasis

Originally presented April 14, 2022
From the Okavango Delta to the Kalahari Desert, Botswana is a magnet for some of Africa’s most prolific wildlife populations. Discover why, and what you can expect to see on safari here—it’s simply amazing!

WEBINAR | Save the Rhinos: How to Help Africa’s Chubby Gray Unicorns

Originally presented April 5, 2022
You’ve probably seen the catchy slogan on T-shirts and mugs. Now, learn how ecotourism can help save the chubby unicorns, er, rhinos—a species that has hovered on the brink of extinction for nearly a century.

WEBINAR | Leopards: Africa’s Silent Assassin

Originally presented March 31, 2022
Expedition Leader Russell Gerber reveals the secret life of leopards, one of Africa’s most agile and adept hunters—why we admire them, what makes them tick and where to find them.

WEBINAR | South Africa’s Biomes: The Key to Diverse & Exciting Safaris

Originally presented March 30, 2022
South Africa has some of the highest biodiversity in the world. Within its varied biomes—mountains, savanna, thicket, desert and more—we find amazingly diverse landscapes and wildlife to enthrall safarigoers.

WEBINAR | Cheetahs: Born to Run

Originally presented March 23, 2022
Cheetahs are the world’s fastest mammal—but there’s much more about them that’s just as intriguing! An in-depth look at the cheetahs of southern Africa with Richard de Gouveia.

WEBINAR | 2021 in Photos: A Lens on Africa

Originally presented March 9, 2022
Sit back and enjoy this photo safari showcasing 2021 Nat Hab trips across half a dozen African countries, including fantastic wildlife shots and landscape panoramas.

WEBINAR | Journey to Madagascar: Lemurs to Dreamers

Originally presented February 25, 2022
Meet two creative visionaries who are training and inspiring local communities in Madagascar to save endangered species—like lovable lemurs—while protecting crucial biodiversity.

WEBINAR | Lions vs. Hyenas: The Battle for Dominance

Originally presented February 17, 2022
On the plains of Africa, where there are lions, there are hyenas. Learn how these two predatory rivals square off, what determines their hierarchy, and the best places to see them.

WEBINAR | Leaping Lemurs! The Wondrous Wildlife of Madagascar

Originally presented February 16, 2022
Who doesn't love a lemur? Learn about Madagascar's wildlife, some of the coolest, craziest creatures on Earth.

WEBINAR | How to Prepare for an African Safari

Originally presented February 8, 2022
Have questions about everything a safari entails? An African Safari Expedition Leader will guide you through the details of planning, packing for and getting maximum enjoyment from your nature adventure.

WEBINAR | Painted Wolves: The Story of the African Wild Dog

Originally presented February 2, 2022
With colorfully patterned coats and bat-like ears, these wild canines were once found across the African continent. Gain a window into the life of one of the world's most endangered mammals.

WEBINAR | What to Pack for Your Next Photo Safari

Originally presented January 26, 2022
Overwhelmed by what gear to take on a photo safari? A professional photography guide shares what’s in his equipment bag (and what bag he uses), and why. Come away with insight and confidence as you pack.

WEBINAR | The Great Limpopo River

Originally presented January 25, 2022
Take a virtual journey down one of Africa’s most important rivers, which provides a lifeline for multitudes of wildlife and local communities alike—learn what makes the Limpopo so special, from a guide who loves this river.

WEBINAR | On Safari with Richard: Best Wildlife Images of 2021

Originally presented January 19, 2022
Expedition Leader and Sony Alpha Ambassador Richard de Gouveia takes you behind the scenes and into his thought process as he presents his favorite safari images of the year... Learn how he got the shots!

WEBINAR | The Mighty Zambezi River

Originally presented January 13, 2022
One of Africa’s most important rivers, the 1,600-mile-long Zambezi is a lifeline for a huge array of wildlife and people alike. Follow the river from source to mouth on an exhilarating virtual journey.

WEBINAR | Safari Highlights of 2021 & Looking Ahead

Originally presented January 12, 2022
Expedition Leaders Richard de Gouveia and Matt Meyer share stories, images and wonders from the first year on safari since Covid changed the world—and find out what they’re looking forward to most in 2022.

WEBINAR | The Lion King's Shenzi and Mzingo: Setting the Record Straight

Originally presented January 3, 2022
If you’ve seen The Lion King, you know hyenas and vultures are villains. But these less attractive species have gotten short shrift! Learn the crucial role they play in ecosystems and why they’ve been unfairly maligned.

WEBINAR | Elephants, Trees & Bees: What’s the Connection?

Originally presented December 13, 2021
With elephant numbers up in South Africa, marula trees are suffering, humans are impacted—and honeybees may be the solution! Find out about these intriguing interrelationships that demonstrate the wonder and challenges of ecology.

WEBINAR | The Wild Cat Webinar

Originally presented December 1, 2021
Africa and India are home to most of the world’s wild cats, from well-known lions and tigers to less-familiar species like the caracal and jungle cat. Meet an entrancing variety in today’s bi-continental webinar.

WEBINAR | A Prince on Two Continents: Rhinos of Asia & Africa

Originally presented November 15, 2021
A comparative look at endangered rhinos across two continents delves into the natural history and contemporary challenges these amazing animals face, especially in the face of an epidemic of poaching that has decimated their numbers.

WEBINAR | Meet Africa’s Marine Big Five

Originally presented November 10, 2021
There’s a coveted quintet of sea-dwellers off South Africa—and this virtual marine safari showcases them! Come learn about the great white shark, Southern right whale, dolphins, African penguin and Cape fur seal.

WEBINAR | Brazil to Botswana: A Comparative Safari

Originally presented November 2, 2021
You may know Botswana as an epic safari destination...but what about Brazil? Contrast the Okavango and the Pantanal as we explore two of the world’s greatest wetlands and wildlife meccas.

WEBINAR | Adventuring Around the Cape of Good Hope

Originally presented November 1, 2021
The Cape Peninsula holds so much more than legendary maritime history—discover its geography, wildlife, unique floral kingdom and rich cultural heritage on a virtual adventure with a Cape Town native.

WEBINAR | Meet the African Elephant

Originally presented October 26, 2021
Expedition Leader Russell Gerber takes us deep into the world of the amazing African elephant, the largest animal walking the Earth, exceptionally smart and clever, and one of the continent’s most threatened species.

WEBINAR | Botswana’s Secret Migration

Originally presented October 20, 2021
Discover Africa’s “Second Great Migration” – the one that few people know about, a major annual trek of wildebeest and zebra crossing Botswana from delta to desert – and learn when and where to see it.

WEBINAR | Lords of Two Continents: Asian and African Elephants

Originally presented October 13, 2021
Two seasoned safari guides from Africa and India get together to discuss their favorite animals: elephants. Find out what makes these creatures so amazing, and where to see them in the wild.

WEBINAR | Scenes from a Safari: On Location in Botswana

Originally presented October 6, 2021
Join Expedition Leader Richard de Gouveia for a live interpretation of our latest virtual safari—an adventure deep into Botswana’s Okavango Delta where the wildlife encounters were “absolutely unreal,” says Richard.

WEBINAR | Gone Birding! South Africa’s Diverse Delights

Originally presented October 4, 2021
South Africa may be best known for the Big 5—but its birdlife is fantastic, too! Meet some of the most fascinating species and learn about the key role they play in ecosystems.

WEBINAR | Celebrate World Tourism Day with WWF: Helping Africa’s People & Wildlife Rebound from the Pandemic

Originally presented September 27, 2021
Join noted WWF guest Nikhil Advani to learn about the Africa Nature-Based Tourism Platform, an inspiring collaborative project helping communities, safari operators and conservation areas in 11 African countries rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic.

WEBINAR | Amazing Antelope of Africa

Originally presented September 8, 2021
Sure, the Big 5 get all the glory. But Africa’s prolific antelope deserve more attention! Think oryx, gemsbok, kudu, dik-dik, eland and more...Richard de Gouveia reveals how these amazing adapters flourish in a world filled with predators.

WEBINAR | Beyond the Great Migration: African Animals on the Move

Originally presented September 1, 2021
You’ve heard of the Great Migration, the annual trek of more than 2 million wildebeest—but did you know there are other intriguing African migrations? Matt Meyer reveals a few, which are sure to surprise you.

WEBINAR | Africa’s Disappearing Lions

Originally presented August 31, 2021
The lion, king of the savanna, is an icon of the African wild. Yet lion numbers are plummeting, and they are vulnerable to extinction. Find out why, and what must be done to protect them.

WEBINAR | The East Africa Safari Experience

Originally presented August 25, 2021
Botswana or Kenya? Kruger or Serengeti? Safari options are many, and a big decision is whether to go south or east. Richard de Gouveia, just back from East Africa, shares all the details on this classic destination.

WEBINAR | Kruger National Park: South Africa’s Greatest Game Reserve

Originally presented August 24, 2021
Kruger National Park is one of the world’s renowned wildlife destinations, with more large mammal species than any other reserve in Africa. Join a veteran Kruger guide to discover what makes it an African safari icon.

WEBINAR | The Secret 7: Africa's Elusive Creatures

Originally presented August 18, 2021
You know about the Big 5. But what about the Secret 7? These rarely seen species are coveted safari sightings among guides, and you’ll be equally intrigued after today’s introduction to these often-hidden animals.

WEBINAR | Botswana's Okavango Delta: A Desert Eden

Originally presented July 13, 2021
Take a virtual journey into the wild heart of the Okavango Delta—the world’s largest inland water system and one of Africa’s richest biological hotspots—and discover the prolific wildlife that flourish in this desert oasis.

WEBINAR | Disappearing Spots: Cheetahs’ Race for Survival

Originally presented June 30, 2021
Africa's endangered cheetahs face a precarious future: Split into separate populations largely due to habitat loss, they struggle to survive as a species—but conservationists are making strides to protect these vulnerable cats.

WEBINAR | Life in the Kalahari Desert

Originally presented June 25, 2021
Seemingly inhospitable, the vast Kalahari Desert is one of Africa's must-see safari destinations, home to unique landscapes, indigenous cultures and desert-adapted wildlife. Learn how life thrives in these arid environs.

WEBINAR | Africa’s Little 5 & Ugly 5

Originally presented June 23, 2021
You’ve heard of Africa’s Big Five, but what about the Little Five or Ugly Five? While these 10 species often don’t receive as much attention, they all play important roles in their ecosystems and are fascinating to witness while on safari.

WEBINAR | Cheetahs: Africa's Underrated Cats

Originally presented June 14, 2021
Cheetahs are famous for being the world’s fastest land mammal, but what else do you know about these speedy felines? Learn all about these threatened cats and the daunting conservation challenges they face as they fight for survival.

WEBINAR | Life of Leopards: Africa’s Most Elusive Predators

Originally presented June 1, 2021
Africa’s leopards are the continent's most elusive big cats, so what do we know about their secretive lives in the wild? Get a closer look into these stealthy felines' fascinating behaviors and lifestyles in this in-depth webinar.

WEBINAR | The Golden Pack: Wild Dogs of the Okavango Delta

Originally presented May 28, 2021
African wild dogs are colorful canids with fascinating social structures and hunting behaviors. Join safari guide Russell Gerber to learn about a famous wild pack in Botswana and how you can help protect this endangered species.

WEBINAR | On Safari: A Nat Hab Webcast Exclusive from Africa

Originally presented May 18, 2021
Witness the wild wonders of South Africa on this 90-minute virtual safari with live interpretation from two veteran guides—it’s a thrilling immersive encounter with the legendary wildlife of the Greater Kruger ecosystem.

WEBINAR | Great Pride: Five Years with Wild Lions

Originally presented May 12, 2021
Follow the story of one lion pride living in South Africa to discover the ever-changing dynamics, relationships and interactions between and among these highly social groups of big cats.

WEBINAR | Africa's Iconic Predators

Originally presented May 7, 2021
Discover how Africa’s famed feline and canine predators have evolved and adapted to become such skilled hunters in this insightful webinar with Expedition Leader Russell Gerber.

WEBINAR | Fireside Chat with Rich & Matt: The Secret World of Trees

Originally presented April 23, 2021
We tend to take trees for granted, more in the wildlife that inhabits them. But trees themselves are fascinating! And crucial to ecosystems where they exist. Join us to discover some of Africa’s most intriguing trees.

WEBINAR | Four Amazing African Safaris

Originally presented March 30, 2021
The pandemic has convinced you that an African safari needs to top your bucket list—but where to start? Court is here to help, with an overview of four very different and equally thrilling safari possibilities.

WEBINAR | Fireside Chat with Rich & Matt: Birds of Africa Part III

Originally presented March 15, 2021
Come along on a virtual avian safari as our guides share a final installment of their 3-part series on the wild, wonderful, whimsical world of Africa's amazing birds.

WEBINAR | Fireside Chat with Rich & Matt: LIVE from the Campfire in South Africa!

Originally presented March 5, 2021
Thus far, we've had virtual fireside chats with our Southern Africa safari guides—but today, we're joining Rich & Matt LIVE from the campfire at Sabi Sabi Reserve! Hear all the highlights from their real-time safari.

WEBINAR | Let's Go Again! Discovering More of Madagascar

Originally presented February 25, 2021
Continuing our exploration of the world's most unusual island, (home to lemurs and lots more!), looking at how Madagascar's geographic location and human population intersect to pose unique challenges to its tremendous biodiversity.

WEBINAR | Fireside Chat with Rich & Matt: Birds of Africa Part II

Originally presented February 17, 2021
Lions and elephants may be more famous, but Africa's birds are equally intriguing! We think you'll agree, when you join our Africa guide duo for another look at some of the continent's most fascinating avian species.

WEBINAR | Fireside Chat with Rich & Matt: Birds of Africa

Originally presented February 3, 2021
Birds may not get the acclaim of Africa's megafauna like elephants and gorillas, but they are every bit as intriguing! Your favorite safari guides weigh in on their favorites, and why they are so utterly captivating.

WEBINAR | Fireside Chat with Rich & Matt: Uganda & Its Mountain Gorillas

Originally presented January 22, 2021
Uganda is a small country, less well known than some of Africa's other safari destinations, but filled with diverse wildlife in varied habitats... including roughly half the world's remaining mountain gorillas. Come meet them!

WEBINAR | Let’s Go! Discover Madagascar with Ant

Originally presented January 14, 2021
In this installment of our "Let’s Go!" destination series, Ant Bennet unveils everything that makes Madagascar so intriguing, from its lemurs and other unique wildlife found nowhere else on Earth to its hospitable people.

WEBINAR | Namibia’s Desert Elephants

Originally presented January 6, 2021
Namibia's desert-adapted elephants have found ways to survive in the extreme, arid conditions of the Namib Desert. Hear from two wildlife biologists who are studying a small sub-population and learn about their efforts to reduce conflicts between these massive animals and the human communities that share their environment.

WEBINAR | Fireside Chat with Rich & Matt: Great Rivers of Africa

Originally presented December 18, 2020
Join safari guides Rich and Matt for a fascinating look at Africa's mighty rivers, including the Nile, Congo, Zambezi and Okavango, which have shaped the natural and cultural history of the continent.

WEBINAR | Back into Africa: Secluded Kenya in the Age of COVID

Originally presented December 7, 2020
Private air, private mobile safari camps, total seclusion and a very small group—there’s no better way to experience wildest Kenya! Hear firsthand what our first fall departures have been like.

WEBINAR | Our Closest Cousins: 5 Intriguing Things About Chimps

Originally presented October 28, 2020
Did you know humans share approximately 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees? Join Expedition Leader Mark Jordahl for a look at five fascinating features of our closet living relatives.

WEBINAR | Madagascar: A Virtual Journey Through an Evolutionary Wonderland

Originally presented October 6, 2020
From wide-eyed lemurs to iridescent chameleons, from tropical mangroves to baobab forests, discover Madagascar's intriguing biodiversity with Court Whelan, who reveals why it’s often called the "eighth continent."

WEBINAR | Fireside Chat: Everything You Know About Hyenas May Be Wrong!

Originally presented September 30, 2020
Hyenas: ugly, dirty scavengers or resourceful, skilled hunters? Safari guides Richard and Matt reveal the "real hyena": an incredibly smart, social, scrappy and intriguing denizen of the African plains.

WEBINAR | How Well-Designed Ecotourism Helps Save Mountain Gorillas

Originally presented September 25, 2020
If you've ever trekked in to see mountain gorillas in Africa, or wanted to, you'll be captivated by how much goes into creating a mutually beneficial "circuit" where travel supports both conservation and communities.

WEBINAR | Fireside Chat: Prolific Pachyderms

Originally presented September 22, 2020
During this virtual "Fireside Chat," join South African safari guides Matt Meyer and Richard de Gouveia to learn how Africa's giant thick-skinned mammals live in harmony with their environment.

WEBINAR | Conserving the Congo Basin: 35 Years of Field Work in Central Africa

Originally presented September 16, 2020
The vast Congo Basin in Africa’s remote heart is a trove of biodiversity, home to western lowland gorillas, forest elephant, okapi and other endangered species. Meet two WWF conservationists on the front lines of protecting it.

WEBINAR | Hidden Treasures of the African Bushveld

Originally presented August 31, 2020
Top safari guide trainer Lorraine Doyle shares intriguing secrets of the bushveld, a dynamic and complex ecosystem -- learn to read stories in the sand, and discover the clever way species have adapted to survive in this environment.

WEBINAR | Fireside Chats with Rich and Matt: African Lions and Buffalo

Originally presented August 19, 2020
Join us for Africa's Clash of the Titans: Two South African safari guides explore the relationship between two "eternal enemies" and equally capable foes—the lion and the buffalo.

WEBINAR | The New Big 5

Originally presented August 3, 2020
Do you know how the original "Big 5" were selected? Learn about this celebration of wildlife and wildlife photography and what it means for wildlife conservation.

WEBINAR | The Heart of Uganda

Originally presented July 30, 2020
Get an intimate and personal look at the "Pearl of Africa." Richard de Gouveia will share the meaningful interactions with people and wildlife that keep him coming back to Uganda year after year.

WEBINAR | The Heart of South Africa

Originally presented July 16, 2020
Get an intimate and personal look at the wildlife mecca of South Africa through the eyes and voice of a seasoned guide.

WEBINAR | African Wild Dogs: Painted Predators of the Savanna

Originally presented July 10, 2020
Join us to learn about the savanna’s most successful predators—African wild dogs.

WEBINAR | Conserving Namibia's Desert Wildlife

Originally presented June 24, 2020
Find out how animals like elephants, lions and rhinos able to thrive in one of the most inhospitable deserts on earth.

WEBINAR | Legendary African Leopards

Originally presented June 22, 2020
This intriguing webinar blends science and storytelling to offer a deeply personal look at the behavior and ecology of African leopards.

WEBINAR | A Personal Look at Lions

Originally presented June 12, 2020
This intriguing webinar by a career safari guide and lion observer blends science and storytelling to offer a deeply personal look at the behaviors and ecology of Africa's legendary lions.

WEBINAR | On the Move: East Africa's Great Migration

Originally presented June 5, 2020
Join us on safari in Kenya and Tanzania as we follow the Great Migration, with more than 2 million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle grazing their way around the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem.

WEBINAR | Encounters with Elephants

Originally presented May 18, 2020
This webinar blends science and storytelling to offer a deep look into the behaviors and ecology of the world’s largest land mammal.

WEBINAR | Riding for Rhinos: Where the Rubber Meets the Road for Rhino Conservation

Originally presented May 4, 2020
Learn about endangered rhinos and one South African conservationist’s 2,000-mile bike ride to raise awareness about their plight.

WEBINAR | Mountain Gorillas on the Rise: A Conservation Success Story

Originally presented April 27, 2020
The world's mountain gorilla population has increased in the last 50 years due to heroic conservation efforts largely funded by tourism. Expedition Leader Mark Jordahl will discuss what's made their comeback so successful.

WEBINAR | Crossing Africa’s Okavango Delta on Foot

Originally presented April 13, 2020
Join Anthony Bennett for engrossing tales from his 80-mile walking safari in the Botswana wilderness. Anthony and three fellow safari guides made this self-supported trek over six days, carrying heavy packs and rifles, and wild-camping at impromptu locations each night.

WEBINAR | Madagascar: A Journey to the Eighth Continent

Originally presented April 10, 2020
You thought Earth had just seven continents? Madagascar is often referred to as the “eighth,” given its utterly unique biodiversity. Expedition Leaders Matt Meyer and Richard de Gouveia introduce the unusual animals and plants of the world’s fourth largest island.
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