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Roy Valverde

Roy is a passionate nature interpreter and bird-watcher, having worked as a certified professional naturalist guide for over a decade. A committed advocate for the protection of Costa Rica’s tropical forests, he has developed an extensive knowledge base surrounding environmental conservation. Roy is also well-versed in per-Columbian cultures, history and research. As an Expedition Leader he loves teaching travelers about the tiny details hidden within the flora and fauna, involving guests in the discovery and excitement of life in various bio-regions. He makes each visitor’s experience in the tropics unique and memorable by involving travelers in the customs and culture of the local people.

In his free time, Roy can be found hiking with his wife and friends in national parks and other forested areas, and bird-watching throughout his homeland to add new species sightings to his personal list. This passion for birds also has taken him to Panama, Guatemala and the exuberant Cocos Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In 2016, Roy began designing and building furniture using recycled materials. Using resources such as wood pallet,s this has developed into an extremely fulfilling hobby along with his passions for reading, wildlife photography and volunteering with law enforcement teams to reduce poaching in protected areas around Costa Rica.

Upcoming Adventures with Roy:
Costa Rica Wilderness Explorer

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

R. Arney
"Roy's ability to communicate and relate to the group was outstanding. His knowledge of Costa Rican wildlife, customs and history were truly impressive. I felt very fortunate to have him as our guide."

J. Branan

"Roy was simply amazing! He is the nicest person and so thoughtful. His knowledge is off the charts as was his willingness to share it with others. His attention to detail and flexibility with the schedule was so professional and greatly appreciated. We are hoping to see him when he comes to Boulder this month—he is now an adopted member of our family!"

A. Hellman
"I cannot imagine a better Expedition Leader than Roy. He was extremely knowledgeable and also very attentive to guests' needs and preferences. A few days into the trip, he was anticipating what I wanted. He is simply the best."

W. Bracken

"Roy is passionate about his country, its environment and wildlife. It was a pleasure listening to him talk about many aspects of Costa Rica's history, its people, current issues and especially its birds!"

K. Komarnitsky
"I've been bitten by the bird watching bug because of Roy. Roy made me realize I have been missing so much on my nature trips. About halfway through the trip, I realized I never got tired of hearing him talk, which is exceptional. Also, he has a great happy dance when he finds something unexpected! I also tear up when I think of the anniversary celebration he arranged with a cake. His thoughtfulness was more than above and beyond."

C. Wilson

"Roy did a fabulous job. He went above and beyond to meet the varied needs of the travelers in our group and always with a smile on his face. His knowledge is tremendous and he shared so much with us during the trip. We had one ardent birder in our group and two other people (myself included) who were interested in going birding and taking photos. Roy was willing to give us special birding time with 6 am walks and then an additional later afternoon walk, and with his knowledge of birds, it was phenomenal. He kept to the schedule and clearly articulated daily plans. He's a true gem!"

A. Elliot
"Roy is an exceptional Expedition Leader. He had boundless enthusiasm combined with an encyclopedic knowledge of the wildlife of the area and the history and culture of Costa Rica. He is also a kind and caring human being. We really enjoyed him!"

T. Beach
"We had another wonderful Expedition Leader. I don't know where you find all these great people! We enjoyed that Roy is also a birder. He was very adaptable and willing to adjust the activities to accommodate our particular interests."
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