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Jeff Trollip

Jeff spent his childhood between South Africa and London, and his love of all things wild and natural developed early on. At age 18, he set off on a solo overland adventure from South Africa to Europe, the catalyst that spurred him to spend the next 13 years in some of Africa’s most wild and remote corners. Jeff’s career as a safari guide began at some of South Africa’s highly acclaimed lodges, before working his way north up the continent. He was also a head guide for several camps in Namibia.  

Wanting to share his deep appreciation for the bush and seeking an opportunity to give back, Jeff found himself at the center of the ambitious Gorongosa National Park restoration project in central Mozambique. For four years, Jeff was immersed in various conservation projects including lion enhancement, community and tourism development, guide training, anti-poaching initiatives, and the production of films and other media endeavors about the project.  

Jeff’s inquisitive nature and a drive to be part of conservation efforts eventually drew him to East Africa. Before coming to Nat Hab, Jeff spent two years in the Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania, where he oversaw a large and pivotal camp and led specialized training for local Tanzanians wanting to become safari guides. As a Nat Hab Expedition Leader in East Africa, Jeff conveys his passion for the natural world while emphasizing the need to protect it. His enthusiasm is infectious and unwavering, and he remains steadfast in his belief that responsible tourism is the key to conserving wild areas.

Upcoming Adventures with Jeff:
Madagascar Wildlife Adventure

Praise from Natural Habitat travelers:

B. Wampl
"Jeff has a very engaging personality which made this an amazing trip experience. Not only did he seem to be able to identify all birds and other animals, he provided us with the animal's characteristics and living environments. Most important, Jeff allowed us enough time to view and learn animal behavior. His spotting abilities were excellent.He was always there for us and we will not forget him."

B. Mrazik

"He was great at predicting animal behavior so we could get our cameras ready for catching action shots. Very organized and kept the group on a general schedule while allowing plenty of time to observe and photograph, and still allowing time for unexpected animal behavior happenings. He performed beyond my (very high) expectations!"

J. Jerde
"Jeff's knowledge about the wildlife we observed as well as the geography of the area(s) we visited was incredible! This was matched (or even surpassed) by his enthusiasm—he clearly is passionate about his work, about the conservation of wildlife and the environment, and about Africa. He was, most often, as excited as we were when observing the behavior of the animals. He obviously loves sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with his clients."

N. Millham
"Jeff was incredibly professional and very careful of our safety but was also an extremely warm, caring, and engaging co-traveler that shared our excitement in the many animals and cultural sites we experienced. His enthusiasm for everything we did was genuine. I recently described the experience to friends that it was like being inside a great nature documentary with the option of asking any question to quench our curiosity."

J. Bleau
"Jeff has spent quite a bit of time in Africa and it showed through his energy, enthusiasm when spotting animals, focus on safety for both us and the animals, and his ability to efficiently predict animal behavior and pointing us for excellent photos opportunities. He made my husband’s dream trip to Africa a very memorable experience. A smile forms on our face just thinking about all the wonders of the circle of life we witnessed on these two weeks. Thank you!"

V. Climan
"Jeff was great! There weren't any questions he couldn't answer and had a great sense of humor and fun. Particularly liked how he worked to make the trip better, with the drive through the crater rather than around the rim and little things like paying close attention to how people liked to receive their tea in the mornings."

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