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Rashid Ali

Rashid’s passions are natural history and wildlife conservation. As a child growing up in a family of naturalists, Rashid developed a keen interest in the natural world as the family visited many wildlife parks and nature reserves in India and abroad. It wasn’t surprising that he pursued a career as a professional naturalist guide, spending much of his adult life living and working in India’s national parks, including the famous tiger sanctuaries of Kanha and Ranthambhore. In Kanha he managed a lodge, facilitated guide training programs and conducted tiger census surveys. He also coordinated with the BBC’s Natural History Unit on several projects in Kanha. In addition to sharing India’s nature treasures with guests, Rashid has also guided Indian travelers through Europe, though it wasn’t long before he was drawn back to the wild homelands he loves. Most recently he has been working on a conservation project in the Western Ghats of South India’s Kerala region. Rashid and his Irish wife, Jan, share their home with two children and a collection of extraordinary animals. They live in Pune, where Rashid and his son are regularly called upon to use their skills in handling snakes.

Upcoming Adventures with Rashid:
The Grand India Wildlife Adventure

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

P. Harmon
"Rashid was much more than above and beyond—I'd give him a 20 out of 10, he was that incredible. His knowledge was limitless, nothing was too much trouble for him, he was caring, compassionate, full of energy and fun. He dealt with everything in stride, including taking care of several people who were ill and taking photos for me because my eyesight is so compromised from glaucoma. I found him to be a fantastic Expedition Leader and a wonderful human being. I will never forget him!"

M. Anderson
"Rashid was an excellent Expedition Leader and the best we have had. He excelled in giving us information about India's history, culture and wildlife, and he answered our questions thoroughly. Rashid's interest and enthusiasm were contagious. He also looked after everything and was always there for us if we needed help."

S. Miller

"Beyond his great personality, Rashid showed an intellectual curiosity and eagerness to discuss a wide variety of topics. He was by far the best guide I've had on any of my foreign trips!"

J. France
"Rashid is an amazing Expedition Leader! He is excited to share his love of India and knowledge of its flora and fauna. He cared about everyone in our group, and was helpful, kind and funny! I felt very safe knowing he was looking out for me. I had my 65th birthday on this trip, and received a very special card signed by Rashid and all fellow travelers plus a birthday cake! How blessed I am to have had such a wonderful trip leader!"

L. Reaser
"Rashid was amazing. He was knowledgeable, caring and engaging. He taught us to truly appreciate nature."

F. Holt
"Rashid was the greatest! His knowledge of India's history, plants and animals is unbelievable. But more importantly, he truly loves people, and the concern and care he showed were phenomenal." 

A. Roberts
"Rashid is passionate about the natural world and its wildlife. He is extremely knowledgeable and imparts his expertise with patience, and more importantly, a sense of humor. He was phenomenal at spotting hidden wildlife. I feel so lucky to have had Rashid as my Expedition Leader for my first trip to India and my first safari!"

C. Wood 
"Rashid was extraordinary. In addition to his knowledge and ability to spot wildlife, he was very much attuned to the needs of individuals in the group. He handled the challenges presented by different personalities with diplomacy and attempted to educate with teaching moments."

L. Dee
“I can only say good things about Rashid! He was a joy to travel with, chat with, laugh with and enjoy India with. His extensive knowledge of the flora, fauna and all things Indian was impressive and he enjoyed sharing it all with us. He has a real passion for nature and guiding and it shows. He became one of us, marveling at all the sights, but he was the one we went to when we had questions or concerns. He took care of us very well. We always came first. His caring nature and temperament are perfect for a guide. I could go on and on. Rashid is definitely a wonderful addition to the Nat Hab family!"

M. Keenan
“Rashid was the best guide I have ever had. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He anticipates guests' needs and communicates details well in advance so you know how to plan for the day. I thoroughly enjoyed being with him and I learned a lot from him."

E. Tarr
"Rashid was really outstanding. He is very intelligent, contemplative and has a terrific sense of humor."

M. Findlay

"Erudite, competent, charming—Rashid was a great representative for Nat Hab and extremely knowledgeable not just as a naturalist but about all aspects of his country's history and culture."

D. Pick
"Of the hundreds of trips I've been on, the Expedition Leader on this trip was the best (and I can be quite critical). He was always thinking ahead and prepared us for each day. He was careful to divide his time equally between participants and took an interest in each of us. He represented Nat Hab well. He spoke well and was easy to understand—it was obvious that he had a lot of experience in trip leadership."

B. Stirn
"Rashid was an outstanding Expedition Leader in all respects. He set expectations brilliantly and really cared for the members of the group. Safety considerations within his control were handled perfectly by Rashid. He's one of the best I've encountered, having been on many such trips. I would use Rashid again and recommend him to others without hesitation!"

N. Folsom
"Rashid was so knowledgeable about India, the animals, birds, customs and religion, and he made it all fun to learn. His enthusiasm was infectious, and he treated everyone's questions seriously and intelligently. You could tell he loved his job and enjoyed people. He had a good sense of humor and was excellent at discerning when people needed a diversion."
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