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Kim Clune

Kim grew up in western New York where she was fascinated by the shores of Lake Erie. With her hair often combed by hemlock needles, she’d poke her tiny fingers into water-carved shale, soak her knees inspecting tidal pools and run with her dogs along the ever-shifting shoreline. As her view on the world broadened, she later became captivated by cultures around the globe. Kim studied literature at the State University of New York at Fredonia and earned a B.A. from the College of Saint Rose in Albany. Her creativity also earned her an associate's degree in graphic design, but turning a marketing career into a sidebar, she leveraged an airline job to engage with the world she had previously only read about—meeting the people of Ecuador, visiting museums in France and Italy, and peering over Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher.

After 9/11, Kim moved to New York’s Helderberg Mountains to heal and work at the Edmund Niles Huyck Preserve. She found peace in the hillsides while collecting field data on salamanders, helping to rehabilitate porcupines and fishers, and presenting birds of prey to visitors. In this beautiful place, she also became an accomplished photographer. In 2008, she took her camera along to a small farming community in Ghana where over the course of a summer she formed deep and lasting relationships with local families, helped facilitate sustainable alternatives to clear-cut farming in the Weto Mountains, and treasured opportunities to photograph wild primates and elephants. Her photos and stories helped raise funds for community ventures.

Kim has long had a passion for animals and activism. She spent her first dates with her husband at pet adoption clinics. She founded a local dog rescue and created an award-winning website inspiring people to take weekly action on behalf of wildlife. Kim and her husband spend leisure time visiting wildlife like the polar bears of Manitoba and blue-footed boobies of the Galapagos. Her passion for wildlife and photography have extended to a career as a naturalist guide: She spends summers providing photography instruction among Alaskan grizzlies, moose and bald eagles, and winters guiding guests on encounters with the wolves of Yellowstone. Kim's nature photography, including a 3-month solo exhibit, has been featured in a several New York galleries, 

While nature, wildlife and travel have been Kim’s east, south and west, photography has become her true north. After a mentorship with the prestigious photographers of the Arcanum and becoming an instructor herself, Kim finds that her art allows her to express her fascination with the natural world, detecting more than meets the eye in everything she encounters. Her aim is to help Nat Hab guests live an incredible experience, capture it in images, and share them in a way that tells the story of a place in order to value and protect it for generations to come.

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

M. Anne Dumas

"Kim and Drew were exceptional and exceeded our expectations. They had different personalities which complemented each other. Their photographic expertise was demonstrated every day, with individual guest instruction. I learned something each day to enable me to take better pictures on both my Nikon digital SLR and my iPhone. That was really invaluable. I'll definitely take another trip with your company, based upon the guides,"

L. Hertz
"I had a great time. Nat Hab has built a solid relationship with people in the area, and it shows. Kim gave us great information on the wolf packs and how they were introduced back into Yellowstone. I can not say enough about this Expedition Leader."

G. Mai
"The guides were, as always, fantastic. Kim gave me good photo advice about photography from the 'artistic' perspective. All the nighttime sessions with her were very informative!"

H. Petersen
"Kim was excellent, very knowledgeable and helpful!"

M. Schramer
"I loved Kim's helpfulness, breadth of knowledge and positive attitude. She was also very personable and easy to talk with." 
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