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Shawn Eggleston

Shawn grew up playing in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Influenced by his father, he was inspired to explore the wilderness from a young age, which led to a deep appreciation for the land and wildlife. Shawn has spent untold hours immersed in nature, away from humans and exposed to the elements and the instincts of powerful animals.

When the opportunity came to view brown bears up close a dozen years ago, Shawn didn’t hesitate to pack his bags. This began a life-long journey of building a relationship between himself, the brown bears of Alaska, and everyone he guides. His dedication to the habitat and preservation of Alaska’s brown bears is on display in his work as photographer and co-author of Alaska Fish and Game’s McNeil River Bear ID Book. In addition, his 20+ year career as a city and wildland firefighter bring a unique perspective to the awe-inspiring power of nature.

The view on nature through Shawn’s lens is one grounded in humble admiration and honesty. Since he was a young boy, Shawn's nature photography has told stories of peace, power and conservation. As he watches others view bears for the first time, another story begins as he passes along the art of capturing that remarkable moment in time. Shawn believes he has grown to be a better human by being a witness to the beauty and authenticity of these magnificent creatures, and he aspires to share this experiential growth with others.

When the bears sleep, you will find Shawn doing the same in his hammock on his mountain property or on whatever continent is hosting his next adventure. Otherwise, look up—he may be surfing the sky in his glider.

Upcoming Adventures with Shawn:

The Great Alaskan Grizzly Encounter
The Great Alaskan Grizzly Photo Adventure
Yellowstone Wolf Quest Photo Adventure

Praise from Nat Hab Travelers:

J. Bernstein
Shawn was superb. The knowledge he had of the area we explored, the history, the wildlife, the geology, the climate, the issues relating to conservation and most of all how to find the animals was superb. When any guest had a problem he was quick to come up with solutions. I can't say enough good things about him.

B. Hutson

"Shawn is very passionate and knowledgeable. He attended to our needs and offered great advice on photographic matters in the field and off."

C. Harder-Brown
"Shawn and Colby were 10/10, which I do not give lightly! Both were very knowledgeable and able to impart that knowledge to the guests. Also, they are hilarious, which made the trip not only interesting, but FUN!"

L Gray
"Shawn was a steady presence and always there to help us physically, photographically and even comically!"

R. Weston
"Shawn exhibited professionalism and manners at all times. He worked tirelessly to create an atmosphere of excitement and fun. He took genuine interest in everyone on the trip, catered to special needs and was happy, friendly and funny."
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