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Jeremia Mwapopi

Jeremia was born in the far northern reaches of Namibia in a region known as Owamboland. As a young boy, his daily chores were herding cattle and goats, cultivating millet crops and collecting water and firewood. His early schooling took place under the shade of a jackalberry tree. During school holidays, he would visit his father who worked at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in Namibia's Etosha National Park. It was here that he saw a pride of lions and wildlife  congregating at a waterhole for the first time, an entrancing experience that fostered his interest in wild places and wild animals.

After completing his schooling, Jeremia's fascination with the natural world was affirmed when he was introduced to Dr. Peter Morkel, the renowned rhino veterinarian. He started working as a veterinary assistant to Dr. Morkel before expanding his wildlife and naturalist experience elsewhere. He met up with Dr. Morkel some years later and assisted him with game capture operations in South Africa and Botswana. In 1998, he returned to Namibia to work as a veterinary assistant and game capture supervisor. In 2000, Jeremia enrolled in a hotel management training program and subsequently took a job as a safari guide, the career that has engaged all his enthusiasm since. He has led safaris throughout the whole of Namibia and is passionate about sharing his deep knowledge of geology, fauna, flora and ornithology with his fortunate guests. He also enjoys introducing people to the culture and history of Namibia. When he is not guiding, Jeremia can be found at home with his wife or participating in a game of soccer, one of his favorite pastimes.

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

H. Park

"Both Jeremia and Ona were a pleasure to meet and get to know during the trip. They were both pleasant, cheerful and entertaining. I greatly appreciated their knowledge of wildlife, culture and history, and their ability to explain and discuss conservation. I was amazed with their ability to spot animals at a distance and in the bush and track their foot prints. I was also impressed by their communication with other local guides to get to us to the right place to view wildlife."

S. Clifford
"Jeremia was amazing. His knowledge of geology, plants, animals, the country—anything we asked—was amazing. He has a great sense of humor as well."

J. Zukowski
"Jeramia is the best guide, teacher and ambassador we have ever met. His knowledge, passion and his sensitivity to all life and cultures were extraordinary."

C. Fico
"Jeremia really gave us the heart of Namibia. He educated us on the country and its people, the plants and animals and the measures that are taking place for conservation that ultimately help the country as a whole. He brought this to us through his enthusiasm and love of his country. Each region brought a new and exciting experience that was enhanced by his knowledge."

G. Van Dyke
"Jeremia is an outstanding guide and goes way above and beyond! I do not know that I have ever met someone with the depth and breadth of knowledge that Jeremia possesses. Astronomy, botany, geology, biology, animal behavior, bird identification—Jeremia knows it all and articulates that knowledge in such a way that everyone understands. All of that, coupled with his warmth, humor, humanity and love of Namibia made for a trip filled with magic. He is a guide that Nat Hab should be extremely proud to have representing them and their partner WWF."

C. Liguori
"To have a great trip, you need a great leader, and Jeremia is one of the best! This gentleman possesses incredible knowledge about this beautiful country, it's animals, their behaviors, the geology of the area, the history and right down to the seeds we found stuck on our shoes. I was constantly amazed at both what he knows and the way he conveys this knowledge. He is patient, respectful, funny, takes the time for everyone to ask questions and makes sure we understand the topic. He is a great teacher. Nat Hab has found a diamond from this country who is a shining example of true dedication to Nat Hab, WWF and Namibia!"

M. Stein
"In all my years of extensive travels, Jeremia is by far the most outstanding Expedition Leader I have had. He displayed tremendous knowledge, compassion, insight, patience and resourcefulness."
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