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Frequently Asked Questions: Travel Insurance

Natural Habitat Adventures offers two Travel Protection Plans:

  1. The Natural Habitat Travel Protection Plan includes trip cancellation and interruption coverage and additional post-departure benefits.
  2. The Evacuation Plan provides emergency medical evacuation to the nearest medical facility.
Both plans offer valuable coverage at a competitive price—features we believe are very important when you’re traveling in some of the world's most remote destinations. Please select the appropriate link above to access specific plan information.


Travel Protection Insurance

Insurance can be a confusing topic, especially when you’re reading through the minutiae of a policy. When you book travel protection with us, we can help you sort it out. works closely with our underwriter and strives to provide high quality coverage and benefits that fit our clients’ needs.

MedEvac insurance is required, whether you purchase our Evacuation Plan above or an alternate plan, for all departures outside the lower 48 states and Churchill.

Travelers have many questions about insurance, especially regarding what is covered and what is not. Answers to some frequently asked questions should help you better understand our Travel Protection Plan and Emergency Assistance Plan.


 What is the “cancel for any reason” waiver? How does it work?

  • This waiver is provided to you by Natural Habitat Adventures and is not associated with an insurance company.
  • Nat Hab has put this policy into place in the event your cancellation falls under a non-covered reason.

What are examples of a non-covered reason?
  • Health issues with an older pet
  • Schedule conflict (e.g., work, wedding, remodeling your house, etc.)
  • You simply do not want to travel

How do I apply for the “cancel for any reason” waiver?
You must purchase the Travel Protection Plan within 14 days of making your deposit.

Does it cost more to have this waiver?
It is included when your Travel Protection Plan is purchased within 14 days of submitting your booking deposit. There is no additional cost for the “cancel for any reason” waiver.

How does the “cancel for any reason” waiver work? What are the restrictions?
  • You must cancel your trip at least 30 days before your departure date.
  • 70 percent of your tour cost ONLY will be refunded in the form of Natural Habitat Adventures travel certificates.
  • You have one year from the date of cancellation to book a future trip with Nat Hab, to which your trip credit will be applied.
  • This waiver does not cover or apply to airfare, private charters, extensions, insurance purchases or any other arrangements not made by Nat Hab.

What is covered under the Natural Habitat Travel Protection Plan?


Underwritten by Arch Insurance Company
MAXIMUM LIMIT (per person) 
Trip Cancellation   100% of insured trip cost 
Trip Interruption
 100% of insured trip cost
Trip Delay (12 hours or more)   $1,000
Missed Connection (3 hours or more)
Baggage/Baggage Delay    $1,000/$250 
Emergency Medical Expense    $50,000
Emergency Dental Expense    $750 
Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation    $500,000  
24-Hour Accidental Death & Dismemberment  $25,000  
 Political & Security Evacuation
Travel Assistance & Concierge **

  • First payer coverage—no deductibles
  • Pre-existing condition exclusion waiver when purchased within 14 days of deposit date for full cost of all travel arrangements—you must be fit to travel when you purchase the plan
  • Several trip cancellation/interruption reasons
  • 12 hours or more trip-delay benefit
  • 24-hour travel assistance and concierge services

This page provides a broad overview of your policy provisions and does not revise or amend the policy. Insurance coverages are underwritten by Arch Insurance Company, NAIC #11150, under policy series LTP 2013 and endorsements thereto. Policies are administered by Arch Insurance Solutions, 877-722-1959, CA License #0I18111, TX License #1787195. Your policy is the contract that specifically and fully describes your coverage. Certain restrictions and exclusions apply and coverages may vary in certain states. Please refer to your policy for detailed terms and conditions. Consumer disclosures can be found here.

When does my coverage begin? When does my coverage end?
  • Your cancellation coverage takes effect at 12:01 am on the day following your purchase.
  • Your coverage ends when you arrive home from your tour.

I have elderly parents. Does the Travel Protection Plan cover me if I need to cancel?
Yes. You are covered if you need to cancel your trip due to the illness/death of an immediate family member. An immediate family member is considered to be your or your traveling companion’s dependent, spouse, child, spouse’s child, son/daughter-in-law, parent(s), sibling(s), grandparent(s), grandchild, stepbrother/sister, stepparent(s), parent(s)-in-law, brother/sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, guardian, domestic partner, foster child or ward.

If you cancel your trip due to the illness of one of the aforementioned family members covered by this policy, Arch Insurance Solutions (AIS) will require further information from the attending physician of the family member in order to complete your requested claim. Once you initiate your claim with AIS, you will receive a physician’s statement form that must be completed by the attending physician in order for the claim to be processed. Once the paperwork is received, the process may take from two to six weeks to be completed.

I do not feel well. Can I cancel my trip because I am ill?
You may cancel your trip, but your cancellation will be covered by insurance ONLY if you have physically seen your physician before your decision to cancel, and your physician deems at that time that you are unfit to travel. To be covered, your doctor will need to complete the physician's statement form documenting the circumstances as part of the insurance company’s required claim paperwork.

My flight was canceled. Will I be able to submit a claim for the missed portion of my trip, additional expenses incurred, etc.?
  • Yes, as long as your flight was canceled due to a covered reason such as a mechanical breakdown, inclement weather or organized labor strike that affected public transportation.
  • In order to file a claim, you will need to provide proof of and reason for the flight cancellation.
  • Please keep your receipts, as you must provide them with your claim paperwork for reimbursement.

I’m not a citizen of the United States. Does your insurance policy cover me?
Yes. The Natural Habitat Travel Protection Plan is available for anyone booking travel arrangements with Natural Habitat Adventures.

What is a pre-existing condition? How do I make sure I’m covered for pre-existing conditions?
  • A pre-existing condition means an illness, disease or other condition during the 60-day period immediately prior to the effective date of your coverage for which you: 1) received or received a recommendation for a test, examination or medical treatment; or 2) took or received a prescription for drugs or medicine. Item (2) of this definition does not apply to a condition which is treated or controlled solely through the taking of prescription drugs or medicine and remains treated or controlled without any adjustment or change in the required prescription throughout the 60-day period before your coverage is effective under this policy. In order to be eligible for a waiver of the pre-existing condition exclusion, you must purchase insurance for the full cost of all travel arrangements within 14 days of your deposit, and you must be fit to travel at the time you purchase the plan.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Completing the insurance form via our website and stating that you would like insurance does not mean you are covered by insurance. You must purchase the policy in order to be covered under the insurance plan.
  • Here’s an example of how pre-existing conditions are considered: Assume you decided not to purchase the insurance within 14 days of booking, but you paid for the policy with your final balance. You take medication to control your diabetes; you have taken this medication for years. Just before your trip, your prescription changes and you end up having a reaction to the new medication. Your doctor advises you to cancel your trip, as you are unfit for travel at this time. Since you did not purchase insurance within 14 days of your deposit date, the insurance company denies your claim. Why? Even though you’ve had diabetes for many years, your condition changed due to the medication change, which happened during the 60-day period prior to the date the plan was purchased. If you would have purchased the insurance within 14 days of making your initial trip deposit, this type of situation could have been covered under the pre-existing condition exclusion waiver.

What is the cost of the Travel Protection Plan?

The cost of the Travel Protection Plan is approximately 8.75 percent of your tour cost.

Can I insure travel arrangements that I did not purchase through Nat Hab?
Once you purchase our insurance policy for your Nat Hab adventure, you can insure any of the following components not booked through Nat Hab:
  • Airfare
  • Hotels
  • Extensions
  • Any components not booked through Nat Hab 

I have already purchased travel insurance through Nat Hab. Doesn’t that cover my flights?

No. For airfare to be covered, you must increase your coverage amount for the total combined cost of additional flight tour costs covered in your policy.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Any time you add an additional dollar value to the insurance, the overall premium will increase.

I saw the cost of insurance on my invoice. Does this mean I am covered under your insurance policy?

No. You must purchase the insurance in order to be covered under the policy. On your invoice, you are ONLY being quoted the cost for insurance, based on your tour package.

I purchased insurance with my deposit. Can I later add extra coverage for airfare, extensions and extra hotel nights to my policy?

Yes. We can add anything to the insurance policy at any time prior to the start of your trip.

Some of your trips require an Emergency Assistance Plan. Do I have to purchase both of your policies?
No. If you purchase our Travel Protection Plan, emergency assistance is included in the policy and provides coverage up to $500,000. MedEvac insurance is required for all departures outside the lower 48 states and Churchill.

Do I need insurance for my Lindblad Expeditions adventure cruise that I booked through Nat Hab?
We strongly recommend that all guests have, at minimum, medical evacuation insurance for Lindblad adventure cruises. While this is not required, we make this strong suggestion in the interest of our guests' safety. We recommend that your chosen independent insurance plan includes at least $250,000 in medical evacuation coverage. To protect your investment and to provide peace of mind while you travel, we also strongly recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance. Plans may cover everything from medical treatment to trip cancellations and delays and lost luggage.



I only want the Emergency Assistance Plan. How much does it cost?
  • The plan cost is $48 per person
  • Emergency Assistance covers ONLY transportation if you need to be evacuated to the nearest hospital.

The language on the front page for the Emergency Assistance Plan is confusing; it states I have Trip Interruption and Trip Cancellation coverage up to the amount of my prepaid plan cost. What does that mean?
The “plan cost” is the actual $48 cost of the Emergency Assistance Plan. If you have a medical evacuation emergency, you will be covered for the transportation up to $250,000. If you cancel your trip due to a covered reason, you will be reimbursed the $48 plan purchase price. If you wish to cover your full trip cost, you will need to purchase the full coverage policy. If this still doesn’t make sense to you, give us a call, and we’d be happy to go over it.

We think about insurance like this: You purchase insurance in the hope that you will never have to use it, but you’re glad you have it when you do need it. That said, choosing a travel insurance policy is a personal decision that reflects the type of coverage you need and prefer. We hope the information provided here is helpful in answering some of your questions as you contemplate these important decisions.

In the event you do have to file a claim, we are committed to helping you through the entire process. We will assist you with paperwork and make sure you have all the information you need to expedite a smooth claim process.
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