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Judy McKenzie

A professional guide since 1996, Judy has an extensive background in many facets of New Zealand's travel industry. She leads groups throughout the country, and she has worked with families and individuals on a more personal basis as well, designing and leading custom tours around the South Island. Judy is passionate about New Zealand and has an intimate knowledge of its history, nature and culture. Guests who travel with her not only enjoy their exploration of New Zealand's wildlife and natural features, but they have an in-depth educational experience as well. Her avid interest in people, coupled with her desire to provide exceptional personal service, make her an ideal guide for overseas visitors to the country she calls home.

Prior to entering the tourism realm full-time, Judy worked as a nurse in Australia, the United Kingdom and South Africa before setting in Queenstown, New Zealand in 1988. New Zealand's great outdoors offers endless possibilities for adventuring, catering to Judy's enthusiasm for an active life. When she isn't guiding, she likes to spend her time mountain biking, road cycling, hiking, skiing, sailing, horseback riding and gardening. While Judy has a heart for adventure, she also keeps a keen focus on safety in the outdoors and holds a slate of first-aid qualifications.

Upcoming Adventures with Judy:
New Zealand Nature Explorer

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

T. Iki

"Judy is a most delightful and knowledgeable leader. She's a terrific ambassador for New Zealand and a Nat Hab treasure."

S. Goldberg
"Judy is terrific in every way! We have been on multiple group adventures, and no guide has her combination of kindness, thoughtfulness, energy and knowledge."

T. Blase
"Judy went out of her way to make our trip enjoyable, including adding some driving changes to go some more scenic routes. She did a great job throughout the trip."

C. Rarick
"Judy was absolutely wonderful! She worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone on our trip was accommodated in every possible way."

W. Dixon

"Judy bent over backwards to be sure that the additional things folks wanted were provided (a trip to the Australian fault line, Bluff oysters, etc.), and she was most helpful in assisting me when I had difficulties walking downhill. She was very knowledgeable and agreeable."

C. Kasen
"Judy did an excellent job in all respects. Her love for New Zealand and her knowledge were superb."

G. Stoneman
"Judy was a fantastic Expedition Leader. She was very responsive to our needs, extremely knowledgeable and a genuinely nice person. We were very fortunate to have Judy as our guide."

L. Jack
"Judy was unbelievable in every way. She had the knowledge of a native, the patience of a saint, the enthusiasm of a naturalist and the energy of an athlete. I could not have asked for someone more suited to her job."

B. Mulzer
"Judy was terrific! She truly went above and beyond in accommodating everyone in the group. She was a lot of fun to be with, anticipated issues and knew how to best work around any challenges to maximize our time."
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