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Monika Mikulec

Born and raised in Croatia, athletic Monika has always been a lover of the outdoors. After working in the corporate world for five years, her deep passion for travel and photography took over, and she left the office environment in order to explore the planet. After spending a year living and working in California, Monika returned to Croatia to dedicate her life to responsible 'green' tourism. Her energy and contagious enthusiasm made her a natural for a leader position with a cyclotourism group through Association of Croatian Travel Agencies, and she enjoys guiding groups on exploratory adventures through Croatia's many varied regions. Guests who travel with Monika are treated to a unique experience that combines her intimate knowledge of regional history, customs, traditions and food with a genuine enthusiasm for personal engagement. Monika's special interests, both on the job and off, include sea kayaking, hiking, cycling and wildlife photography.

Upcoming Adventures with Monika:
Wild Croatia by Land & Sea

Praise from Natural Habitat travelers:

M. Soloway
"Monika created a friendly, professional environment for our group with her attention to each individuals needs, her positive relaxed attitude, and her depth of historical and cultural knowledge. She was especially impressive when the weather changed and plans needed to be adjusted. As a professional educator who has developed and implemented professional development for recreational leaders for the past 25 years, I can highly recomend Monika as an exceptional leader."

Rita Levin
"Monika was superb in every category. Her good humor, flexibility, intelligence, good judgment and ability to interact so well with group members and others with whom she had to deal made her an outstanding guide. We feel our trip was greatly enhanced by having Monika as our guide."

Eva Toft
"Monika was a superb ciceron and a stellar representative of Nat Hab. We could not have wished for a more knowledgeable and dedicated guide. Her intuitive and indefatigable attention to us made the trip even more enjoyable and interesting. If she were ever tired (or exasperated by our numerous questions) she never showed it. Her stroke of brilliance was the meal at the farm, milking the cow at the top of the list. Brilliant. She was not just a great representative for Nat Hab but a wonderful ambassador for her country. We learned much and are the better for it."

Frances Waddock
"Monika is an outstanding individual and outstanding representative for Natural Habitat. She manages personalities, changes and challenges with grace, humor and professionalism. She is warm and clearly interested in her guests experience. Her personal imprint was clear, which made this interesting trip a truly memorable experience. I am very interested in continuing an exploration of Croatia's southern islands with Monika."

Jose Calvino
"Without any doubt she makes the trip THE TRIP."

David De Bruyn
"Best expedition leader of any organized trip I ever have taken. Flexible. She made sure all participants were part of dinner/other conversations. She kept track of everyone and always watched carefully during hikes. She is an accomplished kayaker. She had a great sense of humor, and she always listened to what I had to say! And she has class. Due to Monika, I can say this was a unique experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Organize another kayak trip with Monika and you can sign me up!!"

Angie Mongillo
"Monika is a real jewel - charming, knowledgeable and very capable in all areas."

Kathryn Sloan
"Monika was extremely knowledgeable about history, culture and politics, as well as about kayaking. She was obviously experienced and wise, and made good decisions with respect to weather and safety. It was a pleasure to travel with her again, and I would go anywhere with her!"

S. Jones
"Monika exceeded our expectations as an expedition leader. She enhanced our expedition by her depth of knowledge, professionalism and superior customer service. Monika also excelled at first aid in helping me with an injured toe. Monika is an extremely intelligent, sensitive, human being. It was our great pleasure to have her as our expedition leader."
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