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Tundra Lodge & Town Adventure

Stay on the Tundra Among the Bears & in the Northern Frontier Town of Churchill
7 Days From $8395 (+air)
Looking for a polar bear adventure that combines the best of both worlds? You’ve found it! Spend two nights at our exclusive Tundra Lodge, a custom-designed rolling hotel positioned on the tundra each season in an area of high bear activity. Relish unparalleled proximity to wild polar bears, in total seclusion—then add two nights in the historic hamlet of Churchill, for cultural activities and a chance to meet the hardy locals who call this subarctic outpost home. Search for polar bears and other wildlife such as Arctic fox, Arctic hare and ptarmigan during Polar Rover excursions on the tundra, enjoy close-up polar bear viewing from the Tundra Lodge, learn about Churchill’s colorful past on a comprehensive tour of the town, and fly through the forest on an exhilarating dog sled ride with a working team of huskies. This multifaceted northern adventure truly does it all!
    Tundra sunset, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaPolar bears, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaPolar Rover, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaChurchill, Manitoba, CanadaInukshuk, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaPolar bear and Polar Rover, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaTundra Lodge, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaTundra sunset, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaChurchill, Manitoba, CanadaPolar bears, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaSnowy owl, Churchill, Manitoba, CanadaPolar bear mother and cubs, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Trip Highlights

  • Stay on the TundraStay directly on the tundra at our exclusive Tundra Lodge, situated where polar bear density is highest—then return to the hub of activity in Churchill for two nights
  • Discover Historic ChurchillExplore the Arctic frontier town of Churchill, once a Hudson's Bay Company trading post, and discover its distinctive northern identity through cultural presentations 
  • Go Dog SleddingMeet a local dog musher and his team to learn all about working sled dogs, and ride behind a team of huskies as they run through the boreal forest
Close Encounters with Polar Bears in Churchill
A Conservation Travel Experience

What Makes This Polar Bear Adventure So Exceptional?

Our exclusive Tundra Lodge, which provides guests access to the polar bears' natural environs around the clock, is widely recognized as the most thrilling way to immerse yourself in the King of the Arctic's realm. Yet many travelers to Churchill find this historic frontier town a highlight in itself. This novel itinerary brings both of these experiences together: Stay in wild polar bear habitat at our Tundra Lodge, positioned in seclusion each season for outstanding proximity to polar bears—then add two nights in Churchill to experience the culture of the Canadian North. With this trip, you'll get:

  1. The Best Polar Bear Viewing Spot on the Planet!
    Each September, our Tundra Lodge is strategically placed on a small spit of land that juts out into the Hudson Bay. This is where the ice first begins to form on the bay, attracting polar bears at the very start of the bear-viewing season. The Tundra Lodge is set amid the highest polar bear activity in the world.
  2. Private Cabins & Spacious Viewing Areas Ensure Comfort & Access
    You won't find a more comfortable way to spend leisurely time observing polar bears than from our Tundra Lodge. Aboard this rolling hotel fashioned after train sleeper cars, each guest has an individual cabin with sleeping berth. So, not only will you enjoy warmth and comfort, you'll have your own private window through which to watch bears...and, if we're lucky, the northern lights, too! Large outdoor viewing platforms further enhance bear observation opportunities. When you stay at the Tundra Lodge, you won't miss a thing by going back to town at night!
  3. Exclusive Permits to Access the Best Bear-Viewing Area
    There are just two operators with exclusive permits to traverse the entire Churchill Wildlife Management Area (WMA) where the best—and sometimes only—polar bear viewing occurs. Of course, the Nat Hab/Great White Bear team possesses such a permit. Other operators use school-bus-type vehicles that are confined to the paved and gravel road to Halfway Point—which, as the name suggests, is only halfway to the prime polar bear area. If you're coming to Churchill to get close to polar bears, be sure you choose a company that offers a full bear-watching experience.
  4. Our Polar Rovers are the Most Remarkable Vehicles in the North The original tundra truck designed for polar bear viewing was invented back in the 1980s, and while it was an exciting concept then, we've improved upon it substantially. Our partner in Manitoba, a world-renowned specialty vehicle designer, has created a new model that's far superior to those old originals. The Polar Rover, driven by an advanced drive train that allows us to safely traverse the tundra with virtually no chance of breakdowns, has a custom heavy-duty suspension system that steadies the ride over uneven terrain. And, with on-board flush toilets (rather than drop buckets, which can get smelly), our guests enjoy a superior level of comfort. 
  5. Steel Mesh Flooring Facilitates Close-Up Polar Bear Viewing
    Built into the rear viewing platform of every Polar Rover—and into the platforms that separate the individual "cars" of the Tundra Lodge—is a pioneering feature that greatly enhances our opportunities to watch polar bears up close: corrugated steel-mesh floors, so we can witness from remarkably close proximity the curious bears that often walk underneath the platforms!
  6. The Smallest Groups for Superior Nature Adventures
    Natural Habitat Adventures is known for its small groups, including the smallest groups in Churchill— which makes sense, since traveling with fewer people at a time means a more enjoyable and less impactful nature adventure. While it may cost us a little more to offer, the benefits of a small group are well worth it. The Tundra Lodge accommodates just 29 guests, leaving plenty of room to view bears through sliding windows and from ample deck space. Our Polar Rovers can hold 30 or more passengers, but we generally travel with just 15 per vehicle while we head out of the Tundra Lodge searching for polar bears on the tundra. This ensures that every traveler has plenty of space to spread out, angle for photos and enjoy watching polar bears without being bumped or interrupted by other travelers.
  7. Private Chartered Planes Maximize Our Polar Bear Time
    To achieve the most time up north with the bears, rather than waiting around airports and enduring the hassle of security screenings, we charter our own private aircraft, taking us directly from Winnipeg to Churchill at a time that is most convenient for our itinerary. We know you'd rather spend your precious time with the polar bears, rather than in airports.
  8. The Finest Naturalist Guides on the Planet
    We are proud that Natural Habitat Adventures is known worldwide for employing the highest-quality guides in the industry. Our Expedition Leaders average more than 10 seasons each guiding polar bear tours. They also receive additional training from WWF's top scientists—you won't find more knowledgeable guides in Churchill! These congenial professionals meet each guest in Winnipeg and travel with the group throughout the trip, sharing a multitude of fascinating insights. Our philosophy is simple: a nature adventure is only as good as the guide who leads it, so we must provide the best! See Expedition Leader bios with traveler comments regarding the quality of our leaders.
  9. Local Northern Cultural Interactions Enhance Our Experience
    We've been working in Churchill for decades, and during that time, we've built close relationships with the local people. As a result, our guests have exclusive opportunities to meet revered elders of northern First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities. These storytellers are some of the last in their cultural groups and, fortunately for us, they have graciously agreed to share their history and traditions with our guests.
  10. Our Quality-Value Guarantee Ensures Your Outstanding Polar Bear Experience
    You receive Natural Habitat Adventures' exclusive guarantee that clearly states we will meet the high expectations set forth in our promotional materials. To our knowledge, this is the most ambitious guarantee made by any adventure travel company. Read our important promise.
  11. Feel Good About the Way You Travel
    We all care about the planet, and you can travel with us knowing that the emissions from your trip are 100-percent carbon-offset. Natural Habitat Adventures is the world’s first carbon-neutral travel company, a feature that is especially critical when considering that polar bears are under substantial threat from our planet's warming temperatures.
  12. Natural Habitat Adventures is World Wildlife Fund's Travel Partner
    Because of our commitment to environmentally friendly travel, as well as the exceptional quality of our small-group nature adventures, World Wildlife Fund, the world's leading environmental conservation organization, has named Natural Habitat its worldwide travel partner—a designation that makes us exceedingly proud!
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