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Miranda Unger

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Miranda’s interests in marine life and ecosystems were sparked visiting the intertidal zones on the east coast of North America. Observing the coastal ecosystems and ocean waters teeming with life, her path was set. She spent her first year of University circumnavigating the North Atlantic Ocean on the tall ship, SS Sørlandet. Working at sea further allowed Miranda to observe aquatic organisms in their natural environment and solidified her interests. A window into different cultures and volunteer experiences also highlighted this year.
Miranda pursued her studies at Acadia University, Canada, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a double major in German. Honouring her parents’ heritage, she spent a year studying abroad in Freiburg, Germany. Later, at the Scottish Oceans Institute, St. Andrews University, Miranda pursued her Postgraduate Diploma in Marine Mammal Science. Attaining an intensive immersion in the academic research of marine mammal conservation. Her thesis on the survival and abundance of blue whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada, was written in collaboration with MICS, Mingan Island Cetacean Study. For several years now she has participated, as their team member, in seasonal cetacean research: blue, fin and humpback whales, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Gaspe, Canada. The recent ‘Blue whale’ exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto gave Miranda the opportunity to work with the museum mammalogy department, immersing herself in the ‘behind the scenes’ scientific processes at a museum.
Miranda will spend her summer on the St. Lawrence river in a partnership of scientific research and tourist education as a zodiac captain and marine biologist guide for whales.
This fall Miranda is looking forward to working with Nat Hab, guiding polar bear tours in Churchill, Manitoba.

Upcoming Adventures with Miranda:
Polar Bears of Churchill

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

T. Shelton
“Miranda is an extremely nice, thoughtful and very knowledgeable person. I feel very fortunate to have been one of her flock. She taught us a great deal about polar bears and their habits. I have gone on three other tours with different companies but have never had a better guide than Miranda.”

N. Winner
“Miranda did everything possible to make the group happy and comfortable. She was very sympathetic and particularly helpful with the needs of group members. She shared good reference material and knowledge regarding relevant research that we found fascinating. I would be pleased to see her again on another expedition.”

C. Barone
“It was obvious that Miranda was great from the first evening's dinner. She was filled with knowledge, and she openly shared fun facts and information with the group. She demonstrated deep maturity in seamlessly dealing with any little issues that we old people threw at her. She kept us safe, organized, informed and happy. A huge part of the success of this adventure was because of Miranda's enthusiasm and guidance.”

R. Leighton
“Miranda was great! She was on time for every event and always stuck to the schedule. She had a wealth of knowledge about polar bears and the area of Churchill. I was always impressed with how accommodating she was. We were very happy with her!”

J. Hoffman
“Miranda was attentive to my needs throughout the trip. She made sure that everyone had the best possible experience. She always took care of my vegan meals, which was much appreciated. She made sure we were having a good time and the best experience possible by personally checking in with each traveler. She encouraged kindness on the trip, and I really enjoyed having her as an Expedition Leader.”
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