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Tundra Lodge & Town Adventure

Traveler Testimonials

C. Cady
“It was so nice to relax and enjoy the trip without any worries about what you were going to do. The two guides are among the best trip leaders we have had. We learned so much from them. Their guidance with photography was very much appreciated. Their ability to spot wildlife was astounding. The whole experience increased our knowledge of the history and wildlife in the area.”

M. Weglinski
“I enjoyed most being in such close proximity to polar bears (especially on the Tundra Lodge) and seeing such a wide variety of wildlife. The Tundra Lodge was much more comfortable and cozy than I had expected. It was a very welcoming place to return to after a day out in the polar rovers. I was very impressed by the breadth and depth of our guides' knowledge of and experience with polar bears and wildlife in the area. This was demonstrated not only out in the polar rovers, but also during their formal presentations at the Tundra Lodge. I learned a lot from both of them, and that made the trip especially gratifying.”

J. Lorenzo
“The Nat Hab staff is the finest we have ever encountered in all of our trips and added greatly to our enjoyment of this trip. Of course, the rover/lodge experience was unique and breathtaking at times. The number of bears we saw in all kinds of situations surpassed our expectations. We saw a white wolf, which we understand is a very rare sighting. And our guides! Rinie was exceptional. In addition to the qualities above, his night presentations were terrific and informative. Eric balances his deep knowledge of nature with a sense of humor that kept us both informed and entertained. We are experienced world travelers, and guides don't come any better than these two. They made this trip seamless from beginning to end; from helping travelers with every need, to Eric lending us his personal camera lens. They gave tips on photography, even though this wasn't that type of trip, always provided options, immediately addressed any concerns we had, and simply made this one of the trips of our lifetime. We can't praise Rinie and Eric enough!”

C. Barker
“The guides could not have been better! Great guys, they made our adventure extra special with their knowledge and helpfulness. Fantastic, passionate about their jobs, and they shared that with us. We were such a mixed group, but our wonderful guides helped us mix and become friends - lots of laughs and memories. Big thumbs up to Colby and Court. Thank you.”

C. Stinson
“I don’t usually give perfect 10’s on evaluation forms, but they were well earned by our guides. I also appreciated the extra advice with photography. Great trip because [of the] great professionals!”

M. Macias
“I keep marking my evaluation with "10's" because I'm so happy with everything and everybody involved with my trip! I truly cannot say enough good things about Rinie and Eric as guides. I will say -- you are fortunate to have them work for you, and I am so very fortunate to have had them as guides. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to travel quite a lot, and I can honestly say, they are the best guides I have had. I hope to travel with them again. I have no suggestions for improvements. Just keep doing what you're doing!”

A. Gallo
“Seeing and learning about the animals and Churchill was great, but the guides, drivers, Tundra Lodge staff, and all the details that were handled behind the scenes to make things comfortable and seamless were what makes a trip like this exceptional. Rinie and Eric were fabulous as our guides. They went above and beyond to make sure everyone on the trip was happy and comfortable. They were very knowledgeable about Churchill and all the critters we saw. They even helped people with their cameras and made sure everyone was happy with the pictures they were getting. Both Rinie and Eric were quite personable and kept us entertained the entire time. Their interactions with the group brought us all closer and helped make it feel like we were traveling with friends and family, not just a group of strangers."

I. LaChance
"My highlight would have to be the Northern Lights. When I looked up and saw them it was like the world stopped and that was the only thing I could see. It was so beautiful it brought me to tears. The tundra itself with its patchwork of colors and quiet beauty, the sound of the wind and the power of nature. It was all my most enjoyable. What did I like least? That it had to come to an end! It was beyond my expectations. It was the journey of a life time. Many people travel for many reasons. You gave me a whole new reason to travel. To see the world as it should be, in its naked state, natural and free. The knowledge that was given to us each day about our planet and how we can help made us all more aware of the ways we can help lessen our imprint on the earth. It also makes me want to travel with you again, knowing you care about what happens when we are there as well as when we are gone."

C. Von Coellm
"Our leaders made our trip memorable, friendly and caring. They were very knowledgeable about this adventure with the Polar bears as well as other Nat Hab adventures."

V. Young
“Both leaders were amazing! Their knowledge and the experience they shared was inspiring and informative, and the presentations they gave enabled me to have a better understanding of the tundra, the history of the area, the wildlife and the challenges ahead in order to preserve the area and its inhabitants. Having the gear provided was perfect as well. I loved everything...the bears, seeing the northern lights, the tundra experience, Churchill, and meeting all the wonderful NatHab staff and my fellow travelers.”
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