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Moira Le Patourel

Moira began working with Natural Habitat Adventures in Churchill, Manitoba in 2014, building on her role in the Canadian outdoor tourism industry as an adventure guide and naturalist. Her job has afforded her many intimate encounters with some of Canada's most iconic wild species, which she loves to share with her guests. 

In 2009, Moira completed a diploma in Renewable Resources: Fish, Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation, which launched career in the adventure tourism industry. Her experience with bears began in Knight Inlet, viewing grizzly bears and black bears at the southern tip of British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest. As a registered Full Guide for the Commercial Bear Viewing Association of BC, Moira continues to work among BC’s bears and has now added Manitoba's polar bears to her guiding repertoire since coming on board with Nat Hab.

Moira has also participated in a couple of bear-focused PhD projects and their associated fieldwork, and she worked closely with camera crews during a 2-year time span filming Bears, Disney Nature's feature film released in 2014, as well as during the post-production process. 

As a guide, Moira has spent countless hours observing and photographing wildlife in a natural setting. Maintaining a low impact on wildlife is paramount to her: observing, NOT disturbing, is a mantra she lives by. Patience, respect and a solid understanding of animal ecology and behavior are her guiding principles in the field. Moira recognizes that it is a privilege to be able to step foot into some of the world's most fragile ecosystems, and it is one she does not take lightly.

Moira enjoys sharing her passion for wildlife, photography, and the great outdoors with her guests, believing that a trip of a lifetime is made with laughter, new friends and sharing in the joy of discovery.

Upcoming Adventures with Moira:
Polar Bears of Churchill
Northern Lights and Arctic Cultures
Beluga Whales & Arctic Wildlife of Churchill
Spirit Bears, Humpbacks & Wildlife of B.C.

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

R. Smith

"Moira was absolutely exceptional. We were so impressed by her extensive knowledge (especially about all of the wildlife), boundless energy, glowing enthusiasm, constant patience, keen attention to details and sense of humor. She was able to predict and manage the needs and wants of every guest even before they knew what they were! Her organization skills, attentiveness and positivity were beyond superb. She is a true gem, and we were so fortunate to have her as our Expedition Leader."

L. Gray
"I have traveled extensively during my many years on this Earth and used many different travel companies as well! So when I tell you that I have never had an Expedition Leader as good as Moira Le Patourel, it should really mean something to you! She was the Platonic Ideal of what an Expedition Leader should be! She was equally attentive to all of us. She made things happen that were not on the published itinerary (several of us wanted to visit the Catholic Church in Churchill in addition to the Anglican one and she arranged that visit for us). She worked incredibly well with our bus driver and Polar Rover driver to ensure that we were everywhere on time and could ride when we preferred not to walk. Particularly enjoyable was her way of informing us about the day's activities: she always kept something as a surprise, which was such fun, and she was very inventive about those surprises! For example, when we ended the trip in the community recreation complex for our farewell buffet, we had 4 lanes of 5 pin bowling which most of us had never tried before! Our beach party with toasted marshmallows and s'mores was also a delightful and beautiful surprise (what a glorious sunset we enjoyed that evening). Her enthusiasm is infectious and her sense of fun is contagious also. Her knowledge fund was impressive and more than adequate for our needs. Better yet, we knew she was trustworthy in answering questions because she freely admitted when she did not know an answer and would do her research afterwards and bring us the answer the next day. This is the mark of a good teacher! This was my first trip with Nat Hab, and Moira's excellence will ensure that I will search out other trips with the company. I could go on and on about her excellence but I think you have gotten the idea by now!"

J. Tock
"Moira is professional, friendly, appropriately assertive and supremely confident in her amazing bear expertise. She handled a diverse crowd and interesting personalities with aplomb. She should lead a Nat Hab seminar to train guides! She is well respected and often deferred to by her peers (drivers, other guides, restaurant and hotel staff). She is sincerely passionate about bears and Churchill. She immediately earned the respect of all clients and devoted herself to ensure that each client had an amazing experience (which we did!). She maintained the appropriate balance of being firm about safety while maintaining a very friendly, enthusiastic attitude. Simply put, she is a keeper. This was our third Nat Hab trip, and many guides have been superb; Moira stands above all of the others. Thank you."

D. Hensley
"This woman is, by far, the best Expedition Leader I have ever traveled with. I was constantly amazed at the knowledge she had to share and her personal interaction with the group. She made the expedition an experience to be treasured."

J. Brooks
"Moira was EXCELLENT! I was blown away when I found out how old she was. She is the most mature, professional, caring 26-year-old I have ever met, and that's including my own children! She constantly was making sure that everyone was comfortable and that all of our needs were met. Her knowledge of everything on the trip was unbelievable, and if she did not know the answer to something, she had it the very next day. She never missed a beat. I cannot say enough good things about her. Nat Hab is very lucky to have her!"

M. Newberg
"I have been on many wildlife travel experiences and have enjoyed the Expedition Leaders each time. This time, however, Moira stands out from all others. Her knowledge, ability to handle difficult situations, pleasant attention to each person and careful attention to details helped us have the best and safest adventure. She is the very best guide I have traveled with!"

B. Grant
"Moira was the best Expedition Leader I have ever traveled with. I have traveled with World Wildlife Fund and National Geographic before. Moira is the best!"

R. McDaniel
"Moira went above and beyond to make this a memorable trip. She managed to make sure that the group was enjoying the experiences. Her attention to our needs and desires made the trip seem that it was designed just for us."

R. Welsh

"I've enjoyed all my Nat Hab guides, but Moira has been the absolute best! Her knowledge of the plants, birds, mammals and history of the area was top notch. What stood out was her desire to make sure each guest had a fantastic experience. She juggled schedules so we could enjoy indoor sites when it was not so nice outside and vice versa. She's a keeper for sure!"

C. Glorioso
"Moira was by far the best Expedition Leader we have ever had. We have had numerous cruise directors, guides and naturalists in many countries. They did not come in even a close second to the experience we had with Moira. Now the bar has been set high and we are educated in what a leader should and can be. We only hope that we will be fortunate enough to have another like her."

K. Roth
"In all our years of traveling, which have been many, Moira has been the most outstanding guide we have ever had. She is everything you would want in an Expedition Leader: pleasant to be with, extremely knowledgeable and informative, and someone who takes exceptional care to make sure everyone is having an excellent experience! Moira is one of the best assets your company has!"

L. Hicks
"Moira was absolutely fantastic. I've never had a better Expedition Leader. She was professional, but open and friendly to everyone. She went above and beyond to ensure we had everything we needed to made the trip unforgettable. She was constantly seeking ways to ensure we got to do and see everything. Her knowledge of the area and wildlife, birds and plants is phenomenal."

J. Horn
"Moira is exceptional, very outgoing and personable. She had great activities planned for us and when weather was a problem she found very interesting sites and locales that we went to see. She even planned a surprise birthday party for my wife that even I did not know about. I am not a traveler but go because my wife is. Having said that, I would travel anywhere with Moira—she is so competent and enjoyable to be around."

J. Bluefield
"Moira is an incredible asset to Nat Hab. She goes way above and beyond at all times. She is an exceptional Expedition Leader and an outstanding woman. This trip was a major change for my wife and I and we were a little unsure that we had made the right decision, but shortly after our arrival in Winnipeg, Moira made us feel that we had indeed made the correct decision. And we had."

A. Martin
"Moira was totally awesome. She's an amazing Expedition Leader, naturalist and 'go to' person! I would go anywhere with her and learned a lot. She was excellent at anticipating each of our needs. Whenever I needed a hand up, there she was. She supplied gear to replace gear that wasn't working for me and checked in often to see that my dietary needs were being met. She was excellent at briefing us in detail before and during various activities. I wasn't ever caught unprepared. You are lucky to have her working for Nat Hab."

G. Colclough
“Moira was absolute perfection. She has the knowledge and command of the biology and ecology involved to make this a learning experience for all. She also has a positive outlook and great people skills to help deal with the variety of guests on the trip. Her commitment to her job, the environment, the wildlife and the local community showed through in all her efforts to provide us with the most enjoyable, informative and broadening experience possible. She is an absolute treasure.”
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