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Nancy Moore

Nancy’s appetite for adventure was fed at a very young age by her grandmother who would orchestrate weekend drives into the New England countryside and announce, much to Nancy’s delight, “We’re lost!” She’s enjoyed getting “lost” ever since—in the smells, sounds, sights and warmth of differing cultures, among them the Philippines, Galapagos, Belize, Cuba, Mexico, Wales, Panama, Portugal, Italy, England, Croatia and Greece. Adventuring along the rocky coast of her home state of Maine, the deep waters of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, the urban nooks of Chicago, or the back roads and waterways of Wisconsin, where she currently resides, are also favorite pastimes. She suffers from permanent wanderlust.

Nancy’s passion for outdoor adventures, especially on water, eventually lead to a degree in Environmental Studies, years as a sailing instructor, and still others as a member of the National Ski Patrol (read: frozen water). She has more recently enjoyed longer sails up the eastern seaboard, is an American Canoe Association certified sea kayaking instructor and is also certified as a Wilderness First Responder. Her goal as a guide? “Energy, inspiration, confidence, fun, learning! Help people see new things in themselves and in each other, in the environment, about their own capabilities, about another culture or place. Wanna come?”

Upcoming Adventures with Nancy:
Paddling Portugal's River of Wine

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

G. Van Dyke
"I am not certain I can add much to all the superlatives that have been heaped upon Nancy—what an awesome guide. Besides the perfect 10's noted above (with perhaps a 10 on steroids for safety!) her way of forging a team out of strangers was flawless. What a great group. Nancy's professionalism, expertise, knowledge and sense of humor made a fabulous trip even more so. Once again, I have been so impressed by the standards of Nat Hab guides. I must also comment on the extraordinary relationship between Nancy and her oh-so-amazing cohorts Pedro and Vitor. I can not say enough about the three of them together. The warmth, respect and friendship shared by them was palpable and seemed to embrace the entire group. They were a remarkable team."

S. Shannon
"Nancy is an outstanding Expedition Leader. She has a quiet confidence that I enjoyed very much. She has a warm relationship with all of the hosts at the various quintas that contributed greatly to the hospitality that all of the group received. Her experience on this trip was evident and most helpful."

B. Gibson
"Nancy's experience, confidence, personal knowledge of the area and her positive relationships with in-country guides as well as those with whom we stayed made this a truly exceptional trip. I particularly appreciated her experience and confidence kayaking and leading a group with diverse previous experience. She is an exceptional guide."

C. Ligouri
"Nancy is a gifted Expedition Leader. Nancy is not only an exceptional paddler who passed on great paddling tips to improve our ability, but she loves Portugal?—it was so obvious in her knowledge of the country and especially in her care in choosing the beautiful places we stayed, the wine we consumed and the food we ate. Her stories about the region and the families were delightful and passionate."

A. Berkman
"Nancy was a superb Expedition Leader. She was particularly attentive our individual needs, frequently going the extra mile to make sure that all of our unique requests were met. She was also supportive and patient with our limited kayaking experience prior to the trip, always attentive to our safety while helping us become much better kayakers. Nat Hab is fortunate to have Nancy as an Expedition Leader."

C. Snider
"Nancy was a compassionate, professional and very knowledgeable Expedition Leader who delivered a top-notch travel experience. I would definitely join another trip with her as my guide."

S. Clifford
"Nancy made our trip a real joy. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job. She has developed a wonderful relationship with the local people which added to our experience."

M. Webert
"It was an absolute pleasure to have Nancy as our Expedition Leader. Her enthusiasm, friendliness and professionalism made the trip wonderful."

N. Schwenger
"Nancy was a fantastic Expedition Leader. Her knowledge of the area—the culture, food, wines and the people—was remarkable. If a question was asked and she didn't know the answer she found out and relayed it to us. She was truly loved and respected by our hosts and by our guides in training."

S. Most
"Nancy knew I was a novice kayaker who had doubts about my ability to meet the physical demands of the tour. She was extremely supportive and helpful and gave me needed instruction, which led to a confidence-building experience. She was very attentive to the needs and concerns of all members of the group, and, she was a fun leader."
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