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Jimmy Tosso

Although Jimmy has participated in and led many classroom programs designed to educate guides in the natural history of Costa Rica, his true love is in the field – Costa Rica’s rainforest, cloud forest and lowland natural habitat. After graduating from the University in San Jose, Jimmy was a scholarship winner to the Costa Rica Tourism Bureau study program. Of course he is an excellent birder (a necessity to be a top Costa Rica guide), but he is also highly educated in all of the wildlife and habitats, as well as the country’s colorful culture and history. As one of NHA’s top Expedition Leaders, Jimmy is truly a pleasure to travel with and will ensure the success of your trip.

Upcoming Adventures with Jimmy:
Natural Jewels of Costa Rica
Costa Rica Wilderness Explorer

Praise from Natural Habitat travelers:

C. Pittman

"Jimmy had an infectious enthusiasm for his job. He was born to be a guide. I mean he was REALLY good. He has excellent language skills. He went above and beyond the call of duty. Jimmy appeared to be genuinely interested in showing and teaching us about the symbiotic relationships between flora, fauna, etc. Even though he has done this over and over many times for 20 years. He is an excellent spotter which was definitely to our advantage. We consider ourselves very lucky to have had Jimmy for a guide. And we consider you very lucky to have him as an employee. He more than any other single factor made this trip a complete success for us. We sincerely believe this trip would not have been the same (or even come close) without Jimmy. Please convey our thoughts to him and let him know what a superb guide he is and how appreciative we are for his efforts."

J. Randel
"Jimmy is SUPERB...his 20 years experience comes thru at every turn. DO NOT lose him - he is at the very top of the Leader List. I loved Costa Rica...the people, the food and the wonderful job the government is doing to encourage responsible behavior with a burgeoning Eco-Tourism based economy."

B. Burton
"Jimmy was excellent is every single area. His kindness and genuine love of all living creatures was a true gift to all those with whom he came into contact with."

R. Bartelt
"I couldn't have been happier with our guide! He was passionate and knowledgeable about nature and about his country. He was kind and considerate to our group. He talked a lot about the policies and politics of the government with respect to parks and conservation. My wife and I like birds, but we are not experienced "birders". Jimmy is, and he truly got us both very excited about birding in Costa Rica. We learned so much from him. He is incredible at spotting things in the forest--what a gift. I liked how Jimmy was flexible in where we stopped, when there was something special to see."

J. Overturf
"He was more than excellent! He handled a crisis that needed quick action extremely well without losing sight of the rest of his group. In my opinion, he made the trip. He had such a good sense of what we enjoyed as a group, and tweaked things to our tastes. You could not have a better person as representative of NatHab."

D. Lewis-Chinn
"Jimmy ranks in my list of top rated guides. His expertise in wildlife, nature, environment, culture, etc., greatly enhanced this trip. His sense of humor and demeanor were very commendable. Jimmy's love of his country and its wildlife makes him a superb guide. I cherish all that I learned from Jimmy. Thank you for hiring such a fantastic guide!"

J. Gronley

"Jimmy was absolutely amazing! His knowledge of the wild life, the implication of habitat modification and/or destruction and the interdependence of all species was amazing. How can anyone immediately identify any one of hundreds of birds, provide information about habitat, threats to survival, the impact of non native trees on their food sources? Jimmy can."

L. Ayres
"Jimmy is a terrific guide! Professional, passion for wildlife contagious, good at time management and moving group from place to place. Provided down time which we all appreciated. Thoughtful, caring. Patient! When we needed medical attention, he was incredibly helpful. Jimmy is a gem. Can't say enough good things about him."
B. Greenspan
"Jimmy is not just knowledgeable about the natural history of Costa Rica, knowing all the birds by their songs as well as their appearance and knowing where to see tree frogs and the Resplendent Quetzal, but he is patient, cheerful and friendly...his enthusiastic interest in the wildlife and in doing everything he could to help us have a great experience has not worn down with time."

S. Mollen
"Jimmy was AWESOME!! He was so knowledgeable, and organized. He was so enthusiastic that you would never believe he has been guiding over 20 years. He was able to manage the group so everyone got to do what they enjoyed. We were lucky enough to have a Jimmy to ourselves for 5 days. He did everything with us which made our activities more special. He chose great local restaurants which gave us a better feel for How Costa Rican’s live. I believe the guide makes or breaks your trip and Jimmy was the best!"
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