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Dain Lewis

A Philadelphia native, Dain made a 1,000-mile road trip through Colorado in 2014 and decided to move Boulder, where he now serves as Nat Hab’s head financial strategist. This fortuitous turn of events allows Dain to meld his professional acumen with a deep passion for nature and travel. Dain’s love of wildlife and the outdoors is rooted in childhood trips to the zoo and quiet time away from the city learning to golf—but it wasn’t until 2011 that nature became a central focus of his life, when he embarked on a month-long, self-guided photography odyssey through New Zealand. Traveling with just a camera, a map, a car, and sheep (everywhere!), 5,000 photos later, Dain was hooked on nature travel.

He developed a deep love of the natural world, appreciating both the exhilaration that comes from exploring our beautiful planet, and the calm and peace that nature brings. Dain has gone on to add adventures in Australia, Israel, Jordan, China, Hong Kong, Kenya, Norway, the Dominican Republic and France to his growing list of international travel experiences. Dain’s most recent adventures have taken him to Greenland, the Galapagos Islands and Canada.

After graduating with a degree in history from Yale in 2007, Dain worked in a wide variety of positions in business strategy, finance, operations and analytics. He put his talents to work on mixed-use and master-planned community projects for a large real estate development company in Chicago, started a company in Silicon Valley with a few friends, and later worked for the University of Pennsylvania in finance and strategy before joining Nat Hab. Dain’s hobbies include soccer, salsa dancing, photography, golf, skiing/snowboarding and cooking.
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Dain's Travel Adventures
    Enjoying some down time at the beautiful Sacha Ji EcoLodge in Ecuador.This was one of a few dozen Galapagos brown pelicans we saw one day diving for their lunch.This was one of the coolest icebergs I saw on my trip to Greenland.In Greenland, nature reveals itself on an almost unfathomable scale. Check out the Zodiac against the backdrop of the ice sheet.This was outside the 12th century castle in Beynac (southern France). We had a great tour guide who described all of the design tricks built into the castle to protect against invaders.This was one of the stunning views from the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet (Vancouver Island)Norway has some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world – millions of years of glacial erosion have produced beautiful fjords throughout the country.I saw a beautiful moment in Kenya between a mother and her cub.On the second day of our safari in Kenya, we were able to watch a cheetah take down a Thompson gazelle (and the cubs got a great lesson from seeing their mom in action!).Arrowtown has some of the most beautiful fall colors in New Zealand – I was racing to get there by sunset so I could get a shot of the setting sun on the yellow foliage.A beautiful stream in the South Island of New Zealand.Relaxing in the middle of Poudre Canyon in Colorado. I sat here for about 20 minutes without seeing a car.If this isn’t Mordor from Lord of the Rings, I don’t know what would be. This is the northernmost tip of the North Island in New Zealand at sunset.Exploring the rich natural landscape of the Golan Heights in Israel.Apparently my jumping instructor had logged in over 18,000 jumps during his career. This is over Lake Wanaka in New Zealand.Motocross Grand Prix is one of the most exciting live events around. The racers ride within inches of each other and hit top speeds of 225 mph, on two wheels. Here I am closely guarding The Treasury in Petra.Ready for a weekend of hiking and sunsets in the beautiful Blue Mountains in Australia.   The Queenstown Gardens reminded me of a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle!I drove up to Marble, Colorado and immediately thought it needed to be a postcard.One of the gems inside Rocky Mountain National Park.Visiting a monument in Guangzhou, China.Golf courses in Israel? I was shocked and delighted at the same time.Overlooking the skyline of Melbourne, Australia. I was amazed at how lush the grass is in the rolling plains near the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.
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