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Richard de Gouveia

Richard started out his career as an environmental consultant, conducting environmental impact assessments for various companies. He had always been drawn to the bush and eventually, in 2009, decided to change direction and pursue a career in guiding.

He completed a 6-month live-in safari course with Bushwise and went to work at a lodge in the Kruger National Park for a year before moving on to Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve. At Sabi Sabi he excelled as a guide and photographer and finished off his 5-year tenure at Sabi Sabi as the Assistant Head Ranger.

His passion for the bush extends way past just viewing the animals and is cemented in exploring the connection between the living and non-living elements of the bush. His favourite bushveld creature is without doubt the leopard, followed closely by the termite - which can only be understood after listening to Richards's in-depth explanation of both species.

His love of the bush is matched by his interest in photography and as a Nikon Ambassador; Richard really wants his guests to enjoy taking photos and tries to help them make the most of their camera equipment. It is his goal to have his guests leave with a deeper appreciation of all aspects of the bushveld, as well as with memorable photos of their time on safari.

Upcoming Adventures with Richard:
Hidden South Africa & Botswana Safari
Great Uganda Gorilla Safari
Ultimate Gorilla Photo Safari
Madagascar Wildlife Adventure

Praise from Natural Habitat travelers:

L. Shames

"Richard gets an A++. Incredibly knowledgeable, good-natured, enthusiastic and tireless."

L. Tse
"Richard is an trip leader "extraordinaire"! The best by far that we've had on any of our many worldwide adventures! The breadth and depth of his knowledge, not just directly related to our Madagascar Adventure, was incredible and really added to our appreciation of the trip and the education we received. He was able to put Madagascar phenomena into a more global perspective, which was very valuable. His photography skills and willingness and patience to teach was an added bonus. He managed a very diverse group with ease, such that our group became very cohesive within the first few days. He was excellent with both the young (including our 22 year-old son) and older guests. His sense of humor was fabulous and had us in stitches frequently. His passion for his work, and for our world, was inspiring. But, above all, he is a superb human being, thoughtful, caring and wise. We would love to go on other trips with him! Can't begin to say enough good things about Richard!"

J. Montgomery
"My husband and I have taken over six trips with NHA and Richard was the best expedition leader so far. He was extremely knowledgeable about nature at all the three safari reserves and had good relationships with the rangers and trackers. He addressed everyone's questions and interest in both an informative and cheerful way and made each of us feel special. He gave an excellent presentation about the World Wildlife Fund with his own photos. We will certainly become donors in the future. Richard is a keeper and we hope to have another NH trip with him soon."

R. Loiselle
"Richard is an exception guide and teacher. He makes each traveler feel special. His knowledge of birds, photography, astronomy, geology, mammals, and reptiles is incredible. His ability to spot tiny birds, mouse lemurs at night is unbelievable. His star talk has made look at the sky totally differently. It is unbelievable that he can allow all traveler's to see a tiny mouse lemur at night and get picture. Richard gave a one hour presentation on photography that taught me more that I had learn in several trips. Richard is a patient, kind, intelligent guide. I am so thankful that I was able to experience this incredible trip with such an awesome person, guide and teacher."

J. Forsyth
"Richard was amazing and one of the main reasons we loved the trip. He knew a lot about many topics such as geology and nature; we all learned a lot on the trip. He was also patient and worked hard to make sure everyone felt part of the group and was getting what they needed. Two other folks had been on Nat Hab trips before and said this was the best group. I think Richard gets the credit for this since we were a very diverse group that he kept together Richard was awesome, lastly in the middle of a rain forest where you cannot see 5 feet off the trial, he managed to have everyone see everything."

S. Ramming
"Superb leader; superb individual. Made the trip successful."

R. Aiken
"It was a wonderful trip, made more wonderful by Richard's constant care, knowledge of nature and professionalism. We felt that we were getting the best out of every moment thanks to Richard's attention to every detail. But maybe most of all it was his friendship that carried every day."

S. Marquette
"I was so impressed with Richard's knowledge, professional attitude, and kindness to each of us that we booked another trip with Natural Habitats as soon as we returned home hoping for another trip with Richard. Unfortunately, we are not guaranteed the same guide but perhaps someone else at the same ability."
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