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A Closer Look at Natural Habitat's Base Camp Greenland

Sermilik Fjord, East Greenland

It’s hard to put into words the sense of solitude and wonder you feel on the outer east coast of the world’s largest island, encased in ice except for a temperate coastal fringe during the short summer.

Until we established our deluxe Base Camp in East Greenland, travelers had no options but to trek overland or kayak from point to point while sleeping in nylon tents and cooking over a camp stove. But in our quest to make wild and remote places accessible—and comfortable—for our travelers, we’ve changed that. We built our own safari camp, Arctic-style!

Photo © Ralph Lee Hopkins

Inspired by the concept of an African safari camp, Base Camp Greenland is the first deluxe expedition camp of its kind anywhere in Greenland. Set on a tranquil, protected bay at the mouth of a broad glacial valley flanked by granite cliffs, the camp enjoys a striking wilderness setting.

Photo © Ralph Lee Hopkins

Eight private tent cabins offer a comfortable refuge for adventurers, with surprising “luxuries” given the extremely remote location. Built on heavy-duty vinyl on raised platforms, each cabin has twin beds with cozy comforters, en suite toilets, wash basins, and a private veranda with views of the Greenland ice sheet. Spacious interiors are warmed by individual heaters to keep you cozy on chilly nights here near the Arctic Circle.

Photo © Bill Gent and Diana Russler

After a day of hiking, kayaking and Zodiac outings among the icebergs, whales and seals in Sermilik Fjord, return to camp to indulge in a hot shower, a sunset drink on the patio, and fine cuisine prepared fresh daily by our creative camp chef.

Photo © Ralph Lee Hopkins

You’ll be amazed at how well taken care of you'll feel in one of the farthest-flung places on Earth!

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Guests enjoy social time at the Explorers’ Corner yurt, a common area that serves as a lecture space for presentations and a place to get to know fellow travelers. Photo © Ralph Lee Hopkins

Interior of the Explorers’ Corner yurt. Photo © Dain Lewis

Spacious cabin interiors are warmed by an individual heater—welcome on chilly nights—though long summer days here are often quite mild and dry. Cozy tent cabins have twin beds outfitted with warm comforters and comfortable pillows, a sitting bench, carpet runner, hanging clothing storage, and an en suite odorless dry toilet and washbasin. Photo © Eric Rock

Each cabin has a private veranda with a view of the bay and Greenland ice sheet in the distance. Photo © Megan Koelemay

A large common tent houses the kitchen and dining area, where excellent meals are prepared by our creative camp chef, with fresh and varied ingredients arriving regularly. Photo © Megan Koelemay

A handful of the gourmet creations by our camp chefs. Photo © Megan Koelemay

Camp chefs whipping up a delicious breakfast in the kitchen. Photo © Megan Koelemay

 A hallmark of Base Camp Greenland is its eco-conscious construction. In such a pristine environment, we take every care to ensure that our footprint is minimal. Camp facilities are set up for two months in the summer and, with the exception of the storage shed, taken down at the end of each season, to reduce impact. In order to accomplish this, water piping and plumbing systems must be relatively simple and located in only one building—thus our shower block that is separate from the individual cabins. All trash and recycling is taken back to Tasiilaq—nothing whatsoever is left on site. Only biodegradable soap is used in the kitchen and showers. Photo © Bill Gent and Diana Russler

Header photo © Ralph Lee Hopkins.
Experience This Deluxe Base Camp on Our Greenland Adventure
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Discover Greenland: The Natural Habitat Experience

Discover Greenland: The Natural Habitat Experience

Encounter raw beauty and remote Arctic landscapes from our luxury expedition camp near the edge of the Greenland ice sheet. Explore by boat, kayak and on foot, where very few travelers ever venture.

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9 Days / Jul – Aug, From $12995 (+air)
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