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Emily Kleinburd

Emily grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, where she spent most of her time outside with friends, playing field hockey, soccer and lacrosse. Interested in nature and wildlife from a young age, she spent her childhood reading wildlife encyclopedias, watching nature documentaries, dreaming about traveling to Australia and begging her parents to take her birding. She went to Gettysburg College where she studied psychology and political science, and was a member of the varsity field hockey team. Emily loved exploring Gettysburg and taking runs through the battlefields at sunrise and sunset. When the opportunity to study abroad arose, she instantly knew that she had to go to Australia; she could hardly wait for the unique wildlife, picturesque landscapes and unlimited adventure. From exploring the outback to trekking through rain forests, sailing the Whitsunday Islands to road-tripping the South Island of New Zealand, she couldn’t get enough. She returned to the States only to dream about where she would travel to next.

Emily knew she wanted to move west upon graduation, and within a month was on a plane with two suitcases, heading to Denver. She quickly fell in love with Colorado and living so close to the Rockies. After two years in Denver working in public relations, her passion for travel, sustainability and wildlife brought her to Nat Hab.

Some of Emily's most meaningful travel experiences include watching a pod of orcas at close range outside of Juneau, Alaska, skydiving over Fox Glacier in New Zealand, watching a jaguar successfully hunt a capybara in Brazil, catching the sunrise in the Australian outback, walking with giant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands, finding two tiger cubs nursing in a temple in India and attending the 2018 World Cup in Russia. At home, Emily is happiest when she’s in the mountains. She spends her time snowboarding, hiking, camping, trail running and playing soccer. She hopes to leave no stone unturned in Colorado, where it’s easy to find somewhere new to explore every weekend. Her travels so far include Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Brazil, India, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Russia, Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.
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Emily's Adventures
    Hanging out at Nat Hab’s Tortoise Camp in the Galapagos with two of our amazing Expedition Leaders, Andres and Gustavo!Marine iguanas on Fernandina, Galapagos.Watching a jaguar hunt for caiman in the Brazilian Pantanal.Hiking on a glacier in Iceland.Backcountry skiing (snowboarding) in Telluride, Colorado.Watching a pod of Orca’s outside of Juneau, Alaska.Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef outside of Carins, Australia.Hiking around Whitehaven Beach on one of our stops while sailing around the Whitsunday Islands in Australia.Happily enjoying an Amazon sunset while looking for wildlife on a skiff ride.Embracing the icy cold water of the Narrows in Zion National Park.Taking in the view at the Toroweap Overlook on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.Hiking outside of Innsbruck, Austria.One of my favorite campsites to date, right outside of Husavik, Iceland.With one of our amazing guides, Helder, watching the sunset at Caiman Ecological Refuge in the Brazilian Pantanal.Walking with a giant anteater in the Brazilian Pantanal.
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