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Our Commitment to the Climate

Natural Habitat Adventures is committed to global leadership to make travel more sustainable. Our goal isn’t simply to be the most environmentally responsible tour operator in the world, but to continually raise the bar on sustainability, and to challenge other travel-related businesses to raise their standards as well. Toward that end, we are engaged in an ambitious carbon offset program to mitigate the effects of CO2 emissions produced by our activities.

Since 2007, all Natural Habitat Adventures' trips and office operations have been completely carbon-neutral, making us the world's first 100% carbon-neutral travel company. We embarked on that ambitious project in partnership with Sustainable Travel International, paying to offset the carbon emissions that result from all of our office- and trip-related activities. And beginning in 2019, we are now offsetting all our guests' flights to and from the starting point of our adventures, increasing the total amount of our carbon offsetting by 300-400%!

From January 1, 2007 through the end of 2018, we have offset 25,418 tons of carbon dioxide. According to the EPA, this is equivalent to:
  • 5,397 cars not on the road for a year
  • 2,860,133 gallons of gasoline not consumed
  • 58,848 barrels of oil not consumed
  • 4,433 homes not using electricity for one year
  • 661,495 tree seedlings grown for 10 years
  • 204 acres of forest preserved from deforestation

The Problem
Did you know that travel-related activities account for up to 14 percent of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change? Or that every time you fly, your portion of the flight emits nearly a ton, on average, of greenhouse gases?

The Solution
Of course, there are many benefits of ecotourism, and we're certainly not suggesting that people stop traveling. But eliminating the damage we do to the planet through travel-related activities would be a huge victory in the battle against climate change. To accomplish this, we are now partnering with South Pole, a sustainability company that works with businesses and governments around the globe to reduce carbon impacts by offsetting greenhouse gas emissions via projects around the world.

We Offset Your Adventure

Natural Habitat Adventures has paid to offset 100% of the carbon emissions from your trip—as well as your air transportation to and from your adventure! We are the first travel company on the planet to embark on this ambitious undertaking. Here's how it works: We calculate the carbon emitted from activities on your adventure (the majority of these emissions result from burning fossil fuels for transportation).  Then, Nat Hab funds carbon reduction projects to balance emissions in an amount equal to that released on our trips. For example, we pay for the reforestation of native tree species in Zimbabwe and the provision of efficient, biomass-fueled cook stoves in Rwanda to replace the burning of wood.
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