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Ben Bressler

Ben was raised in New Jersey (he claims there are parts of Jersey that are absolutely beautiful, but he admits that he didn't live in those parts) and received his higher education at Skidmore College in Saratoga, New York. Ben's first short-lived job was teaching at a boarding school in New Hampshire where, he confesses, he was a dreadful teacher, but he and the kids had a grand time playing soccer in the yard and listening to music in the dorm.

During his one-year teaching career, Ben took a group of students on a spring break skiing and outdoor adventure to Colorado and knew immediately that he was going to pursue a career combining travel and nature. Not given to working for others (his experience with the headmaster of the prep school was a disaster, for him and for the headmaster both), in 1984 Ben decided to pursue his dreams independently. He managed to save $600 driving a garbage truck at a New Jersey amusement park and invested that undersized savings to produce a small brochure advertising skiing and adventure trips, doing the typing (on an antiquated standard typewriter) and photocopying himself. It wasn't long before the International Fund for Animal Welfare put out a feeler to find a young and ambitious adventure travel company to help them develop a seal-watching tourism industry to replace the baby harp seal hunt in eastern Canada. Ben jumped on board, and the fledgling company found its focus on travel as a means for conserving nature and wildlife 

While Ben was living on the floor of his brother's apartment in New York City and stealing his brother's change for subway fare to get to work, there was no company more ambitious than Natural Habitat Adventures, which, at the time, consisted of Ben alone. In the 35 years since, Ben has grown Nat Hab to become a global leader in nature travel, offering life-enhancing adventures to the world's most wondrous wild places. He himself has journeyed to dozens of countries in search of spectacular nature experiences…and a good time, whenever possible. Aside from heading a meaningful company that provides “The World’s Greatest Nature Expeditions," Ben's professional ambition is to utilize adventure travel to build support for the fight against climate change. When he's not working, which is rarely (ask the staff who regularly get midnight emails), Ben plays and coaches soccer, rides his mountain bike, skis, drinks beer, smokes Cuban cigars, and enjoys time with his family.
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Ben's Worldly Adventures
    Ben started traveling at an early age (not always as smiley about it as he is today). Here, Ben's father, Martin, takes him to the Grand Canyon at age 10.Ben in Israel, also age 10. He always was an animal lover.The skiing in Colorado is world class. Here Ben, his two sons and a friend climb to the top of Breckenridge Mountain to enjoy some great views and some fresh powder.Ben on stage with Jane Goodall at an award ceremony in Denver. This was one of the great thrills of his life!It's not all nature tours... Ben and the family in Cape Town.Ben and Laura on a game drive in 2006.The Galapagos are among the Bressler's favorite destinations!One of the great things about Colorado is its location nearby the American southwest. Here, Ben is camping, hiking and biking outside of Moab, Utah.On his adventures in the southwest Ben always takes Natural Habitat's 'SafariOne', the world's first hybrid safari truck!Here Ben takes a mountain bike trip through the Scottish Highlands with Don, NatHab's head of travel agent sales, Kent John, owner of the Great Alaska Adventure Lodge, and a guy named Mick who, believe it or not, rowed a boat across the Atlantic!Biking in the UK combines two of Ben's passions--biking and drinking beer!One of the downsides of adventures in the northland is that weather can 'sock you in.' Here, Ben, Olaf Malver and Mark Hickey (NHA's Art Director) enjoy a weather layover in their hotel in Winnipeg.At Natural Habitat we are known for some legendary parties. Here, at our annual holiday gig, Ben poses with the ladies from the office. (Ben's wife is in the back row laughing AT him, not WITH him).In Boulder you don't have to travel far to enjoy some of nature's most beautiful spots! Ben and the family, Finlay, Laura, Cole, Jo Jo and Nicky (the cat does not like the cold).In the spring of 2011, Ben returned to Uganda with his 15 year old son, Cole. It was here, 21 years earlier, in the same mountain range, that Ben took his wife on their honeymoon.Cole came within feet of rare mountain gorillas and had the time of his life!Ben’s younger son, Finlay, is passionate about the outdoors and loves climbing, repelling and mountain biking.Here Ben and Finlay just completed a climb of 13,300 foot Mt. Audubon. Finlay did better than his dad…Namibia is among Ben’s favorite destinations as it offers such a diverse way to spend time in the outdoors—game drives, walking safaris, hiking, boating, ballooning and enjoying meals in the great outdoors.In Churchill, Ben gathers on the ice with some of the field staff. If you look closely you’ll see polar bear tracks!Tanzania: apparently, if you hold an umbrella with socks on the sides and a cap on top the zebras will think you’re an ostrich and allow you to walk up to them. I had zero success and I’m wondering if our guide was playing a trick on me!Ben and his 15 year old son, Finlay,  in search of the best location to place Base Camp Greenland.Ben and his 19 year old son, Cole, trying their hand at surfing at Dana Point, Calif. The day ended with lots of paddling and very little standing, but a wonderful adventure nonetheless.A company “Summerfest” took 65 staff members and spouses on a four day trip down the Green River—one of the most fun team building exercises imaginable!20 years after visiting mountain gorillas for my honeymoon, I returned with my then 15 year old son Cole for one of the most meaningful adventures of my life.In August 2016, for his son Finlay’s high school graduation, the pair climbed Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro. At 19,341 feet, it is the highest peak in Africa. Though it’s not a terribly challenging climb, the altitude can catch up with climbers. Ben spent the last day barely shuffling to the top and only made it with Finlay’s aid.Passing a sea lion in a mangrove while on Nat Hab's Galapagos Hiking & Kayaking Adventure.Natural Habitat's Tortoise Camp in the Galapagos Islands.
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